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RP: YSS Kaiyō Mission Fifteen: Harae

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RP Date
YE 40
RP Location
YSS Kaiyō II
YSS Kaiyō II
1201 Hours

YE 40

Hoshi was quick and to the point, "Datapads away, put me at the forefront of your digital minds, please, crew..." She waited. "We have had many changes to our ship since our last mission. Eden," Hoshi said, then looked sideways and the volumetric screen behind her showed a memorialized picture of the former XO before she had become an NH-40,. "Teien Eden, has been," Hoshi said, "asked to assist the Empire in ways that she could not do on this ship. Some of you may feel like reaching out to her, but it is asked that her privacy be respected during this time." Hoshi's face had grown cold and stayed so, "Please welcome Taii Kaze "Kamikaze" Hikaru, everyone. She has recently been in and won a skirmish with some kind of deer people allied with Kuvexia, so ask her non-classified questions about that during lunch. We have a nice spread today, consisting of a portion of seared pork cutle—"

The Taii turned her attention away from the screen after an elongated glare at the portrait of the back hime-cut woman. She looked pointedly to the Chusa and Hoshi coughed, then murmured on.

"Boss, please let the cooks know they can bring out the meal."

Kamikaze turned her long and busty body to face the diminutive captain. A blue brow raised on her pink face and Hoshi spoke more resolutely, now.

"The Taii has asked I share mission details with herself and, by implication, this crew. I ask that she not strong-arm me further." The Taii's pearly blue and green eyes showed a look off incredulity while Hoshi went on. "We are reuniting with our fleet. Every crew member on this ship knows the YSS Kaiyō II and its predecessor were of the First XF and we will continue to be a ship that serves her Empire and Fleet. Expect no universal aetheric explosions or eliminating entire planets as they careen towards Core Yamatai, this time, Kaiyō crew, no..." Hoshi said somberly as Kamikaze's dimples showed beside a bright and peachy smile.

"We will be defending what we hold dear and exacting revenge for those of our people that cannot do so. We have taken up weapons," Hoshi said with a thunk of her pink fist against the table she sat at and on the volumetric screen behind her, a single kikyō bellflower bloomed over Eden's face. Inside of it was Himiko's face, severe and taut. "And with our weapons, we now fight outright. Not to learn or to explore, but to kill. Today, we will do whatever it is we do to fill our time in preparation to kill. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe even today, on this hour. Be ready to kill the Kuvexians that are laying waste to your Empire. Be ready not just to murder them outright, but to send a message to the rest of every universe, Kaiyō. This is who we are. Not only are we strong, but we are invincible. For every bone they may break on one hand, I will use my other to gauge their eyes and pierce arteries. I hope you keep your wits and wills on the same level that mine will be at when the time comes."

She turned sharply and Himiko's face was replaced with a moving video of Yui in battle, unarmored and near naked as she ripped apart and vandalized the bodies of her attackers with a zeal all her own.

"Some of you here," Hoshi said in a low voice, but by now Boss was broadcasting the speech a little louder than it was being said for the multi-tiered wardroom, "have not been with this ship long. A few of you behind me haven't even slept in a cabin of a ship of this namesake. I call upon you in this eleventh hour not with my heart, nor mind, but with my hand. Take it. Walk with me into the dark night that is war.

"You will..." Hoshi said, looking back to the crowd there as the memorialization of Eden reappeared. "Or, I will, see death when we begin this next phase of the fight. Friends, family, or we will die. We accept that as we move forward. We may be re-skinned and we may have more questions than answers after that. Our minds are large enough to ask the appropriate questions at the appropriate times. We may need to answer some things after and not before total defeat of the enemy, and that is our duty. Your ST this morning will not cover what I have said today, but sending updated file packets to Boss, our MEGAMI, for me to re-examine if and after I have been re-skinned is a common practice of mine. You can do this up to death on the battle field if your AIES is active or you are wirelessly connected to PANTHEON."

Hoshi looked critically at her hand in front of her as it moved, then pushed it down on the table to lay flat and spoke on.

"I ended that on a very cold note, but this is war and we are here to be tactical. We are not here to quiver in the dark of the night, we are here to tactically eradicate what goes bump, so that our civilian populace can live in peace and so that we can do those things we enjoy doing more than murdering. So that we can," Hoshi said and quoted herself, "'learn or to explore.' Now is not the time for that, though, so be prepared to think tactically and murder."

Kamikaze's expression had slackened and Hoshi looked to her. The Taii's brows raised and Hoshi spoke again, "I am not taking questions and will be alone in my ready room and am to remain that way."

"I will join you," Kamikaze said, scooting back her chair.

"No," Hoshi said, raising a hand with a sour face. "Taii. Arigato gozai..." She sighed, bowing, "Gozaimasu." Hoshi soon had left the wardroom through the bridge while Kamikaze sighed out and her shoulders visibly raised and slackened before she spoke.

"I will be on the bridge," Kamikaze-taii said and she exited the wardroom as two nervous cooks set the trays of cutlets, long green and purple beans, rice and carrot pilaf, and squid and mountain vegetable salad before leaving, as well.
YSS Kaiyō II
1206 Hours

YE 40

Elenor wasn't sure what she just stood through, beyond some kind of speech trying to fire people up. She wasn't sure who it was trying to get eager to fight, the talker or the crew. Still, the try put down in front of them all was quite the sight to behold. Though, Elenor was willing to admit, standing in her Type-37's amongst all the ship-oriented uniforms worn. Made her stand out a bit. And, owing she was probably one of the more junior persons present on the ship currently, well, she figured that waiting to start getting food was likely the best idea.

The transfer had been a bit of a headrush, going from the YSS Hana to the YSS Kaiyō II, but it wasn't like she wasn't expecting it. If anything, she kind of expected it. Fill a need for recon wherever it might be needed, and if that meant going from one ship to another, than that's what was involved. Suffice to say, she'd barely gotten aboard the ship before being told she needed to hurry to the wardroom, so she still had her seabag nearby. It wasn't like she knew which cabin she was being assigned to yet anyways, that would require going to the Quartermaster, who, for all Elenor knew, was in this room right now.

So, between her junior status, and that other than looking at the various rank markings she could see, she saw no reason yet to start digging in.
YSS Kaiyō II
1201 Hours

YE 40

Odo had made it through his first mission relatively unscathed, at least physically. Mentally, he was still beating himself up. He didnt think he had contributed all that much, but he was here, alive and that was really all that mattered. Maybe next time he would have the opportunity to prove his worth, thats what he was here for. He was just a rookie engineer, but he had gone on a combat mission.

He shook his head as he snapped back to reality. Hoshi was making a speech, and Odo should have been paying attention. It was sort of a motivational speech..but also a little depressing. Talk about death and people dying and all that kinda stuff, it made him a little apprehensive. What exactly would they be getting into next.

After Hoshi finished and left, Odo put those questions away, because the food arrived and he was pretty hungry.
YSS Kaiyo II
1204 Hours
YE 40

Klaus had a lot on his mind. This was to be his first official posting and it looked like he dropped right on the action. He wasn't afraid of the fighting, afterall fighting was what he did best. It was the speech that he had just heard. It was passionate, in a cold way and it did put some level of determination in him. And yet something kept irking him.

She said murdering, not killing, he pondered to himself. To someone who lived by justice, it just rubbed him the wrong way.

But we could also see it in the Chusa's eyes. Pain, loss and sadness. He was familiar with those feelings. Deciding to give her the benefit of the doubt, Klaus put those thoughts aside and thoughts of good food and camaradarie began filling his mind (and stomach) instead .

It seems impending doom or death can't knock my hunger down, he chuckled quietly to himself.
YSS Kaiyo II
1204 Hours
YE 40

Saya looked down at the food placed before her and found she had little appetite for the rather nice spread laid out before her. A fork was picked up to stir the rice around a bit but else wise, nothing was really touched. The previous mission had been difficult on the poor Neko, it had stressed her out as the first space combat mission where she had actually been out in combat. Thankfully there hadn't been much fighting, but the panic attacks she had felt during her time in the mission had certainly felt real.

Now the Taii was talking about murder and more outright combat. Saya truthfully prayed she would stay ship bound rather then see any true combat, but she realized at the same time if she did, there could be injuries that she could prevent out in space should they go out. But it still scared her... Maybe she just needed more time in the suit, maybe get used to it more. She would have to head down to the armor bay later, maybe after she tried to eat a bit, to look over her suit and get more acquainted with it. As she sat at the table and pushed the rice around though it was easy for anyone to see the sweet medic looked a little downcast though at the thought of outright combat.
YSS Kaiyo II
Little after noon

Among the flock of Kaiyo's Elysians, the newest didn't stand out from the crowd. Dark hair, white and black wings folded up against her back, and the anonymizing all-green of an old straight 37 field jacket with the matching utility trousers. There was a single full-color green bar on her left sleeve, below the muted red and purple Scout hawk on the pocket flap. It was a concession to shipboard service that didn't call for reactive camo, yet did call for low-key boasting. Because she was proud. No reason to hide what was an entirely legitimate honor.

The empty-faced woman sat through Hoshi-chusa's speech, nodding with dutiful solemnity at the right places. It was a familiar pattern and Mehitabel was beginning to wonder if it was something every neko was taught when they became an officer.

When the speech making was finished, and both the officers bounced, she turned to the buffet with hungry eyes.

"Ohh that does look good," she voiced to no one in particular, as visions of a similar wardroom with a much smaller group of people 'brawling' for the best cutlets briefly danced in her head. No competition jostled her elbows this time as she slid up to the counter and loaded her plate.
YSS Kaiyō II
1201 Hours

YE 40

William sat off to a corner as the memorial began. The nepleslian hadn't been the same since he returned from the mission. If it were possible, he was even more detached than he was before. He didn't speak and he hardly ate. When Eden's picture flashed on the screen, he felt his heart sink deeper and his chest tightened. His teeth were clenched and his eyes were clamped shut to keep the tears at bay. The hood of his black jacket was pulled low over his face, something he normally didn't do when he was on the ship.

Hoshi's words didn't even register as she spoke. William had lost his aunt. Just another in a long line of family that had vanished from his life in one form or another. As she finished, he abruptly stood and strode from the room as the tears were too much to bare. Warm streaks rolled down his face as he ran down the hall, his metalic feet thudding against the deck as his jog turned into a full on sprint.

As he reached his room the door slid closed behind him, he screamed out in pure fury and sadness. He then proceeded to punch the bulkhead again... and again... and again. His cybernetic limbs leaving fist sized dents in the wall.

Once he ran out of steam, he looked down at his hands and saw that he had peeled the paint of his knuckles. His hand shook and he moved to his bed and pulled out a box that he snuck out from his father's office. As he opened it, five perfectly rolled cigars laid there along with a lighter. He removed one and lit it, taking a long drag of the tobacco. It was illegal on the ship, but at the moment he didn't really care. As he took drag after drag the tremors in his hand slowly began to dissipate. Once the cigar was finished he put it out on the palm of his hand and threw the end in the trash across the room.

He laid back on his bed in the silence and mentally commanded the lights to turn off. All motivation to do anything was gone, he just felt tired. In the darkness he closed his eyes and retreated deep into his mind, trying to will himself into sleep. To get a reprieve from the storm of emotions that was his mind.

Mark had got up this morning and donned his eyepatch and coat. But then he remembered, he didn't need those anymore. Setting them aside, he looked once more into the mirror. A sight greeted him that he hadn't seen in a long time, a pair of blue eyes.

He flexed his right hand, the feel of skin, and not chitin plates. It felt good to be whole again, and alone in his own skull. But that means he wasn't dying anymore.

While thinking this, the speech began to play, the video feed a small window in the top right of his vision. When it was over, he stood straighter. That was right, he had a new mission.

Be the soldier he was literally made to be. Was time to pony up for Itto Hei Mark Oaklen. Time to show the kuvies there was another soldier ready to be their grim reaper.
YSS Kaiyo II

After the Captain's Speech

Mark Oaklen felt tired after his recent ordeal, but Sacre said he'd be fine, and should stop griping now that he wasn't dying anymore. He gave a quiet chuckle at that thought as he loaded up a plate with food. It felt odd now that his body was back to normal and not altered, he'd grown used to the arm and eye.

But that was a thought he brushed aside as he found an empty table. With so many new faces, and with him having only gotten back from his side trip, he didn't want to out right bother anyone.

Mehitabel had also just finished loading her fill of rice, beans, and cutlets. Having avoided any accidental squid she turned to the seating area. Strange faces weren't that much of a bother any more. There was a table close enough to wing with only one man at it, so she set the tray down, sliding in across from him.

"Afternoon," she said in greeting.

As people started to collect food, Elenor finally grabbed a plate for herself and started getting some as well. Of course, once she had that, she also walked over to where she'd put her seabag, grabbed ahold of it, and started looking for an empty table. She was certain she was going to get all kind of trouble for it, but she still didn't even know where her quarters where. Or who she reported to. Or what her duties would be exactly on this tour. Sadly, the emptiest spot she found at the moment happened to have a man, looked to be a Minkan and a Elysian woman present at it.

Walking over, she gave a shrug in greeting, what with holding her seabag over one shoulder and her tray of food in the other. "Room for one more?" She asked, only noticing the Scout patch on the Elysian's uniform with a glance. At least Elenor wasn't going to be the only Scout on board it seemed.

Sliding away from the food with a plate loaded with proteins and carbs he needed to maintain the currently ridiculous bulk. It was that goofy image that made Ragnar more than a bit uncomfortable in the standard uniform. He spotted a few vaguely familiar faces in the crowd, only a few he’d gotten to learn the names of. Off by himself for a moment but quickly building a crowd was Mark, his first patient.

Not hesitating or bothering with formalities, Ragnar squeezed himself in the midst of the group. “You’re looking better without the creepy arm, how’s the brain pan doing?“ he said, gravelly as usual, “sir.” he added remembering the formalities of ship board service. “Ragnar Halfdan, medic.” He extended the greeting to the others gathered.

Mark chuckled with Ragnar's comment, "No need with sir unless getting ready for an op. At least with me anyways. And much better by the way." He looked to the other two had joined them, giving a slight smile. "Always room. Itto Hei, Mark Oaklen, pleased to meet you both."

"Hiya. Mehitabel Calidius. Infantry. Pleased to meet you, Oaklen, Halfdan," she said courteously, plying fork and knife to the dish before her. The other two were old comrades it seemed, leaving her with the other woman in Type 37s.

Giving her a glance, Bel asked, "Fresh meat too?"

Elenor gave a quick nod. "Nito Hei Elenor Herrick. Yeah, I just transferred aboard." She said, sliding into a seat and putting her seabag down. As if that wasn't clue enough. "Had figured I'd get a day or two to settle in before getting thrown into a speech like that." She continued, settling in to enjoy her food.

Ragnar kept his eye on the food he was stirring into a single mashed up mix on his plate. “Yeah, no offense to anyone present or not; but between that speech and some of the shadier stuff that was going on in the...other place we were... I’m just saying, theres good guy speeches and bad guy speeches. We have certain ideals we should uphold even in the face of a Kuve horde.” He finished, openly asking for the tables thoughts but suspiciously eyeballing where the captain had stood.

"Good and evil are subjective. The other side probably views us in the same manner that we view them. At the end of the day, war is about survival, or in most cases it should be. At least we don't have to worry about demons with the kuvies.", Mark said as he cut a piece of the pork loin off. He popped in his mouth and chewed before continuing. "The major worry is how even this fight is. They have numbers, technology, and the resources to make this a drawn out war. The only thing we have the advantage on is that we're on our own turf, and that they have to come to us in waves."

"I think what you mean is the perception's subjective, Oaklen-hei. I'd be hard pressed to view the Kuvexian's methods of operation as 'good' under any light but their own self-interest," she suggests pleasantly shifting her legs into a more comfortable position beneath the table. Her tongue holds back comment on the nature of Yamatai itself in the good and evil equation in favor of another strip of cutlet.

Bel's movements bump Elenor with the out-sized holster at her hip, itself wider than the standard issue Type 33 with the bulge of some kind of cylinder from the outsized pouch. Giving the other woman an apologetic smile, she shrugged, "Probably a lot of folks asked the same question with the Mishuu, right? We're a pretty resiliant clump of planets, us and the Neps and all. What happens, happens."

Glancing down as her leg was bumped, Elenor quirked an eyebrow at what was there, though her focus returned to the discussion on hand between bites of food. "Demons? Can't say I've heard of us facing against any demons anywhere. Or at least, nothing that could be called such in a derogatory manner. As for the whole 'good/evil' discussion... I think people are people and people can be fucked in the head." She said, a touch of venom creeping into her voice.

"Oh, I can't believe I forgot to say it... I'm a Scout. Feel kind of like an idiot now." She stated, giving a nervous chuckle. "So, if you don't mind my asking, what kind of mission was the Kaiyo on before this new upcoming assignment?" She asked, looking between the obivous 'old hands' on board.

“That question requires a lot more knowledge of space travel and science I don’t rightly hold and I’m not sure if I’m even allowed to talk about it.” Ragnar responded Elenor, half the plate already emptied by the time Mark had finished his be about how bad things are. “As for this good and evil talk; I know what I signed up for and why. We all should. So long as we don’t cross certain lines for the sake of surviving or winning then we should be fine.“ he didn’t add that he’d rather go down for his principles than live a sham.

“So scout? That an infantry job? Last I had a chance to check my brother was infantry. Been a while since I heard from him. Unlikely either of you have met him, he‘s an enthusiast for his field.“ Ragnar said and asked, knowing it was unlikely but there was a well guarded bit of hope in his eyes. “No matter how things go and where our illustrious captain takes us; you’ve got me, a small jumpy lass, and an edgy snake lady to handle all medical needs.”

"Oh no, we didn't fight a demon. I was unlucky one to get possessed by one. It's gets annoying when you have stuck up voice in your head all day. I'm just glad I gave that her boot.", Mark clarified.

"Mishuu are monsters if you ask me. They aren't an easy fight by any means. Haven't personally engaged the kuvies yet, so I can't really judge their character, other then based on the tactical actions of their forces so far.", he added idly as he set his plate aside before sipping his drink.

"I guess if we're being specific, I'm a Scout too. Doubt there's going to be much scouting to be done most of the time, but we are here," she affirms with a shoulder bump of comraderie. Ragnar gets an encouraging thumbs up, "Good news! That's three times the medic I'm used to."

Bel holds up a fork with full tines of beans at Mark, "I'm sure that'll change before too long. Eucharis, my first ship, was one of the first to run into them. Suppose that did not engender any great amount of forgiveness for them. Besides, judging's a bit above our paygrade. Or mine at least."

"I hear that. I joined the Hana as it was capturing a Kuvie ship. Ship returned to dock to resupply, and I ended up transferred here. I still don't even know which cabin I'll be in, or who I report to for duty." Elenor said, shrugging as she took some of the meat and consumed it.

"Still, sounds like the Kaiyo is certainly going to be an interesting time, if you two are anything to go by."

“It’s definitely different from ground pounding and crisis response, and the people are eclectic.” Ragnar added as he finished his plate and pointed a confirming thumb at Mark. “Now I’ve got to get some lifting in. Hard enough to build up a Minkan form, maintainings a nightmare.” He said while getting up from his seat, flexing to show off yet risking a tear in the uniform.

”If you need me I’ll be easy enough to contact, and if you get hurt we’ll be sure to patch it right up. Mark, I’d like to get a few more one over scans and just make sure everything is as good as it should be.“ he said over his shoulder as he left the boardroom.

"It's easy Herrick, you look for a Heisho in infantry blue. Job done," she says with an easy smile.

"I'm aware, but I was told rather pointedly to get here for the speech right as I stepped off the shuttle. I barely made it here before it started!"

"Damn Rag, you almost mother over me as bad as Sacre. I assure you the medical personnel at Section 6 did everything perfectly.", Mark said to Ragnar before he left.

"Yep that's the brass for ya. Things don't seem to change no matter what military you're in. I would suggest finding the new XO later and asking her, or our logistics officer.", The black haired man commented on the banter.

"Always some crazy mess, or another going on around here."

"You'll probably end up with me one way or the other, but you never can predict the whims of those who wear gold around their sleeves," she says, tugging at her own plain knit cuffs. Bel nods in agreement with Mark, "If you'd missed it, I don't think even this Captain would have put you out the airlock or anything."

Elenor gave a quick nod. "Fair enough. I'm not surprised by the hussle, but I was honestly expecting to get a chance to get my bearings first. And when you have a officer tell you 'Go here, do this', well, I just saluted and hurried." Elenor explained, shrugging.

"I'm just hoping this isn't going to be a short term tasking like my time on the Hana, though, I admit I think I came to like a few of hte crew during my short time with them."

"I actually spent six months as a civilian aboard here before enlisting. I used to run a organization prior to that, who I visited recently for my demon problem they fixed.", he said waving a little like it was nothing, just giving a bit more about himself.

"Good thing they knew what to do. Don't think the Star Army has a whole lot of exorcists on call... Come to think of it, that's probably not something I should be so sure about," she says with a spark of amusement.

"Hearing that, I suppose I should worry more about what crazy we're walking into than any crazy we walked from..." Elenor remarked, grinning as well. "But hey, considering all this, I'm sure my skills will have to remain top notch to keep up."

"Didn't take a preacher to cleanse this one, just science and my good ol Geist. But yeah, we've been in situations ranging from routine, to just damn bizarre.", Mark said with a bit of a laugh, "Not to say you won't find some of the crew odd. I have a Elysian named Kiki as my sister, and a Android named Chlorate for a daughter, both are aboard. So fair warning." He said with a grin.

Bel raises her mug in salute, eyebrows lifted dispassionately, "It's an unconventional world. Civilians or...?"

Elenor shrugged. "I'll work on just keeping to myself in my off time." She said, not really wanting to go into more detail.

"Kiki is the ship engineer, Chlo is not enlisted, but she does help around. And why would you want to do that? You've made friends and already want to ditch us?", He said clearly playing with her.

"I tend to spend my off hours with friends, family, playing my guitar, or with Nerai."

"Oaklen's right. I mean, we can't make you socialize," Bel hastily adds along with him, "Being friends with your room mate, or room mates as the case may be, can sure make being away from everything you know a little easier. Having my friends all around helped me a lot..."

She admits, in the past tense.

"I didn't say I wouldn't socialize, or get to know people. I'm just nervous is all. I've a few, things I need get over. And one of the folks back on the Hana was helping me get through them. Just gonna be all that much harder long-distance and all." Elenor pointed out, shrugging. "Not saying anyone here is bad or anything, just, that I have my own troubles to work through, and I'd rather not drag everyone down with them too."

"Everyone has problems to work through. I can't tell you how many times I've needed help with personal stuff. I have....A complicated history....people I miss....secrets I wished I'd never learned.....but the crew helped me through a lot of that. And it sounds like you may have gotten rather close with someone to help you before. Personal issues aren't something you share with just anyone.", Mark said rather to the point, even if albeit vague.

"Point being. There are people who are willing to help you, and I can't speak for bel here, but I can honestly say I volunteer to be one of them."

Bel holds up her hands in surrender, giving them both a cryptic smile, "Everyone's got stuff they need to figure out. So long as it doesn't effect your duties, go for it."

"It, well, it shouldn't. But I don't know." Elenor states, shaking her head in uncertainty. "I just know it's one of those things that, well, I keep worrying people will notice and give me trouble for is all."

"Trust me, some of us have issues that people would think were crazy, or well....outliers for. Do you have a evil clone?", He said seriously.

"Here we go again with good and evil," she says, feathers rustling as she leans back. Her mouth turns serious, no downward bent but there aren't any more jokes for now as Bel gives Elenor a polite nod, "He is right though... If any group is used to... Differences from the accepted normal, it is spacers."

"No, I don't. At least I'm pretty sure I don't. I haven't exactly ST'd a lot yet." Elenor replied, shaking her head. "But I suppose I'll have plenty of time to find out if things are as crazy as you imply. Suppose I should sharpen my combat skills just in case."

"I mean he is, but I digress. We have one mission after another around here, so plenty of chance to keep your wits sharp. If you don't mind learning some sword skills, I wouldn't mind a sparring partner....Or two.", Mark added nodding to Bel as well. "One of the best things you can do is diversify your skill set. And I don't mind helping if it will keep you guys alive."

Bel gives him a slight shrug, "What's your preferred school? I was trained to use a Xiphos, but honestly it has done me a lot better clearing brush than it ever has fighting. With the operations tempo in my old outfit, most of the down time was gym time anyway."

"Uhh... I tend to stick to ranged combat. With preference for chemical-fired solid projectiles. Just has more feeling of firing it than energy weapons do." Elenor said, not really sure what they meant by 'school', so just going with her area of skill.

"To answer Bel, I use a katana. And having practice in hand to hand can save your life when it's literally down to a knife's edge. Something I specialize in.", He said stoicly, as he found it a very serious topic.

Tapping Elenor on the arm near her rank bar and Scout badge, she gives Mark a pleasant smile, "They teach hand to hand, armed and unarmed, in Infantry training, plus another round of more practical stuff in Scout school. It hasn't gone unused since, but like Herrick said, I'm a ranged specialist. Of course, I got my Xiphos instruction in basic. Elysian swords aren't popular in the fleet though."

"SACQC here. Slightly more indepth than standard, I think some aspects were pulled from SAINT stuff, but yeah, that's my CQC style. I myself though, don't like getting that close to a enemy if I can help it. But I definitely don't let myself get rusty about it." Elenor pointed out, smiling. "I was more a hunter growing up, so I didn't really do a lot of close quarters work till Basic."

"My mother was the sniper. I'm more used to medium range combat, being in the thick of things like back in the marines.", he commented idly.

Mark took a sip from his drink, wondering just how nasty this war was going to get. Suspecting to be as he phrased it, "in the thick of things" becoming a frequent thing in the near future.

"My brothers are the same way."

"Quite the family," Bel says, maintaining her mild smile, leaned back in the seat. She wished the Star Army had thought to provide larger beverage containers that also weren't just bottles to drink out of...

"Marksman here. Give me a target at range and chances were, I got it, if armed with the right weapon." Elenor said, a grin on her face. Though she did sober a bit. "Course, being a good shot don't matter much on the frontier back home."

"Yeah, quite a family.", he said somberly. He made himself perk back up though, in an effort to hide that particular sad part of his life.

"One of the gifts I got on that side trip I mentioned, is a configurable rifle. Two of those configurations, are a DMR, and a high caliber sniper rifle. Maybe you guys can help me see if it's up to snuff, next time we have range time.", Mark said with a chuckle.

"Be my pleasure. I used to build guns, when I was younger," Bel says wistfully, fingers briefly caressing her holstered revolver, "Good at it to. So they promoted me to a desk job. It may need some tuning to you, though if it was a gift that might not be the case."

"Would be glad to." Elenor said, giving a nod. She was actually glad no one noted the mention of 'growing up', and wondered about that, being a Neko and all... Small mercies. And a hint of that thought crossed over her face as she pondered what to talk about next.

"Eh, I a started gunsmithing when I was younger too. Living on the streets as a kid wasn't hard if you had skills to get even a small amount of money. I started with repair jobs done for cheap. Then again, what can you expect from a man who was made for war.", he said waving a little as he recounted that.

"Little bit different on Keren III. My parents apprenticed me out at the naval arsenal fairly young. Lots of machinary and moving parts. Very educational. Both in the ordnance shops and the office of the chief clerk," Bel hid her mouth behind the lip of her nearly empty mug.

Plenty of people changed bodies in this day and age, voluntarily or not, even if the idea held little enough appeal to her. Cosidering there were things Elenor didn't want to talk about, she was officially in 'no prying' mode.

"At least I can safely say, I don't think I'm gonna want for action if that speech was anything to go by. I'm sure the rest of the whole meshing into the ship's crew will come with time after all." Elenor say, smiling. "And who knows, I might get a bunk mate I can work with. Would make things a lot easier."

"I pray you don't get Alastair. A major playboy. Void help you, he might and try to add you to his harem.", Mark said with a half chuckle.

"Out of curiosity, what race do you guys think I am? I usually get one of three answers."

"It certainly was a speech," she reaffirms with the rustle of uncertain wings. Not something she put a lot of stock by. Minds changed frequently. All that time with SAINT officers had put a strain on her credulity. Her eyebrows rose substantially, however, as Mark picked up, "Ah... Cross-gender bunking always seems like trouble to me. I'd rather sleep in the tubes."

Bel blinked. Not having thought about it, she gave him another once over, "Well, you mentioned the Marines... I'd say you're a human, Nep, or one who had a very good fascimile made as a replacement."

"My first thought was Minkan actually." Elenor said to Mark, shrugging. "And I'd, rather avoid that kind of situation. I'm not sure I'd be r-I mean comfortable for that kind of, closeness with someone."

"Don't worry, I try to keep him in check. Just......beware shock collars around him. He's a good officer, but he has some unsettling habits. I'm bunked with my family, so I'm glad I don't have to deal with him."

But Mark snapped back to answering the guesses, "I am a genetically tailored human. 100% baseline."

Bel looked extremely pleased with herself!

"Sorry." Elenor said, seeming to shrink a touch at the admonishment from Mark.

"Like nekoes, I was tank born however. I was literally made for war. Guess I'm certainly fulfilling the product statement.", He said kinda quietly, having noticed the discomfort he had caused Elanor. "Don't worry, there are good people aboard.", Mark added to try and make up for it, but in a way as if he hadn't included himself in that category.

"Can't say, just got here too," Mehitabel adds on her own.

"I wasn't tank-born actually." Elenor quietly mentioned, sighing, though she shakes her head and returns her focus to the two at the table. "So, what kind of things are there to do when not on duty, if you don't mind my asking, since you've been here far longer Mark?"

"About a year now. We have VR, an observation deck which is a nice spot to read, or just think. Gym and dojo, and we have a onsen for the relaxing bath. I generally enjoy the observation deck, and VR combat sims.", He answered, not paying much attention to the first comment. He sensed more to that maybe, but wasn't his business.

"This place is a luxury star liner compared to a Plumeria," the ex-clerk says happily at the thought of Kaiyo's recreational facilities, "Looking forward to that, I say, when I'll probably just spend my time reading or working out..."

"And a massive step up from the Hana's... I think she was rated for maybe 20 people to operate it tops. She was a tiny little ship." Elenor remarked, shrugging. "Still, at least I'll have plenty of things to do definitely besides keeping up on my training."

"Again, never a dull moment. Planets tend to explode around this ship.", Mark chuckled, "Will be nice to have a actually normal battle for once around here."

"Bad things happen to them around Kuuvexians too," she says darkly.

"Right." Elenor nodded, taking in what was being said. "Still, I suppose I should probably find the quartermaster, get myself squared away and all."

"Yeah, bad things do happen around kuvies too. It's called us.", Mark said with a chuckle, "If this conversation has shown anything, I look forward to working with both of you."

"And get yourself a bunk assignment," Bel agrees with Elenor, tapping a fork on her empty plate, flashing a smile back at Mark, "Sounds like it, yeah."

"Yeah. Part of getting myself squared away and all." Elenor replied, standing up, and collecting her bag. "I'll likely catch ya both around." She said, giving a quick wave as she put the empty plate and used silverware in the correct receptical for dirty dishes, before walking out.

"I should probably get going too. Hopefully we can arrange more time for our little circle here to hang out. Catch ya later.", Mark said taking his plate and cup, as well as trying to take Bel's for her, before also discarded them into the dish bin. Then heading off for duty.

"Be seeing you," Bel says, raising a hand in parting as Mark makes off with her dishes. She was only a few paces behind, headed towards the PA Bay for a little bit of personal check-in time.

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YSS Kaiyō II

After the speech Alastair decided to follow after Hoshi and new crew member. He listened to her speak and was curious about the new change that had come over Hoshi. He flipped through his notes given to him by Miko and there was nothing about this desire to kill. Granted he was on a war ship designed to do battle so it was part of the job that sometimes, someone has to go. Yet he was still concerned, much had happen over the past few missions and it seemed to have taken a toll on her. The smile and loving eyes had been replaced with a dull expressionless look. He could only picture if he took her hand as requested that it would be cold to the touch. After saving all those girls the past mission, it caused him to have a slightly different out look on life than before.

Alastair approached the doors to the bridge and they slid open as they always do. "Excuse me Captain Hoshi and Taii Kaze, mind if I join you two on the bridge?"
YSS Kaiyō II

Hoshi looked over her shoulder at the white and black haired man and spoke, "It only makes sense to have you here." The captain looked to her girlfriend at the sensors console, but her eyes were glassy and cool and Hoshi kept up an aloof nature while passing to the doors to her ready room and, further, personal quarters. Before she had yet reached them, but after the doors opened behind her command chair, Asuka turned her red head to look away from her sensors console and to the captain.

"Sensors show incoming transmission, Chusa!" Asuka said sharply. Hoshi looked to her console over her shoulder as Kamikaze sat down at the XO's seat. A small sigh escaped the soft pink lips of the Chusa as she turned her body from the doors to her ready room and sat at her own console with a measured posture.

The little pink Nekovalkyrja sat stiffly at her command chair while speaking, "We'll need an away team on that ship," she looked to the two black and white haired leaders on the bridge. "And a team on standby to prevent the unknown for getting the jump, if need be. Belmont-chui will lead the away team." She turned to Alastair, "Take our best and brightest, there is a mechanism at work the Empire has yet to evaluate. Your estimations will be important. Let Kamikaze-taii brief the away team and standby team beforehand, but you will be leading the mission to this ship found in orbit of a planet in system out of our borders. It may be dangerous," Hoshi said looking to both of them, "but I believe it will lead us to having more answers on how to win this war." She tersely nodded to the pair and shifted her small frame back towards her console and obviously hooked into her chair's SPINE as her fingers went still, but she spoke on to other members of the bridge while Kamikaze moved from the seat and towards the doors of the bridge, nearing Alastair.

Hoshi spoke on, "Helm, change course to those in he info packets from Command and Intelligence! Your console should hold most of the details. Boss, can you raise our Readiness Condition? I want everyone at their post. We should be at our destination shortly." Quietly, Hoshi added, "It's too damn close too our border..." Her pink lips parted and she breathed in quietly while Boss, the ship's MEGAMI, began speaking over all ship's comms to the personnel, updating them.

YSS Kaiyō II personnel, we are at a Condition 2. Please report to your duty stations. Both an away team and standby team are currently being assembled in Deck 5's Power Armor Bay. All crew personnel, please report to your duty stations in protective gear and be ready for further orders." Boss said this over the ship's audio feed and in some sleeping minds' eyes.

"Whatever in Yui's name is out there, let's hope they don't expect us..." Hoshi said in a cold and quiet voice.
YSS Kaiyō II
William's Room

William's sleep was dreamless, and didn't last long enough to even count as rest. His mindware awoke him with the change in readiness. His eyes cracked open, and the rooms light slowly began to brighten as he rolled and let his feet dangle off the bed. His mouth was dry after smoking the cigar so he downed a bottle of water on his night stand and moved to get dressed once more.

After his clothing was back on, he moved slowly from his room and began walking to the power armor bay.

He then went through the process of running diagnostics on his Air 2 while he prepped its weapons. Which meant putting his swords in their special sheethes on the armor, as well as checking the ammunition levels for his DART mini missiles and the magazines for his railguns. Once everything was to his liking, he stripped down while his armor opened up for him. After stripping down and placing his clothes into his locker, he stepped into Air and allowed it to close around him. There was the familiar feeling of wires snaking their way across his body before they connected to the ports on William's temples, neck, and back.

His vision went black, before the HUD appeared and his armor's monoeyes began to glow bright red. "This is William, I'm suited up." He said over the comms as his armor dropped from its rack and landed with a resounding thud on the deck.
YSS Kaiyō II
Deck 5 - Hallway
YE 40

As Elenor was heading down the hall to try and find out where she was supposed to report in to the quartermaster, just as the audio units came to life, and began to inform the crew to report to duty stations. Another facet that Elenor would need to find out where she was supposed to go, but considering her training and role, and the fact that two teams were being assembled, well, Elenor took a wild ass guess and paused. There were only a few places down here that the power armor bay could be, since she was still on Deck 5, sooo, taking a shot she opened the door next to her, and found herself in the armory, which shouldn't be too far from the power armor bay. Of course, Elenor would need a weapon too. She wasn't even sure if her kit had already been put away or was still in the cargo bay.

Unslinging her seabag, she approached the nearest armorer. "Nitô Hei Herrick, reporting. I'm requesting a loadout to accommodate the alert. I don't know if my issued equipment has already been transfered over, and if not, I'll work with what's available." She stated, hoping that she wasn't about to get a chewing out... Hel, she wasn't even sure if this was her assigned duty station to begin with, but that would be an issue for another time. For now, get ready for whatever was coming.
YSS Kaiyō II

Sacre put her utensils down and sighed, "Looks like we have work to do." She said resignedly. She thought about Gravity, wanting to send her a message, not sure what to say to her girlfriend. This wasn't the first time they had faced danger together. She didn't want her last words to Gravity to be just about work. There was every possibility that what she was about to say would be her last words to her love. "I Love You, stay safe." She decided on and sent his message as she headed for the powered armor bay.
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YSS Kaiyō II

Alastair had hoped to spend some time with Hoshi to ensure she was doing alright. A lot had happen recently and was concerned the war was starting to get to her. The fun and happy she use to show had greatly reduce. Replaced with a harsh reality that they were at war. Like all wars, as Alastair knew, if you stare into the abyss long enough it has a very bad habit of staring back at you.

Either way he knew now was not the time for feels and could wait till later. His first priority was to the crew as the new second in command. He knew Hoshi was counting on him to bring the crew back in one piece. There was the added pressure of showing the new XO he was able to handle the job. Kamikaze was soft on the eyes which he could not deny. Plus what is there not to love about another person on the ship having black and white hair.

Alastair motioned for her to go first through the now open door like a true gentleman. As she walked through he was quick to be by her side as they continued on their way. "I was happy to see you would be taking the place of our past XO. I looked at your record and I am very impressed with what I seen. Welcome to the team. I hope team Yin and Yang makes a big impact on the ship." He was looking at her with a bright smile. "Though I am not sure which of us will be playing the role of good cop or bad cop." He said giving her a grin.
YSS Kaiyō II

Klaus stopped mid-bite as he listened to the message in the audio feed. For a seemingly endless moment, the young soldier did not move, breathe or even think, he simply stood there, shocked and numb. But then his training that had been ingrained in him kicked in and demanded action.

He burst into motion. He noticed how several others were also heading for the armor bay and ran, as fast as he could while also minding his compatriots. He shortly arrived in the armor bay and was directed to his assigned Mindy armor.

It was sleek. It was powerful. It was a symbol of his nation and its ideals. It was beatiful. But there was no time for admiration. Klaus put on his armor in quick practiced motions, feeling the smooth muscle-like hemosynth. No ounce of momentum was wasted. No last minutes questions. No quips or banter. Just practiced, seamless effiency.

As his helmet was lowered on his head and his interface lit up, he spoke. In his mind reigned a chaotic battle between confusion, excitement and fear. However none of that showed in his voice as determination won out in the end.

"This is Nitô Hei Kurogane. Ready to go!"
YSS Kaiyō II
Power Armor Bay

Kamikaze had been looking away from Alastair for most of their journey down to Deck 5 and the XO's tight expression was being edged by an increasing smile. Once out of the zero gravity passageway down to the power armor bay, she spoke while her sea foam eyes danced playfully from his to his rear.

"The reports of your bravado are greatly under-exaggerated, Belmont-Chui," Kamikaze's lips parted to speak and, once finished, parted wider to smile delightedly, "Good cop bad cop might not be our thing, but Yin and Yang works out."

Once inside the bay, she said to the teams in their armors through their AIES' comms network and aloud for those not in suits of armor.

"We have encountered reports of a seemingly derelict starship in orbit of a planet just outside of the Yamataian border. Belmont-Chui will lead an away team to this ship while a reserve team, myself included, remain on standby on the ship." As she spoke on, everyone's HUD on their visor or in their digital minds showed a status, as designated by their team leaders. Kamikaze's had a little explosion bubble with the word, STANDBY - KAZE. Alastair's team's HUD's upper left hand corners were designed by the Belmont Second Officer, himself.

Boss said over comms, "Readiness Condition One, YSS Kaiyō II crew. Combat is imminent. All personnel report to duty and be in protective suits."

"With that," the XO said digitally while she prepped herself and got into her Mindy, "I am sending a small info packet to everyone's armors. In it, you will see the orbit and possible class identifiers of the ship, as well as planetary data that initial probes found. You will notice that the Midori-Class Scout Ship in orbit has been identified as launching in YE 35 and being lost off of sensors a few weeks after her launch. Crew manifest, port of call, and a few other details will be available once more information is extrapolated about what we are dealing with. MEGAMI, status?"

Boss replied in Alastair and Kamikaze's comms, "We are nearing a good distance for teleportation, though the captain has asked that the away team leader let the bridge know if he plans to teleport or fly in, then helm will adjust accordingly."

"Standby team," Kamikaze said, "We'll be prepping in the fighter bay across the hall with the Mamushi and their pilots, who are with us on the ship. So, let's head out." Kamikaze looked to Alastair as she jogged close to him and said as she gave a love tap with her open palm onto his booty's backside, "I'll have your rear!"
YSS Kaiyo II

Gravity yawned and stretched in her chair, feeling satisfied after her meal. Couldn't slaughter Kuvexians on an empty stomach, after all. While the away teams did their thing, she kept an eye on sensors to make sure nothing was going to sneak up on them.
YSS Kaiyo II
Power Armor Bay

Arete, a so-called "angel" and "sage", shook her head a bit as she boarded her Mindy. It'd been quite a few months now, and with the help of official training manuals and her boyfriend, Walter Hyde, she was a full-fledged technician now! Unfortunately, that also meant she was bound to take hold of the perpetual grumble technicians are known for... Eventually. But for this mission, she was simply meditating before the order to suit up had come around.

So this time, she was doing alright mentally. There was a ship to investigate, board, and... Maybe fight in. "Surinus-hei, disembarking..."
YSS Kaiyō II

When the condition 2 alert came through, Odo dropped his utensils and took off, he needed to get to the power armor bay.

YSS Kaiyō II
Power Armor Bay

He arrived just shortly with everyone else and jumped into his mindy. He was just an engineer, but had someone fallen into being part of the away team. This would be his second mission, and he was hoping it would go better than the first. By the time the team leader came in, he was suited up and ready to go.
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