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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 4.3] - Supply Run

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On the 7th Squadron's Starbase Katae sent a message to her two newest crew members.

Stamoules-Santô Hei, Haden-Santô Hei, report to the shuttle bay. I have an errand for the two of you on the surface of Ronica. You will be briefed on the way down.

Ise Katae-Taisa.
Elliot had been standing when the order flashed across his brain, the damn settings where still to loud but then again these implants had never been intended to interact with Yamatain telepathy. Sighing at the missed opportunity for sleep he stood up and pulled his pistol belt from under his recently discarded BDU pants, putting it on over his 'newish' SAOY issue pants. Considering himself 'ready' he walked out into the passageway, a slight comfort radiating from the small pistol on his hip.
Warm and Sweet Coffeehouse

Enjoying an Elysian Fluff coffee and a blueberry scone, Athena was busy contemplating a religious book she was reading. Occasionally Yamataian or a Neko would shoot a strange look at her square in her field of vision, but she was not paying any heed to them. Then she heard a beep come from her communicator. Marking her page before putting the book down, she opened up the communicator and jut raised an eyebrow as she read the message. She then put it in it's rightful place on her belt.

Finishing the rest of the coffee and scone quickly, she wiped her mouth with a napkin, pushed her chair in, and quickly walked off to the shuttle bay.
When the two soldiers arrived at the shuttle bay they found a Yamataian female standing by a T7 shuttle. Had a datapad in one hand and a communicator in the other. She appeared to be talking rather animatedly to whomever was on the other end.

She met the soldiers half way. "Hello there, I am Dang Mei - Nitô Juni, the Service Chief for the Kyoten. Glad to have you folks along to assist, things are kind of hectic down on Ronica what with millions of new citizens dropped out."
Elliot glanced at the Elysian for a moment before turning to Dang Mei, "So..." he started, "What exactly does this 'help' entail?" he finished. He was hoping for something.... interesting... maybe involving explosives.
"We are going to the surface to pickup medical supplies, munitions and explosives for the Aeon, and an Elysian equipped MCAS armor. It should not be a difficult assignment, but it will give us a chance to get down to the surface and breath some unprocessed atmosphere." Mei replied, as she stepped into the shuttle and started preparing for departure.

"Once you two are strapped in we're on our way." She called out form the pilot compartment.
Athena raised her eyebrow a little bit when she heard Dang Mei speak, but it was soon replaced with half smile when she heard her speak about the MCAS. "She came through after all." She thought to herself. She quickly followed after Mei and did her best to be comfortable as she strapped herself into her seat.

"Good to go here." Athena responded back to Mei
He had tailed them both into the small cramped confines of the shuttle, he hated the damn things. To many memories of being stuck in these tin cans as they screamed along the surface toward some objective. Sighing slightly he found his way to one of the crash seats opposite of Athena, 'locking' himself into the seat he glanced across at what he assumed was his new squad mate. He shouted forward, "strapped in boss!" before returning his gaze toward the Elysian, "So..." he started "How goes it?"
"So..."How goes it?"

Athena was about to read the religious text she looked up to respond. She had not noticed the Nepleslian had sat across from her and a slight look of annoyance came across her face for a moment. First she looked at his chest to see his rank and then turned her golden eyes into his for a few moments as if to try and see into his soul.

"It is going alright for the moment I guess." She replied back, returning her gaze back to her book and opening it. "My name is Stamoules, what is your's?"
"Buddies call me Elliot, though I usually respond to 'hey you' 'jackass' and various other fun terms," he glanced down slightly at the book, "A fan of the old fashioned stuff?" He hoped this conversation went somewhere, long shuttle rides were not fun when the individuals surrounding you kept silent.
Mei signaled the door to shut and brought the shuttle out and into descent. She angled the shuttle into a deorbit trajectory. She listened partially to the conversation in back, but was mainly focused on her task. Once on course she went into the back and handed each of them a Star Army datapad

"This is the list of items you two need to gather and bring back. I have a different list. The logistics area is north of the landing site. There will be a LUT available."
"A fan of the old fashioned stuff?"

Athena looked back up and just kinda glared at him. "Yes, I am a fan of the 'old fashioned stuff'. Computer screens tend to hurt my eyes after all the reading I do. I take it you are not?" She said to him.

Mei then entered the back a little bit later and handed her a datapad which she proceeded to read to understand what she was getting.
Athena looked back up and just kinda glared at him. "Yes, I am a fan of the 'old fashioned stuff'. Computer screens tend to hurt my eyes after all the reading I do. I take it you are not?"

Elliot raises his hands up passively, "Whoa now lady, didn't mean it in a bad way, I'm a fan of wheel guns myself. Just a wee bit curious about what the book is, you don't get fancy looking paper copies like that for some random novel." He finished, gesturing toward the item in question before settling his hands back on the arm rests.

Later as he was handed the datapad one word came to mind as he heard 'LUT', "Shotgun!"
Mei returned to the cockpit and completed the shuttle's descent and landing. Once she had the shuttle secured, she opened the rear hatch. And walked into the back compartment.

"Okay, you have your grocery list, munitions, explosives and medical supplies. They should be boxed up and marked for the Aeon. There is the LUT and you need to head over to warehouse # 15. I have to head over to Warehouse #3 to pickup some parts. See you back here in 30 minutes or so." Mei said, then with a nod of her head she stepped out of the shuttle and headed off towards her destination.
Athena nodded towards Mei and headed towards the LUT motioning Elliot to follow. "There are supplies to gathered." Athena said.
Elliot did so, staying a meter or so behind the touche Elysian before splitting off to get to the passenger side door. To him this was certainly going to be an odd day.
The drive from the shuttle to the designated warehouse was a short one. The sky was clear and all about things on the base appeared to be normal. Craft took off at regular intervals, and the soldiers they passed were going about their business.

When the LUT turned the corner on the access road to the warehouse. They saw a pair of bodies laying on the ground in front of the building.
Athena quickly brought the LUT to a stop and exited the vehicle. "I am going to evaluate those two. Check out the area and call it in." She barked at Elliot, to caught up in the moment. She looked around the area for possible hostiles before she rushed over to the two individuals to evaluate their condition.
For the distance there was sign of blood on the backs of the bodies. They were however still alive as evidenced by their body movements. It was also apparent that their weapons had been taken out of their holsters.

The door closest to them swung slightly in the breeze, and it showed that the lock had been pried off the door.
Athena unholstered her pistol when she noticed the two indivdual's weapons were missing and noticed the door nearest had be tempered with. She looked over at Elliot and pointed towards the door. "Call the situation up" she said towards him. Her voice was loud enough for him to hear, but she prayed who or what was in the storage facility did not know they were there yet.

She returned her attention towards the two on the ground and began to see how severe their wounds on their backs were. "What happened here?" She asked them, both checking their responsiveness and hopefully gather some information on what is going.
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