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RP: YSS Kaiyō Mission Ten: Takaramono

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Northern > Eastern

"Sounds like a good plan to me." Alastair said to Darwin as he took a step back and released his grip on him. "I been picking up a lot of noise down the hall towards the Eastern side of this place." Without much explaining Alastair walked in this direction to get updated on the news on events taking place.

It did not take him long to reach his intended target. He quickly noticed the floor of the room was moving and paused in the door way. His eyes then seen Nora and Katsu locking arms. "Well that didn't take long for you two to get close." He said with a chuckle. "Hey Yoshida, I see you have everything under control here." He gave her a quick wave and smile.
Level One

"Thank you for the assistance, Taiyou-Chusa. I shall proceed with action on my end, until help arrives.", Kasumi answered as she reached into the buttpack of her suit and extracted a science scanner. Although she was not directly familiar with handling the device, it only took her a few moments to activate, insert, and utilize the chemical, scalar, and emission scanner modules, with some assistance from a database downloaded to her brain, prior to the mission.
Level One

The chemical science scans brought back similar results to readings taken elsewhere in the Temple of the Stars:

Dentine - trace amounts
Platinum - trace amount

The nanoscale scans showed that something had in fact been carefully pried from the maiden's hands as there were microfractures on the tips of the fingers, showing nothing had been wrenched so much as surgically cut out. The magnetic fields and radio waves of the magnetic resonance imaging was conclusive, too: this was carved from a large piece of ivory with platinum woven throughout, underneath the ice, of course.


Their scanning equipment would continue to show them something strange; it was as if there was a massive emptiness to the other side of the cavern with a smattering of celestial-like objects.

The fox boy let out a heavy sigh. He had only wanted to help, to give Nora an anchor point in case she got all wobbly again with her flying. This wasn't about them being Shukaren, or being man and woman. This was just him trying to help. And just because of that, he got three comments. At least the one Yoshida did showed willingness to help and fix a problem before it could turn into anything bigger. "I just tried to help." he said to Nora, Yoshida, and Alastair at once, because in this case it was a fitting reply to all three of them. Of course he let Nora go as she drifted away, but lightly sighed as he saw the Daur struggle with stopping mid-air. "Nora, try to move as little as possible. The suit responds to the tinyset of movement... So... Just relax, and go with the flow." As if to show it to her, he started turning forward as he spoke the last sentence, resulting in him hovering horizontally above the ground, face-down, facing the floor as it lowered itself.
Level Two
North Eastern

The robot stared at the oversized ice cube, bewildered. Could she really do that now that she had been liberated from her drone computer? She glanced behind her, only for her electronic eyes to catch Mark and lock on to him. "Father!" she called out excitedly. She rapidly clankclankclanked across the frozen floor and was suddenly there in front of Mark, pulling him into her synthetic embrace. "I have saved Shosa Eden from a calamity," she proudly announced to him, eyeing the defeated chunk of ice.
He would follow Alastair in the direction of the room with the lowering floor, curious as to what he was talking about. He would see the two Shukaren hovering above the platform below that steadily sunk downwards. He gets down on his knees to see if he can spot anything like a channel on the wall for the floor to slide along - but keeping his head shy of the edge of where he stood. "Question is... what would they have this in place for?" He murmurs before looking to the midair gathering. "Did you guys touch anything or step on some sort of pressure sensor to trigger this?" He calls out.

First the panel with the vase, and now the lowering floor in the room next to it. Both involved something lowering down to reveal something else. Perhaps it's another puzzle?

Or maybe it's a trap?

So far, as far as he could tell, there haven't been any other instances of traps reported. "Don't see any reason to hover over the floor. If this were a trap, I would think the floor would have just dropped... or at least have used some sort of mechanism other than slowly creeping downwards." He places a hand on his hip while the other loops around to the back of his head, rubbing a slight ridge on his helmet.
Level One

After transmitting the results of the scan to Hoshi, via psionic data link, Kasumi inserted the scanner back into the butt pack of her suit before addressing the commander once again.

"The scanner detected dentine, platinum, and H2O. Nanoscale scans registered microfractures on the fingertips of the statue. The rest of the scan results to you now, Taiyou-Chusa. I will conduct further scans while I await Kaede-Hei's arrival."
Level Two

"...So, uh, what's inside?" Gravity asked Ume sheepishly from her position behind William, whom she'd used as a meat-shield when the other Neko had picked up the box. In Nebraska James, peoples' faces had gotten melted off when they'd opened the mysterious box. She was too pretty to allow that!
Mark was both relieved and surprised as he entered fearing the worse, but found the danger removed. Chlorate embrace was strong, and he was thankful for his active suit because of this. After freeing an arm he hugged her back, "Ada girl, I'm proud of you. I sensed you were in were in danger and came as fast as I could. I was so worried. Are you alright, you damaged, scratched, get ice lodged in a plate, strain a synthetic muscle?" He stammered now looking over her to check for injury his face full of worry.

Finding none he calmed himself, "I am not leaving you this time, so your stuck with me for the rest of the mission ok."
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Planet Yamatai
Star Prefecture
Temple of the Stars

Below the surface, the busy soldiers and civilians could detect a soft trembling of the ground beneath and the temple surrounding them. A familiar whine and hum. A muffled but solid thud, followed by creaking and settling above them. Then, things were still and quiet again. As far as most of them could tell.

"Teien-Taii, this is Santo Juni Murakami Mitsuko, Logistics, reporting. As acting Captain of the YSS Tsuchibuta, I am here to assist with the final stages of Project Star Princess. Transport will be waiting for your team on the surface. Do you require any assistance decamping and retrieving any remaining sensitive equipment from the designated temporary base of operations? I have been allocated a small team of Logistics personnel to aid with our departure. All luggage and personal effects belonging to your team have already been stowed on board along with the Raccoon shuttle Circe III. Awaiting further orders, Captain."

Mitsuko walked to the end of the ramp of the Courier 2B Star Army Freighter as it unfolded and extended to the snow-covered surface of the island, her calm, clear voice a pleasant and untroubled near monotone, continuing through her introductory spiel while politely ignoring any immediate replies or hails from others in the area. She had her orders and she wasn't concerned with other interruptions at the moment. The slightly plump Neko seemed likewise mostly unconcerned with the cold, thanks to the thick, furry hat and plush white coat she was wearing.

Her eyes dimly shone behind her tinted glasses as she looked across the snowy expanse...but, honestly, the datapad in her gloved hands held more interest to her. She was double-checking all of the items her temporary crew had collected and loaded in Ralt, insuring their belonging had been properly stowed in assigned quarters on board the cargo ship. Mitsuko had humbly surrendered the Captain's Suite to Eden, although she had made sure to assign herself a room without any roommates. Some of the names they had been provided were unfamiliar to her, but she'd done her best to group them as seemed fitting, without further information like rank or description to go on. Hopefully this 'Chlorate' person would not mind rooming with fellow new arrival 'Hoshi' for instance. She did feel somewhat pleased that William seemed to have another civilian, this Mark, to room with.

"All hands, prepare to take on new passengers. Ready the Cargo Bay to receive equipment and clear the designated areas." Murakami lifted her eyes from the pad, twisting back to look at the Circe III parked nearby, surrounded by many different sized Standard Starship Cargo Containers, with neat, tidy and exceedingly straight aisles formed between them. Several orange-paneled Logistics personnel began to emerge from the sea of dull, grey boxes to rush towards the ramp, dressed in standard Star Army cold weather gear in comparison to the short Neko's rather out of place plush parka. She quietly smiled to herself as she turned again to face outwards, watching and waiting.
Level Two

William looked behind him as Gravity hid behind him. The Nepleslian sighed and watched Ume, shoving his hands into his pockets. If worse came to worse, then he could test his jacket's shield generator out.

Though he was not keen on the idea that he might have to use it.

William shook his head once more to clear his thoughts and scanned the box with his cybernetic eye, again looking in multiple spectrums: IR, NVG, etc.


He also might have opened a tab in his minds eye to quickly trigger his jacket's shields if necessary.

Alistair's voice coming over both the comms and through her helmet would prompt Nora to look in the direction of the doorway. She would see him standing there taking in the sight of two of us hovering and one still on the ground while Darwin comes around the corner, just catching up. She would turn her head away, her cheeks burning with embarrassment as an audience suddenly arrives right when she's being told how to use this damned suit. A huffed breath escapes her as she moves her leg, seemingly pushing off of the air itself as she coasts over to the doorway were the two new arrivals now stand. She waits until she is just over the ledge of the doorway before she cuts off the flight systems and drops to the ground a foot below, landing lightly on the ice.

She turns on her heel before reaching back with her gloved hands and grabbing onto the helmet. With a slight twist on the helmet, the latches release the helmet with a click and she is able to carefully maneuver the helmet off of her head without messing up the bun of white hair in back. She breathes out a long sigh, holding the helmet under one arm as she watches the steamy cloud rise from her lips. The cold hurt her lungs, stung her face, and made her eyes tear up almost instantly, but she welcomed it right now. Her skin was still on fire with embarrassment. She shakes her head to dispel the thought, happy to be back on solid ground at least. She glances to the side over to Alistair and Darwin again before looking back to the sinking floor. "Guess we are tackling this mystery as a team, again, huh."
Level Two

Eden called out over comms, "Murakami-juni? What are you-? It's nice to see you but, should I have been expecting you?"

In the central room those there would see after the chest had been opened that the box was lined with plush, sky blue velvet and there was a hefty cubical diamond the color of the void of space and the size of of a Ghost Mishhuvurthyar's phased babies. As the box creaked completely open, small and minute twinkling lights began to show on the gemstone. As the lights grew less dim and shine into the faces of those gathered, the face of the Temple of the Star's maiden showed itself in their digital brains and mindware as a light teal apparation.

Her mouth opened to speak, but no words came, only the beginning of an insurmountable amount of knowledge of her, the temple, and Star Prefecture of Yamatai. The information flooded their digital brains, Sacre unaffected.

The young woman's face had remain unchanged besides for the movement of her mouth... Until the small group with digital minds began feeling queasy and sick, like the worst migraine had begun to embroil their minds and their pain receptors couldn't mitigate the issue.

The Temple maiden's shining face looked contorted for a moment as those there able to see her in their digital minds' eye began to feel the intense pain inside of their heads. The soft and glowing girl's expression had changed to one of sorrow and the connection dimmed so that all they felt was intense apology, she had not had contact in years. All of this happened within milliseconds of the box opening. Her face remained, but her eyes closed and lips sealed tight while they could feel and almost see the information they had been given was being taken away from their digital minds. The unbearable hurt of the knowledge was unloading itself from them, but this time incrementally.

Eden turned to Mark, "I haven't heard anything from those down below in awhile. Would you mind looking out for my personnel, Mark-chan?"

Level One

Hoshi gave out a laugh, "Nice to have you here, Juni. It's imperative the briefing room is decamped. Arigatou, Murakami-juni."

Kasumi would get a reply from Peio Muyomi, of all people, "Did you say... dentine and platinum?"

The floor in the Eastern room kept moving down incrementally, showing strange etchings in the wall, which were words and carvings. The depressions in the walls glowed light blue while the walls around them were gilded, though had been lightly scuffed because of the movement of the flood.

The bright teal of the etchings said:

"Ava agh coan dile Geshrintall opel ako Odile Geshrintall leminola mofel iulais fey lem opel fey Coan uagh Iso leminal iol Ava Poley uagh coan dile Geshrintall... A...N...”
Level Two

As the box opened, William's mindware warned of something connecting to his implant. When the Temple Maiden appeared, the young Nepleslian was in awe.

Then came the flood of data. He tried his best to make sense of the data as it flowed into his mind, but soon it became to much and he did not have the luxury of pain inhibitors. He felt it all...

William dropped to his knees and bit his tongue to keep from screaming out in pain. His hands clasped his head and his vision blurred as he burried his head into the icy floor.

His vision began to come back into focus as the information began to retract itself from his mind. As glad as he was for the pain to go away, he wanted the information. He wanted to see what the Temple Maiden was trying to tell them. He remained on the ground, but moved to a seated position and spoke out to the figure. "No, please let me see... just not so fast this time." He asked, reverently bowing his head to her.
Level Two
North Eastern

"Understood, fa-" she began. However, when the Temple maiden appeared and flooded her with information, she fell to the ground screaming "-aaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAH!" Her fully robotic body was at the mercy of the Temple maiden. "ERROR! ERROR!" she shouted, terrified, twitching and visibly glitching on the ground. The information fortunately began to unload, though slowly. She had a look of horror on her face as she tried to get up, falling back down a few times because she was glitching. "What was that anomaly?" she questioned, "It gave me a highly unpleasant feeling."
Mark was just about to reply to Eden when the data hit him. He gave a cry of pain as he also dropped to his knees, the data overmaxing his system causing his muscles to constrict and momentarily lock up. He set his stores to catalogue as much of the data possible as it began to be pulled, not holding onto a lot, but hopefully enough to get a few answers.

With a hand holding his forehead, the ringing in his ears and the blur of his vision began to clear. Now able to see Chlorate suffering before him he unsteadily rose and stumbled forward.

"Chlo, I got you, hold still while I run a diagnostic." Mark said trying to hold back his panic as he moved to hold Chlorate before putting a hand to her forehead.

The moment the engravings began to emerge, Darwin eagerly popped his head beyond the edge of where he stood so that he may read the text at his feet. "Would you look at that..." He murmured. The man's eyes would widen, and he would spin about just to see how much text lines the perimeter of the room. "Are you guys seeing this?" There's a broad smile now across his face. "Whatever you did, clearly we've found something."

The statement is met with him crouching down once more to scan the composition of the engraving just below him, curious as to what gives it its luminescent teal coloration. He'd try to read the few words in front of him out loud, but would fumble a few times on the pronunciation before shaking his head and giving up. "Anyone have any idea what language this is?" He hums as he pulls himself back to his feet. "Do we have any record of any languages like this? I swear I'm seeing the word 'Geshrin' in there, but... could it have anything to do with the Geshrin people?" He looks over his shoulder at everyone else. "I thought they came from the people that developed the Nekovalkyrja?"

He cranes his neck to look at the statue Yoshida had pressed the button of before Belmont Shoi and Schultz-Hei had even arrived in the room, whispering "What secrets are you hiding?"
Temple of the Stars, Surface

Murakami blithely ignored the incoming message from the unknown newcomer Hoshi while she continued her conversation with Eden. "I apologize for my prolonged absence, Captain. My services were required here on Yamatai far longer than expected. The relocation of Logistics HQ and addition of new Central Depot to our Logistics network has been difficult work, but highly rewarding. I'm sure you are fully aware of the increase in efficiency our efforts have provided." The short Neko puffed up a bit with pride at the thought of being a part of such a noble endeavor.

"Unfortunately I have been unable to keep up with your no doubt highly dangerous exploits, Captain. No briefing was provided to me either, as this was a last minute decision. The Tsuchibuta has supplies bound for Hanako's World, as are you and your crew, I was informed. Two Mishhuvurthyar with one shot, as it were." Mitsuko glanced at the others waiting nearby, before finally gesturing forwards, sending them scurrying out across the snow and ice towards the Temple itself.

"I have dispatched three Enlisted to inspect the temporary base on site. We have one Light Utility Truck available. Will it be required? Are there other vehicles on site?" Obviously Mitsuko had been provided with few details about Project Star Princess beyond the name. The three eager enlisted hurried towards their destination, completely unaware of what awaited them. The Santo Juni continued to poke and nod at her datapad, tracking the various communications detected inside the structure. She noted one that seemed odd and out of place, but far too brief, and too faint at this distance, to determine much about it.

Hoshi's line of communication remained on hold.
Level Two

"Hey, that's a pretty rock! Think I'll be able to take it? I need something to decorate my cabin w- OH DEAR YUI!" Gravity yelped and fell onto her backside, clutching her head and hissing. "Get it out! Get it out!"

Then, the pain subsided, and she shakily got to her feet. It was probably good that she hadn't had a heavy breakfast.

"Ume! Chuck that box into the deepest, darkest crevice you can find and let's get the hell out of here!"
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