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RP: YSS Kaiyō Mission Shi: Komorebi

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The Path. . .

Amanozako paused, holding her hand up in the gesture to stop as she spotted the tarp covered objects.

"There's something here" she said softly into the comm channel between her and Mochi. As she spoke, she cycled her eyes through the visual spectrum, lingering on the infrared, to see if there was anything or anyone waiting for them among the objects.

"Could be concealed spacecraft or a supply cache" she murmured. "This is a pretty good clearing for a landing spot. . . . I'm going to work my way in for a closer look. Hold back here" she said and began her careful advance, keeping her movements smooth and slow as she moved in. She was the one in heavy body armor, so it made sense that she go first, rather than the unprotected away team leader.
Bravo team

Yoshida Stood stock still as she listened to the story, and grinned as it finished. "That's a new one to me... Well ladies and gents, lets hope we all become immortals yeah?" She chuckled as she began walking around again, making doubly sure to check the area. She of course, continued this line of action untill Anastasia and Orion arrived.

"Heey! Welcome you two, glad to see you!" She acted fast, granting her friend a hug, before going back into professional mode. "Allright! Time to start moving farther out now that we're no longer short somone. Let's try NOT touching anything that we don't know what will happen when we do it allright? Good!"

She began floating once again, leading the way away from the landing zone, and giving the structures a wide berth, indicating for th eothers to do the same.
Alpha Team, Shuttle

After a few minutes, the bridge angel began clambering back onto the shuttle's hull, using it as an improvised watchtower to possibly see where the other away team member ran off to. She managed to catch a flash of blonde hair just a second before Mochi himself disappeared, smirking slightly since the boy seemed quite excited about something. Probably some extra plant life that he was going to dissect later.

The Alpha Team has returned to the shuttle, by the way. Let's not let anyone else get hurt from now on, so try to not touch anything. The little one broadcasted a telepathic message in a way to let anyone with the ability hear it, hoping that someone would respond from the Bravo Team.
"I hear and agree." Meissa said telepathically, to neither in particular. "Though, we don't have a medic. We should be extra cautious, or at least, make sure anything you enter doesn't have a roof over your head so you can hover or fly out. Or jump out. We can catch you. I think."

"Is Mat gonna be okay?" she asked the other team. She also made a mental note to go visit him after everything.
The Path/Tarps/Second-LZ

As the two made their way through the indistinct path, out and away from the shuttle craft and the now-returning squads. With a subtle hand signal from Amanozako, Mochi fell into a low crouch and covered behind the nearest tree. Despite his curiosity, the Juni knew it was best to let the one with super armour check it out first. Pulling out his science scanner, Mochi decided to check for any latent spacecraft emissions while awaiting the all clear.

Having a spare moment, he checked the squad statuses. "Mitsuko, there needed to be some switching to replace casualties and covering more ground. Ito, if you could return to piloting the shuttle we can get these wounded folks back to the ship." Other than that, the squad leads which areas they needed to survey and once the shuttle left, there need not be any people protecting the empty landing site. Even better, the shuttle could possibly land at this new location that the Science Officer now found himself in.
Landing Site

"Got it team leader Juni," Ito said quietly to Mochi. She looked around at everyone milling about with wide eyes and said in a diminutive voice, "Everyone in? Er, can everyone get in?"


When Amanozako approached, she would be able to make out the faint outline of two craft. Underneath the tarp there sat a L'Kor bomber that they had encountered in the last battle with the winged adversaries and the same type of shuttle that they had come up against during their first encounter with the L'Kor in which Amanozako had engaged and decimated the pilot of the small craft. Now the pair needed to choose what to do with what was before them.
Raccoon Shuttle

The undersized bridge angel sat on the roof of the craft, dangling her legs idly over the side. Aside from glancing towards approximated positions of the Alpha team and the improvised 'Charlie' team, Arble decided to stay put for the moment.
"Shuttle's too cramped for people like me to stay in for a long time. Besides, I can help keep watch from up here!"
The Ittô Hei continued to sit atop the craft despite keeping watch, but she continued to periodically scan the area with her eyes.
Komorebi, Bravo Path

Anastasia intercepted the inbound hug by moving her right wing out of the way. It was a learned skill. "So, avoid unwieldy structures, and carry a stick for good measure."

Anastasia heard the telepathic chatter in the air from Arbitrated, but chose not to respond. At this range, it wouldn't make it clearly anyways. She picked up the nearest fell timber with her still gloved hand, and brought it along just in case she needed to test the ground where she went. "What now?"

Amanozako came to a stop as she saw what was there, recognizing the two models of ships concealed under the tarps.

"Enemy bomber and shuttle identified" she reported to Mochi over the comm. "No sign of the crews, but they may be close at hand" she added and frowned, switching to infrared vision to see if there were any heat signatures. She did not want to get caught unaware snooping around a hostile aliens ships. "I am going to investigate....maybe we can commandeer one or both of these ships for study" she suggested with a wry smile crossing her lips for a moment.
YSS Kaiyō

"I want everybody but Iemochi and Amanozako e-vac'd and off the ground!" Eden told the comms officer. "Make sure they understand that we need them on the ship as soon as possible in order for two of the ships of the squadron to begin the process of towing the shuttle and bomber off the planet! I want everyone but those two back aboard the Kaiyō immediately!"

Eden turned to look at Riku, saying, "Then get me a full report back from the other three ships of the Sixth! Arigatou, Santo Hei!"

Landing Site

Ito quietly watched as many of the infantry Neko got aboard and to one said a quiet, "Thank you." She revved up the engines and listened intently as the shuttle made all of the appropriate noises and none others.

"She sounds good," Ito said as she leaned over the comms on the shuttle to anyone that would listen.
YSS Kaiyō

The communications operator continued to monitor the situation on the planet, maintaining a sort of passive tap on their FARS units and what vocal interactions they had with the other. He turned his attention towards the Captain as she relayed a new set of orders to him, to be delivered to the teams currently on Komorebi. A simple nod was his reply as MEGAMI assisted with clearing the current queue of idle communications between the squadron for him, "Bridge to ground teams Alpha and Bravo, prepare for your orders. All non-essential personnel, excluding Iemochi-hei and the mercenary Amanozako who shall remain near the discovered crafts, will now return to the ship immediately in preparations for the retrieval of the L'Kor bomber and shuttle."

"I repeat, expedite your evacuation of the planet immediately. The Captain has requested all hands on deck. Once you hit friendly airspace, you are cleared to taxi shuttle into the bay bearing two-four-niner; be advised of additional allied ships will soon be crowding the space around Komorebi. Make the landing quick and as precise as you can without interfering with their work efforts."

Once finished transmitting the orders from the Captain, he pulled up the fleet-wide communications net and began broadcasting again to the communications operators on the YSS Excalibur, Intrepid, and Storm.

"This is the YSS Kaiyō, NG-X1-440, transmitting to the YSS's Excalibur, Intrepid, and Storm; requesting a status update on the security of your airspace. We have sighted L'Kor craft planetside, please confirm that your area is secured and prep for possible Condition Three. Stand-by for departure towards our location, the Captain has requested your assistance in retrieving the crafts found. Sending visual data and FARS scans now. Please ping back when available."

Riku waited several minutes, enough time for the trained crews on the other side of the squadron to double-check and go through their sensor nets. MEGAMI alerted him, summarizing -

YSS Excalibur - All Green, Sensor nets clear, no signs of hostile craft in the vicinity. Prepping crew for maximum FTL travel to your location.

YSS Intrepid - All Clear, Sensor nets clear, no signs of hostile craft in the area. Preparing crew for max speed; your location.

YSS Storm - All Clear, Sensor nets detect no hostile craft in the area. Will provide security and over-watch on the retrieval operation. Send our regards to the Taii.

He turned his chair towards the Captain, "Taii-dono, the rest of the squadron reports all clear. No additional sensor contacts. Their airspace is clear for the moment. The YSS Excalibur and Intrepid are on their way to assist with the retrieval of L'kor craft. The YSS Storm will be holding within a two-kilometer radius to provide security on the operation."

And with that he turned back towards his console and resumed listening in for stray transmissions around their occupied space, aware now of the dangerous possibilities of an ambush.
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"Oh, all right if Eden decided for us to go in..." The slightly grumpy angel slid down the side of the shuttlecraft back-outwards, plopping onto her feet and doing one last squat before entering the craft. She decided to wait until the very, veeeery last moment before strapping herself in-the Kaiyo's interior is much less forgiving when winged folk came into play.
The moment Meissa entered the shuttle again, her eyes found Mat. A brief look of concern flashed over her face before she caught herself.

No. She probably wouldn't be able to help, even with Mat's sorry state. Just like...well, she wasn't going into the details. Luckily this time around she had people who could help, as she chose a seat near Mat.

She watched over him the entire trip up. When the medics started hauling him off, she offered to carry him. When the treatments were finished, she sat on an adjacent medbay bed and stood her vigil.

Mochi immediately looked up from his crouched position, moving towards the merc as he spoke "Copy that, moving up. I'll let the Kaiyo know." After pinging their Taii the necessary information, the science officer lowered his datapad, slotting it away and leaving both hands free for the pistol.

As he reached Amanozako, Mochi put his back to the bomber and scanned the trees - watching and waiting for orders. As the evac command came through, he raised his eyebrows - so they were to remain and secure the vehicles. Alright.. The Juni wasn't hot on the idea of doing it with just his pistol, while the planet was beginning to get bombed. "Shoulda brought a rifle or something.." he muttered, having spent too long making sure the rest of the team was sorted before departure to grab a larger weapon himself.
"evacuation...? Now...? When i finally get to explore...?"

Orion mumbled as he did an about face, walking back towards the shuttle slowly, seemingly bummed about the new order.

"Frigging L'Kor...."

The now annoyed and grumpy Elysian now portrayed a much more serious face, opposite to what it had been when they arrived.

Amanozako glanced at Mochi and flipped her helmet's faceplate up.

"Yes, you should have" she replied to his comment about bringing a rifle. "Always come properly armed to deal with any problem that might arise. This is no longer a time of peace. A war is brewing and everyone should plan accordingly" she said and shouldered her impaler rifle. Who knew how long they would have to wait for the recovery teams to come and grab the two alien craft.
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