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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 7.2] High Altitude Games

Misaki placed her sidearm away in a show of good faith, "My people have come across you on other parts of this planet. I am Kurusu Chusa, from the YSS Aeon of the Empire of Yamatai. We detected transmissions in this area. Are you in need of assistance? We came to study the readings." She waited, hoping at least that they would shoot her, or take a more congenial posture after verifying that she meant them no harm, despite the fact she was armed enough.

"I am in command of a unit sent to analyze the readings we took from orbit."
Freyja tensed up at the revelation of the new aliens, She was not feeling this at all any more. There were large meat eating beasts roaming around, and now these ones with the camp and the signal generator. She just wanted to get back to her shuttle. It was safe there.

"Ma'am should I remote the shuttle around, and bring it here... It might be handy to have cover if needed."
Kata'nova's translation was close to what came out in trade, her system translated it to, "We are the Thaurgons, what business do you have with us."

The leader of the Thaurgon party watched Misaki with three of its six eyes. It emitted a sounds that did not translate and gestured with its hands.

Kata's translation algorithm came back with "Be cautious with your actions."

The Thaurgon leader focused back on the aliens. "Do not attempt to move closer. Beyond the hyper shock barrier, there are sizable explosive devices. They are intended to deter the Loturr from coming to close.

Who of the Thaurgons have your people spoken with? "
"Please wait, I will attempt to find out. I'll wait here, I have no desire to set off your defenses."

Aeon-actual, shuttle team. I have made contact with the signal source, it appears to be some sort of trapping system for the large predators on the planet. I have made contact with the Thaurgon, they are asking who we have spoken with. Awaiting feedback. She tried to bounce out, when Freyja's message came through.

Get her ready to lift off, I don't want to spook them by bringing a shuttle in on top of their heads, but their question leaves me slightly perplexed.

To the team, she sent. Remain where you are for now. The back two keep watching behind us. This appears to be a trap or barrier meant to deter those creatures from before. How are our scans proceeding?
"Yes ma'am She is ready to go. I can get her moving in a moments notice, But I can also keep it at a distance but in the air. Then I can have it ready to strafe if need." Freyja was getting really nervous, she wasn't sure the XO was confident in what she was doing.
Josea had been conducting his scans while the soldiers had been engaging the Thaurgons. He was making his final conclusion when Misaki asked for a status. "Scanning complete ma'am. The aliens have constructed a deep space beacon. Most likely in an attempt to contact their homeworld. I suspect that this is not their normal means of communications. The equipment has an improvised aspect to it. It is possible that these aliens are marooned on this world. However, taking into account the location of the beacon, and the direction that their beam is transmitting. I can provide the Aeon with the information as to what star system they appear to be trying to contact. In case the Taisa wishes to send a message on the behalf of the Thaurgons."

Meanwhile Misaki received the response from Katae. "Actually our teams have made contact with two different groups. The leaders of each are Gildozee, and Atlonzee. We have Atlonzee and his party in the cargo hold of the Aeon. Kim-Chui is leading a rescue attempt to get the last of his group."
Get that information to the taisa asap, thank you. The XO replied.

Understood ma'am, it appears that attracting these creatures is a side-effect of a deep-space beacon aimed at their planet. Data that might give us a way to get them home is incoming.

At that, the officer called out, "We have contacted Gildozee and Atlonzee, and we can help send a long-range message to your home system directly if you wish to return to our vessel to meet the others." To the other Thaurgons. "I am told a rescue attempt is still in progress for one group. Our vessel is safe, if you want to come with us I can bring a smaller one here quickly enough, if not I can note your location and return for you." Though in truth, Misaki felt bad about leaving them, she understood to a species that has never met another, it might sound insulting if they could not make their own choices.
One of the aliens worked several controls on one of the devices. The loud hum diminished and faded away. "We are members of Atlonzee's infrastructure. However, we can not abandon our post here without proper authorization. To do so would subject us to disciplinary action from our command structure. We have turned off the the defenses so that you may approach if you wish."

Josea meanwhile was sending all of this sensor data and analysis back to the Aeon. He was glad that so far things on this mission were proceeding well.
Her eyes snapped around trying to watch all the different areas those large monsters could come from, She really wasn't sure about this area at all, and now the aliens the XO was talking to were saying that they couldn't leave. Freyja was getting quite antsy. Every moment away from the shuttle was a new chance that something could cause those large behemoths to come back. The very face the aliens were using a land-mine system to keep those beast at bay was enough for Freyja to be overly concerned.

The very fact the XO wasn't going to let her get the shuttle into the air really bothered her, they were in hostile territory, and Chusa Kurusu wasn't using all of her resources. Frejya just hoped she would get back to the shuttle alive, so that she could write up her report.
"Understood." If she had hair on the back of her neck, it would have been standing up at that point. Kurusu called back into Katae, Aeon-actual, survey team. They say they cannot abandon their post without Atlonzees authorization. Is their society that stringent, or are they a military unit? I have been allowed in the perimeter, but I am holding my team back for now. Our data is coming through.

After she walked through the deactivated defenses, Misaki bowed formally towards the creatures, "That is a formal greeting amongst my people. I can attempt to have you contacted for authorization, or at least wait until I am told to return to my base. We have our own directives about discipline. It is good to meet a new species with such commonality without our own." She ventured, trying to make some connections with her only second time on a first contact mission. Something about them nagged at her though, which is why she wasn't willing to put the three others in her team in the line of fire until she was certain they didn't stumble into the middle of something more than a hunting party.

To her team, she sent. Continue to hold. They need authorization from their commander to leave. I am contacting the Aeon. They have this group's superior on board. Then, to the Aeon, Aeon actual, Kurusu. Would it be possible to get them authorization to join the rest of their people back at the Aeon so we can depart the area? My team has all we need within mission perimeters, though the presence of the large predators seems to have lessened now that they have found natural prey.
"Aeon-Actual to survey team. Based on what we have learned from the other Thaurgons. Their colony ship suffered a mishap and crashed onto the planet. Given the hostile nature of the life forms present. It would appear that they have been focusing on establishing a military presence for the defense of the rest of their people on this planet. They refer to their settlement as Garrison. Their is a civilian element to their population, but at present the military is in charge of colonial affairs." Came Katae's response to Misaki's query. "I will have our person with Atlonzee speak with him to address the matter of them being able to leave their post without reprisal. Glad to hear that the predator threat has lessened for now. "

The Thaurgons watched Misaki's approach. The only device still being held was the translation device. The one holding it replied. "I and my second are with the Garrison. The others here are civilian technicians.

As members of the garrison, abandoning one's post is a grave offense. Loss of status and confinement at a minimum."

One of the technicians put several items into a large container and closed it.

Kata'nova's translation of the last part was 'As members of the defenders, abandoning one's post can be a deadly offense. Loss of status, limbs or imprisonment possible.'
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Being up on the branch meant that Kata'nova had an easier time watching what was going on, and seeing the technician putting items away made her rather curious. The case was closed, so there was no way she could figure out 'what' was put inside of it, but she did magnify the image of the case and the technician, to see if there was anything of import. While she did this, she listened in on the translation and frowned. Quite similar... was all she thought.
Kata'nova from her vantage point was picking up a conversation from two of the aliens that was not being translated for the XO.

"I do not trust these aliens. We have been here for years, and suddenly they arrive and Atlonzee is with them. If he is then it probably as a prisoner. "

"You keep an eye out for the others. They may try to flank our position. We do not have much in the way of weapons, except the systems to keep the wildlife out. If necessary we should be prepared to use it to disable these strangers."
"I can arrange to have him brought here in one of our smaller ships, or communicate with you directly. Is there any preference?" Misaki asked, deciding after hearing they had been stranded for so long there was at least something she could do for a people that had some similarities to their own. "It is a grave offense to leave your post in my military as well."
"If Atlonzee is to tell us to abandon our current orders. Then it must be either in person, or he must transmit it by our communications system with proper encryption and verification codes." The leader replied.
"Very well. I'll relay that now." Misaki replied. While she did that, she computed the probable method of combat the creatures used based on their biology and level of technology observed thus far. To the chusa, every potential friend had to also be analyzed as an enemy. It made her feel better about diplomatic missions, running those contingency processes in the background of her mind. It was what they had trained her to do before she left for the War College.

Aeon-actual, Kurusu. They will only move if their commander comes, or transmits stand down orders to them through their own communication systems. Our mission here is complete at this point, otherwise. If Atlonzee has functioning communications technology, can you ask him to contact this group? She hoped Katae had a quick line on things. Combat file hidden in the undergrowth was fine given there was plenty of natural prey around for the larger creatures, but she still didn't like being away from her survey team all the same.
"Aeon-Actual to Kurusu. That information agrees with what Atlonzee has said to our crew member. He unfortunately does not have a communicator capable of reaching. Advise them that once we complete the rescue of Atlonzee's technicians we will come to their location so he can meet with them." Came the voice of Katae over the communications channel.
"Ma'am, my I offer the suggestion that I can go back to the shuttle with either Kata'nova or Josea, Then I can fly back to the Aeon to pick up the Atlonzee. Then bring him here to help get these folks to safety faster." Freyja suggested yet another idea to the XO. She hoped that Misaki would allow her to do something. She was started to get upset and worried over staying put in the same place for so long.
"Copy, Aeon-actual. Would you like me to hold here or return to the ship?" Misaki sent back, pausing a moment to look to the group of stranded creatures again, "We're going to bring him to you when we are finished rescuing the stragglers of his command. I hope that will suffice?" She asked, hoping at least they could return to base and come back with a larger party that was more adequately armed in case of things getting odd again with the hunting time and predilections for various types of prey the local fauna had.
Katae listened to her XO, she wanted to consolidate her people. "Aeon Actualy to Kurusu. Return to the Aeon. The situation here is tenuous to say the least. Would prefer to have you folks safely onboard and then we can dispach the Tenba to relay Atlonzee to the ones at your location." she transmitted.