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[Mission1.0 ] Preparing for First Blood

XO Office

As Trowa entered the XO's office an old memory game to mind. The first time he had come aboard ship and reported to the CO. His Nepleslian heritage had overpowered his comin sense and he had made the awful mistake of saluting instead of bowing. Not the best first impression. Now, many years older and wiser he did not repeat the same mistake but came to attention and bowed. "Yamamoto-Jôtô Heisho, reporting for duty" He paused just long enough to check the XO's rank, "Taii."
XO Office

Chiba watched how Trowa entered the room. "Be seated Heisho. I do not want to take too much of your time. But I do have a few questions. I have reviewed your service record from the original Aeon. The Taisa reports were all positive. I would like to know why you left the service. As well as what motivated you to rejoin."

She pulled up a volumetric display showing the Aeon's flight path and their entry into sub-light.

Power Armor Bay

Jennifer noticed that the Aeon had transitioned to STL drive. "I have fabricated a couple of the Ke-V8-M4200 - Secure Mission Kit. That way anything we choose to bring back to the Aeon. It will shield them from any kind of trigger signal."
Mecha Bay
"Very good. Remember what I told you, eyes on a swivel." Yoshiro said and started to recite a poem that he made up on the spot. "By lance and sword shall the enemies of Yamatai fall and by their blood shall our fallen be avenged. We are the knights of the kingdom and our enemies shall fear us!" With that poem recited, he climbed in to his armor and prepared for the mission ahead. "I guess that I am a warrior poet." He said with a smile.
XO Office

Trowa took a seat as instructed. He smiled at the good report from the Taisa, but then his face became blank and his real eye took on an empty look. In his mind he heard a scream and saw the energy beam flying towards him in slow motion. His left shoulder suddenly twitched and his left hand clenched into a fist several times rapidly. His eyes came back to the present as the regained control of his body. He rotated his shoulder as if it had suddenly become stiff and said, "I was wounded during a mission. Blew off my arm at the shoulder." He didn't elaborate more than that. "Being Nepleslian, I wanted a cyber replacement, but there was a problem with the implants I already had. Turns out they were damaged during the mission as well, I just didn't realize it. The new equipment and the old weren't functioning properly. Eventually the Taisa had to take me off active duty and sent me back home to get it fixed. Recovery took far longer than I expected. When I was finally able to report back to active duty my transfer request got lost in the system. During all this I met a girl and got married. For awhile that was ok with me. Three years ago we had a daughter and she's been the center of my world." Trowa smiled as he remembered holding his daughter when she was born and how beautiful she was. He looked back at Chiba "It's always been my dream to captain my own ship, and that hasn't changed, though the family has been a very nice distraction. Also, the original Aeon was a very dear ship to me and I was devastated to hear she had gone down. So here I am. Ready to avenge the Aeon and work my way up to Taisa and become the captain of my own ship."
XO Office

Chiba listened to Trowa. She name brief notes that she would refer to when she spoke to the Taisa. "Well, it is quite a story. I am sure the other members of the crew will enjoy getting to know you. As I am sure you know the Aeon II is a totally different class. We have a lot more options available in a mission environment. You will have the opportunity to launch from inside the Aeon without opening any hatches. Our Taisa worked with the KFY to allow us to launch Aerospace craft and even soldiers in power armor. You will be providing overwatch for the first team. Since they will be exploring damaged Kuvexian vessels they will not be in a position to detect any forces that could be moving through the area. We have an assortment of craft that you can choose from."

Mecha Bay

"Chief are we going to be using the Hangar deck for launch or will be exit through the Armor bay? It may be efficient, but not sure how I feel about being fired like a missile." Jennifer asked.
Mecha Bay

"You are the squad leader, Jennifer. You make the decision on how we launch." Yoshiro said. "It is up to you if we launch like a missile at a target or we launch like normal people." He said that last part with a smile.
XOs office

Trowa listen attentively to the XO as she explained some of the differences between the old Aeon and the new one. "That will definitely give us more options in combat." Trowa agreed. "If the away team is preparing to go out I should changed out of these 'finery' and into something more appropriate for combat." Trowa stood and bowed again to the Tail. "Oh, I should also be introduced to the ship's AI. I can review the mission details and figure out which boat will be the best to cover our boy's out there."
XO Office

"You have discretion about what craft you want. You can also select your crafts load. After all you will be in the debris field so we want you to have everything you feel you need. Use only secure communications within the field. The Aeon II and the other ships will be holding position just outside of the debris field. As for introduction, I have given you proper authorization, Eternity survived so she has restored your authorizations. Good hunting." Chiba said.

Mecha Bay

Jennifer nodded. "Well, I think I would rather wait to try that kind of a deployment until we are in a clear area. Nothing like flying in at high speed and hit a chunk of metal."

She looked around at the squads. "Let's be about it. Time to earn our money." she said as she exited the Aeon.
Yoshiro and the rest of the squads followed Jennifer out of the ship. "Garnetn how are you doing there?" He asked checking on his subordinate as he scanned for enemies and other obstacles.
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XO Office

Trowa's face took on a blank look before breaking into a huge smile. "Eternity is here?" He looked up towards the ceiling, where he always felt she was regardless of where on the ship he happened to be. "Eternity! How are you darling?" Back when he had served on the original Aeon as her pilot, Trowa had always found her 'matter of fact' and 'by the book' attitude alluring. He would often try to flirt with the AI, just to see if he could get some kind of reaction out of her. Eternity never returned his affection. She hardly ever even acknowledged the cocky pilot beyond answering exactly what was needed at the time. He never did it while on duty, even as a young and know it all pilot, Trowa was professional enough to not to let his flirting with the ship affect his performance, but he had often done it while off duty. Anyway Trowa was very happy that she had survived.

"We'll have to catch up later honey," Trowa stated as he left the XO's office. "Right now give me a breakdown of where the away team is and the positions of the other wrecks in the area." Trowa was already scrolling down a list of the Aeon II smaller ships armaments' as he headed for hanger.

A chime sounded as the YSS Aeon II received a call from another starship. The face of a young female soldier appeared on the screen.


"Greetings YSS Aeon II, this is Jôtô Hei Nam Sohyun of the YSS Tomoyo, IRN NL-L1-1628. We are currently inbound to your position and will arrive in the next few minutes to deliver supplies and several starfighters. Please make ready to receive the cargo."

Shortly thereafter, the familiar shape of a Nibasha-class freighter appeared near the gunship and began to pull alongside the Aeon II.
Aeon II Bridge

Katae watched as the freighter approaced the ship. "YSS Tomoyo this is Taisa Ise. Thank you for your prompt arrival. Our technicians are ready to facilitate the transfer. They will tow the V8-3's with our Projector array."

Deck Package

The NH-33M technicians used the Scalable Graviton Beam Projector Array to transfer the Ke-V8 Super Kawarime Class fighters into the Hangar Deck. They swarmed over each one when brought onboard, to ensure that it was ready for action. Once they had were certain that they were operational, they prepared two of the fighters for the mission.