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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 7.4] Aeon Landing Site

"There is one thing I am concerned about ma'am." She said as her unit completed calibration for the new module. "Our time table is based on the maximum time the reactor would remain stable with the Thaurgon's working to keep it so. How much time will it take for the core to overload once they stop. Are you planning on us exiting the wreckage and then teleporting? Or teleporting from within it?"
As the helmet seals secured, the display started back up showing Eun-Kyung the present time on the mission clock. A new indicator showed the teleportation module's status and charge - she was happy to see it ready to go, as promised.

"It's true that there are some unknown variables. Some of this mission is just going to have to fall into the category of acceptable risk. As for the plan, it will depend on the ease of the ingress/egress route and the engineering space. If we do have to jump from within we might need to be prepared for partial teleportation. Still, that's a better result than getting an up close and personal taste of the blast effects. In any event, we're going to be making judgement calls on the fly. You, the Heisho, and myself are going to all be equal parties in this; there's no time for formalities or rank. If you see something impacting the plan, make the adjustments and call it out. Good to go?"
Sunflower disengaged from the rack when her armor was ready. "Understood Chui. Let's hope we do not have to deal with partial teleportation. I do not know if the Thaurgons would survive, and I have no real information on their physiology. So let's keep it get in, get out and teleport away as fast as possible.... what about if we brought a MARI with us. Perhaps the Thaurgons there could show it what it needs to do to give us maximum time to exit."
"Worth trying." Eun-Kyung nodded judiciously as the rack released her and she stepped forward, giving an informal two fingered salute to Hisa in thanks as she did.

"Get one equipped and ready ASAP. I don't want to lose a single second once the Heisho gets kitted out." As she spoke she pinged Trowa with a status report request. She imagined he was getting the APC locked down, but the mission clock was counting down and she very much did not want to get behind the ball. The last step would be confirming where, exactly, they would be teleporting back to once they had the aliens. She, like Sunflower, sincerely hoped partial teleportation wouldn't be a problem but if it came down to it she wanted to get into close proximity of the Medbay without delay. Unless the yield of the antimatter reactor aboard the alien ship was ludicrously gigantic, the Aeon was well out of the blast effect radius, but all the same the Taisa might just lift ship in an abundance of caution - she knew she would have if it was her decision.

"Bridge, Survey Team actual," she transmitted, tying her armor comms through the ship's internal network. "My team is completing preparations and I intend to depart momentarily. I want to dial in our return site as near the Aeon as possible. Do you intend to displace from the present location?"
Katae's voice came from the speakers. "Once you teleport to the target. I plan on lifting the Aeon and holding at an altitude of 100 meters. I do not anticipate the blast wave being a concern, but I want the ship ready to respond if you folks need rescue if your teleport falls short."
Trowa came into the armor bay and took the obvious empty rack. "Hi Usaga-Heisho. Hook me up so we can get out of here and save the day." he said with a grin.

Hisa sent the command and the armature moved to configure his power armor appropriately. After a moment or two, the arms moved away and Trowa stepped out of his rack. He did a quick diagnostic of his armor and the teleportation unit. "All systems nominal Chui."
"Aye ma'am." Eun-Kyung gave Trowa a thumbs up as she finished speaking with the Taisa. "We'll key in approximately these coordinates. See you on the other side, ma'am."

Stepping further way from the racks, she looked around for Sunflower, hoping the drone was ready to go. As she did, she had her AIES dial in both the outbound and inbound coordinates for the teleportation unit and pushed the data to her team's armors. The verification pings came back all green and she nodded to herself.

"All right, let's get to it," she said across the team net as she glanced at the mission clock.
Sunflower had grabbed one of the MARI had it follow her outside of the hold. She looked at the coordinates that Eun-Kyung had transmitted. What they were about to do became suddenly a bit more real. Risking themselves for strangers. But the potential for good will was worth it. At least that is what she figured the Chui was trying to achieve.

"Chui, I am outside of the ship and have the MARI unit with me. I will carry it with me when we teleport to the wreck site. Ready to Teleportation on your command." She send.
Waving for the Heisho to follow her, Eun-Kyung sprinted forward and leapt through the Power Armor Bay door force field, triggering her thrusters for just a moment mid-air. The parabolic flight dropped her with a thud about five meters from Sunflower and she straightened up, glancing at the MARI with approval. A SPINE command had her teleporation module spinning up and her AIES synchronized to her voice command:

"On my mark. Five... four... three... two... one... Mark!"
Sunflower moved a bit further from the ship, and picked up the MARI in her armor clad arms. She lifted above the ground using the armor's systems. She synched her teleportation module to the time sequence that Eun-Kyung provided. At the appointed time, space was warped and folded in ways that the mind could not truly interpret. A second later she emerged above the ground at designated site. A fraction of a second later another sound indicated the arrival of Trowa.

She did a quick check of her systems. "Sakura-Hei all systems ready, charging sequence started for the P3000." She said descending to the ground.
Trowa's skin tingled as he teleported to their destination. He wasn't over fond of teleporting. He'd take a good ship, even a bad ship over teleporting any day. But the clock was ticking so he would just suck it up. As soon as he reappeared Trowa did a system check as he followed Sunflower to the ground.
The three members of the Aeon team arrived in spectacular sonic and light displays. Below them was the wreckage and the entrance that Atlonzee recommended.

A number of spines that stuck out from what was probably a piece of the original ship hull arced with bolts of electricity. The bolts covering a good 10-15 meters. Each followed by a small clap of thunder.

Sunflower checked her science scanner. Energy readings in the wreckage were a bit erratic, but no sign of a cascading failure yet.

"The Thaurgons must be discharging some of the surplus energy through those arrays. Perhaps to keep the systems from overloading." she sent to her team mates. Sunflower touched down and placed the MARI on the ground in front of her.
Eun-Kyung took a moment to steady herself in the wake of the three overlapping teleportation shockwaves, copying Sunflower's report as she did. Her own P3000 started cycling automatically, and she ordered her AIES to throw the time-to-charge up on her HUD next to the mission clock.

"Let's hope so," she replied over the team net. "All right, let's follow the ball. The MARI can trail after us."

As she spoke, a glowing blue ball appeared in her HUD, based on the information she had loaded into her AIES earlier; the computer would handle navigating them along the path Atlonzee had described. The ball bounced helpfully near the entrance and she set off at a run. She really wanted to fly but the CFS would fry any unshielded Thaurgons that got too near and she really couldn't imagine the impact of their armor thrusters in the confined spaces of a starship's corridors would be all that much better.
"Hai Chui." Sunflower said, she took a moment to look at the piece of starship wreckage that they were going into. She fervently hoped that Atlonzee's directions were accurate, and that the structure of the wreckage remained sound until they got out.

She took off at a run following Eun-Kyung. Her AIES estimated time to reach the remaining Thaurgons was two minutes.
Trowa was just a step behind Sunflower as they followed the Chui into the ship. Had they more time and not a ticking time bomb on their hands Trowa would have loved to examine the ship more closely. He had always loved big Capital Ships, ever since he was a kid and this was an unknown to him. The layout, from what little he had seen, was similar to dozens of designs most common in space ships but the over all design was unfamiliar to him.
The MARI follwed behind the three Mindy Clad soldiers. One thing that became apparent was that due to the position of the wreckage, the surface that were running on was actually the wall of the ship. Made more clear by the appearance of what had to be doors.
Eun-Kyung charged ahead along the AIES moderated course, only paying tangential attention to the surroundings she passed. For a moment, she was confused, wondering what sort of ship layout would call for hatches in the deck and overhead and none in the bulkheads. She got it after a few seconds, and then wondered why it had taken so long.

Must be the adrenaline, she thought before her conscious thoughts ground to a halt in a moment of nausea and disorientation. She didn't lose her balance but the sudden shift in perception took longer to adjust to than she was used to. In space she had no problem with discarding notions of orientation in all but a relative sense. It was a touch harder to shake off the evolutionary instincts of objective orientation in a gravity well. Her stomach settled, though, and she continued on, making a more deliberate effort to place herself within the crashed ship's confines.
Trowa adjusted to the hall's disorientation quickly. Whether it was from all his time piloting in space where there was no true up and down, or if it was something internal that made the quick adjustment to the situation he wasn't sure. All he knew was that time was running out and that they had better hurry if they didn't want to become permeate residences.
Sunflower followed her HUD using the data it displayed to provide her point of reference. She also kept an eye on the count down. The preparation that Usaga had made gained them some time. But she'd been in the service to know, things rarely when according to plan.

The away team arrived at the first of three vertical descents they would make. The drop was some twenty meters, but there was what appeared to be a cargo net attached to one of the sides that a person could use to maneuver up or down the passage. The HUD displayed the path down and the direction to go once they reached the bottom.
Eun-Kyung was not watching the clock. They were committed at this point. If it came to making decision once they got into the engineering space, she'd certainly pay attention but unduly worrying herself at this point seemed, for her part at least, unhelpful. She ground to a halt as the AIES indicated their descent. She glanced down the shaft for a moment and considered the cargo net.

"No time," she muttered into her helmet and stepped off the edge. She relaxed her body as she did, letting the armor control all movement to absorb the shock on impact with the deck below.