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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 7.1] Departure for Southern Encounters


Katae looked at Misaki. "So far while there appears to be some sort of plant life, I am not seeing any sign of what looks like coniferous forest. But that could be just because we are in the wrong position to see it.

As for the wreckage, once we get it onboard, I will have Kahen-Juni do a complete analysis. So which group do you intend to go with?"
Yoshiro got the message and then he ran to grab a protective suit and returned. He waited for Saki since he was on the ground team and he did not want to leave without the team leader.
Kata'nova sat quietly in one of the Tenba's passenger seats, she was partly asleep due to nothing going on but that was cut short when she heard Freyja and Josea come aboard and stared through her helmets faceplate toward them.
The plate was polarized to filter out the overhead lights, allowing her to see much more clearly.

Posted for Kyle
Araan took the orders as they had filtered through to him and prepared an AMES protective suit for himself, moving to meet the others in the Shuttle Bay. When he arrived though he was unsure of of current standing orders for the fireteam, thusly he sent notification to the fireteam leader, seeking information on what his position and their overall stance would be in this action.

"I have yet to be given direction as to which fireteam position I shall be taking, input at this point would be appreciative."

As he worked out the proper message to send in his notification he moved through the armory to retrieve from his personal weaponry, assuming since he would be acting outside of the MINDY he would be allowed to take at least a rudimentary weapon system outside of the NSP he carried as a standard sidearm. Drawing up his Zen Armaments Infantry Battle Rifle and attaching the underslung shotgun he made his way through and into the shuttle bay proper, thinking on how this weapon would be able to fulfill most roles he could be called on. His right hand reached down to check his NSP as the left adjusted the placement of the IBR. When he had secured the items in question he double and triple checked the magazines he would be carrying on his person as they performed their duty, three twenty round magazines located on his left thigh and three thirty round magazines on the right.

The former Nepleslian then took a moment to check over the underslung itself, checking the safety and then the magazine, first the one in the clip, then the one clipped to his chest. A smile moment of solace passed over him as he thought over the fact that any problem could be surpassed by tactical suppression and the power of combined firearms.
Cargo Bay

Shina Kim was in the hold with several containers open. The first container held EM-G4-2 Filter Masks. She also had spare flashlights. Nights are longer on this planet and darker. Extra personal lighting seems prudent.
Shuttle bay

Saki entered the shuttle bay and stood next to the Diligent the Aeon's T7 Shuttle. She still preferred the idea of taking the team down in power armor. But the Captain had at least met her halfway and allowed them to take the armor with them. Then depending on what they found they had them available if she felt the situation warranted it.

"Okay ground team. Bring your Mindy armor to the shuttle and secure it. Then grab a mask from Shina-Nitô Heisho and an AMES. I want us heading for the surface in ten minutes."
Maki quickly gathered the required hardware. MINDY, standard weapons kit for it, AMES and a mask. She loaded all of that onto the shuttle and found herself a seat to place herself.

Maki relaxed into her chair and withdrew a small tablet from her uniform pocket and began taking some notes as she waited for the mission to begin.
Araan, being left with little to no choice as it was now made an order to them went on to retrieve his own hardware as well. As he rolled it back down into the bay, however, he looked to the others and let a smile cross his face. This was what it meant to be back on the Aeon, to be active with others again, to be under the strict order of the Taisa. Loading the suit up into the shuttle he shook the thoughts from his head and pushed up to enter the vehicle.
Yoshiro made sure that his armor had worked properly before stowing on board the shuttle. "Shina-heisho, do you need any help with anything?" Yoshiro asked as he took a filter mask from the container.
Shina looked at Yoshiro. "Well there are two more items to be loaded. The Taisa wants a Type 30 Portable Shelter, and a Ke-O6-1a Terrain VCMAD loaded on the shuttle.

She wants the team to be able to establish a base camp and then explore from it."
"Roger that. I'll go and get it right away." Yoshiro said and went to get the gear that they required. He stowed the Type 30 portable shelter and the VCMAD neatly aboard the ship. "All set here. Anything else that you need me to do, Shina-Heisho?" Yoshiro asked.
"Perhaps I should let the ground crew show us what they can do? I can always support the other team effectively, unless you disagree?" Misaki asked as she stepped back from the command console, "A better survey might reveal what we're looking for anyway." The young soldier already thought about what to bring, but waited to hear her CO's input before departing.
Katae turned to look at her XO, "Then perhaps you should go with the orbital recon. That way you will be able to respond quickly should the ground team find trouble. Load your Mindy into the Tenba, that way you have access to it for emergencies."
T7 Transport

Eun-Kyung was on pins and needls; excited, nervous, and joyful. She was going back to the Aeon. It wasn’t as if she’d had zero contact or word since she’d lift to join Tai Tso Ruiko’s crew aboard the Integrity. Indeed, as commanding officer of the 7th, it would have been strange if Ise-Taisa had never at the very least issued orders to one of her subordinate units. Still, actually returning to the ship’s company was another thing entirely. Of course her return was once again in the middle of an ongoing mission - and Eun-Kyung distinctly recalled what an altogether unpleasant mission that had turned out to be - but as of yet there was no reason to assume the worst.

Though the inertial dampners gave no hint of the maneuver, long years in space told her the shuttle was rolling on its gyros, which could only mean docking was imminent. She gathered up her belongings and called forward to the flight crew.

“Thanks for the ride.” Receiving a thumbs up in reply, she turned and stared up at the overhead. The indicators near the docking ring had already switched from red to yellow and a moment later became a steady green, showing a good seal between the mount and the Aeon’s docking tube. At a command from the flight deck, the hatch hissed open and the artificial gravity in the passenger section fell away helpfully to zero-g. Pushing off lightly from the deck, Eun-Kyung swam through the tube, smiling as she crossed the threshold to the Aeon proper.

She didn’t linger long and set off for the crew lounge, figuring that would be the best place to stow her gear until she had a proper cabin assignment again. She looked around, smiling even more broadly.

“Welcome back,” she muttered softly to herself. Then, she wheeled about and departed for the bridge. The corridors, though technically identical to those in the Integrity somehow felt different, as did the hatch to the bridge. She paused in front of it for a moment, inspecting her appearance and pulling her tunic down to tighten out any stray wrinkles. Satisfied, Eun-Kyung nodded once and reached out to hit the admittance key.

As the door slid open, she took a proper two steps in, stopped, squared herself, and bowed deeply from the waist.

“Ma’am, Kim Eun-Kyung-Chui, reporting for duty.”

Katae turned towards the entrance and looked at Kim. She smiled at seeing a familiar face return. "Welcome aboard Eun-Kyung-Chui. It is good to have you back.

Allow me to introduce the Aeon's First Officer Kurusu Misaki-Chusa. I am looking forward to having two junior officers. I believe it will help improve our efficiency once the crew get used to the arrangement."
Eun-Kyung had to stifle the urge to let a huge, stupid grin spread across her face. Instead, she settled for a small smile and eyes twinkling with delight.

“Taisa, words cannot express how grateful I am to be back aboard the Aeon.” She turned to meet the XO’s eyes and bowed again, if not as deeply as before than at least with every proper element of decorum and formality. “It is an honor to make your acquaintance, Chusa.”

She glanced back up at the Taisa too. “I’m eager to get to work assisting both of you however I can.”

"Well, we currently having a drone recover some debris that we detected in orbit above the planet. The Ke-O5-1a is on its way back to the ship. Why don't you head down to the hold and gather the samples and take them to the the fabrication area and do a metallurgical analysis." Katae suggest.
“Aye aye, ma’am,” replied Eun-Kyung and, bowing again to both the Taisa and the Chusa, turned and left the bridge. She felt bubbly and enthusiastic, though could admit she’d probably feel that way even if she’d just received orders to clean the toilets. Still, she wasn’t totally clueless and as she entered the cargo bay made straight for a damage control locker. She pulled out an AMES and began pulling off her skirt, as it wouldn’t fit so well inside the suit. The air containment field would keep the bay from depressurizing, but then she would be dealing with the collected foreign matter. Caution being the better part of valor, Eun-Kyung had decided not running any chance of exposure was the smart play.

As she sealed her helmet on, the ramp began to open and she gripped the locker beside her tightly. The fields worked perfectly, but being so close to the naked majesty of space never failed to overwhelm her with awe, providing she had the time to contemplate it. A suitable distraction arrived a moment later, as the VCMAD swung into view. Aligned on its approach vector, it smoothly inserted into the bay with its gravimetric thrusters. It settled on the deck and its engines spooled down as the ramp began to close.

Eun-Kyung stepped forward and, with a few command inputs, unsealed the access to the E3101-sg mission bay. She reached in and pulled out the storage cells that were actually in use and turned to head for the fabrication bay. Most of the equipment inside the bay was obviously dedicated to manufacturing but there was some analysis equipment, in the event the crew came across some new object they needed copied. Eun-Kyung picked one of the smaller units and set the storage cells on the workbench. Unsealing the cells, she deposited the samples and sat back, watching the displays and waiting for the results.
With her greetings out of the way, Misaki excused herself from the bridge with a prompt bow, and began to prepare a power armor in the launch bay. It wouldn't do to be caught unprepared, even when on survey missions, the thought of being able to deploy to ground teams made her feel more at ease. When have I not done this in a power armor?

It was a simple matter after that, ensuring she had her gear loaded, and her sidearm was still holding a full charge, the XO signaled the bridge, and boarded the tenba.
Katae watched as Misaki merely gave a perfunctory bow to Kim. She had hoped that her XO would actually engage their additional officer with some sort of discussion or at least advice. Well, Misaki so far had proven to be less than skilled in casual conversation with the crew.

"Yamamoto-Heisho, calculate a descent vector. We will commence once the drone is secured." She said