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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 4.3] - Supply Run

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Both of the Yamataians were unconscious. One was a brown haired female, Santô Hei by her rank, she had what appeared to be NSP burns on the back. In addition to the burns she and the blonde male a Nitô Hei, both had multiple bullet wounds.

Tightly clenched in the male's hand was a piece of cloth. On it was Jyuui III, and Yoshida, K.

Athena would also see one of the two soldiers Type 29 Communicator, which appeared to have been stepped on.
Pulling out her medical scanner, she quickly injected both of them with its scanner nanobots to keep track of their vitals and discover any other injuries. She quickly dashed over to the LUT to see if there was a medical kit in it. Otherwise, she was going to have to improvise by using their uniforms and her uniform to create pressure dressings for their bullet wounds and dressing for the NSP burn.

She needed to send up a 7-line request for medical assistance. But she could not do both that and treat the two. Let let out a prayer that she would be successful in her mission as she searched the LUT.
A check of the LUT would reveal a Type 31C Medical Kit stowed behind the driver's seat. Meanwhile the medical scanner revealed that the male also had an abdominal wound, most likely a knife from the shape and depth.
Elliot had merely nodded toward the Elysian before stepping out, his Paragon Infantry Pistol in one hand and the other quickly bringing his COM up to his ear.

A flick of his thumb powered the device up, it automatically acquired the local command frequency. He slowly started walking toward the door, his eyes scanning for any sign of what may have happened.

With the slight buzz of a sync'd cypher he opened the channel, "This is Santo Hei Haden from the YSS Aeon, we have a situation by," He glanced up at the big white number on the side of the building, "Warehouse 21, we have two wounded and an unknown number of hostiles requesting medical transport and a security team, over." He glanced back at Athena, "I'm going to check the building, cover my six."

He slipped the device back into his belt, bring his now free hand to his pistol. Gripping it in a shooting posture before slowly, tactfully walking toward the open door eyes still scanning for targets.
From Arieg's position, he could not see any sign of the responsible parties. He could see a bunch of papers strewn across the floor next to a desk, perhaps inventory sheets.

From somewhere deeper in the warehouse he hear the sound of a crate being pried open. "Hurry it up, we do not have much time before someone discovers the bodies." a female voice said.
Athena quickly grabbed the Type 31C Medical Kit from it's resting place in the LUT. She ran back to the two in her care and slid to a stop next to the male. She was glad her intuition was working, as when she looked at her scanner, he was the worse of the two. She just kind of looked at Elliot when he heard him say "cover his six". "Let me stabilize these two before you decide go gung ho on me." Athena said back to him, more concerned making sure her patients were ok first.

She put on the mask and gloves from the kit and then gently rolled the Nito hei to his side and cut his shirt with the forceps so she could both check for exit wounds after she stabilized the knife with the bandages from the kit. Once she was sure the knife was stabilized and she had controlled the bleeding from the bullet wounds, she injected him with some of the Hemosynthetic material to help with his internal injuries.

She quickly moved over to the Santo Hei, switching out gloves and proceeded cut into her uniform as well to allow treatment and protect her modesty at the same time. Checking for exit wounds first, Athena proceeded to bandaged up the bullet wounds first. Then she cut away the uniform around the burn that was not fused to her skin and covered the burn with the largest sterile dressing she could find in the kit. Athena then injected her with some Hemosynthetic material as well.

Confident the two were not going to die on her anytime soon, she pulled out her communicator and set it to the medevac channel for the region. "This is Santo Hei Stamoules requesting medical assitance. line one Warehouse 21, line two two, line three X, line four E, line five N, line six S, line seven H." Athena said into the communicator. Waiting on a response, she pointed her pistol towards the door. Until these two were taken away, they were her charges.
Elliot quietly stepped through the threshold, checking the right and left before stepping in. He slowly began to move forward, toward the sounds, his pistol up, his breathing quiet as he scanned. There was a muted click as the safety was turned off, he silently rounded a corner, bringing the dully glowing night sights of the pistol up and aimed it down the way.
"Roger that Stamoules-Hei, we are dispatching a Medivac Shuttle to your position. ETA seven minutes." the voice of the dispatcher replied to Athena.


The aisle that Elliot was looking down was empty, although there was a line of debris. An assortment of objects including a number of ampules were strewn across the floor.

From further back, Elliot heard the voices. "Found them... help me get them out of the box, and be quick about it. These Junsa will prove useful, with them we can vanish into the city."
"Roger that Stamoules-Hei, we are dispatching a Medivac Shuttle to your position. ETA seven minutes."

Athena smiled at hearing the response. "Help is on the way, I will be praying for your swift recoveries." Athena spoke gently to the two. She knew they could not respond back to her. But she was sure they heard her regardless. She kept the pistol pointed towards the door, praying silently in her mind that Elliot was not getting himself in trouble. She occasionally searched around her surroundings for any additional trouble.
Elliot continued to slowly and silently stalk down the aisle, his pistol forward in a relaxed grip. He was hugging the left side, carefully avoiding the random debris as he closed ever so steadily toward the voices.
The sound of a vehicle flying overhead drowned out all activity in the hangar. The deep thrum of the engines identified it as a freighter lifting off.

Before the sound diminished an individual came around the corner at the end of the aisle. It was a woman armed with an NSP. Seeing Elliot she brought the weapon up to fire.
For the Nepleslian it felt almost natural as he adjusted his aim slightly and quickly pulled the trigger three times, sending three 5.8mm jacket rounds toward the women's center of mass.

The grouping was almost perfect, one piercing her heart as the others tore through lung and other vital tissue, she was dead before her body crumpled to the ground.
As the woman was hit her finger squeezed the trigger of the NSP, but the impact threw her aim off. So Elliot only felt a graze as the energy bolt burned through his sleeve and slashed his skin.

"Shit... someone is here... give me one of those flash bangs...." a male voice called out.
Elliot merely gritted his teeth at the sensation, he had become little more then a guidance system for the pistol as he stacked on the corner, peaking slightly with his weapon at the ready.
Athena heard the gunfire from inside of the warehouse. She began to carefully but quickly move the two to cover. And the only cover was behind the LUT. She did not want the two exposed if the firefight went outside. She kept a careful eye on the door for movement.
There was nothing in the aisle when Elliot looked into it. A moment later a small cylindrical dark grey with a white stripe object was lobbed over a wall of crates into the aisle before Elliot.


Outside the warehouse a LUT with civilians driving it approached the building.
His reaction was rather simple if perhaps insane in some regards, he reached down with his other hand grabbing the object and chucked it back from the direction it came.
Unfortunately for Elliot the concussion grenade detonated while it was at the apex of his toss, which left him within its effective radius.
Looking at the the approaching LUT. Remembering the mention of a 'shuttle', he picked up her communicator. "Dispatch, did you send ground evac instead of a shuttle?" Athena asked. This situation is quickly going badly... thinking to herself. She pointed her pistol towards the approaching LUT's tires, switching to heavy mode, and motioned for it to stop.
The only thing that registered was a flash of light and a deafening roar, the next aware moment he had was from the floor. His ears where ringing as he tried to blink the white lights from his eyes.
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