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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 4.3] - Supply Run

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"Do you guys have an extra Type 31C Medical Kit and Type 32 Trauma Kit available? I think we will have our work cut out for us." Athena asked, pointing backwards with her thumb towards the gunfire.

"Guess you never know when training will pay off. They recently taught those of us in the Tanken section this kind of stuff."

"Yes you do never know. Good thing you are here, I will need the assistance." Athena said, turning her head towards Mary. Her eyebrow just sort of raised when it dawned on her how inexperienced Mary was. "What all did they teach you?"
Elliot's shots tore into the crate, shredding the carbon fibers and rapidly reducing it to scrap. The GP-12 fire stopped shortly after he started firing.

When the dust and debris settled there was no sign of the third person.
Elliot was on his feet again, the rifle sweeping left and right as he moved forward. He could almost hear his heart thud in his ears as his sharp green eyes scanned for the source of the voice, one simple goal in mind.
There was no sign of the shooter, but Elliot could hear the sound of some running down one of the other aisles.
"FUCK!" shouted Elliot before running past the remains of the crate and after the foot steps, the rifle aimed forward.
Athena looked back towards the warehouse looking quite inpatient. She folded her arms and just looked back and forth between the building and the EMTs.
The surviving member of the raid, jigged left down one of the aisle, they paused briefly to firing a burst from their weapon into the crates causing them to crash in a cascade. The person the turned back the way she was moving, and accelerated towards the side wall. She was looking for an exit.

Elliot dropped to the floor at the sound of gunfire, the loud crashing noises became his next fix. Back on his feet he moved, stepping lightly as he followed the sounds of the footsteps keeping his rifle up and ready.

Teresea was not happy with how things were turning out. "Piece of cake, grab some gear and vanish into the civilian population. Yeah right." she muttered, they only got one of the Junsa, and she was pretty sure that she and the Drake were the only ones alive. She hit the transmitter on her hip to signal for their transport to arrive. As she reached the end of the aisle she saw a door about 25 meters away, and caught a glimpse of her pursuer.

Elliot slipped down a side aisle, he knew the wall of the building was on the other side of the stack of crates, a few moments later he found himself in a side alley after scrambling over the impromptu 'wall' a few scattered containers a testament. He stood on the corner, weapon at the ready, and listened to the oncoming patter of boots striking metal.
Teresea paused for a moment and listened. She could hear foot steps, coming from her left side. bastard is moving parallel., but I'm not sure where. she aimed her weapon and fired a burst, which fell short of Elliot's position.

Meanwhile the person in the Junsa was moving again, when the suit reinitialized itself. It strode out of the building past the two SSS and looked around.

Elliot held fast, it was a simple game and all he had to do was wait. His grip tightened slightly and he brought the rifle back into his shoulder.
"Hey Soldier boy. Why don't you throw down your weapon and I'll let you walk out of here intact." She called out.

There was no response, the only thing she could hear was the ambient noise of the warehouse and the noise from outside.

She paused, there were two intersections between her and the door. This pain in the postier had been giving me fits. Okay let's see how he likes this{/i] she thought. she held the gun at waist height and squeeed the trigger as she ran towards the entrance, the weapon leading her slightly.

Elliot instinctively crouched the crackling sound of energy weapons fire and exploding crates clicking his mind over to automatic. He leaned out of his cover, one knee finding the floor as his crosshairs quickly settled over the charging female form. He fired one burst.

Teresea had a moment of clarity when Elliot's shot struck her leg, then pain intruded, as she fell to the floor she swung the weapon towards him. Bullets tearing into the floor, but the weapon stopped firing before it reached him, other than some minor cuts to the face from some of the concrete floor chips he was fine.

Slowly Elliot stood, his eyes locked onto hers through the weapon's sight. With an almost methodical pace he moved toward the wounded women, not uttering a word.

Teresea considered her options, as the soldier approached she had only one choice. She pulled the pin on the type 30 frag grenade in her pocket. She counted silently and tossed the pin at Elliot at the last second. "Say goodbye asshole."

Elliot sunk one round inbetween her eyes before throwing himself to the side, the rifle falling to the ground.

A moment later the distinctive sound of a grenade went off, his position on the ground protected Elliot from the worst of the blast.

Elliot rolled over and looked, what greeted his eyes was a mess, the usual result of a fragmentation device that close to a body. Giving the 'remains' one last look he picked up his rifle and moved back toward where he entered and where he hoped another hostile awaited him.

The Junsa hearing the explosion, took three steps forward then took off accelerating to its maxium 200 kph.
The thought of having to navigate back through the labyrinth of crates brought Elliot's feet to a halt, "Fuck this." He muttered before turning around and a brief moment later he found himself standing in front of the very door the bloodstain nearby had attempted to use. It gave away in one good kick. He blinked slightly as he stepped back out into the sunlight.
As Elliot stepped out he spotted the distinctive black armor of the Junsa as it took flight heading across the tarmac. It fired a few smoke grenades in its wake to try and mask its position
Elliot instinctively dropped into a shooting stance, his body moving reflexively at this point as he settled the sights on the rapidly moving Junsa. He kept tracking it even as it vanished into the cloud of smoke, with a slight jerk forward the Nepleslian squeezed the trigger, sending a stream of slugs toward where he hoped the PA was.
Elliot's markmanship was rewarded by the sight of the Junsa plummeting into the side of a warehouse.

The EMT personnel had their weapons drawn and pointed across the way at the Junsa using their shuttle for cover.
The Nepleslian continued forward, the weapon trained on where the Junsa lay. Elliot was on a wire thin edge at this point, he needed less then a simple twitch and he'd kill whomever was piloting it without a second thought.
The Junsa moved a couple of times, then started to lever the torso up using their arms to lift. The person in the armor shook their head and looked over their left shoulder.
Elliot snapped the sights to the PA's helmet and opened fire, unloading thirty rounds at ten meters. The fire stopped as the rifle locked open empty, leaving the Nepleslian to see his handy work.
The impact of the barrage slammed the Juna against the wall with enough force that the corrugated metal bent. The would be thief was bleeding profusely from numerous holes in the armor and lay in an unmoving crumple when the bullets stopped hitting it.
Elliot dropped the rifle, drawing his sidearm as he slowly moved toward the unmoving Junsa. Keeping the weapon trained on it he glanced over toward the truck, eyeing the the handful of personnel near the vehicles.

"Hey pussies!" He shouted loudly, "Get your asses over here! Hes down!"
Athena didn't take cover along with the others, she was to drawn into the action that was going on in front of her. She just kind of smirked when Elliot started to yell at them from the distance. She knew it was most likely the adrenaline coursing through his veins, so she was accusing his 'colorful' language. "Told you we were going to be busy."

She walked briskly but calmly up to Elliot with was left of her medical kit. She dropped it to the ground and pulled out her medical scanner. "Blow out his faceplate if it twitches." She whispered loudly to him. Tending to those in need is a huge priority to her, but she was not caught up enough in her beliefs to blindly care for enemy combatant that could still be a threat.

She dropped to one knee next to the suit, attached an add on, and injected the individual through one of the emergency ports. She was also looking to see if the suit had emergency medical lever hidden on it so the armor would detach so they could both take it off and no longer be a threat to her.
As Athena proceeded to check the armored person, the helmet retracted back into the armor. The lifeless eyes of the wearer stared vacantly. Her medical sensor show no vital sign activity.
There was a loud click as Elliot engaged the safety and re-holstered the pistol, a moment later he squatted down next to the Elysian.

"I guess this dumb bastard makes five, if this is what the cat thinks of as a supply mission we're gonna have one hell of a body count on real ops." The Nepleslian commented as he looked over the fresh corpse.
Closing the corpses' eyes, Athena said last rites under her breath. Once she was done, he looked over at Elliot. "Five? Who were they and what were they doing?" She asked him. Her eyes drifted over to Mary. "Have you seen your colleagues yet?" yelling over to her.
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