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RP: YSS Kaiyō Mission Ten: Takaramono

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Alastair looked to Darwin as the scan data popped up on his hud. "Nah, got no word about other vases. I will report our findings back to command so they can keep track of this. And be careful around that mercury sulfide, is some nasty stuff." He took a step away from the hole and started to send the information they had found back to command.

"Welp, think that about does it here. Grab some samples and lets move to another area. Team is starting to get spread out so want to be nimble in keeping pace." He looked over his HUD to see what information was available. "So got a direction you would like to go Darwin?" He asked reaching down to help him back out of the hole he had jumped into.
Western Central

Nora would have stepped into the dark room with Yoshida as she took a lead into the room. She would peer over her shoulder, her eyes squinting at the harsh light of her flashlight reflecting off the ice. But it was clearer now to see the colors of the different colored pieces of ribbon locked in ice with the extra light now. The daur's ears would perk up as Yoshida stands again and turns to her, offering a greeting as well as her land name perfectly memorized, albeit a tinge butchered due to the fact her name was not of Yamataian origin. The shy Nora would be taken aback as the excited neko eagerly asked if she would be willing to talk as they went on mission. This was..definitely a bubbly neko for sure, not something she had ever actually seen, and it almost freaked her out. She would stare at Yoshida with wide eyes, a sort of deer in the headlights look as she searched for a response, only managing to get out an "Uuhhh.." but the neko had already moved on, shooing Shiro and Katsu back to the doorway before producing her plasma blade.

The small daur takes a step back, her eyes squinting almost shut as the blade springs to life with a brilliant life. As Yoshida melted the ice with her blade, she would continue on talking, sort of like an excited child. It was all so sudden and her personality was so potent, it was almost too much for Nora's reserved nature. But as Yoshida turns to look to her, Nora would let out a sigh followed by a soft chuckle under her breath. "May as well take the chance to while things seem to be relaxed."
As the group split up, mark seemed to have been left behind next to the book podium.

"This is the L'kor station all over again.", He said to himself before switching to the comms, "Orders, kinda alone in here."
Western Central

Yoshida had nearly melted all the way through before the announcement of what they were specifically looking for, namely ancient artifacts came over the comms. She had been in the process of pulling out the tomahawk from the survival pack she had to begin smashing what little was left amoung the steam and slush to get to the ribbons, but decided that they didn't matter, and probably weren't going to lead to anything spectacular anyway. As usual, this wasn't the time to be goofing around. "Ah.. hmmm... Welll at least things are still fairy relaxed right now, but we better take a closer look instead of just, playing with pretty ribbons yeah? Boo and we were so close too."

She quickly turned off the plasma blade and put it to her hip, conserving its power. "Say if you were a professional ancient artifact hider, where would you put something in a room like this?" She asked the rather quiet daur, even as she walked around and got awfully close to the statue who's ribbons she was previously going to pilfer, taking her hands and tracing its contours the best she could, being forced to hop up a little to reach the higher parts of the statue as she was of course, somewhat vertically challenged compared to the average neko. "Like, I actually thought maybe the statue's poses might change or something if we did something with the ribbons, but as i'm thinking about it that probably doesn't make any sense, i'd bet they are just deeeecorations!" She really drew that last line out as she kept up her at times, seemingly endless, primarily one sided conversation to the all too shy antlered companion she had in the room with her.

William searched along the corridors before finding a staircase leading up to the second floor. He went straight for it and made his way up.

2nd Floor

He wound up being right behind Ume and Gravity. "Oh, hi guys. I'll follow you." He said softly as he followed in their footsteps, quietly observing everything he could find. "Wonder if we will run into anymore of that weird slushy stuff." He mused allowed to the two.
Big heckin' hole

"....." "....."
The two Separa'shan stood silently around the entrance of the deep deep dark hole of holeness, unsure of how to proceed. Neither of then was too eager to hop in, as the prospect of possibly jumping down a mile-deep ice crevice was not on their bucket list.

"...heck, can't even see the bottom from here...."
"Alright sweetie, you know what to do~!"
"EH? Me? W-what happened to 'ladies first' eh? Besides my track record with holes isn't the best so far, as you've witnessed back there."
"Abart your sex life isn't realy relevant at the moment!.....as much as it interests me..... Just be a man and hop in there already geez!"
"Kch.... what happened to that whole "treasure hunting" gusto you had minutes ago!?"
"Urk... t-theres a difference between being motivated and being gung-ho crazy about something! I can still tell a dangerous situation when i see one!"
"Oh sure now you're admitting it's dangerous! Sure let Abart go in there firs and break a scale or two!"
"Oh please you're infantry, you've had far worse than this. As your superior i'm ordering you to get down there right now!"
"Should've expected nothing less from a bridge bunny.... fine! I'm going in, but you're coming along with me!"
"Right, there you go, now get to i- wait..."

And with that, Abart hoisted nerai's torso over his shoulder, before slipping his tail inside the hole, falling down and using his weight to drag his auntie down along with him. Needless to say the latter tried to hold on to the floor and sides of the hole, but the slippery smooth icy surfaces, as well as the huge mass pulling on her, the effort was in vain.

"GYAAAAHHHH~~!!!" "!!!!!"

The two armornoodles flailed and flopped on their way down, rushing right past Mikael on his ever so careful descent. Halfway through their drop the two instinctively clung to eachother, while the AIES turned their sheer terror into an attempt at slowing the two down with the tail mounted boosters. While it was somewhat effective, the two would still hit any kind of solid ground with quite a thump.
Below, Below... Below the bottom of the sea!

Mikael stayed in his upside down position as he spent a good amount of time trying to make sense of what his active sensor returns were giving him. Then he started to focus more on the two Separa'shan radio chatter. He just rolled his eyes a bit and then the screams. Oh the ear piercing screams.

So loud, that he could have sworn they were close. Then they barely dragged him down with their proximity in the hole and the thud. He looks around to see if their actions cause a reaction in the cavern.

"Oi! Announce yourselves louder why don't you? I don't think the NMX heard you two loud enough out there." Mikael says, a bit annoyed. His plan to further explore the cave carefully just got two wild cards thrown in.
He nodded up at Alastair, then shook his hand a little bit to try and get the dust off, realizing that it may not have been the smartest decision to try and feel the texture of the dust. He then reached back into the fanny pack of the shibui, drawing a small vial to scoop up a pinch of the crimson concoction. The bottle would be sealed up with a plastic stopper, and he would raise it in front of his mask to watch as the powder slipped around inside of its new vessel just before placing it back into his fanny pack.

Now for the fun part of going into holes: Getting out. "No idea." He turned on his heel, stepping back a couple times before running over towards the edge of the wall and kicking up, and grabbing hold of Belmont-Shoi's wrist, his free hand grappling at the corner of the wall. He pressed his toes into the block to retain as much traction as possible while he tried to hoist himself up with Alistair's help. "However, I do want to hear from the others." He managed to swing a leg around the top of the wall, and then threw his weight over the corner to roll onto his back just shy of the crevice. "Maybe they found more puzzles to solve?"
Mark's confusion on what to do was shattered as Chlorate's alert blared through his mind ware. With his next course of action now clear, mark rocketed back over the slush with his bag back in hand and his rifle vertically mag clipped at the center of his back. Landing on the other side, he sprinted back the way they had come and headed to the eastern section. Homing in on the other end of the neural link, getting ever closer.

"I'm coming chlo, hold on." Mark said to himself as he moved as fast as his legs would allow.
2nd Floor - West

Ume wandered into the decorated room, her cameras capturing everything she looked at. The statues were interesting and her first focus, but she soon noticed the box and made her way over. She reached down ready to pick it up but stopped at Gravity's words. The plum neko looked back a little worried at that.

"Do they really do things like that for real?" She had a nervous expression and was frozen just before touching the box. She was even still stuck in such a posture when Will arrived. "Are boulder traps real?" She asked them both.
2nd Floor - West

Gravity shrugged. Honestly, she was just as clueless.

"I dunno. They already had magnetic snow, so, like, a huge boulder doesn't seem like that far of a stretch," replied the younger Neko, who peered close to the pedestal for pressure plates beneath the box. "But that was in Nebraska James. My best guess based on previous evidence: magnetic boulders."

She said the last part with a horrified shudder.

Okay, so maybe asking a seven-month-old wasn't really such a great idea.
Level One

Kasumi would notice in the two side-sections of this area of the temple that were rooms in and of themselves were decorated ostentatiously from what she could see through the ice that had laid its hands on everything within the rooms. The main room, though, had a huge, shining white statue beneath a layer of ice and a higher ceiling than the rest of the temple for the maiden's sculpture to reside in. The statue was of the same young woman that was seen in the center of the room with shoulder-length curled hair and a headband that swept underneath one side of her bangs and over the crown of her head.

The ice crept over her sculpted body to transform the lithe being and obfuscate her in the darkness of the still, unlit temple's Western room of the first level. One thing about her was apparent despite the inky blackness and ice, she was missing something. Her hands wrapped around a void and there appeared to be a place where she had been holding something between two hands, which was now empty space that the ice hadn't even filled in.


Hoshi asked, "Shoi! The Shosa!" Hoshi said, hoping Alastair would go up the Northern stairs to Eden's position. Then, she spoke ore calmly, "Nitô Hei Sanssinia and Care... Please work with Schultz-hei to go over the readings from his scans."


There was an almost imperceptible tremor solely in this room that the UNSAFE picked up. The ice around what Yoshida had been cutting was now melting around the hanging ribbons. Yoshida and Nora, Katsu and others would notice that the ground they were standing on was shifting, slowly lowering down by what was a centimeter per three seconds.

Level Two
North Eastern

Chlorate would notice Eden's helmeted head turn to see Chlorate saving her just as Eden was positioning into a squat and raised her own arms. A few seconds after Chlorate had originally put her hands on the cube of ice, Eden's were on it, too. In another instant, the cube of ice was raised and the two of them worked together to set it down.

"Chlo... Arigatou gozaimasu." Eden said after standing tall again. She checked her left and right, then behind her and saw Mark, then said to team comms, "Be safe, there was a falling chunk of ceiling on level two."


No boulder fell on them when she touched the box, but that's not to say there wasn't one sequestered somewhere within the Temple of the Stars.

"Ganbatte, Ozaki-hei," voiced Kaede as the fellow soldier departed to join the exploration teams, leaving the orange-panel fiddling a bit more with the translator software package alone but to no avail. It seemed such things were quite above her paygrade as a standard technician rather than information specialist, though the similarities to a repetitive algorithm that the captain pointed out were also noticed. She did have one theory, however.

"Chusa, I have heard in the past that Elves once dwelled all over Planet Yamatai's surface, and that their 'magic' of quantum creation & destruction was actually a finely tuned form of nanotechnology run by AvaNet. If this script looks like an algorithm, could it be possible it is relic of computer code to access something of that nature? The age of this temple would match an ancient origin, and the Elves were known to worship nature deities... an icy one existing is not outside the realm of possibility."

Kaede awaited the Neko captain's response on her elven hypothesis, which seemed a little interesting given that her pointed ears did resemble that of a Xiulurian, even if the Minkan herself was an artificial creation.
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After he had given the room a quick look over, he moved over to look at what Yoshida did. It was interesting to watch, and maybe it would show something useful or nice. However, the attempt seemed to be fruitless, so he too started looking around again... until he noticed that the ground was lowering itself. Not too fast, but still steadily. In a fluent but careful movement he holstered the pistol he had and turned around towards Nora, his flight system's little wings engaging. He grabbed Nora by an arm and helf her, he himself starting to hover as the ground kept lowering itself. At least from what he saw before, Nora seemed to have had some problem controlling the suit, so he wanted to make sure he was holding the one who he thought would need some help. As he talked, he spoke calmly and rather silently, not wanting to risk for loud noises to cause any problems with all the ice around them. Nevertheless, he addressed all in the room, especially Nora and Yoshida. "The ground is lowering, we better start hovering. Nito Hei Yoshida, maybe report that to the commanders, just to make sure the lowering floor won't block our way out."
Level One

The ostentatious decorations within the rooms seemed to be mostly irrelevant. Ice had already covered them up to the point where it was difficult for Kasumi's sensors to decipher meaning from them.

Kasumi slowly floated towards the statue and touched gently down on the ground, staring at it in silence as she approached. The snowy Neko took her time in examining the statue, her manner passive and analytical as the AIES linked sensors pored over every detail on the statue, in spite of it's irrelevance.

In spite of the time it took for Kasumi to examine the naked statue, she came to her conclusions quickly and decisively. Ice had not yet formed within the empty space between the figure's two hands. It was seemed that something had been stolen or extracted from the statue, and recently as well.

"I believe that something was stolen from the temple, Taiyou-Chusa.", Kasumi spoke monotonously, in a manner similar to that of a feminine AI in addressing Hoshi. "The statue appears to be missing a circular, handheld object and ice has not formed within the void, indicating that something was extracted.", she finished in a neutral tone.

"A plausable hypothesis. The best way to further investigate that hypothesis would be to—" Hoshi was saying before hearing Kasumi over comms and said to Kaede, "Will you offer an assist, Jôtô Hei? We can discuss the nature of the book's script another time. Ozaki-hei may need a keen eye on the situation."
2nd Floor

William looked between the two and shook his head. "No I doubt we will get crushed by a boulder. Besides if there was one you two would be able to put run it no problem." He said to Ume and Gravity.

Though of there was one, then he would probably get crushed...

He shook his head. "Just grab the thing and let's get out the room." He said scanning the box with his eye, looking at it in multiple spectrums.

Yoshida kept at it for a bit longer before realizing the floor was lowering, really almost exclusively becuase of the observer known as Katsu. Before that however, she felt quite silly, feeling up the statue for buttons of switches. "Eh? Real- er, Just as planned!" She grinned and quickly stepped away from the statue. Once again there would be no way she would admit she got the idea from Anime of all things. The fact that it worked was even more embarrassing almost.

With a single clap of her hands Yoshida shouted "Okay! Let's get to work!" Resisting her initial instincts to simply jump down like an idiot with no training or tact, she reached into her survival pack and fished out a Neon Green glowstick- one of ten, snapped it and quickly placed it on the ground near the middle of the room. After accomplishing that she walked over, having already decided she had the time to arrive without issue, to the door to the room. Just incase there was something unfriendly, or the classic temple dart traps. Finally she initiated a quick, coded message sent along comms to Eden and Hoshi. As well as Ume of course, as she was acting squad leader, at around th esame time she fished the signalling mirror out of the pack, and held it up high, staring down at the pit, not leaving herself exposed.

"Why are you helping Nora? Is she having a problem with her suit?" Yoshida asked as she stared into the mirror, gazing into the abyss. "If so, dig out some of the rope out of my pack and tie it around a tomohawk, or the entrenching tool in the pack!" She knew she brought the pack for a reason. This completely validated her supposed over preparedness in the space of a short few moments. "Actually do that anyway, just incase." Rather than continue standing, or even begin hovering once more, she sat down on the ground with her tail swishing along the ice behind her as she watched the pit.
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"Ghhh-..h-hey!" She would yell as she was lifted by her arm, now dangling from the appendage with swinging legs, her muscles tensing as she coped with all her body weight now on that one shoulder. Why'd he suddenly grabbed her and lift her into the air?! The small daur whipped and wriggled in the laibe's grasp until he finally explained that the reason he had lifted her was because the floor was lowering. Her head wrenches to the side to look to the bottom of the doorway where there was indeed now a small step's length up you had to go to walk out of this room. So the floor really was lowering...

"Hey..I can do this myself." With that, she would engage the flight systems located on the legs of the shibui power suit. A moment later, she would slide to the side with a push of one foot against the air, as if skating along an ice sheet as she slipped from his grasp. It would appear like she was handing the flight systems very well now, that is, until she stopped and her figure started wobbling in the air. Her legs were stiff and shaky, and the flight systems recognized these small movements, making it painfully obvious as they translated the shaking into puffs of propulsion that made her body bounce and shake in the air. "I'm fine, I'm fine." She would affirm verbally as her movements probably were leaving some doubt.
2nd Level West

Ume gave a nod to the two behind her and picked up the box gingerly at first, but when she noticed it was stuck she drew her personal sword and activated the heated feature, carefully melting the ice that held the box in place and then picked it up again after putting away her weapon. She was on alert for traps, but she was also interested as to what might be inside, so instead of immediately clearing the room, the curious Neko took a peek inside the box.
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