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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 7.2] High Altitude Games


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Josea went to one of the lockers and stowed his gear. He then took the Science station. He logged into the console and started bringing the Transporters sensor systems online.

For the moment he focused on the Imaging systems, and the RADAR. He would only use the life sciences array if they descended into the lower atmosphere.

He looked at Freyja. "Sensors are ready, power systems are nominal. We can depart as soon as you are ready."

With a firm nod Freyja hit the commands to retract the docking systems and with a few gentle taps of the RCS she moved away from the Aeon. "Aeon this is the Tenba. Heading out." With that she gunned ths ship up through the speeds. Her first plan was to get a full orbit of the planet.

"Where would you like to get started Sir. So i know where to drop into the atmo."
"Put us into a Polar Sun-synchronous orbit. It will give us optimum visibility for our image systems." Josea said, "If we should find anything interesting we can always move to a lower orbit for closer scans." He entered a series of commands showing the desired orbital path.
With a nod The red headed Freyja pushed the shuttle over in movement that would bring it up into a polar orbit quite quickly. She had the inertial dampeners tuned down a bit so she could feel the movements of the ship[, more like the fighters she loved so much.

"Polar orbit in 2 minutes sir." Her voice was strong and calm calm, a out of the normal sound for her. She was in control, the cockpit her arena of choice. No where in the universe was she this comfortable. Memories of the past few days could be suppressed she found as they were reaching the northern most point of the orbit. The insertion to the new orbit was complete, now it was time just to sit and wait for the Sciencey man to give her a new heading.
Josea pulled up the data from the visual array. He directed one set of images to a display, while he monitored the ground one.

"Freyja, I have one of the visual sensors scanning the star fields. Why don't you have Kata'nova come up and see if anything looks a little familiar to her. I am not expecting her to see her home world, but she might spot some of their neighboring stars if we are lucky." He said to the pilot.

He then turned his attention two the surface. There were at least two impact craters. One of them was fairly old, the environment had been wearing down the edges. The second one was just on the edge of their scanning. Another orbit or two would bring it into better focus.
Once the orbit was programed the flight became quite boring, so when Juni: A, mentioned calling Kata' up front, and B, used her first name, Freyja was startled. She was a bit in her own world flying and watching the ground shoot past.

Setting the controls on automatic,she got up and walked to the rear of the shuttle, thinking over the fact that Gustav, the only other person to address her by her given name since she boarded the Aeon. She didn't want to think of the other who had.

"Kata', you want to come up and see the controls and maybe study the stars?" She motioned to the front of the craft knowing the translation systems were getting better and better. "Maybe When Gustav is done with his survey, you and I can go for a joy flight." She smile and used her hand like a shuttle and flew it about.
Kata'nova stared up at Freyja, she had been laying down and resting her mind until she had heard Freyja's distinctive steps. She listened to the translation before responding with a smile.
At that point an alert sounded through out the Tenba.

Josea pulled up the sensor data. The emissions array detected a pulse of EM radiation. However before the array could get a location fix either the beam stopped or the Tenba had moved out of it.

That kind of emission is not natural. So what is generating it? he thought.
Kata'nova's tail flared vibrantly at the sound of the alarm and her ears, in an attempt to perk up, only found resistance due to her helmet. She got off the seat and looked around the bay of the Tenba before walking into the cockpit and giving Josea a rather quizzed look.

"Xibu xbt uibu?" she asked.
A moment later the translation program emitted "What was that?"

"The Tenba sensed an energy beam. The kind used to locate and possible target. Unfortunately, we were not in the beam long enough to locate its source.

Its possible that the beam serves another purpose. Either we passed through a stationary beam, or our orbit took us through a RADAR sweep at an oblique angle."

He looked at the other sensors still nothing definitive appeared so far.

"Freyja-San, what do you propose? Should we hold orbit or modify our orbit so that we pass through the same region again?" He said across the internal speakers.
'There he did it again...' Freyja wasn't what to make of this warrant officer.

"Well sir..." She said as she reentered the cockpit, and sat down, "I think it is your call. There didn't seem to be any damage caused by it. So I can't over rule you on going back there." She leaned back in her seat thinking it all over, "I would say we obit back around and dive for the deck to see if anything is down there. Though no matter what we do, if we go back I'm taking manual control." Her dominate demeanor was in charge, the cockpit did that to her.
"There is no need to call me sir. I am not an officer in the Army, and I am not officially an NCO. My rank is GS-08, I carry an honorary rank of Juni.

So you can call me Josea-San or Josea if you like.

Alter our orbit to have us follow the same trajectory of the encounter. After that if I can can get a fix on source we will descend." Josea replied.
With her focus entirely on her flying she didn't seem to hear and or notice Josea's comments. Freyja on the other hand was trying to weigh what the man said, deciding if it was a trick or if he was really meaning what he said.

Ash She brought the shuttle back around, her fingers flew across the controls bring it back completely into manual control. "Jo..Josea, we are nearing the anomaly, Please be prepared to gather as much data as you can." She let herself sink deeply into the SPINE connection as they grew nearer to the spot. The data feeds that feed into her brought the whole world around her into sharper detail.
Josea configured the sensors for focus on the earlier detected emissions. This would allow him to make quick analysis and if they were lucky pin point the possible source.

As the Tenba approached the coordinates, the sensor data started streaming across his screen. His fingers flew across the controls as he sent various commands to the sensors.

Once again they were through the emission quickly.

"Okay, this is curious. There is not one but two beams arrange in parallel. This is not some sort of targeting system. I have the coordinates of the source. The only thing I can think is that its some sort of beacon."
Frejya listened to the scientist give his observations. "Well We can orbit around again... Or instead of another pass, we could land or at least make a low pass over the area." She sat there working up flight plans that would bring them up on the target area flying pretty low to the deck.

"Have you passed on this information to the Aeon?"
Josea shook his head, "Not yet, the planet is in our way. It also does not appear that they have deployed the communications satellite yet. So we would have to alter course so that we can broadcast, or we wait until later.

I would suggest that we make a pass lower and try to get a visual. Perhaps then land and do a recon of whatever is transmitting."
"Everything is settled in back. Alter course and broadcast our planned course and landing sites to the Aeon." Misaki called as she moved into the forward compartment. "Just in case there is a problem." The XO explained, "Do we have contact with any other teams?"

Shifting her eyes to Josea, she glanced over the science officer before asking, "I air on the side of caution in this case. Check in with the other teams as we are able, to update their locations and receive their request for backup from me if required, the MINDY hopefully won't need to be deployed to the fullest extent on this mission, but there is being ready, right?" She asked, looking down over the back of the pilot's seat at Freyja reassuringly.
Nodding as the XO spoke, Freyja was sure that she had the shuttle handled. The few things she wasn't sure of Josea had covered. "No Ma'am we haven't nor are we in contact with the ground team. the Aeon is OTH,
Over The Horizon
and she hasn't set up a communication satellite network at this time. We would have to adjust our orbits to bring us over her to be able to communicate." she knew she was repeating what Josea had just said but, it felt nice to be back on top of things.

"As for you last question Ma'am. I wouldn't know, I'm just here to drive the bus." She went back to working on a good approach to a lower altitude for the pass over. "We will be making Atmo entry in a few minutes, please buckle up Ma'am... And make sure Kata' is buckled also."
Josea let the soldiers have their discussion, once they were done. He spoke up. "Freyja-San, take us through another orbit that will put us in position to communicate with the other teams. Then we can descend towards the signal source."
"Aye, Bringing us over the other team." Freyja adjusted her flight path by a few degrees, it was much here but by the time they reached the other side of the planet it would be enough to take them the thousands of miles off path to bring them over the ground base.

"Two minutes till we are in LOS of the ground team,Two minutes thirty seconds till LOS on the Aeon." the hard part would be to bring them back on the glide slope for the anomaly with out having to waste another orbit. it would be difficult, and most likely a bit uncomfortable for the rest of the passengers from the Gees they will be pulling to do it, but with a grin on the little mousy pilot's face, she was going to do it.

flipping on the shuttle intercom, Freyja's voice filled the shuttle, "This is your pilot speaking, if you haven't yet please buckle in and read over the emergency pamphlets in the seat back pocket before you... Our flight time to low pass of the anomaly is in t-4 minutes. T-3 to maneuver to bring us on target. I am expecting high amounts of turbulence and Gee forces. Please seat back and enjoy the flight." With a snicker she flipped the intercom off and prepared for the maneuvers.