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RP: YSS Kaiyō Mission Fourteen: Uekiya pt. II

IYS Empire
Mega Conduit

Odo felt like an idiot. It was his first mission out and the jitters were gettting to him. He forgot that just because he didnt notice anything, didnt mean that nothing had happened. As the Walter alos checked readings, Odo pulled his sensors out.

"Yeah, it looks like this one is going down. I should have noticed it." He was mentally kicking himself. He needed to be better next time. Some of the intensive scans came back. "It looks like with the interruption of this conduit, the power distribuiton network has had to adjust its flow, and thats helped map out where the power is heading too. I thnk I found the next power junction we can hit. Lets move on quickly, we need to take them out. Help our friends out there"

He checked the schematics they had so far and looked for the next weapons junction point, raised his weapoin in a ready stance and moved towards that next junction.
IYS Empire

Eden heard Sacre’s orders over comms while her HUD's visuals shifted. The Kaiyō XO scanned over the volumetrics on the bridge of the enemy ship as she registered Wyatt and the enemy leader, who the XO stepped towards while speaking into her helmet's comms.

“Away team! I am on the enemy bridge, showing signs of complete ship meltdown in less than two minute’s time. Extract yourselves systematically, now, team. I am occupied but am right behind you! Now!"

Kneeling, Eden brought her science scanner from her buttpack quickly and then pocketed it almost immediately as she stood again, sweeping her right leg back as she stepped backwards, towards where the bridge's entrance was. She looked about the bridge without moving her head, using sensors and visuals to track those on the bridge still alive. A number of NSB's sprung from Eden's legs and hard points as she sent an isolated message to the two on the bridge of her team.

"Eve lives or is dead, nothing between." The message was terse and cryptic, but Eden's meaning was there for them to decipher.

She waited to hear back from Wyatt while she moved a marker on his HUD to begin sweeping the multi-levels of the bridge while both her NSBs began doing just that. A cloud of them had encapsulated the enemy PA the marksman had been shooting, making movement and shots from it impeded completely.

At this time, the PA that Wyatt's lone and borrowed NSB had been shooting at fell down quickly and precisely as a long bag of entrails pushed forth from the armor's gut explosively. The PA slumped forward, landing in a pillow of what was once in them.

Eden spoke quickly to Wyatt at sudden death of the enemy PA, "He's with me, stay on target."

The Minkan forcefully dissipated his volumetric shield toward the hollowed out enemy PA as he turned to face more hostiles, taking the time to lift two fingers away from his Wakizashi and point them out of pure instinct as another volley of death dealing anti-armour plasma hit center mass and downed two targets. He crouched low to the ground, behind cover, as the third target ascended through the room, upwards from her position behind a console.

"I see!" Eden called as wordlessly whipped his neck around to see what the Shosa was shouting about. They both saw as the target, a starship grey panel, was shot in the leg, then shoulder, from an odd corner of the room. The target of the shots that had come from Spectre continued towards the ceiling. Her trajectory had her aiming for the opening in the ceiling from which Wyatt had come. Hemosynth soon stopped splattering from her wounds as her flight became hyper fast. Candon's precise shots had done little to stop her, so he was gaining a new position to get a kill shot while still stealthed but all to himself.

Eden was at an odd angle for a shot and spoke again, "Alder-hei!"

The Marksman was already lining up his shot, bracing the recently-gifted NSP against his forearm as an exhale rattled around the Joto-hei's cyclopean helmet - the trigger was squeezed three times in quick succession as the tight grouping of non-lethal rounds soared toward their target, the mission's target.

Registering that the target's body went completely limp, the Shosa was soon positioned directly under the place the Nekovalkyrja was shot, and caught her with both arms, looking down she spoke.

Eden moved the body into one arm and reached for her science scanner as her AIES scanned for life in the starship operator. The woman she was holding and herself then began to lose their upright position on the bridge as Eden's armored shin was struck by an outstretched forearm, which backfisted hard against her and nearly de-stabilized her before she began correcting and, again, shouting.

"Below me!" the Shosa's voice cut into Wyatt and Candon's comms.

Wyatt was there in a heart beat, a trail of sparks announced his presence as the metal of his armour briefly scraped against the metal of the ship during a rocket-boosted strafe to get a better angle on the shin-whacker. The Minkan wasn't sure why he had chosen this over simply moving to fire again, maybe it was the cry of help from a superior officer that triggered something in the back of his mind but the Marksman didn't question his actions - raising up one armoured leg before it was swiftly brought down on the combatant's head, bone-matter splintered away and tore through flesh in an instant as the sheer force was applied, coating his boot's sole in what little bit of digital mind matter hadn't been squished into the ground or sprayed onto the surrounding area.

"Clear, Ma'am," was all that Wyatt growled out behind his gore-soaked suit of power armour.

There was a soft and almost mute utterance from the XO of the YSS Kaiyō II as her eyebrows pressed and twitched closer together beneath her helmet’s visor. The Nekovalkyrja woman’s vociferations quieted momentarily before her mouth opened and she said only one word, albeit chokedly.

“Mm-mi… Misaki…” Eden voiced as a bundle of tears leapt from her eyes, unseen by those on the bridge but felt by the Nekovalkyrja. More words came to her mouth but not from it as she she began choking, then coughing violently.

"Eden, ma'am?" Wyatt queried as his helmet pivoted toward her anguished voice, unsure as of what the Shosa was on about.

Eden's hand moved about on the holster of the grey panel and dropped whatever else she held as she turned. Her head was down and with jagged but rapid movements, her right hand found a grip on the NSP and set it to Heavy Mode as her helmet came off in the other hand, showing the men on the bridge the Shosa’s downcast and tear-stained gaze as she spoke aloud once more.

“She’s… In,” the Shosa choked, then backtracked, “Eve is in,” Eden said as she held the gun with a shakey hand up, “In me…”

Candon’s voice suddenly and jarringly shot into Wyatt’s comms, “Stop her,” as his stealthed form was no longer and the Spectre could be seen on the bridge. The pupils of Wyatt's amber-hued eyes dilated behind his armour's helmet as what was going on became quite obvious to them all, he thrust one armoured hand out to grip the barrel of her drawn pistol and forced it down as a plan began formulating in his mind.

Candon was close to Eden, now, and “Shosa! Control her, in your mind! You have to, Shosa!” The golden eyes of the NH-40 were hollow as she looked up to the SAINT as he continued, “She’s not a bug…” The Shosa choked and continued sobbing, but her eyes had steadied to look at Candon and she nodded slowly. Her eyes looked to the body of Eve lying on the ground nearby a quick second later and Candon grabbed the Mindy-clad shoulders of the XO, “Don’t let her go in there! She’s yours, now, Shosa!"

The Minkan tore off his own helmet to show a relatively friendly face, generally speaking, as the copper-haired marksman began speaking. "Sh- Eden, ma'am, you once told me that loving those next to you just as much as you hate your enemies is something we should never forget," an image would be broadcasted into her suit's heads up display, it showed the ring that the Shosa recently gave to him hanging on a chain underneath the marksman's layers of armour and clothing.

"I know you love each and every one of your crew fiercely, so show her how much hate you have."

Eden's eyes went wide and she cast them far off and her lips quivered on both sides before she blinked. She grimaced, but the words came out, slowly.

"She is stopping," Eden said, "I am stopping her. And..." The gilded Teien eyes hazed, "I am..." Eden murmured incoherently for a moment as Candon's grip on her shoulders tightened and then he turned marginally as he heard the soft sigh of the leader Eve from behind him.

One of Wyatt's knife-tipped ears twitched slightly as he turned to face the sigh. Surely the effects of the NSP hadn't worn off already, but nonetheless he aimed it at the leader of this hostile alternate universe's thigh and pulled the trigger two more times for good measure.

The leader's hand went up as a wane expression showed on her face as she turned her head over so that her deep blue hair uncovered some of her features. Looking at the shell she now inhabited, Eden spoke.

"She is..." Eden looked for the words, "Under my control."

The leader dropped her face, burying it in the metal of the bridge's floor. The Spectre armor loosened its grip on Eden as she put her helmet back on and the woman looked to Eve, whose red eyes could barely be seen glinting sharply as the leader of this universe accepted her fate under Teien Eden.

The immediate threat was dealt with, granted the whole situation concerning who was controlling who had the Marksman a bit wary but that could be dealt with in due time, for now they just needed to get everyone back to the ship. Wyatt pulled his helmet down and returned Eden's earlier pat on the shoulder before a screen off to the side caught his attention, prior mentions of a meltdown coupled with a rapidly falling timer were never anything good for those on the ship.

"Ma'am, advise action?" Wyatt queried his Shosa before taking a knee next to Eve's limp form.

"She will survive here..." Eden said, looking at Eve momentarily. "We will leave her to rebuild this universe in a new image and our Yamatai Star Empire will watch her do it. The only Yamatai Star Empire," Eden said as she began moving swiftly to the bridge's entrance they had come to as nearly all of her NSBs stuffed into her armor, save for one, and she looked to Candon, then Wyatt before her focus diverted to the her away team's HUD readings. "Everyone is out. Now it is our turn." She switched her comms, then said, "Kaiyō actual, coming aboard."

Wyatt took a moment to narrow his eyes at the inquisitive little drone before he plucked it out of the air and stowed it away in his buttpack for now, along with a rather exotic-looking nunchuks with a wickedly curved blade at one end before he rose up to a stand.

"10-4 solid copy, pulling out," the Minkan confirmed.

Candon Suites then said, "Spectre, acknowledged."

"You heard her, let's get out of here by the numbers. Provide covering fire if it's needed." Sacre told everyone in her team, watching her HUD for the locations of everyone and checking to make sure they got out.
Alastair wasted little time to round up all the girls in the captain's quarters so he could take a head count. After a few moments it started to sink in just how deep this rabbit hole he had fallen. He had no regrets for what he was planning to do, someone needed to save all these girls after all. He cracked a smile as he thought of the look on Hoshi's face when he came back to the ship with an escort of girls. Before leaving the room he took a moment to partly dress the girls with the least amount of clothes. He figured Eve would not be needing those bed sheets anymore.

He gave them a set of instructions to stay close to him as they made their way back to the main area of the enemy ship. He figured he might find a transport ship or could just request one from the Kaiyo. While he had set out to capture Eve and give her a piece of his mind. This reward seemed far greater, at least this is how he seen it.

Who knows, maybe on that day Alastair's heart softened a little. Though not that he would admit it to anyone. Yet the sparkle in his eyes told another story.
Mega Conduit.

When Odo recieved the orders to pull out, he looked at the other man in there with him.

"I guess they didnt need us." He shrugged. He started heading back to their entrance point. While Odo was glad that the mission seemed to be successful he was a little downtrodden that he hadnt seemed to have done much. He hadnt been a drag on the mission but he hadnt been helpful.

He didnt have much time to worry about it, he had to be careful as he made his way back to the ship. The were still soldiers around that could pop out. He met up with the rest of the team as they pulled out and extracted with them.

Saya began to panic inside of her suit. Of course, she tried her best to not let it be seen, but as she scanned and covered the others on their retreat, her chest was heaving heavily. She had never been in a ship about to explode, she hadn't been on a combat mission before, hell she barely ever shot a rifle before save for basic training. This was really tough for the poor medic. But she did her best regardless as she began to make her way back to the entry hole they had cut into the ship. All the while she kept an eye out and made sure she was one of the last few through the hole to make sure if anyone did get hit, she could respond rapidly.

It didn’t take long after the boom and the orders from the xo for Ragnar to hustle to the exit. A bit of thrust assisted hovering and a rather stylish pivot which probably looked silly to experienced PA users and under normal circumstances would’ve brought a bout of nausea to the big medic’s gut, all culminating in Ragnar at the edge of the breech counting the heads of the team he was assigned to before he bugged out as well.

A few frustrated bursts of smg fire into the blast zone to keep survivor heads down and for him to act out annoyance that he wouldn’t be waiting for everyone to clear out. That’s how things were; you stick with who and where you’re assigned to. He also had the sneaking suspicion that these misfits had seen enough galactic scale crap to make it out of there just fine.

All things said and done, it did seem rather silly for everyone to have such a sour attitude when the mission began. Now all that was left to do was shake that old feeling of excitement he’d been fighting off for years now.