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RP: YSS Kaiyō Mission Nine: Mamemameshi

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Three Days Earlier
Engineering Bay, Past Most Folks Bedtime

The dim lighting within the engineering bay gave soft illumination to the bay, and all was quiet except one man carefully working tirelessly on a MINDY unit. Royce lifted and lowered the unit’s arm, testing it’s mobility, his gaze steady as he watched and felt it’s movements within his own grasp. It still needed some tuning, he thought all to himself, then reaching towards a small table on wheels next to him he retrieved an instrument that looked something of a mix between dull screwdriver with a long needle attached just above the base. Tilting his head back the complete mess of a man dipped forward to work, yet his attention was pulled as soon as a red blinking light caught his gaze, and shortly after a quiet voice came from the device. ”Royce, you have a call.” He shrugged, his messy hair tossed from side to side as he shook his head. ”Later, I go-” The calm female voice of his AI came again, cutting him off.

”It’s Flemly, seems like she’s found you.”

Royce paused, nodding slowly as he clicked his tongue against the roof of his mouth for just a moment before all too carefully setting the tool back in it’s place as he heaved a long, frustrated breath from between his lips. The engineer stood, drawing a small circle with his idle steps as he glanced around. ”Bay empty, Slevet?” After a short pause, the voice chimed in again. ”It is, I’ll let you know otherwise.” Royce nodded, and breathed again. ”Alright, put her though then.” A small display unit mounted on the wrist unit he wore with some unremarkable modifications sprang to life, a green light shot out before settling into a multitude of color in a display in front of him.

The wide, holographic display showed the visage of a woman who looked just a touch older than Royce was. A brunette of flowing waves of hair, and the same piercing green eyes Royce was staring at her with. ”You look like complete shit, Royce.” She said with a curious, almost friendly tilt of her head and that knowing smile Royce just loathed. Eyes narrowed in pure annoyance he stared her down from the holographic display. ”How long have you known?” He finally asked. The woman snickered, and rolled her eyes upward all the while twisting a few locks of hair about with an idle finger.

”Longer than you’d like, not as long as I’d like. Look at you though, playing a good little soldier for the Yamatai of all people. If they kn-”

Royce held his hand out before clutching it in a fist and pulling it to his chin. ”Well, what do you want Flem?” He held out his hands in a defeated manner, though the look in his eyes was nothing but pure malice. ”You found me, I’m sure your people were damn proud. So, what do you want?” The woman turned her head and feigned a pouting face, though the irritating smile that followed brought Royce’s blood to a boiling point.

She sighed a bit, and continued playing with her hair as she spoke. ”The installation the Kaiyo is looking for, there’s some files on it that we can’t have getting out and about.” Royce shook his head. ”I’m out, I got out for a reason, and it wasn’t cheap getting set up with a new life, I don’t want you fucking this up for me.” His gaze was steady, and his expression pulled back in calm anger. Flemly shrugged and leaned forward, her own gaze intense. ”You don’t just get out, Royce. Family’s been at this far too long, know too many people and things to be out, and you know that so don’t give me this shit right now. Those documents are important, we’ve got a client who-” Royce cut her off, his head dipped forward, almost spitting the words as he spoke with quick anger on his tongue.

”No, you have clients, I don’t, I just wan-”

His sister jolted forward, her own head twisted in similar anger. ”Listen, this isn’t up for discussion! You’re going to get those damn documents or-” Royce’s lip trembled with anger as he crouched down, the display adjusting to his movements as he did so. His gaze was steady, angry and his voice betrayed his expression rolling from his tongue as soft as possible. ”Listen to me you self entitled, little bitch. You’re only where you are now because I left. I can go back at any time and knock you off your little throne with only a few words to the right people because that’s who I am. I won’t raise my voice, I won’t argue with you.” He nodded to his own words before continuing, his tone calming but . ”Don’t force my hand.” He leaned back a bit, balancing on his toes as he thought to himself, and finally he turned his gaze towards her again. ”What’s in those files? Why is this important enough to reach out to me?” It was as if a calm had washed over him as he spoke again, though the brunette still seemed on edge for just a moment before glancing to the side, then back to him.

”Names, projects, more than that even. I don’t know the details but someone’s willing to pay a lot for it.”

Hearing her say the word someone caused the curious reflex of a raised brow. They dealt in information, knowing the right people to get things done if not able to do it or deal themselves. When they said someone, it generally meant it was important, and names couldn’t be discussed even in private. Royce nodded, his gaze pulled from her for a moment before settling back along with his hands clasping one another in front of him. ”Alright, fine. What am I looking for?” Flemly nodded slowly, the sly smile seemingly wiped from the corners of her mouth before she answered again. ”Observatory is the key word you’ll be searching. You know where to look for the files I’m sure.” Royce sighed, reaching up he scratched at his head, raising his brows slightly as he nodded. ”Yeah, I’ll manage.” Flemly’s expression lightened a bit and she leaned forward, her voice quiet and eyes even soft with emotion. ”Royce, where did we go wrong?” She asked, her eyes moving across her brothers features. Royce stood, brushing his knees off for whatever reason, maybe something idle to do while he thought the question over. Finally looking up he tited his head, his expression almost lifeless. ”Veritas system, about ten years on the coast of..” Royce shook his head. ”Well you remember, don’t you?”

Shaking his head as he reached down, he punched a few buttons the wrist device causing the call to end, and the holographic display to vanish. There was a moment of silence that fell within the bay, and it seemed almost tranquil until finally his AI spoke up again from the same wrist device. ”So, what’s the plan now?” Royce hung his head as he made his way back to the MINDY, his arms folding across the back of his head as he yawned a bit, still having a job to do after all. ”Well, I’m gonna go out there when we find it, and get the information. Now I’m curious, so it’s not for her, but for me.” Taking the MINDY’s arm between his digits he started upon it again with a sort of half smile playing upon the fringes of his lips. ”Still needs to be calibrated..” The engineer muttered to himself.

Four Minutes, Thirty Seven Seconds Ago
Power Armor Bay

Royce ambled into the bay, his attention seemed to be focused on whatever was rattling around inside his mind. He wore his normal attire that looked more at home in a recycling bin than anything else. Strapped at either side was a pair of pistols which his fingers kept tapping against casually as he made his way towards one of the towering suits of armor he had set aside. Looking up at it for a moment he didn’t seem to mind or pay attention to the others in the room with him. With a stretch and yawn he suited himself up, taking a moment to check over the faintly glowing readings from the inside of it the armor before he just waited. He had made preparations for their mission, as well as his own.

Misdirection wasn’t a tool the Yamatai often favored, however, in his eyes it was a force without equal. He’d manage both missions, then decide what he was going to do after he had seen what the Observatory was. Easing his eyes closed and letting his body relax as he waited inside the hulking suit of armor Royce cleared his mind and let the time pass.

PA bay

The infantry neko blinked as the pair talked to her- and to eden. She hardly had the time to forumulate a response when they were sent off to go equip their own armors! She was the acting field commander now? That was... something, certainly! She wasn't sure about that herself- surely there was somone else more qualified for the task yes? But... Well those two certainly seemed to have a lot of confidence in her at least. She would certainly give it a shot.

As soon as she opened her mouth to speak, her own reccomendations were instead spoken by another! "Uh... Yeah, what he said, find a wingman certainly." Yoshida thought as she processed the fact that she would be acting as a field commander. Maybe I should have done more group simulations... I'll think of something. Maybe thank those two later.

She stepped along side William as she too, decided she was ready.
PA Bay

"Nah, I'm fresh off the slab." Sawa drawled in response to Mat's question. Looked over at what was presumably one of the other new kids on the ship. Made a note to try and stick by them if possible. For now, she just reached over and put an arm around them all friendly-like.
PA Bay

Miko's keen ears picked up the fact his field commander would be Kokoro. He had not had the chance to really spend much time with her but figured command knew what it was doing. He walked over towards her, making sure she knew he was there. With a smile he said, "field Commander Kokoro, pleasure. May your quick thinking and perfect execution of orders lead us to victory today. If you would have me, can I be your wingman?"
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YSS Kaiyo II
PA Bay

Miles carefully stepped into his suit as instructed by the serious toned Lamia, he had of course used them in basic training but having gone into medical training soon after didnt quite know what he was doing.
"Sorry to continue being a bother but could you run me through the basics of using one of these, its been a while since i trained in one" his face had turned red with embarrassment at the thought of not being able to do his job just because he couldn't remember basic training.
PA bay

Yoshida tilted her head and watched the newguy walk directly to her and speak- buttering her up for a position nearest to the top maybe? It wasn't that she didn't trust him but... well she certainly didn't know how good he was yet! And certainly there were others in more dire need of wingmen than herself. "Ah thank you and... Well, I should probably be the last one getting a wingman really, How about you make sure no one else goes unpaired first yeah?"

She would have said more but the very unfortunate bemoaning of a combat medic reached her ears. "Nani?!" She exclamed, exasperated. Even somone without training entirely could pick up how to use a mindy right quick! Rather than stalk over and bat him across the head for his premission jitters she sighed and spoke, her armored tail flicking behind her like a dangerous bullwhip in unconcious irritation.

"Most of everything you can do is an automatic process assisted by the Mindy's AI, moving, shooting, All you have to do is think about it and it will happen, fully accelerate in any direction in an instant! 'A pilot can be as unpredictable as their thoughts' or something similar to that i think the guide said. That's probably not good enough for you but we'll have to be ready for combat soon! Just make sure not to turn on your combined feild system near unsheilded organic friendlies!" She stopped and thought, wondering just how far his premission jutters extended. Just incase she elaborated further. "... You know, the combined sheild and propulsion systems." She shook her head once more. She could hardly beleive it! Somone better watch that one's back.
PA bay

Miko perked up having heard his brother having doubts. He stepped up and walked over to give him a hug. "BROTHER, you made it. And already have the field commander showing off her excellent knowledge on how to use a Mindy. She has commanded me to pair with another as she believes my amazing skills would be better suited helping others. Got a good feeling about this field commander not getting us killed."
YSS Kaiyo II
PA Bay

Sacre glanced at Yoshida and Miko, then returned to giving Miles a dumb look. "What she said, the Mindy works best when you don't think about it; That shouldn't be hard for you. The helmet provides you a telepathic link to the suit's computer which can help out if you decide, in a rare moment of intelligence, to ask it. You'll want to tell it to keep your teleportation units charged. The time it takes for it to charge up is the time one of these apes can bleed out. That's why you should always be aware of the battle around you. You can access the vitals of anyone, use it for triage when things go south. Remember, our priority is getting the poor unfortunate souls back into the fight. You can't use your CFS when your working, so you'll have to use your photonics array instead to mask your position and pray the enemy is dumb enough to not use area of effect weapons." Sacre spoke quickly and somewhat insultingly; although the insults were not personal.

Sacre gave him a rather withering but appraising gaze, "So what so addled your mind as to choose that loadout?" She asked, sounding perhaps slightly disapproving.
YSS Kaiyo II
PA Bay

William nodded, and turned his head towards Eden. "No problem, Shosa." The Nepleslian boy replied. It was a weird feeling...

He was something like a veteran compared to the new recruits, though he really didn't see himself that way. Though he would certainly do his best as always to make Rei and Aiko proud of his exploits. As he stood next to Yoshida, he looked over to her and nodded. "You will do well as squad commander, and you have my full support." He said, holding his fist out to her. "I am at your command."

He then watched as the new medic approached Yoshida, and listened to the exchange. He would need to keep tabs on him...
YSS Kaiyo II
Walter's Quarters

Walter Hyde watched as Chlorate hovered off, and vanished from sight. I am glad she understood where I was getting. I don't want to resort to bringing a defenseless drone back into the fight again. The thought of that random electrical attack from the past mission comes to mind. Suddenly, his half-lidded expression becomes wide-eyed with realization; he never gave Chlorate the proper tour, and yet requested that she should go to the bridge. Walter shrugged; she'll find her way there eventually.

He walked off to the Power Armor bay.
PA Bay

He found the bay to be filled with infantry, medics, and combat engineers. They were anticipating, they were nervous, they were eager. Walter... Was incredibly indifferent to the situation.

The Minkan brushed his hair a little as he walked past the colorful cast, making a bee line for the power armors. He had selected his ahead of time: one Fabrication Module in the back, two Pulse Cannons on the shoulders, and one NSB Launcher for each leg. He slipped into the armor, and proceeded to kill time with thinking.
Kaiyo II
PA Bay

Miles felt stupid with all the attention he was being given, especially since he should have already known this stuff. Instead of replying he just nodded his head, partially out of shame and also embarrassment. It came back to him then that he had been asked about a loadout for his mindy when enlisting for ship duty and had opted for a barrier shield on the dorsal hardpoint, a shoulder capacitor, a countermeasure augmentation system on the legs and a LASR, he'd wanted something that would allow him to protect himself and allies in the field when administering First-Aid.
"Well I am a medic, so i chose these modules for protection and efficiency more than firepower" he replied softly not wanting to draw any more attention to himself. Apart from the mindy he was also bringing Medical Kit type 31 and scanner as standard Medic items. After getting reacquainted with the power armour Miles waited quietly for further orders. "Miko, did you still need a buddy for the mission?"
Kaiyo II
PA Bay

Miko looks over to Miles with a smile on his face. "Brother, you are always welcome to be my wingman but feel I will be pulled more towards the front while your skills are better suited for the back." Miko looks over to the field commander. "What say you, am I to support the front lines or the back?"
Kaiyo II
PA Bay

Sacre looked Miles up and down, sighed sounding disappointed in her luck before turning to Miko. "I guess I'll take the greenie." She said, sounding resigned to her fate.
YSS Kaiyo
Power armor Bay

"Heck!" Was all that could be heard from the tall, hasty separa that stormed into the PA-Bay. It had taken him a while to make his way over to the PA place from the other end of the ship, cleaning out some vents.

Without so much as a glance towards the new people, the snek slithered over to the rack holding his own personalized mindy suit, making quick work of wearing and activating it's functions. during startup, he checked to see if his loadout had been set up as he requested, and sure enough, it was all in order.

The 50mm Gauss on his right shoulder had been replaced with the more versatile 20mm variant, also augmented by the General equipment pack on his back. On the other side the usual missile pod adorned his left shoulder, enjoying a doubled missile payload of 40. The usual leg NSB launchers still held their place on the lower part of his waist. Abofe that a few rearrangements were done so that his left hip housed the type-29 Armor service pistol, accompanied by two incindiary grenades and scalar grenades on his back and right hip respectively.

Stocking up on munitions, he cocked the bolt on his trusty Light Armor Service Rifle, checking if the barrel mounted grenade launcher was in good working order. Over the last few missions he had gotten used to this weapon's characteristics, attatched to it even. It it hadn't officcially been Star Army property, he probably would've given it a name and a custom paintjob at this point...

"So....... How're the new recruits doin? Ready to play escort for big mama Kaiyo?" He asked exitedly, partly to ease up the atmosphere surrounding the fresh mea-.... rectuits, and partly to ease his own uneasyness about being out in free space again. It was one of the things the separa's body just couldn't get used to regardless of how many times he did it.


YSS Kaiyo

"Right..." Nerat'tha responded quickly, but in a relaxed tone, clearly showing off the confident and experienced way in which she did her work, micromanaging the Kaiyo's many systems required for proper functioning. "Overall ship status, ready for deployment. Power systems fully functional and operating within expected levels, weapons systems im perfect working condition, CFS energy levels in nominal range, Blast shutters showing no issues........ She's ready to go Chusa~!"

A plesed tailswish followed up that last statement, with Nerai still looking over her monitors with a pleased expression.
YSS Kaiyo II

Misaki looked through her SPINE at the battlefield. Her voice broke the pre-game waiting, her voice cool and calm. "Beginning Power Armor deployment." She switched her voice to carry over the PA system to the Power Armor bay. "Power Armor Team, begin launch procedures. T-minus, fifteen seconds until deployment."

Misaki quietly started a countdown on their HUDs until the go light went off, her mind focused in to the Power Armor teams location. She sent a quick though of love and warmth to Meissa and Eden even though they might not respond, but in fifteen seconds she would not be able to for a while. As soon as the counter closed to zero, her mind gave the team a quick call of 'Go.' before setting the warning light to green meaning go.

The Second's mind was already looking around, preparing a path for the team to take. She verbally spoke to the Captain with no expression at all, "Secondary Team is deploying, setting current path now."
The Cold Void of Space

Yoshida blinked as William gave her the complement and grinned under her face plate. He quickly received the mother of all appreciation fistbumps. "Of course! Don't worry, I won't be doubting myself here for a second. Glad to have you with me."

Her brief moment of mental respite was interrupted as Miko spoke once more to her. A breif check of his ladout was absolutely head tilt worthy, as if he couldn't decide himself what he had wanted to go and accomplish. Long range tools like the Sylph drones, as well as a shield and the aether rifle... The exact name escaped her at the moment. Even before she has the chance to awnser that, the countdown had begun. "Since your new, and you have some of both, I suggest starting at the back. Who knows maybe youcan try and catch somone that slips by... Now ready up! anyone without somone's back to watch better speak up! I'm not omnicient, don't make me randomly assign you like its some group project!"

With that, the countdown reached zero and she kicked off into the void. A familiar feeling as always, the feeling of weightlessness, with only her mindy pressing against her. The only thing between her and her blood boiling away. She was suddenly glad she grabbed a roll of molecular tape for emergency patch jobs. Like most deployements such as this, she was sure she knew what to expect. The calm indifferent gaze of the stars staring not a minute before the space around them erupted in silent chaos. "Allright, lets see where command wants us."
Kaiyo Armor Bay ---> Space

The snake would hear an exited "YEAH BOY!" when he asked if anyone was excited. It was easy to tell since Karasawa was the big and she gave a jump and a fistpump. Duty was good and all, but this was about to be where it paid off. Hurtling at improbably velocities into the unknown.

"I'm still floatin' free, ma'am." Karasawa mentioned to Miko. She didn't really mind in any case, but she'd asked. Didn't know anyone just yet, so she was good to go with virtually anyone.

She practically leaped out into the black. Part of her wanted to just crank up her TAPs and fly. Instead, she restrained herself and brought her aether gatty up to bear. Firing this for real was going to be a treat.
Kaiyo II
PA Bay

Mikodimus heard the call for Power Armor deployment. He walked up to his armor and did a visual run down on it. This load out was using the
Ke-M4-P2902 Wing Pack and added a Ke-M2-D3000 Forearm Ellipsoid Shield. His main weapon would be the Ke-M2-W2901 Aether Beam Saber Rifle. He also was taking with him, 4 type 31 plastic explosives in containers. He smiled knowing people would be confused by his long range setup yet has close range also.

Miko stepped into his power armor. Like the sun setting, a new type of Mikodimus entered play.

Checking all systems, reactor, green, power system, green, weapon load out, green, Wing pack connection, green. The smile on his face had been replaced by a mute expression. It was time to go into battle, it was time to hand out judgement.

“Command, Mikodimus Belmont, Mindy Kilo, Echo, Mike, 2-4 call sign “Archangel” deploying."

Mikodimus had earned this nickname while growing up. Like the biblical Archangel Michael, he was in the habit of standing up for those he felt were being wronged.

The Void of Space

Mikodimus took notice of Karasawa speaking to him. He gave her a nod as a sign of "yes". He dropped down into a sprint. He looked to Karasawa and replied, "Ladies first." as Miko bolted towards the open space.

As Miko ran towards the void, he grabbed a nearby chain and wrapped it around and up his gun arm. He jumped and was in the silence of the void. He floated for a moment, eyes closed as he reflected on the past encounters with crew members. This would be the only time this battle that he smiled as he pictured himself and new friends together again back on the Kaiyo II. His eyes opened and the Mindy targeting system was going into full swing. He located Miles on his HUD and was moving towards him waiting orders.
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Kaiyo Armor Bay ----> Space

The quiet and tall Minkan returned to reality from his many deep and provoking thoughts, hearing the first orders from the XO as clear as day. He took a notice to his surroundings, primarily noticing how many people were excited and eager to duke it out in the depths of space. Yet Walter is certain he is the only one who didn't show enthusiasm.

Here we go again. Let us see how fast this mission is going to be. Walter Hyde casually jumped out into the void. The Mindy 4's integrated three-dimensional movement systems initiated, allowing Walter to fly freely in the vast void.

He will admit that seeing the beauty of space around him garnered his interest; to see every star, every nebula, and not be separated by the firm hull of the Kaiyo II, would be a greater pleasure than hurting a soul. A soft smile grew on his face; he wished he could bring his journal with him. He might lose some of these ideas that are being born from the natural spectacles around him after all the fighting.

Hm, I was taught to not get myself distracted in a fight..., Walter thought to himself. He only shrugged.
Kaiyo Armor Bay ----> Space

When the countdown started, Sacre looked sternly at Miles. "Charge your teleporter, get into position... move it lead for pants! It's time to drop." Sacre said moving towards the door then as the go light iluminated, she jumped into space. Then for the briefest of blissful moments, she was alone in the quiet dark jetting away from the Kaiyo. It was almost peaceful, almost. If it wasn't for the battle that was coming. She tensed, coiling up and then forcing herself to relax. Soon there would be a battle and she would have patients to patch up. She didn't bother to learn their names, they came up on her hud easily enough, along with their medical status. All green at the moment. She looked for the other medic, the idiot greenie who didn't know how to work his suit. Figuring that the medics should probably stick together, she formed up with him, waiting for orders.
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