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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 7.2] High Altitude Games

"Interesting plant life this world hosts. Most have adapted to the lower light levels. Most of these bushes spread over a large area, but are in fact a single plant. I am curious about what we will find, and who put it there." He said to Freyja.
With a nod Freyja stayed close to the SSS officer. She kept looking around fearfully, as if she was expecting something to jump out at her at any moment. "If... If the plants evolved that way then what about the beasties?"

She flicked her helmet systems on and marked her team as friendlies, It was a stretch to ask that of her flight helmet which was designed to track ships and fighters, but it was one that was modified for her use by SAINT, so it allowed for operations away from her fighter. Each member glowed with a green aura. even if they stepped behind an object obscuring her view of them. Hopefully it will also mark anything else as a hostile so she could track them.
The XO exited the Tenba with the grace that she did all things. Her years of training would not allow her to do otherwise. "Seems that communications are a bit intermittent due to conditions at the Aeon's site. However, it seems that one of the teams has encountered intelligent life on this world.

Move out, since we know we are not alone, let's do it cautiously. There is every chance that this site belongs to those same aliens."
Kata'nova peered out of the Tenba and glanced about the area for a few moments before following Freyja and Josea. She had her hand near her sidearm but didn't feel a need to pull it just yet, there was nothing around her that spoke of a threat although she was curious about the plants that she 'could' see, given one of her occupations involved researching plant life. She curiously stared at the bush's and pondered to herself before pointing.
Josea moved floated up a foot using his body's natural antigrav. Easier than trying to find firm footing with all this vegetation. He thought. The bushes that they were passing through continued for about fifty meters. After that it appeared that the plant life became more grass like. His science scanner was pinging life forms. There was plenty of life around. Just so far most of it was either sleeping or had not noticed them.
Aeon-actual, Kurusu. I have taken my team to the ground, we are proceeding to a large mass of objects near our noted landing site. How are the other teams? Misaki sent to the shuttle, before keying the team, "Follow him, keep your eyes open. How many life forms are we detecting? I wish to know if anything big enough to be a threat comes close, we should be careful, and quiet." She noted as she floated after him, finding it a much more superior way to move through the terrain than trying to bushwhack normally.

The XO kept a single-file with the SSS soldier, but was smart enough to keep scanning using her eyes, and body in different wavelengths to help keep down the chance that something might catch them completely unawares. It was her job to keep a look out, protection of her crew was important to the officer, behind completing the mission, and bringing honor to the Ketsurui and the Empire, of course.

"Ensure our guest gets a hand, I assume she cannot float?"
Josea continued moving and scanning. At Misaki's question about numbers. "I can not give you precise numbers. We are dealing with life forms we have no data on. I can give you approximations of types and size. There is approximately a hundred large insect creatures within a range of 1ooo meters in each direction. Probably similar if not the same as those the other team encountered at their base camp. There are hundreds of avian life forms. There are also at least a four larger animals just on the edge of sensors. So far those are not moving."

A minute later, Katae's voice came over the channel.

"Aeon Actual to Tenba team. Ground team has contacted a race of aliens. So far initial contact is promising. Be advised, the aliens warned of large nocturnal predators. We have a team currently exploring some wreckage near the volcano. Appears to be part of a ship. Perhaps one that belongs to these aliens."
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Freyja's eye widened filling with a bit of fear at the words she had just hear. Maybe they were investigating something the aliens didn't want them to see. "Uhhh... Maybe we should go back to the shuttle..." she said trying to sound sure of herself.

She kept looking around her hoping her helmet would warn her of anything before they captured her. And that did it, images of what would happen to her if the aliens got her. Some of the images were feed from the SAINT footage of NMX interrogations and other scariness.

"I'm Sure we should go back now..." She moved closer to Josea, fighting the urge to grab his arm and hide behind him.
Ahead of the group the source of the signal was suddenly illuminated by multiple light sources. Josea's scanner showed a massive energy surge. After about fifteen seconds the lights went off and the signal dropped in strength. "That was curious, I wonder what caused that energy surge. That much power perhaps they were trying to punch into subspace?"

From the distance a bellowing sound could be heard. It seemed to be coming from behind the team.
Kata'nova followed closely, her ears flickered every so often at the various sounds that could be heard round them; as she listened also to the transmissions, she stopped suddenly and looked over her shoulder when she heard the sound that came from behind. It was night, and thanks to that, her eyes were already well adjusted to the night; she didn't take any steps back or anything, she just stood there with her hand close to her sidearm, ready in case anything attacked. Her suits proximity radar wasn't showing any hostile contacts, but she wondered if whatever it was was spoofing the system.
"Down." Misaki ordered, "Train weapons to rear. We go to the light source, if it is not one of these aliens, we'll return to the shuttle. I'd rather not have to fight a predator of unknown skill without a MINDY. Assume a defensive posture, miss Kata come in center of the formation, we don't have extra copies of you as far as I know. Weapons free, soldiers. Can we get contact to our shuttle from here? I want the systems booted, if you can send a remote signal." She commanded Freyja, dropping to the most covering brush near her as she raised her weapon towards the nearest sound.

"Eyes behind and front, we'll move slowly that way, low profile to the ground, be ready to get into the trees if they can't jump and the like." Nodded the woman, before waiting for them to fall into a more tactical formation, her NSP ready, and set to full rather than stun. It wasn't going to be hard for her to see the creature, dark or not, but she was more concerned with getting everyone taken care of.

Aeon-actual, Kurusu. Acknowledged. We have located transmissions nearby, attempting to ascertain if it belongs to the species you describe. Possible contact of predator to our six, stalking from the shuttle out. Will complete mission if possible before withdrawing. Out.
With her new NSP drawn and her helmet scanning for targets Freyja, she started making contact with the shuttle. Most of the systems were still up and running, she wouldn't have left it shut down cold, she was better trained then that.

"Ma'am would you like the Shuttle to launch and do a sensor sweep of the area the sound came from?"
"Engines hot? Don't bring it up just yet, I want to see if they react to the start up, we might be able to track them back and ambush them from behind, if they turn back around and identify the Tenba as better prey." Misakri replied, "Wait one, I am still searching spectrums. Either way, they are stalking us, or just realized we came from the shuttle site and will close in around us, be ready to put them down. They might be respectable predators, but you are all trained soldiers."
For some reason or another, the software hadn't translated what Misaki had said, thus Kata'nova just stood there as she listened to the sounds made in the forest. Her ears - had her helmet not been on - would've looked like they were moving a mile a second as they twitched in various directions; she carefully tracked the sound as her other hand moved toward a knife hidden in her front right pocket. Doesn't sound like wild-life, but then, it might be.. given this is the first I've been here...

Her feet shifted in position, getting ready in case anything suddenly came 'out' of the bushes.
Freyja nodded to the XO, not sure if she really agreed with her, but she was the boss. Freyja would have rather have just get in the shuttle and scan the area properly a few times, before landing closer to the signal. "Ma'am the shuttle remained at a hundred percent readiness because that is operational doctrine. I would have been negligent of me to shut it down."

She saw how antsy Kata' was getting so she walked over and handed her pistol to the kit, "It's ready to fire, if you need it... but it is set to kill..."
Another bellow sounded, it seemed to be closer.

Josea's science scanner started pinging. "XO, I have two large life signs approaching from our six. It could be possible that they are reacting to the light show from the transmission. If so moving at a tangent would get out of their path. Estimated ETA, sixty seconds."
"Confirmed. I think it might be possible we're in the middle of something." Misaki noted, and slipped from her hiding place to tug at Kat's suit, pointing where to go as she waited for the others to move before following after. "Move that way, once they pass we can get a look from a distance, then move back to our site.". Announcing their presence to enemies probably would be the best way erase the advantage of moving at a tangent, but if they couldn't see them that would be a different story. With that in mind, she hooked herself around and floated facing the direction they came from, with her weapon ready as she glided back towards the rest of the team.

"Keep our guest the center of the formation whenever we move." She reminded the team.
Once her new pistol was in Kata's hands she smiled weakly behind her helmet faceplate. Freyja's training in field operations were starting to kick in, not that it was a bad thing now, if these three found out who she was then she would just figure out how to solve it later.

She had her helmet systems download and mark the targets that Josea's scanner had found. Once it had the markers it started updating and kept them in real time on her face plate. Freyja drew her black NSP out of her flight suit and kept it low to her hip, with luck no one would notice it's specialty.

"Ma'am may I make a suggestion that you three continue with your plan, while I head the opposite way around, making a bit of noise in the process, I'm the smallest here and i can hide to let them pass me up and sneak off to meet up with you three at the shuttle." Yeah, her SAINT field operations was starting to kick in, she even noticed her own shift.
The creatures were drawing close, their crashing across the vegetation signaling their approach. Josea moved laterally while monitoring the progress of the creatures. Glancing from his scanner he could barely make out the silhouette of them. They were huge, as the Thaurgons say covered in large natural protective plates. They were holding true to their course, so for the moment it seemed everything was going fine.
"Noted, thank you. Steady on." Misaki replied to Freyja, then commed the rest of the team, "They have armored segments. Hold your fire unless they see us. If they come towards us you are authorized to open." She knew she'd have to review the pilot's dossier when they returned to the Aeon for any disciplinary problems. It was probably just lack of extended battlefield experience.

She watched them through her helmet, though switching light spectrum helped, she was not certain about casualties if they attacked them with standard NSPs. The transmission to the Aeon about acquisition would have to wait. For all she knew, the transmission site ahead was a specific base camp or lure for the new species they had encountered on the planet.

"We will not separate. Hold it together." The only question she had left was if they should follow the creatures to the transmission site, or return to the shuttle.