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RP: YSS Kaiyō Mission Nine: Mamemameshi

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YSS Kaiyo II
PA Bay -----> Space

Miles nodded once again at the orders given to him by Sacre and had his mindy power the teleportation system as well as the barrier shield, he also checked over his HUD to ensure all the members were listed and the vitals were being transmitted to him. Miles launched into space following the other medic and gave his gear one final check.
"Miles now deployed, all systems green" he spoke softly but with purpose, he realised that the others viewed him as an idiot and he deserved it. Miles was determined not to let the team down and promised himself that he wouldn't falter in his work while clutching his rifle close to him.
YSS Kaiyo II
PA Bay

William nodded and walked up to his launch position as the countdown began. "William, all systems green." He said to no one in particular as his thruster pack ignited, sending blue flames out behind him. As the countdown hit zero, William flared the thrusters even harder and he shoot out, into to the black.

"All systems nominal, joining formation." He said over the squad channel, moving in and forming up on Yoshida's left side.
YSS Kaiyo II PA Bay --> Space

Mat leaped out into the dark of space with the rest of the infantry. He spoke over the suit's comms to the rest of his comrades. "Yoshida, what's our game plan? Do you want me to help out the newbies or stay up front with you and William?"

His suit's thrusters fired in short bursts, bringing up to the front of the formation of power armors, next to the other veterans. His weapons began to warm up as he prepared for the fight to come.
Power Armor Bay

A grey-furred Kodian lumbered into the PA Bay as everyone suited up, he was fairly new around and generally seemed to keep himself to himself. Not that he particularly wanted it that way but people seemed it hard to approach a huge bear that grew up in the wilderness. His sparkling new armor stood in its stand, as far as he knew there weren't that many like it.

Not many of his people jumped to violence and less still volunteered for the Star Army, only a handful willing to fly in a HELGA with intent to destroy the enemies of Yamatai. Placing one padded foot after the others into his suit, the ursoid slipped inside, fur brushing the inside as he climbed in. Despite the bay being more sizable than the rest of the ship, Jambavan's armor was still stored in the crouched position and he grunted as the HELGA clicked shut behind him, one of the few things that actually fit him with room to spare.

Interface flashing up, the timer blinking in one corner, Ersus romped towards the black nothingness, quickly building up speed as his huge gait and already monstrous mechanised strength powering him forwards. Exiting into the cold vaccum, the MP stretched out for the first time in a long time, spine practically popping as the 11-odd foot Kodian drew fully out like a cat before bringing his limbs out in a spread eagle. "Oh Empress that feels amazing.." he sighed, not caring who around him heard. Eventually maneuvering towards where the team had assembled, he felt a whole lot better for it, huge mech dwarfing all others.
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YSS Kaiyo II
Outside the Ready Room

Chlorate eventually made it back to the ready room, deciding she should check there since that was where she last saw Hoshi. She waited outside the door, opening a comms channel to the bridge. "Requesting entry," she said, "I would like to know if I could stay on the bridge during this mission?" Chlorate was able to find out how to open a comms channel to the bridge but wasn't actually sure where the bridge was, however since Walter told her to find Hoshi, she decided it would best to come to her Ready Room where she thought Hoshi would likely be.

A few seconds after Saki declared the countdown, the Kaiyō crew out of the ship via their HUD and on the bridge via viewscreens would be able to see a ship passing out of the station's shadow as a narby system lit one side of the mushroom-shaped station that part of the team was trying to crack into at that very moment. But for now, those that headed Saki and Yoshida's directions were to likely begin firing on the ship now appearing in some fashion, but that call was Saki's to make. Before she could speak, a lone power armor came hurtling towards them, looking to break the line of those of the armor team that had gone out further towards the station from the Kaiyō.

"Well" she started speaking to Mat. And the rest of the group by extension. "I absolutely think that the back lines are very important right now, don't want the anime ace protagonist wannabe breaking through our lines yes?" She said as she briefly gestured at the incoming Bogey. She was pretty sure it was a Bogey anyway. "Two main groups! Vanguard and rearguard incase some make a dash for home, however foolish that would be! You'll want to be a few seconds away at least to give yourselves some time to react!"

With that ending statement and a lash of her tail, she revved up her Aether gattling rifle and unleashed a disco rave party's worth of pink adorable lasers. She knew she wouldn't hit it at first certainly, but this was a good way to test the waters and see how good the soldier was. Afterall they currently outnumber the soldier by a huge margin, anyone attempting that had better be skilled. But still, she wasn't going to just not try and shoot it! On its aproach, she began judging where it usually dodged and how, and began using that information to fire where she guessed it was going to go- continually changing where she was firing faster and faster.
]YSS Kaiyo II
Medical Bay

Care was on standby. In short she was to be ready at a moments notice if someone were to need medical attention, though more often that not it meant shoving one of the artificial organics into one of their pods more than more gritty ordeals. Not that it made her job any less important, lives were on the line, though they often felt whimsical and out of touch with mortality. Overall her time had been uneventful on the ship, at least compared to the others. She wasn't a frontline soldier equipped in a Mindy and wielding a gun as large as she was. Power Armor in general felt large, and systematically a part of some of these people, yet she felt a want to stay independent of larger systems that could fall out of her control.

Her medical gear was standard, as was her clothing for the given scenario. That's what it felt like as well, standard. The second conflict since her arrival and already she felt numb to the explosive happenings outside the hull. It was as if it didn't really matter until it once more affected her, in the form of an injured soldier stepping back onto the ship. So far she had seen many faces and had talked to only a small fraction of them. It felt lonely, in a way, afraid to intrude yet terrified to be excluded. She couldn't help but look down at her hands when such thoughts occurred to her.

Flexing the fingers, her eyes made hollow clicks as they examined the portions of silicon material, pieced carefully over movable plates. Gray. Blindly artificial. She didn't want it to bother her but in periods of silence she couldn't help such thoughts. Shaking her head, she counted over what she had once more, emergency things, the general items and necessities that could tide someone over long enough to make it to the medbay. A bastion of health, stripped clean and spotless.

William listened to Yoshida as she spoke, until the lone bogey came barreling towards them. "Incoming hostile!" He said, drawing his massive Kaiyo blade in one hand and a one of his normal swords from its sheath.

As Yoshida continued her salvo, he took fired his thrusters and dropped out from under the formation and put himself on an intercept trajectory with the enemy armor. As he chased it down, he held out his forearms and fired his cannons towards it. "This has to be some sort of trick!" He commented as he flew towards the bogey. "Everyone keep your eyes peeled!"
YSS Kaiyo II
Outside the Ready Room

Chlorate waited for a reply, before the computer responded "Request denied." The holographic robot frowned, hovering away. Now unsure of what to do, she wandered around, eventually coming to the medbay. Seeing Care, she curiously peeked inside, looking at the medical robot. "Hello?" she simply asked, perhaps looking for something to do, somewhere to be, given that she didn't have to be anywhere in particular at the moment.

Miko was tracking the lone armor in his HUD. He expected he was a scout and would be sending back word of enemy contacts. The drones on the back of the power armor jumps off and positioned themselves at 90 degrees around the power armor.

*Quad triangulation in process.*

Miko lift his arm with the solid shield attached and wedged the Aether Beam Rifle between his forearm and the shield. This would give an extra point of adjustment for improved aim. With the focus on the mobile armor, Miko had sights on the ship coming out of the shadow of the station. His aim was solid, improved with the aid of the extra input from the drones. The power plant of the gun hummed as it reached full charge. The targeting assist from the drones locked on target, giving minor adjustments to the aim of the weapon. Miko drifted in his power armor as he focused on the target down range. His position was right, shot was clear, time paused for a moment. His trigger finger pulled. The weapon discharged a phased beam heading directly towards the engines of the space ship near the station. As an added bonus he was in position to put the phased beam fairly close to the body of Yoshida. Figured a little rookie mistake of buzzing the tower was in order for her not believing in his abilities.

Miles was near the back of the formation going through his inventory when the report of the hostile approaching came in, shouldering his rifle he took notice of who was at the front of the formation and most likely to require attention should they engage in combat. Watching as his teamates opened fire on the lone attacker he wondered what kind of defences on the station were being primed now that their presence was known to the enemy. When Miko also opened fire dangerously close to Yoshida Miles flinched at the thought of what would now happen to him and kept a mental note to ensure he had enough supplies to treat his brother.
"So whats your view on the situation, think this battle will get messy on our end?" he spoke to his fellow medic watching the station and the space around it for signs of any other hostile forces his HUD showing no signs of more yet, but it never hurt to be cautious.

Karasawa saw all the more experienced soldiers jumping to it and figured they had an immediate shot taken care of. As much as she'd like to hurl forward and attack, she decided to fly low and be ready to act as a rearguard. At least for the moment. Eye on her sensor arrays, just in case they had more guests arriving from elsewhere.

Spun up her ather gatling, readying to fire. All she needed was someone dumb enough to get in her way.
Zipping out of the bay alongside the rest of the rearguard, Abart did pick up on the audible rumble of his Ursine crewmate, unable to stifle a short giggle. "I can imagine, there aren't many places here where you can reeeeaaly stretch out aren't there? Try to enjoy it while it lasts." He joked, giving Winnie the Boomboom a firm tap on the thick kodian shoulder with his tail. "Feel free to stick close to me if ya want."

Abart occasionally shared Jamba's woes of feeling rather cramped aboard the ship. Not so much in the hallways or onsen, but the sleeping quarters, toilets, and wardroom tables can seem pretty restricting at times. Just imagine how much worse it would be for someone literally twice as big as most of the other crew...

With a smooth motion, he trained the sights of his LASR at the incoming target, keeping a close eye on it but not engaging just yet. The vanguard would take care of it, all he had to do was make sure the hostile didn't break through the line in case they were unsucessful. from the corners of his eyes he paid relatively close attention to the flanks. Sure, they were still within protective range of the Kaiyo II's defense systems, but it never hurt to be careful. "Just gotta hold 'em off."

"Don't count your body bags until you are putting them away, baka." Sacre commented as she floated in space near Miles. She kept an eye on things, they were not insurmountable at the moment, but their orders were a distraction for the SOFT. That meant that they could be fighting out here longer to make sure that the SOFT accomplished their objective, whatever it was. She fired at the intruder, her weaponry joining the fire of the others. Her attention however, was mostly focused on her HUD, watching for potentially dangerous situations and wounded.
YSS Kaiyo II

"Hmmmm...." The smol mother-to-be hummed thoughtfully on the bridge-in the current positioning, she might hit several if not almost all of the defensive armor team if she tried to fight off the enemy starship.

With a proportionate sigh, the tiny woman locked the Kaiyo II's main weaponry upon the second largest target available-the enemy starship. "Iemochi-Heisho, standing by."
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Walter Hyde zoomed to the rear of the group, alongside... Erm...

The engineer double checked his digital memory: Karasawa, Abart, Jamba, Sacre, Miles, and Miko. Underneath the indifference, he's a little relieved that he can always count on his upgrades to give him reminders; the Minkan just isn't good with names, after all.

Walter, in all of his lack of excitement and trepidation, responded to Abart's comment while he got into position. "That may be easier done than said, and that's saying something." His orange eyes peered at the lone scout in the distance, feeling nothing but pity for the poor enemy as he became overwhelmed from Yoshida's salvo and William's godly interception.

Regardless of his lack of attitude, Walter raised his Aether Sabre, pointing the gun nozzle where everyone else is facing. He sighed, his mind drifting to other thoughts while he quietly observed.

Mat activated his weapons systems, his suit calculating the most probable path for the enemy to take in order to avoid the fire already coming towards it, and then he primed and tossed a single EMP grenade with the hopes of disabling the shields of the incoming craft.

He then opened fire with his Accelerated Plasma Rifle and shoulder mounted Aetheric Pulse Cannon, the Aetheric pulses flying to all sides of the enemy craft, making it so that should it change course it would risk getting hit by those shots, and then sent a few shots of plasma at it, hoping that it would be kept still.

"Let's try to drive limit its maneuvering options by firing all around it so that it can't move without being hit!"
Drifting into the inkwell of space he reeled his vision around at the others, planning his own course of action as they all seemed entirely focused on the single enemy and gunning it down with extreme, and unfortunate levels of prejudice. Royce tilted his head, and his eyes narrowed as he brought his on board sensors and camera to a fix and zoom upon the lone figure. After a moment a smile crept across his face, and he even feigned a slight of a laugh all to himself. "Now who was stupid enough to fund that brick." He wasn't speaking to the others, he wasn't even transmitting over any voice channels, seemingly speaking to himself; that was until the personalized AI Selvet spoke up. "What is it?" She asked, to which the engineer just shook his head slowly. "A waste of money, trying to prove it's use now. If it's what I think it is at least." The pitiful engineer's Mindy continued drifting in a slow, equally pitiful circle as he watched. Blinking once, then a second time just for good effect Royce muttered in a dull, fairly bored tone.

"I need to get on that station.."

The human scrunched his face and flicked his transmitter on, doing his best to sound excited about his first time in combat! "Ah, um!" He rolled his eyes, bobbed his head between the pause before speaking again in the most urgent tone he could muster. "I think we need to press to the station! Yeah! I mean, this seems to be a distraction if anything, it's a lone unit, and looks to be built for defense and sponging shots, we can force it back and try boarding, I think, I mean, can you dig it?" Royce switched off the broadcast to the rest of the crew and ship, and without missing a beat his wonderfully bitchy AI chimed in. "Did you really just say, can you dig it?" Royce closed his eyes, and pushed a breath from his already irritated, pursed lips before managing a small mumbling phrase with a level of calm the AI was all but used to.

"Fuck off, Selvet."

And with those simple, wise words his Mindy jetted forward, then shot downward in a staccato of sharp movements that separated him from the rest of the group quickly as he made a wide arc towards the station. Strangely enough, each move seemed calculated and direct. For someone who was meant to be new to flying a Mindy, he seemed to have a good understanding of how to maneuver one for whatever reason. He didn't wait for orders, and that was a problem he'd tackle later on. He couldn't let Soft beat him to his prize, hell, they didn't even know there was a prize at the end of all of this, and without anyone there to claim it; it very well might end in a spectacular explosion.

There was an instant, noticeable lack of continuous pink lasers in an endless stream as Royce suddenly rocketed past. Yoshida couldn't believe it for a solid moment, before she activated her own transmitter. How could someone think charging the station was a good idea?! "Hey! There is no reason for us to be on that station, get back! Point defences will tear you apart, and there is at least one ship coming around from the station!"

Having said that, she rocketed forward. It wasn't the precise movements of a surgeon, but the erratic movements of a fly that was always at top speed, a pattern of flight Yoshida has been developing on her own both through experience in battles and training simulations she's inflicted upon herself. Even when unaware of incoming strikes, she would have a fair chance at avoiding it with the 'random walk' flight pattern. A combination of pre-programmed sudden shifts in direction and speed, combined with experience and instinct from a veteran neko.

"The rest of you, Sit tight and ready up! Trouble's comin' for sure!" She quickly ran some mental calculations of her own- interception paths for the rookie's wide berth, how far away the station is, and how long it would be before it would not be unreasonable to assume they would be taking tremendous firepower. It did not look stellar, but she was sure if she hurried she could teleport infront of him if things continued this way.
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