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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 7.2] High Altitude Games

Kata'nova blinked quite a bit at the translation, which was quite rough to her ears to the point where she only understood a small part of it. With a confused look she stared at Josea and Freyja.
Josea raised an eyebrow at Kata'nova at Freyja's warning. "Best to strap into a seat here in the cockpit Kata'nova." he suggested.

Across the internal speakers Katae's voice called out.

"Aeon to Away Teams. We are in descent to the surface at Site Bravo. We are analyzing samples of the orbital debris. Report status please."

Josea looked at the XO, "Guess we have a line open Chusa, you can report and I have readied a data packet that you can transfer."
"Linked up. Transferring." Kurusu-chusa replied, as she absently tapped the side of her restraints, the seatbound Neko reported in on top of that,

"Aeon-actual, Tenba. We are proceeding to Bravo site, no contact from the other sites. Please keep advised if possible for reinforcement deployment. I can deploy immediately."

"Let's proceed to the site after we get a bounce back from the Aeon." She finished, more at ease that they had made sure to cover their bases a little more thoroughly. Something about procedure always stuck with her, probably something to do with the strict codes of her upbringing, she thought.
From the flight deck speakers, Katae's voice was heard delivering the following message. "Aeon-Actual to away teams, your statuses have been received. We have touched down at site two. Deploying a survey team. Status checks every thirty minutes. Aeon out."
Once the Aeon closed the channel Freyja brought the shuttle into a steep dive racing for the deck and the anomaly. it only took a few minutes to bring the shuttle down to the the ground near the area marked on her HUDs.
"When we get outside, be prepared for the change in pressure, it can sometimes unnerve someone that has been in a controlled space environment for some time." Misaki reminded the small team, watching their progress from behind Freyja.

"Start the clock. Thirty minutes, we will attempt to reestablish a link to the Aeon."

When they touched the ground, she unbuckled herself, and asked, "Can you get anything more clear on the anomaly from here? I somehow doubt it will be that simple, however. Get ready." At that, she moved to the aft cabin, where her power armor was stored, and checked the function of her sidearm, before anything else.
Josea turned to Misaki. "From this distance I can tell you there is an anti-matter generator operating over there. That's about all. There is also a strong magnetic field, it might be some sort of protective measure or just a by product of whatever is creating the energy stream."
"Why do you two go out there and investigate it..." Freyja caught herself and slammed her mouth shut and eeped. She spun back around an looked at her controls, she went about setting the shuttle's systems up to be ready to go at a moments notice.
Josea looked at Freyja and then Misaki. "I would say that the composition of the team to go would be up to the Officer. I do not presume to interfere with the command structure." He said in response to Freyja's comment.

He did a check of the life scanners. "Also there are a number of life forms between our position and the signal. They do not match any known species. There are four larger than a person size ones."
"Ensure your sidearms are within operational standards. We are all going." Misaki replied, "They might be large plant structures or any number of things, including a life form that does not realize we should not be on the menu. If they are larger than a standard Nekovalkryja, at least we know it is not the species of our guest." She pointed out, with the faintest smile as she went to get the equipment she'd need for outside.

"Set the lock to reply to us, in case we need to leave quickly. We will try to move silently to the target, so we may observe them before interacting, which is I'm sure something the SSS would appreciate?" She asked, looking over her shoulder, to get the sword she brought with her, and of course, strip out of her uniform.

She projected the same one on herself after she did, and stored her spare in the MINDY she had loaded in the back of the Tenba.

"What are our atmo readings right here?" She asked over the comm to Josea.
Josea did a quick glance at his console as a way of providing Misaki a bit of privacy. It was not that he had problems with nudity, but he preferred to maintain a professional bearing when working.

"Atmospheric composition is the same, hazardous without filters or masks. The density is 2.12 standard atmospheres. I recommend that we acclimate in the airlock by equalizing pressure. But it is well within the safe range for all of us." he replied.
With fright filled eyes Freyja dropped her flight suit's helmet down onto her head, latching it to her head. once locked into her own little world she started playing the controls to the atmospheric controls. once everything was set she stood up and put her hand on her new NSP. Though her black one was secured int her flight suit's side pocket.

"Ma'am you sure you want me to come with? I could stay here and cover you guys with the ship's weapons.
Kata'nova cocked her head curiously at the two Yamataians, listening to the translation software as it went about translating what Josea and Freyja were saying into her own language.

She wasn't going to speak up though, she wasn't very good on the ground; her appeal was in the air and she highly doubted these people would approve of her flying their shuttle, much like how her own people wouldn't let another race use their technology.
"Cycle the airlock please, as long as it falls within the range of our guest's ability to process the atmosphere. If we sense danger, we can send you back to the shuttle. I believe you could do with some ground experience." Misaki smiled, and rather than using the holster she no longer had, held her NSP down to her side while she moved to the airlock.

"Kata'nova, you are welcome to accompany us outside, we can use another soldier." She paused, waiting to see what she would say as they made ready. The officer looked to Josea expectantly, "Do you have the equipment you believe you will need to make adequate readings?"
The poor XO didn't know about Freyja's true back ground. Though the little neko wasn't going to speak, instead she turned to Kata' and tried to explain to her that a air mask or helmet is good plan before she opened the airlock.

Freyj walked over to the door systems and started cycling the system to drop the pressure to match the outside.
Josea looked at Misaki, keeping his face neutral. He was not sure if she was questioning his preparedness and ability. Or just being thorough. Her brusk demeanor made it hard to get a read on her.

"I have everything I should need, there should be no problem getting more data when we get closer." He said standing up and heading towards the airlock. He pulled on the collar of his jumpsuit and put on a EM-G4-2 Filter Mask.
Kata'nova beamed as she put her helmet on and powered it up; status displays winked to life, showing her bio-readings and the composition of the atmosphere within the Tenba.

She waited until the rest of the systems came online, although one system blinked an error message, one that stated that it could not establish a secure connection with her fighter. Of course, the reason for that was quite simple, her fighter was destroyed.

With a heavy sigh, she flickered that part of the communications system off for now, she'd have to reprogram it later. As she was about to nod in Freyja's direction she stopped when her hand brushed across one of the suits hidden pockets, she vaguely felt the navigation crystal that she had hidden on her person; she still lacked the means to access the crystal.
"Good." Misaki found herself following Josea's example before moving to the airlock itself, and nodding to the rest of them. "It will be good experience for those of you not used to this. When the wars were on, I barely set foot on a planet without the intention of terminating some sort of contact. It will be a chance to get some ah, air, at the very least. At the very most, think on your feet. Everyone stay alert, and let's have a look at our target." She nodded, "We'll see how they do it at the SSS."
Josea stepped into the lock. He went to the outer door and connected his Science scanner to a port. He ran a sample with his hand held. Just to confirm that composition and density of the elements in the air. "With your permission Chusa, I will step out first." He pressed the cycle button and watched the inner door close. Then the airlock pressurized to match the exterior pressure. He watched the external door slide open and looked out at the darkness. He stepped out and floated to the ground. Josea then looked up at the sky making out a number of stars piercing the tainted sky.

He then switched his science scanner to emission detection. He aimed it in the direction of the transmission. The readings were clear and strong. He then moved a few meters from the Tenba paused for the others and started life scanner readings. He wondered what kind of life forms they would find. But for the moment using kneeling down he scanned local plants with this flashlight.
Freyja timidly moved forward to the hatch keeping her right hand on her NSP the whole time. She wasn't so sure about leaving the shuttle. As she walked out she mentally accessed the shuttle's controls and set it to lock up and only open on her orders. As she walked out she looked around through her flight helmet. It was strange, to be out away from the safety of she machine. Though last time she did she brought back Kata, and she did believe that was a good deed.