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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 7.1] Departure for Southern Encounters


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The next morning… 0700 hrs

The YSS AEON drifted in orbit above Ronica alongside the ship’s starbase Kyoten. The Plumeria-Class was just passing the terminator and was bathed in the light of the Veronica star. Inside the starship Eternity sounded the start of Day shift. The end of breakfast the crew was to report to their launch stations. The ship just having come out of the repair dock, there was no housekeeping or inspections required.

A few minutes later, Ise Katae walked onto her bridge carrying her sealed cup of Sachi’s elixir. She took her seat at the center console opened the container and savored the aroma. She took a moment to reflect on the past twenty-four hours. She had chosen to delay the AEON’s departure to this morning; after the crew had a very successful session in the bath. Even their new guest had put in an appearance.

Katae then pulled up the star map to determine where they would go first. She noticed the additional information on the map that designated the location of a new culture. She was tempted to go there for a chance to meet these new people, but that would have to wait for another time. She selected a star system southeast of HX-13. Other than its location, there was no data currently available. That would soon change.

“Eternity, kindly extend an invitation to Kata’nova to come to the bridge. As a fellow space traveler I suspect she would enjoy watching our departure.” She said to the MEGAMI.

She then leaned back in the new seat and sipped her coffee.
Kata'nova yawned, stretching her arms wide as she floated aimlessly in ships cargohold. She had been surprised to find these strange creatures going to bed during the 'night', or what they perceived as such, for her the day had only just gotten started when they had gone to bed.

Though it wasn't just that that had caused her a bit of distress, the way time worked on this ship was different from how it worked on her world, she wasn't sure how this would affect her so she choose not to change anything.

Her arms now folded over her chest, she still wore her body suit as per militaries regulations but she also wore something else now to. It was an outfit that she commonly wore during off-duty hours that she'd made awhile ago, though she didn't have the same materials as those found on her world it didn't seem to matter much. The outfit still turned out quite well and no one would really notice that she was wearing her body suit beneath unless they looked at her hands to see the suits gloves.

She opened her eyes, having had them closed this entire time, she had spent the past several hours in a kind of mental exercise. Anyone who may have noticed would probably think she had been sleeping the entire time.

Looking down at the deck below, she slowly floated downward, her arms off to her sides before she landed softly and looked around. This place... so strange... so mysterious. I wonder what my superiors would think... she pondered to herself most curiously and kicked off the deck toward one of the nearby crates.

Well, may as well get some physical exercise in, as she thought this, she used her hand to push off the crate and move toward another, grabbing onto it and pulling herself toward it to propel her toward yet another crate.

She repeated this exercise a number of times, getting gradually faster with each lap. It became a sort of reflex for her body, she didn't even need to think about it and just did it anyway.

After the eighth lap she stopped by grabbing onto another crate, where her body slowly rotated around it until it came to a near dead stop. It was then that the message from Katae arrived, spoken in her language.

It had amazed just how quickly these people had grasped at least the basics of her langugae; of course, that was just the spoken part, she pondered just how these people would do with the more written stuff given how they used a combination of symbols and letters, not to mention what these people might consider to be hieroglyph as well.

In any case, she decided to call it for now and exited the cargohold; walking casually down the hallway with her hands clasped behind her back, her tail was moving slowly from side to side.

She stopped just short of the door, not entirely sure what kind of custom these people had for entering into what she assumed would be a restricted area...
Cabin 08

Slowly her brain became less fuzzy as she woke up. She was curled up with Mr. Waffles, her favorite stuff animal. It was a stuffed stegosaurus, a technician that worked with her training her on flight systems gave it to her. Mr. Waffles was her oldest friend, she told him everything, last night she told him about the boy she had met. Mr. Waffle was a good listener and never judged her.

She crawled out of the bunk and carried Mr. Waffles with her out the cabin. She was off to the wardroom for a glass of water, before she started her master plan. It was only after she finished halfway through her glass, that she realized that Kata' wasn't in the cabin when she left. After she queried the Ship's AI she found out that Kata' was just standing in front of the bridge door. As she walked up to there, she found out the Taisa requested Kata's presence.

As she walked up she grabbed Kata's hand and dragged her into the bridge with her. "Come on It's fine you need to just walk in then wait to be noticed," Freyja smiled as they walked in. She really loved the outfit that the kit was wearing. It caused her to realized she was still in her jammies,. a very youth looking cut, with dinosaurs printed on it, as she stood in front of the Taisa. "Ma'am I found Kata' waiting outside." She waited to be dismissed, She tried to hide Mr. Waffles behind her back.

Katae was about to tell Eternity to open the doors to the bridge. She raised an eyebrow when she saw Freyja come walking down the hallway in pajamas and carrying a stuffed animal. Looks like someone overslept. I wonder why? she thought.

She had been monitoring the corridor to observe their guest. She was surprised by the colorful outfit that Kata'nova was wearing. Is that typical clothing for her people in general? Or is that what people her age wear? she wondered.

She dismissed the volumetric display when she saw Freyja reaching for the door control. She rotated her chair to face the two of them.

"Good morning. I was just about to have the doors open." She said in response and then took a sip of her coffee.

"Kata'nova, when you are called to the bridge you can just enter. There is no need to stand and wait. I thought you would enjoy see our departure from here.

Oinari-Hei, reveille was two hours ago. Day shift has begun, so I suggest that grab yourself a quick bite to eat, and when I see you next wearing your working uniform."

Kata'nova hadn't expected herself to be pulled right onto the bridge, thus it slightly startled her when it happened. She could only stand there, listening, and waiting to see what would happen next.

She just looked at Freyja, curiousity in her eyes, although her eyes did drift toward the wierd toy that neko had on her.
Yoshiro had woken up and then taken a shower to clear away the cobwebs . He had had an embarrassing episode in the bath and he probably wouldn't hear the end of it. He put on his work uniform and called MEGAMI. "MEGAMI, can you contact the Taisa and see where she needs me?" He said. Since he had two different jobs he needed to know where he was needed.
"Uibol zpv..." she said to Freyqa, then turned toward the Taisa and walked a few steps forward before she went down onto one knee, with her right arm across her chest. Her tail went off to the side, the tip moving rather slowly.
Cabin 7

From the cabin's wall speaker Eternity's voice responded to Yoshiro. "Good morning Tanaka-Hei. We are preparing for departure, so until we are underway. Ise-Taisa expects you to be on the bridge at the #2 Operators station."


After Kata'nova spoke, the translation device she had been given spoke, "Thank you."

Katae was uncertain as to the significance of Kata'nova's physical gestures. "You are welcome. Can you explain why you knelt? Is this normal for your service?"
"Thanks for the info. By the way instead of me calling you MEGAMI is there a name that you would like me to call you by?" He asked as he headed to the bridge after stopping at the cafteria to grab an apple which he ate on the way. He threw the core away before arriving at the bridge. "Let me know so I can call you by a proper name. You deserve that at least from me."

He hummed the Yamtai national anthem as he arrived at the bridge and saw that something was going on with Kata and the Taisa. He waited on the bridge for the Taisa to acknowledge him while he waited at the second operator station.

Freyja turned bright red, almost matching her hair, "Hai... right away Ma'am" She quickly bowed, Mr. Waffles could be seen over her back, almost looking at the Taisa, before she scurried away, out the door.

She went directly to her room and grabbed her bodysuit uniform and changed. Her whole days plan was ruined... maybe she could surprise him with lunch. With that she smiled and went back up to the bridge, she wasn't sure of where she should be but she could fly, so she figured she could help there.

When she entered the bridge Freyja stood there waiting to be addressed by the Taisa.
As Yoshiro made his way to the bridge the MEGAMI addressed him, "Tanaka-Hei, my chosen name is Eternity."


Katae managed to refrain from laughing when she saw what Freyja was carrying. It definitely took her by surprise, but her training allowed her to give the appearance that she had seen nothing.

She waited for Kata to reply to her question. When she saw Yoshiro standing at his station she gave him a slight bow from her chair. "Tanaka-Hei, I have selected our first destination. It is designated as AX-03 in the database. Kindly plot a course to take us by way of HX-2 and then down to the edge of our destination. While we wait for our primary pilot to get to the bridge, you may start the launch checklist."
Kata'nova didn't respond right away; she gave it a few seconds before standing straight up. She had learned some of their language but the computer still translated some of it for her, which she nodded at and responded.

"Jut b sftqfdugvm hsffujoh bnpohtu nz dpsq, hjwfo up pggjdfst boe puifs ijhi sboljoh pggjdjbmt," although, what Kata'nova didn't know, was that the greeting was never intended for people 'outside' of her Kingdom.

While she waited to see how the computer would translate that, she glanced over at Freyqa and smiled.
Misaki arrived on the bridge fresh from her routine, with her hair held in place by some of her older pins that she had since her time on the Mihama where the captain preferred the more feminine and decorated ones than the others, calling out a soft, "Good morning, ma'am." As she set down and bowed, she added a graceful nod to the crew coming to the bridge, but their guest received the brunt of her attention.

"You look wonderful." The XO commented as a greeting, though upon coming to the center of the bridge, she fell silent so the final arrangements she assumed Kata'nova was on the bridge for could be arranged.
"Eternity it is then." He said and bowed when he got his orders. "Roger that ma'am." Yoshiro said and sat down. "Setting course for HX-2 then AX-03. " He said and typed in the coordinates. Then he began his checklist for launch . "Engineering bring internal power online. " He said . "Control , this is YSS Aeon requesting departure clearance."

He waited for a response as he glanced over his coordinates and made sure they were okay. This was his first mission and he wanted to make sure he didn't screw it up.
Eli had woken up early that morning and had spent the time exercising before showering and changing in time for wake-up call. He sighed as he finished putting his uniform on, yesterday had been an eventful day and he still hadn't quite had the time to process it yet.

He took a deep breath, examined himself in a mirror and opened the door to head to his station.
Trowa rolled out of bed and looked around. Everything seemed blurry. For a second he feared that he had once again drank too much before bed. Then he remembered that his new implants still hadn't calibrated themselves quite right and he gave the general region a good smack. Instantly his vision cleared and he quickly got dressed and ready to go.

The Nepleslian made his way to the bridge. He felt great. He really felt at home on the Aeon now. He had served on her for quite a while and was now the senor pilot. Course, that meant more responsibility and all, but Trowa felt he could do it. He bowed to the Taisa as he entered the bridge and said, "Morning Ma'am. Tis a grand day for a launch. Till be good to get the Aeon out explor'n again."
From Kata'nova's translation unit the following was heard. "Its the expected greeting amongst my cadre, presented to officers and other elevated ranking individuals."

The bridge stations showed the ships main power system coming online. Along with the various systems, sensors, propulsion and shields that the Aeon would require bring powered up.

"Bridge, this is Usaga-Juni. Primary power is at 80 percent, the mains are coming online. Engineering standing by to answer helm commands." came the voice of the Engineer across the speakers.

A moment later, "YSS Aeon, this is Departure control. You are cleared for departure, vector at your discretion. Good luck, and good hunting. Over and out." came across the communications channel.

"Good morning Yamamoto-Heisho. Good of you to join us." Katae said in response to his greeting.

She turned to Misaki, "Greeting XO. It is good to be getting underway, for points unknown. Thank you for taking care of my hair last night." she said with a smile.
Freyja made her way out to the Shuttle what was attached to the exterior of the ship. This was the shuttle she used during the last mission, it was also the closes thing she had to her own fighter. She powered the systems up and started running diagnostics of the engines and weapons systems.

She wondered if she could get the Taisha to let her take Eli on a flight around the next planet, or something. She wanted to share with him the joys she had found flying ships. Maybe she could even bring a lunch with them.

The ships weapons checked out but the engines were showing a few problems. most likely from the explosion wave she tried to ride. There where powered fluctuation in the engine's thrust coils. She would have to call an engineer out to the shuttle. "hmmm Shuttle AI... We need to figure out why your engines are not working... Also do you have a name?"

A flat male voice responded to Freyja.
"Processing command...
Initiating diagnostics....
Displaying Results."

On the display in front her the following appeared.
Diagnostics Complete

Power system - Nominal
Life support - Nominal
Communications - Nominal
Propulsion - Anomaly detected
Shields - Nominal
Weapon systems - Nominal

Turbo Plasma Drive fluctuating due to proximity to field energy of vessel currently docked to.

End message.
He brought the internal power online and made sure that the ship was working. "Aeon to Station, please remove external power." He said and waited for the response. He had hoped that he was doing well but he concentrated on the job at hand for now.