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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 9.0] Trouble in Deep Waters

Cargo hold / Escape Pod

Sheela finished securing the tools used as she kept an ear open to listen to the conversations going on in the cargo hold. When finished she turned and leaned against the Tool Cart to lend support to the XO or ready to respond to calls that would require her attention elsewhere on the ship. She listened to Jacob speak. She smiled as they was in the same position as he was. Only Jacob had a specimen whether it was playing possum or actually dead.
YSS Aeon

Tsuruko relaxed her posture and joined her hands behind her back. Her brow furrowed as she considered the Taisa's words carefully, perhaps trying to discern further intelligence from her tone, or her choice of vocabulary. No such luck, though.
Once Katae was done talking, the Santô Hei held the silence for a good few seconds and inhaled deeply.
"So ka, Taisa. Stow my belongings in cabin nine and report to the XO," Tsuruko repeated. She waited for a few more seconds, in case of any protests, before bowing once more and hightailing it.

Cabin 9

The walk to her assigned cabin proved peaceful enough, given the short distances involved. Tsuruko unceremoniously dumped her belongings, coat included, in the first free locker. Couldn’t have the XO waiting, after all. The only things she kept were her Duty uniform, the pistol belt and, from the duffel bag, a somewhat peculiar katana. It, too, found its place at Tsuruko's side. As customary of her particular line of kendō, Tsuruko wrapped the overly long stray end of the tsuka-ito - almost one meter, by the looks of it - around the saya itself. Ineffective and uncomfortable, some would have been inclined to say, right before having a katana swung at them much like a flail.
But she digressed. Time to get a move on.

Cargo Bay
Once more, Tsuruko arrived without too many ceremonies - or any at all.
She simply prowled up to the XO, hand resting on the tsuka of her sword, and bowed.
"Santô Hei Heihachiro Tsuruko, reporting to the XO, as ordered," she said loudly, unaware of - or ignoring - her surroundings.
Cargo Bay

Kurusu listened to Jacob's account of the attack and wondered, "Did their vessel match any in your database?" She was hoping it was not them but assumed it would have been brought up the second they got out of the pod if that were the case. She pinged sickbay with another quarantine and triage request, adding specifically the part about the creature inside the pod. If the crew that were still out there were in danger she needed to know from what immediately.

"Sheela, get eyes on the creature's remains in there without going in, if it moves, shoot it again." She ordered, and she was about to check in with the bridge again when Tsuruko announced herself. "We'll work on your timing later. Welcome aboard. We have received survivors, and a biological entity in the pod there. I am Chusa Kurusu Misaki. Watch the hatch, I would like our survivors to remain here until someone from sickbay can clear them and deal with what is in the pod." She said of the main doors the recruit had just arrived from.
Cargo Bay/Escape Pod

Sheela gave a squeak of acknowledgement. She grabbed a big wrench and her service pistol. She scampered to the opening of the escape pod. She was ready for mayhem as she peeked inside the escape pod to satisfy her curiosity at what this creature looked like. She took her position outside the pod where it would be difficult to be attacked from inside by the creature if it was still alive, just playing possum awaiting its time to make its move on an unsuspecting crew. Not on her watch. This was her new community den. She had her orders, even though she wanted to check out the newcomer.
Cargo bay.

Sunflower came into the cargo hold. Behind her floated two Ke-J1-E3102 - Autonomous Basic Medicine Unit (ABMU) they were attached to her by a rope. "Sorry for the delay Chusa. But it took me a bit to disconnect the ABMU's to bring them down here. We can use the first one to quarantine the body. The other I can use to scan the patients and clear them before we take them to medical."

Jacob waited until the Chusa was through giving her people orders. "The ship designs were nothing that I had seen before. Some of them appeared to be made of up more than one type of ship. At least that is what it appeared as some of them the hull was a patch work of colors. But who knows that could be their idea of aesthetics."
Yoshiro stood and watched to make sure that nothing happened while they were getting set up for taking care of the rescued people. He sent a message to the chusa so that he would not interrupt her conversation.

Chusa, what should I be doing right now?

He wanted to be doing something, anything right now as he was getting antsy and wanted to be sure that what he would be doing would be useful.
Cargo Bay

Sunflower looked around and then back to the Chusa, "Ma'am, can I get a volunteer to suit up in an AMES and help me to get the corpse out of the pod and into one of the ABMU's. Sooner we get it into that, I can start an analysis. And I can start treating the injuries of the others."
"Absolutely." Misaki replied as she looked between Yoshiro and their newest recruit, "First volunteer, I need someone in an AMES, ASAP. Sunflower needs help moving the specimen into the unit." She was pleased Sheela was watching the pod well enough, but it was just until this could get underway, "The other one I want covering with her, but keep out of their way." The XO ordered, looking over to where the pod itself was guarded.

"We can debrief you more once we have this under control and I can get you all cleared to sickbay, I am grateful for your assistance, hopefully we can end whatever is causing this before too many more people are hurt." She tried to reassure Jacob. "If you have someone you know needs the other unit by all means."
"Aye, ma'am."Yoshiro said to the chusa and got out of his power armor. Yoshiro got into his AMES and approached Sunflower. He looked to the pod and then to Sunflower and spoke to her. "Where do you need this?" He asked Sunflower.
With others approaching the Pod to deal with the dead alien, Sheela back away to give them room to work. She glanced at Misaki to see if she could return back to her job at hand which was being a tech. But it was kinda refreshing to be included as part of the team. She stood a little straighter, eyes sparkling with merriment and alertness at the job at paw.
Sunflower looked at Yoshiro I'll go first. Then she floated into the escape pod. She held a body bag to put the remains into since she had no idea what condition it was in. Once inside she opened the bag. She laid it out close to the corpse. She lifted the blanket that covered the body enough to take a quick look. 'Nothing that I've ever seen.' she thought.

"Okay, Yoshiro. Come in and help me move it into the bag. I want to keep it contained until we can get it into one of the medical units. They'll do an analysis and let me know if there is any biological issue."
Yoshiro stepped in to the pod carefully as he went to help Sunflower. He blanched slightly at the sight of the corpse but managed to hold it together as he helped her place the body into the bag. "Who would do such a thing like this to a civillian?" He asked, indignant at the mere fact that someone would harm a civillian that had no way of defending him or herself.
Once body of the unknown was secured in a body bag, Sheela backed off and went to her took cart and began securing the equipment she used to open the Escape Pod. Her ears twitching and swiveling to follow a long to the many conversations going in the Cargo bay with the Escape Pod.

Seeing a newcomer amongst the crew. Sheela checked out the new person with interest till her curiosity was satisfied while she worked. She now had information to add to the rumor mill of the ship.
"If the creature is cleared of biohazard, I need the pod secured, we will most likely have to return it to a base for investigation, at the very least have it out of the way until it is broken down for materials." Misaki ordered Sheela, so she would have a heads up on the thing, and since she was a tech she knew about taking care of delicate machinery when it was damaged or in other words, temperamental. It would also help to have it out of the way if they were going to have to take more survivors on board, as well.

The XO stayed clear of the containment operations, and kept herself between the survivors and the pod as well, staying alert while looking rather neutral about everything.
Sunflower looked at Yoshiro, then lifted the blanket slightly. This is not one of the passengers. This alien is one of the attackers." she replied. She then sealed the body bag and made a scan of the chamber for any biological hazards. "Other than the floor needing cleaning, I'm not detecting any hazards. Let get this body into the medical unit." she said to him.

She lifted her end of the bag and motioned for Yoshiro to do the same so they could walk out. "We're coming out." She called out. "I'm not detecting any pathogens from this alien. Of course there is no telling what it may have inside."

The passengers from the pod moved closer together when they heard that the creature was going to be brought out.
"An alien? Even if they didn't hurt anyone on the ship why would..." Yoshiro stopped speaking when he looked outside and saw the group from the ship huddled together. "Never mind. Sorry about the questions." He lifted the body bag and got ready to move with the body. He still didn't like the idea of an enemy that would attack a civllian ship that had no way to defend itself from its attackers. There is just no honor in that. Yoshiro thought to himself. I guess that there are some that don't care about who gets caught in their crossfire, just so that they can fight. "Ready to go on my end. " Tanaka said after a few moments of silence.
"Squeeaah!" Responded Sheela nodding to the orders from the XO. She looked the Pod over as her mind raced, figuring out the methods of moving the Pod off to the Side and deeper into the Cargo Bay, away from the Cargo bay doors. Seeing it cleared by the Medic and the removal of the Alien in the body bag. She sent a brief report to her Superior in Engineering on the Pod and the Order from the XO to use the Pod as another source of materials.
Sunflower smiled, "No problem, questions are how we all learn. This is an alien species I've not seen first hand. But have heard some reports about." She moved out of the pod, leading the way to the closest ABMU. It lowered the containment force fields as they approached. She put her end of the alien into it and waited for Yoshiro to put his in.

She looked at Misaki, "Ma'am, I did not find any sign of hazardous materials within the pod. That being said, with your permission I will do a quick examination of the survivors.

Hisa replied to Sheela. "Once the pod is cleared, make sure to take any personal affects out of it to be given back to the civilians. Then see about issuing each of them one of the space suits aboard it. That way if we go into combat they will have a suit to keep them safe."
Cargo Hold/ Pod

"Squeak" Sheela replied back to Hisa, letting her know that her orders were received and would be carried out.

She scampered aboard the Escape Pod and gathered up everything of personal effects into a easily carried cargo crate. Once the Pod was cleared of personal effects and junk that people tend to leave behind unintentionally, Sheela carried the crate over to the rescued people.

"Here's yooz personal effects. I'll be bringing the Pods Spacesuits for each of yooz. Yooz need to keep them with yooz at all times." Sheela announced as she set the crate down.

Sheela scampered back to the escape pod and rifled through the lockers and cabinets for spacesuits for the survivors. Which when spacesuits were found went into a much bigger crate for access by the people that came in on the Pod. She checked each suit out for hidden weapons and if she found any, she would secure them in another crate for the armory. She searched the Escape pod for weapons to include the emergency flare gun that the Escape Pod carried.

Seeing Tsuruko standing around. Sheela motioned Tsuruko over to her. "Iz need yooz to keep these secured till theyz can be transferred to the Armory." She gave the woman a smile and darted back into the Escape Pod to push out the crate loaded with space suits.

-Clunk- The loaded crate hit the Cargo deck, followed by Sheela exiting the Pod. She went around the Crate and dragged it across the deck to the rescued. "Yooz might want to grab a space suit. Yooz are on a warship and wez don't have extra's for yooz to use." Sheela gave them an apologetic shrug.
Yoshiro put his end of the body bag in to the ABMU and set it down gently. "They don't seem to be going for military ships, at least not yet so they seem like pirates to me." Yoshiro said as he made sure that his end of the body bag was secure. "I mean this was a civillian ship they attacked, right?"