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RP: YSS Kaiyō Mission Ten: Takaramono

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Level Two

Sacre was unaffected as her comrades suddenly fell to the ground in pain. On her display, everyone else in the room flipped from green to yellow in an instant. It was as if their synapses were being all activated at once. Blood pressures spiked and she read the change in their blood chemistry as their bodies reacted to the pain. Sacre kept constant tabs on everyone, but something like this happening to everyone else at the same time didn't give time for her to react before it was over. Whatever had been overstimulating them was gone as far as she could tell and all Sacre was left with was the aftermath.

She reached into her bag for the anti-headache pills, "I usually use these for them, not on them." She muttered to herself, a hint of dark humor in her tone. She slid over to William and pressed one into his hand. "Take this, it will help you feel better." She said before moving over to Mark, where she remarked, "You'll run a better diagnostic with a clear head, well good as you ever do diagnostics that is." She said, giving him a tablet. Sacre stopped to help Kara to her feet before handing her a tablet. Once they were all distributed, she started to take stalk of their health again. Still in the yellow, but as she made sure that each individual was ok, she ticked them back over to the green.

As Nora simply left his side like that, the fox boy let out a sigh and just focused on the mission, not thinking about it. He pretty much stared at the ground as he kept floating, waiting for the ground to keep lowering itself. He only looked over to Alastair, Nora, and Darwin once, but looked away again as he saw that apparently Nora was blushing, or looked kind of embarassed.

As Darwin pointed out the engavings and the text, Katsu turned around to float up right again and looked over to him, then hovered to his side to look at the text from up close. At least it was written in a way that allowed him to read it, even if he didn't understand it. To better read it, he pretty much crouched down while still hovering. "I'll probably sound like a complete idiot now, but what are Geshrin? Or Geshrintall?" Given that he was a foreigner, he probably spoke those words with a bit of an unusual accent, but given the current topic, the others would likely still know what he was talking about.
2nd Floor- west

Ume stared at the stone, surprised, she did not expect something like that. However before she could comment, everything happened all at once, and her mind was filled with information. The pain was crippling and it almost made her drop the box. She managed to hold out and only fell to her knees when the pressure was eased up.

"What...was that?" She looked around to regain her bearings and then towards the 'ghost' within her electronic brain. She was sure what to do with one person wanting to listen and the other wanting to throw it away. After a moment of decision, she sat the box down and tried to speak to the ghost.

"Umm, I know you're eager, but can you wait, I want to contact our commander." Ume held out a hand to try and tell the image to stop, honestly, she wasn't sure how much could be seen in the first place, but she just acted as if it was a person in front of her.

Her next words were on a direct line to Hoshi and Eden. "We found something strange... an AI controlled projector I think? It's trying to pass on information." After that, she turned to Will and Gravity "If we can we will wait for the commanders, we don't know what information is stored here and it might not be for our eyes."
Level Two
North Eastern

Chlorate looked up at Mark to see his incoming hand. Before the hand met her forehead the corners of her eyes started sparking while she had a look of pain and fear on her face, like she was crying tears of electricity. "Father... I believe I require an upgrade..." she began, "I am unable to express this with my current modifications." The miniature lightning bolts flew down from her eyes, instead of liquid tears. She was definitely crying, in her own way, or at least trying to, although she had streaks of electrons in place of teardrops.
"Ow...." "Uuuurgh...."

Two big dangerous noodles decorated the ground of the cavern, a fair bit below where Mikael was floating. Despite the suit's efforts to cover their landing, the impact still left them real hecking sore.
Slowly getting up, ther got themselves together, having a look around the looming dark cavern.

"Yeah sorry about that......" Without a word, Nerai bonked Abart on the head, with a small unheard huff. "Kch...!!"

"So anyways, what do we have so far?"
Nerai hadn't even finished her sentence before her own AIES display showed the shared readings of the cavern, highlighting the peciliar empty-looking space ahead. The many different blips and bloops that dotted the display indeed gave the impression of celestial-like objects. Even these little dots had a sparkly impression, making Nerai more and more interested.

"Hmm... seems like that empty space is where these resonant signals are coming from...better go check it out." With a pat on the sore snakeman's back she slithered off to the direction of the strange readings with a curious sparkle in her eyes. Meanwhile Abart stretched his sore back, thinking of Karma striking again. This time he was the one to pass a quick comm to the command post back upstairs.

"Theisilis hei here, we've uh... "found" the bottom of the cavern, getting some peculiar readings here like Harris-hei reported, moving in on foot...or tail....." The dark cavern ahead of them was completely devoid of lifesigns so far, but still, the snake gripped his ASP just a bit more firmly.

If, however unlikely, something nasty came out of somewhere, he would be the one to put a high-explosive round right into it. One might question how wise it was to bring such a powerful weapon underground, but to the snake, the ergonomic, palm-mounter beam emitters just didn't feel right.
Temple of the Stars
Level One

"What in Yui's Heaven-forsaken name is that?!" Hoshi called out over comms as her diagnostics ran on every participant of the mission.

A floor was moving and her Second Officer wasn't taking down notes on the strangest type of insciptions before absconding away from the inherent danger of the situation? Her Hanchô was calling about something "strange" upstairs that was frightening beyond reason and there were even stranger remnants of an amphora that finally registered in her mind's eye as she connected the dots...

"We need to go to Hanako's World!!" the little blue and white haired, Shibui-clad Chusa said to those gathered inside and out of the temple. "Pack it up, team!"

Level Two

Eden had suffered the worst of them all and had backed away, far from the shining lights of the hamburger-sized and crystal-like black diamond while stumbling. The information would not leave her slowly or quickly and she remained writhing in pain. Leeta Aoi had run up the stairs with Reina Madoka and the two screamed as they witnessed the group all in serious detriment.

They immediately moved to the Shosa and William and Madoka spoke first to Eden, "Can you hear me?" When Leeta had assessed William was okay and that his ID-SOL hulks of body guards had him taken care of his few needs, she moved to Eden and the two Nekovalkryja picked her up together and ran down the NorthEastern stairs with her body.

The Avatar spoke one more time, "I will give you the knowledge of your Nepleslian ancestors, since you wish it, Wil." And in another few moments, he had come to undestand the true depth of his roots in this Sector. To all others, the connection to her and the imagery and knowledge was gone, the twinkling lights now dim. Removing it from its mooring and position within the temple would completely invalidate its power and the Avatar, in essence, would find another place of inhabitance, as she wished.


In one instant, the SAINT agent's clearances with SAINT were established though a direct line to the office of the director, a Taii Chie Yuzawa picked up the message, who directly told Mikael to leave.
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