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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 7.2] High Altitude Games

I concur. We're coming home. Bowing again to the aliens, Misaki announced, "I am going to return to our vessel, we will return with your commander." Before she walked towards the perimeter, and waited for it to be deactivated as she smiled evenly at the stranded team.

Survey team, Kurusu. Spin the shuttle up, we are returning to the Aeon. Bring it to the nearest spot we can board, but don't bring it down on top of them I don't want them getting spooked. She made it a point to not alarm them, especially having heard they were soldiers, and the situation back on board might require the additional support she and her personnel could render.
"They don't trust us..." muttered Kata'nova, as she shifted her position again when she started to feel a slightly bit of numbness in her left leg. She rubbed her chin curiously for a moment, then opened up a comm. directly to Misaka and hoped that the translation software would translate what she is saying properly to her.

"Uifz bsf ubmljoh" she said to Misaka, forgetting to add any kind of an honorific to the name, though that was because she was still trying to figure out these people's ranking structure. "Uifz bsf xpssjfe, dpodfsofe..." her voice trailed off as she lowered her head to get a better listening angle. "Uifz epo'u usvtu vt. Uifz ibwf b gfx xfbqpot jo uifjs dbnq. Xijdi uifz dbo vtf bhbjotu xjmemjgf. Uifz'mm vtf uifn up ejtbcmf vt jg ofdfttbsz."
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As soon as the XO gave the order Freyja had the shuttle launch, it had been spun up and ready to go for a bit now. It came in slowly from one direction slowly descending before landing just outside the mines radius. With a relaxed smile in her face she moved towards it and sent the codes to have the rear hatch open up. She wanted off this rock.

She knew also once they made it back to the ship she would be making a full report of this operation and making sure the Taisa knew of the short coming of the Chusa.
What Kurusu would receive from Kata'nova was
They are speaking. They have doubts.
They are suspicious of us. They have weapons in their place. They are intended to use against the animals. They will use them against us if needed.
Any soldier might, but given they did not want to take our word for it proves they are at least professional in a way we understand. We're returning to the ship, we won't return until we can get their commander to relieve them. Misaki sent back to Kata'nova's translator.

"Once things are settled your commander will contact you on his own or be flown in. Be well until then." Misaki told them as she exited the perimeter to allow them to reactivate their defenses. "Upload our scans once we touch down back at the Aeon, please." She communicated to their science officer, before she turned and stood next to the hatch, between the new contacts and the rest of her team on one side to keep an eye on things, "Board the shuttle, and maintain a non-aggressive movements. Our mission is complete, we are needed at home."
Josea made his way back to the Tenba and climbed in. Once he was cycled through the airlock he removed his helmet and went to the science station. He plugged in his scanners and uploaded the data to the craft and relayed it to the Aeon.
Kata'nova moved only enough to where she was close to the shuttle, but still perched on a branch to keep an eye on it while the others boarded; once she saw Josea enter she jumped down from the branch and landed quietly some brush and then moved to the rear of the shuttle where she glanced once toward the camp and then cycled through the airlock. She let out a sigh of relief as she fell back onto one of the shuttles passenger seats, she relaxed a bit but kept her helmet on for the moment while the HUD cycled itself; it was going through a series of updates letting her know of any contact done with her people or if any signals could be detected. There was something though that her suit had picked up during their mission, a very faint signal, to faint for her to accurately trace and even then she lacked the equipment to determine whether it was a signal from her people or just regular background noise.
Josea got up and when to the work table in the compartment. and got something to drink from it. He turned to Kata'nova. "Care for something to drink?" he asked holding up a cup of water.
Once she was aboard the shuttle, Freyja went directly to the cockpit a sealed the hatch behind her. The XO could ether come up or use the intercom to give her the go ahead to launch. She unsealed her helmet setting it aside with a sigh. being safe in her setting the could feel a few of her muscles relax and the tension in her neck dissipated.

as she waited she started feeding her suit's recordings into shuttle for transmission to the Aeon. She knew she was gong to have to write a report, and most likely ask for a private debriefing with the Taisa. She wasn't sure what this all would mean for her in the long run, but she felt obligated to inform the Taisa of her observation.
Kata'nova, upon seeing the cup, smiled and removed her helmet and set it down beside her. She nodded her head and accepted the cup of water, which she took a small sip from and relaxed a little.
The XO walked into the Tenba and turned to Freyja, "Take us back to the Aeon, best possible speed." She then started downloading the sensor data from the other team member's armor so that she could compose her report.
"Yes Ma'am" Freyja responded as she powered up the engines and lifted off. She had the marker up for the Aeon so all she had to do was fly directly at it. As she controlled the shuttle manually she started communicating with the Aeon.

"This is the Away Team Shuttle on approach. Requesting access to the hanger and final approach clearance." she then proceeded to send a encrypted message to the CO.


Once we are aboard I would like to request a private debriefing with you. At your convenience.

"Aeon Actual to Away Team Shuttle. Unable to give you final approach clearance. We have a massive shock wave approaching and will be making a high speed departure once Chui Kim's team is safely onboard. Take steps to avoid damage from the shock wave. We will relay new rendezvous coordinates once we are in a safe area."

Request for debriefing granted.
"Roger that Actual... Preparing to make adjustments to the flight, See you on the other side Ma'am."

Freyja grabbed the controls tightly. "We are going to be running hot and ruff in a few... I would suggest you all grab a seat a strap in... seems there is a blast wave heading directly at us."

She didn't wait for an response, she pulled hard on the controls and fired the shuttle up trying to climb up and over the wave. The thought of just breaking for orbit crossed her mind. it would allow her to make any rendezvous. Nodding to herself she fired for the emptiness of space. The shuttle more then built for the operation powered into the climb far better then any fighter she ever flew. It wasn't long before the sky faded to black and became crystal clear. She did a few calculations and parked the shuttle into a low planet orbit.

As the shuttle zipped around the planet she kept an eye on the sensors hoping to catch the wave on them, and if so if she was going to have to move the shuttle further out.
Misaki was quick to find her seat, and quick to put in a sitrep request to the Aeon. She didn't really fancy stepping off the shuttle without having a handle on the situation. Of course, if she did not, she would adapt, but being prepared to strike makes a warrior more deadly. She had to use her gravity manipulation to get herself seated, though the thought of being in a power armor really did start to appeal to her at that moment.

"Put us on the deck as soon as we are able to rendezvous and get clearance." She called through to the cockpit, though she knew that's just what Freyja would do, it never hurts to hear reinforcement during tense situations. Once they were safe in orbit, she tugged her uniform and looked to the rest of the ground team sharing the compartment with them, "Any injured? What is our status, Oinari?" She directed the last bit up front, though her mind could accept multiple tracks of input, from the status of the Aeon, to her team, and to the shuttle itself.
While Kata'nova waited for the shuttle to arrive back at the ship, she set the cup of water down and put her helmet back on. She waited for the suit to recognize that the helmet was attached to it again, then - using her eyes - she brought up the suits system files and peered through them looking for the recording and also the sensor reports... she found both. Folding her arms over her chest in thought, she pondered a few things to herself before closing out the recording's folder, she then looked down at her arms and unfolded them, then at her hands as turned her hand upward toward the ceiling and then down at the ground.

Making sure the external speakers weren't active, the young Kit spoke into the suits mic. "System, activate motion controls." When she said this, her visor showed what appeared to be a series of holographic keys that appeared beside her gloved hands - but anyone looking at her would not see this as it was something pictured only on her visor. She flexed her hand for a moment to ensure that the controls were properly aligned with her suit's sensors so that she wouldn't accidently do something that could delete a file or open the wrong file.

She brought a finger up to the system folder and tapped it, then moved the hand to the side as she sifted through the available files under she arrived at the sensor file. She tapped it, causing the file to open up and display a series of technical data that made the girl blink for a moment, but not in confusion, but rather in curiosity. Everyone who was part of her unit had been required to study sensor based code and technical readouts, no matter their age, it was just part of the job and was probably why most Kits who studied such a field ended up as part of recon groups or even on sensor outposts. "This data suggests an unknown signal, but where is it coming from?" she opened up the suits sensor software and ran the signal through an analyzer. "Too bad I don't have my scout, otherwise this process would be done in mere seconds, but at this rate it'll take a few hours to accomplish..." she sighed before going back to the mission recordings, which she began to watch.
The shuttles sensors showed the detonation at the site of the volcano. Visually it was possible to see the shock wave moving towards where the Aeon was at an incredible rate of speed. Forests and grasslands were swept by the wave of force that crushed or shredded anything in its path.

With the shock wave bearing down the ship executed an emergency descent at full burn to out run the wave front. The force of the wave obliterating the trail of plasma the ship left.

Once clear of the atmosphere the Gunship altered its course to an equatorial orbit. "Aeon to Shuttle team, approach beacon active. Dock at port airlock." came Eternity's voice.

Josea was done uploading his sensor logs and was watching their guest. He was curious why she had chosen to put her helmet on when they were in the crew cabin. He then noticed her wiggling her fingers in a strange pattern that did not appear to make sense at the moment.
"Our status is The Aeon is now in orbit and we have permission for final approach and docking, the shuttle is green across the board." She responded as she brought the shuttle in to line with port the airlock. She was excited to bring this ride to an end. Though she was mildly dreading speaking to the Co about the operation.

"Aeon this is Shuttle, we are on final approach and ready to make contact, please have lock engage and the airlock cycled once the seal in green lighted." She spoke quite like a machine going over the standard operational proceeder.

After a few moments the shuttle clanked and a light jolt rattled through the hull. "Ma'am We are docked waiting for the seal and airlock to cycle." Freyja spoke as she started going over the post flight checks for the shuttle and filling out the flight logs.
The Aeon's docking mechanism engaged and secured the Tenba to the ship. "Airlock and docking array secure. You may enter the ship now." came Eternity's voice over the Tenba speakers.

Josea stood up and walked to the back of the flight compartment. He sent the necessary command to his armor to have it open up. Once it did, he climbed out of it. and then set about putting it into storage mode. After all the ship's standing rules prohibited power armors moving through the ship..
"Copy Aeon. Everyone, report to your duty stations and await further orders." Misaki announced, before she cycled the airlock and made her way out, sliding into their home slowly.