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[Mission1.0 ] Preparing for First Blood


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RP Date
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Libra Star Fortress, Daichi System
The Aeon II was sitting in Bay 12 in Bravo Arm of Libra Star Fortress. The bay doors had been retracted. The Aeon II was bathed in the bright lights of the bay directly above the ship. The remaining recruits had boarded the ship, and the last of the supplies were loaded.


Katae walked onto the bridge and took a moment to look at the crew members present. She then made her way to the Commander's Station. She sat in the chair, and pulled up the volumetrics. It seemed a bit strange to her to not have a physical console. 'Something I'll have to get used to,' she thought. Katae made a few adjustments to the chair and selected what volumetrics she wanted.

A green haired neko stood next to the CO. "Taisa, the last of our personnel have been boarded. Engineering reports that all primary systems are operating within normal parameters."

"Thank you Kahen." the commander said. "Communications, notify Libra Star Fortress that we are ready to get underway."

Across the bridge speakers a male voice said. "Aeon II, this is Station Control. You are cleared for departure. Squadron Seven is standing by at the rendezvous coordinates. Good Hunting."

Katae smiled and said, "Captain has the helm." It was a tradition with her to take her command out personally. She engaged the Aeon II's Anti-Gravity drive. As the warship slowly lifted from the deck, the landing gears smoothly withdrew into the hull and the access panels closed over them. Using her SPINE she moved the warship out of the bay. Once clear she set the Aeon II on its departure angle. She engaged the Multi-Stage Aether Drive. She increased the drive until the warship was traveling at .25c.

Eternity's voice came through all the shipboard speakers. "Attention All Hands, the Aeon II is underway and will join the rest of the squadron. ETA is 45 minutes. At that time there will be a mission briefing. That is all."

Katae looked at Keiko Gi, "You have the help Gi. Steady on course."
Aeon II, Crew Quarters

Yoshiro felt the lurch of the ship getting under way. Now he knew that this was going to be for the long haul. The Kuvexians were out there, he knew this because he had fought them on the Sakura II. He hadn't wanted to fight so badly since the NMX invaded. But he had to relax, because he was going to be a leader and a good leader doesn't make emotional decisions, at least he thought they shouldn't. He found an empty room to drop off his gear and duffel bag. "Eternity, confirm that I have a room in cabin three." Yoshiro said after a few moments of contemplation of his new responsibilities. He wasn't as sure about this job as he was about being the pilot but he had a responsibility to train and lead the people under his command now that he had that job to do. "Confirmed. Tanaka, Yoshiro has registered a room in cabin three. " Eternity confirmed. He took the picture of the power armor that his brother drew him and placed it on his dresser. He smiled at how cheesy it looked and it also elicited a fondness for his little brother's art.
RP Date: 03/28 /42
RP Location: Libra Star Fortress, Daichi System - YSS Aeon II

The YSS Aeon II was finally underway.

Mazaki Seina had donned a Type 30C uniform for the occasion that she had purchased from a clothing store, complete with a Second Mishhuvurthyar War-era ankle length skirt. From her work station in the cargo bay, she watched the Aeon II take off from the star fortress in her digital mind while cleaning one of the Emma units. With the briefing in 45 minutes, she set a mental reminder and continued on her work. Upon taking on her role as the Aeon II’s designated android service technician, she had sent communiques to each of the ship’s sentient android personnel, in order to schedule appointments to back up their neural nets and execute routine system checkups. As the only qualified android technician on the ship, she considered the health of their software and hardware her sole responsibility. She knew that many of the androids had downloaded android maintenance manuals out of necessity, but with her specialized knowledge, Seina hoped that she could improve the efficiency of their hardware and optimize their programming so that they could become more effective soldiers.

After she finished cleaning the Emma unit, Seina took a deep breath as she pulled off her work gloves. Before the briefing began, she intended to return to her cabin in order to quickly update her personal log and to schedule any maintenance appointments with any of the sentient android crew that had bothered to respond to her message.

She could only hope that a few of them had decided to take her up on her offer.
RP Location: Daichi System - YSS Aeon II

The Aeon continued on course to rendezvous with the squadron and their Starbase.

Katae took a walk through the main sections seeing how the old members and the new ones were working out. She paused in the Hanger Section to check out the new fighters that were loaded.
The ship was to be on her way soon, and the fight would be taken to the Kuvexians, as every other military ship prepped itself for. In a way, it seemed largely that the war effort was showing an extreme fault somewhere in the process, with Yamatai losses being extreme and severe, planets and naval forces falling in rampant succession. Losses built, and victories seemed to slow to a crawl. If there was to be a massive change in tactic, then Care did not see it, and if the ship was to meet a similar fate, then it would do so with our without her input. She was a medical bot, after all, it's not like she held the secret tactic to beating an enemy force that seemed comically evil as if they had been pulled from decades of the literature of extreme capitalists ventures and the risk of unrestrained markets.

Synthetic, soulless eyes scanned those around her. There were cheers and hopeful anxieties, shouts of war and conflict, of honor and confidence in their battle prowess. Those cheers would fade in the battle drums of gunfire, their anxieties to begin would be replaced with that of it ending, and their shouts calling war to them would quickly fall once they realized that the dog they called to them was wild, and would tear them apart without heart, without mercy.

They marched towards that eldritch oblivion of death and unnatural killing, and Care could only stare forward, knowing that she wouldn't turn away because she had nowhere else to go, nothing else to do. An island of isolating insignificance, where the only difference between life or death was whether she had the capacity to think of how it affected her.

Already the pull of social circles drew people into their groups of comforting back-and-forths, and Care found herself quickly alone in a crowded room, mulling over thoughts and the sitting reminders of her head that ticked and clicked to retain her unconscious attention.

One of them, the one that sat uncomfortably in her mind was a request for maintenance, her maintenance by the android technician of the ship. She had seen the woman, and had largely expected to never really interact with her unless absolutely necessary. She had seen the other androids, all of them as unimpressively advanced as everything else Yamatai offered. Blind mechanisms of purpose and function, better built than her by multiple magnitudes, while also simultaneously being practically identical in appearance to organics.

She despised them.

Regardless, it was polite to at least speak with the technician, even if it was to simply tell the woman that any concept of Yamatai blueprints and standards in terms of android functions would be utterly and completely useless when considering who, and what, Care was. She turned from the group, heading to the cargo bay as she sent a message in return to Seina.

Good afternoon, Santô Hei.

This message is in acknowledgement to your request of maintenance. I am currently in route to the Cargo Bay.

Jôtô Heisho TraumaPatcher Care Seven Six 76-6165-3411
RP Date:
03/28 /42
RP Location:
Libra Star Fortress, Daichi System - YSS Aeon II

When she perceived the notification of a message from one of the androids on the ship in her digital mind, Seina could barely restrain the joyful cry that was primed to leave her lips. Nevertheless, she quickly moved to prepare her tools in her work station, including her computer pad and science scanner. She didn’t anticipate that Care would require any immediate maintenance, so she hoped to obtain a comprehensive study on the schematics of her chassis so that she could more easily repair the Freespacer automata in the event that she sustained damage. If Care had them downloaded to her digital files, Seina would only need to make a copy and transfer it to her computer pad. From there, Seina hoped to study her schematics so that she could potentially offer a few improvements to Care’s chassis.

Once she was finished, she quickly transmitted a response to the message, in order to let the Freespacer know that she was prepared to receive her.

Jôtô Heisho,

I ardently await your presence! We have much to discuss!

Thank you,
Santô Hei Mazaki Seina

She couldn’t believe that an automata would willingly subject themselves to living in such a primitive chassis. Surely, she could be of great assistance to the enigmatic medical gynoid...

Aeon II

Yoshiro had gotten up out of his room to take a walk and decide how to train his new recruits after he checked his power armor. As he was walking to elsewhere he decided that he had to come up with something for training and he needed to come up with something that would make sense to the recruits and what they would be doing. As he was walking he saw the Taisa walking in to the hangar. "Taisa, if you do not mind I have some things that I need to talk to you about. It is about training the new recruits and I have some ideas but I would like to run them by you first." Yoshiro said after bowing to her.
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Aeon II

Himari looked at the message sent to her from Seina.


Thank you for your kind offer. However, I am capable of performing my data backups. I have done so since I first served in the SSS. My systems are more advanced than the units we were working on. I go to an Tamahagane facility once a year to ensure my systems are operating at 100%.

Should I become damaged depending on the extent I will let you know if I require assistance.

Jalen Himari-Nitô Hei


Katae stopped and listened to Yoshiro "Certainly, I'm pleased to see that you are already coming up with ideas. Tell me what you are thinking?"
"Well I think that it is important to hone one's skills in navigation much as I did when I trained as a starship pilot on the Aeon. So I figure that an obstacle course of some sort that would challenge their piloting skills without being too complicated and not too easy. After that I would think that some marksmanship training would be a good idea. No use in learning how to shoot if you don't know how to manuver and vice versa. Then a kill house-style exercise where they learn to work as a team and then a simulated mission to see if they can use the training that I put them through to complete the mission successfully. That along with the prerequiste physical fitness and hand to hand training" Yoshiro said.

He wanted to have the Aeon II's infantry to be sharp and focused, when he thought about it. He wanted the new recruits to have pride in their service and to do that he had to give them his best as their leader. That much he understood when he was given the responsibility of training and leading the recruits. "At least I think those should be prerequistes. But anyways that is the plan, but it is subject to change if you see the need for it. I want to have the infantry the best they can be and if I need to drill them constantly to do so then that is what I will do, within reason of course." Yoshiro spoke up after a few minutes of contemplation.
Katae listened to Yoshiro "That sounds like a good plan for now. You can adjust it as you see how they perform. Don't be afraid to through them a few curves. They have to learn to react to unexpected events. Also you have a couple of soldiers that you might want to have help you. Their names are Jennifer Rose Carlier and Garnet both rank Itto Hei."
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He listened to the Taisa as she suggested a couple of soldiers to help him. " Where would I find them?" Yoshiro asked the taisa. "I would like to speak with them and judge their skills for myself.'
"Thank you Taisa. I will endeavour to do my best. If you'll excuse me, I have to get started on my job." Yoshiro said and bowed. After departing from his conversation with the Taisa, he headed to the volumetrics room. As he walked he sent a message to Garnet and Jennifer.

Would Itto Hei Garnet Firebird and Jennifer Rose Carlier please come to the volumetric room. I wish to speak with you and test your skills. Please be their at your earliest convenience. I will meet you there as soon as possible.
Joto Heisho Tanaka Yoshiro

Volumetrics Room
After he sent the message, he had found that he had arrived at the volumetrics room and prepared the simulation. He had a few surprises in store but if they were the soldiers that he thought they were they would learn to improvise, adapt and overcome. After all, they were infantry and they would know what to do about the situations that they were put in. They would be a great asset to him, when he is training the pilots of the infantry power armor or leading the infantry against the enemies of Yamatai. He would also do his best to lead the infantry and help the infantry to do their best as wll.
A few moments after Yoshiro sent his message Garnet and Jennifer arrived at the Volumetrics Room. "Itto Hei Carlier reporting as requested." Jennifer said in a clear voice at attention. Garnet like wise came to attention, "Itto Hei G.. Itto Hei Garret Firebird reporting as requested."
"At ease. I am the new joto heisho as you may have surmised. My name is Yoshiro Tanaka and I have served with the Taisa of the Aeon II on the original Aeon. I want the Aeon's infantry to be her pride and I will need your help. The fact is I am new to this however, and I will need your help with this, and I want to test you to see where your skills lie." Yoshiro said. "This is not a pass or fail test so do not worry about that. However in this test, things may happen that most people would be surprised about so when and if the situation changes you will need to adapt. After this we'll talk more about what we can do to train the new recruits. Please prepare for the test and I will brief you when you are ready."
Volumertic Room

Jennifer and Garnet went to the nearest console. They entered their personal codes so the system would recognize them. Once they did that they walked to the start position. Garnet looked at Yoshiro. "We are ready when you are Heisho."
"All right then. We are going to test three things that I believe are essential to an infantry soldier. We are going to test piloting, shooting and how you react in combat. Be aware that I may throw in some surprises so be prepared to adapt to the changing situations. Now here we go." Yoshiro said. He pushed a button on the console and the first objective, the obstacle course came up. "Go when you are ready. The objective here is to get to the end as fast as you can. Also be prepared for surprise on the course." He watched as the obstacle course glimmered in to view in the volumetrics room.
Jennifer and Garnet wished each other good luck and started moving through the obstacle course. They had done this many times back in training, but they maintained an alert status. Courses like this were often set with things designed to inhibit the members making their way through. Since there was no rules the two of them worked in conjunction. Jumping over low obstacles and working together for ones that were higher. Obviously they could have just used their innate abilities, but the Heisho wanted to see how they worked, so team mode was on.
Yoshiro watched as the duo was running the obstacle course. Good teamwork, those two have a knack for this kind of thing. Let's see how they respond to this, He thought to himself and pushed a button on the console. Laser turrets popped up and started shooting at them. The lasers tracked their movements and fired a three shot bursts. There was cover available but it was slowly getting chipped away by the lasers. There were about thirteen laser turrets in total firing at random intervals but they could do serious damage if they were hit. He waited to see what they would do.
Volumetrics Room

Jennifer looked at Garnet, "I don't know about you, but playing clay pigeon does not sit well with me. Let's drop low and gather some of the debris. We can use that to divert the turrets as we move. We can give the turrets more targets to fire on." As one of the turrets blasted near them. Garnet replied. "Sounds good, plus we might get some of the turrets to fire on another if we through a large chunk of debris at one."

The two soldiers grabbed what was nearby and each tossed a sizable chunk in opposite directions. Once their projectiles were moving they crawled along the course using any solid protection they could find.