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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 7.1] Departure for Southern Encounters

Fabrication Bay

Eun-Kyung, satisfied that the analysis was proceeding apace, stepped back and tapped in a command on the comms panel of her suit.

Bridge, Kim. The orbital samples from the VCMAD are secured and undergoing analysis as ordered. I am awaiting further instructions.

The communication sent, Eun-Kyung gazed idly around the bay, lost in her own thoughts. She was curious to find out what her on-going role would be. Surely the Captain had something more in mind than having her be a glorified gofer. Not that she would complain; she would do her duty no matter what the task at hand. Still, it was rare for a ship the size of the Aeon to be so well appointed with officers and she was positive that a more coherent position for her would shake out in due time.
"Aye, aye Ma'am." Trowa reviewed his scanners and came up with a descent vector. He looked again at the debris field and shook his head. No time to dwell on that now. His panel beeped, informing him that the drone was now secure onboard.

"Drone secured Ma'am. Beginning our decent." He informed the Taisa. Trowa dipped the Aeon towards the planet and did a short burn to get her into position for their descent. He looked out through the viewport at the planet below while reading his scanners that were relayed to his cybernetic eye. As the Aeon began to enter the atmosphere she started to shake. "Ladies and gentlemen we have begun our descent, please turn off all electrical devices and make sure your seatbacks and tray tables are in their upright and locked position with your seatbelts securely fastened." Trowa recited to no one in particular.

Katae watched as Trowa began his descent, she decided to overlook his jocular warning.

She sent a reply back to Eun-Kyung, "When we land I want you to lead an survey team. You can choose between The APC or the ATV for your vehicle. Solicit volunteers from day shift and report to me when we land."

Eternity informed them that they were in contact with the Tenba and the Diligent computers. She opened a channel and broadcast to both.

"Aeon to Away Teams. We are in descent to the surface at Site Bravo. We are analyzing samples of the orbital debris. Report status please."
Fabrication Bay

“Aye aye, ma’am,” said Eun-Kyung, the comm channel closing as she finished. She set off for the crew lounge at once, stopping by the cargo bay to retrieve her skirt. If she was going into the field, she wanted to be wearing something more practical than her duty uniform. Along the way, she consulted with Eternity, determining the roster of who was currently deployed on the away teams and who was available for her survey team. Coming to her previously discarded baggage, she broke off her train of thought for a moment and, checking quickly to see if she had some privacy, began peeling off her suit and uniform.

A moment later, she was sealing up a Type 31 working uniform and composing a message to her prospective team.

To: Yamamoto Trowa, Itto Heisho
    Sakura Sunflower, Joto Hei
    Vostok Garret, Santo Hei

Per the Taisa’s orders, I am assembling a survey team for deployment upon our landing. As such, you are required to secure from your present posts upon landing and lay to the Cargo Bay to prepare for and brief our mission.

Kim Eun-Kyung, Chui

The message sent, Eun-Kyung headed off again, back to the cargo cay to check on the condition of their vehicles.
As the Aeon followed Trowa's flight plan the main screen updated with visual of the landing site. The spot that Katae had chosen was a mixture of rolling hills, coast line, and a series of mountains.
The Nepleslian pilot flew the Aeon over the landing site once to do a visual scan of terrain. Satisfied with the location, he swung the ship around and hovered over the spot before easing her down. His eyes watched the altitude meter closely. "30 meters...20 meters...10...5..." There was a slight jolt as the ship made contact with the surface.

Trowa's hands moved across the control board as he read the reports being sent to his neural link. "Landing gear stable. Engines to stand bye. Sensors functioning." Trowa smiled. "Green lights across the board Ma'am. We have landed."

Trowa read the message from Eun-Kyung and responded.
To: Kim Eun-Kyung, Chui
Aye, aye Ma'am. I will be there shortly.

Yamamoto Trowa, Itto Heisho

Turning to the Taisa he asked, "Ma'am, if there is nothing else, I'll report to the Chui."

Katae watched as Trowa brought the ship down, but more of her attention was on the screen. She was curious about what was out there. What would they find? Perhaps some interesting creatures, rich mineral deposits, would this planet become a valuable resource for Yamatai.

When Trowa spoke she turned to him with a smile, "Nice landing Yamamoto-San. I have the bridge, report to the Chui and good luck out there."

She dialed to the common channel and broadcasted "Aeon-Actual to away teams, your statuses have been received. We have touched down at site two. Deploying a survey team. Status checks every thirty minutes. Aeon out."

She looked around the bridge and secured non-essential systems.

"Taisa, the EM-O2 "Houmen" satellite has reached active geosynchronous orbit. We should be able to stay in touch with both teams."

Team two should use [Mission 7.4] Aeon Landing Site