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[Mission1.0 ] Preparing for First Blood

Like Jennifer predicted the turrets tracked the debris and shot at the debris. The lasers only fired at object that moved in front of them and only tracked what they could sense in front of them. As the debris continued to fly some of the turrets inadvertently shot each other when a piece of debris flew in between them. He stopped the current excercise and spoke to them. "Jennifer, Garnet. You showed real initiative out there. I like to see that in soldiers. One last test for you and we'll get things sorted out for what I want you to do." Arashi, with a hint of pride in his voice.

If soldiers like this were under his command, he could always count on them. He pushed a few buttons on the console in front of him. "You see that flag at the end of the course? You need to touch that flag to complete this final test. However you need to run a gauntlet of enemies and obstacles to get there. You have twenty minutes to get to the flag." He said and pushed the button to start the test. "Remember you do not have to fight every enemy to win a fight, sometimes driving away the will to fight is just as much a victory as destroying your enemy. Your time starts as soon as you move on to the course. " He watched them and waited with baited breath.
Garnet looked at Jennifer, "Well, here we go again. we'll stay together, making sure no one sneaks up on us. As we approach at group we can determine the most effective option."

Jennifer nodded "Sounds good. You take lead, I will cover our flanks." She activated her simulated weapon. "Keep an eye out for obstacles. We've seen that the Heisho likes throwing unexpected things. Perhaps we can surprise him at some point.

Garnet activated her virtual weapon and started moving. She moved with intent, but kept her visual scanning. After all the Heisho said there would be obstacles and enemies. She didn't want to get taken out easily.
Yoshiro had started the simulation and the enemy power armor started to move to intercept them. As they moved they were firing at Jennifer and Garnet. TIme was ticking down as the enemy moved to attack and a few of the motion tracking turrets, this time with IFF trackers fired at the dup. He watched to see what they would do about the PA that were attacking them.
Jennifer noted the hostile PA's that their superior had implemented. She sent a message to Garnet. "Activate the Photonic Array. Prepare to set yours to camouflage. I will create a false image of your armor. That way I can draw their fire, while you get to a better vantage point and take the out."

Garnet activated the system, and waited for Jennifer's signal. This was her first time getting to use the Photonic Array and she truly wanted to see how good it was. After preparing the system, she waited for Jennifer's signal.

Jennifer sent a synchronization signal. When the signal indicated for Garnet to camo, She fired a suppression burst at the hostile from her forearm pulse cannon. At the same moment her system created a decoy version of Garnets armor. She then dodged for cover and the decoy performed a similar action.

Garnet used the diversion to conceal her armor, and at the same time move to a different location.
Confused by the decoy version of Garnet's armor and being supressed by the weapons fire the simulated PA took off after the decoy and fired at it. Meanwhile the PA at the flag that were guarding it were scanning for Garnet unaware that she was camoflauged. The defense was pretty strong but there were gaps that could be exploited if they could find it. Yoshiro was watching the proceeding with interest and was very intrigued by the duo's teamwork. It seemed to him as if they had done this before, which he thought wouldn't be a stretch of the imagination at all.
Jennifer continued to use what cover she could find, and fire from any object that could be used to limit how much of her armor would be exposed to fire. She had moved herself and the decoy to the right of the area. Hoping that Garnet would use that to get into a position to take out the defense.

Garnet moved silently in her armor. She kept track of her team mate, but focused on the defenders at the flag. She was sorely tempted to use the teleportation module if this was in a real arena. Being inside the Aeon the simulation would not actually transpose her. She moved cautiously looking for the best vantage point to take out the defense. She noted that with one of the simulated PA had taken off to attack her decoy.

Jennifer carefully waited for the defending PA that was looking for Garnet. She opened fire on it with both forearm cannons. She then dropped behind cover.

Garnet watched the exchange between Jennifer and the PA that had searched for the false Garnet. She decided she needed to be a bit more aggressive. Garnet programmed her armor to match the look of the one hunting for her. Now she just had to pick the right moment to start moving.
The disguise worked and the simulated PA that looked in Garnet's direction didn't pay any attention to her and patrolled the perimeter of the area where the flag was. still looking for Garnet. The PA that Jennifer shot it was hit and returned fire as Jennifer took cover. The cover that Jennifer was hiding behind chipped away a bit but not enough that she would have to find another area to hide behind. The defenders started to cover areas that were left open and in so doing left areas without a way to detect enemies.
Garnet watched the aggressor group shift their positions. She signaled Jennifer to prepare to provide fire when Garnet got ready to make her move.

Jennifer looked at the way the aggressors were moving. It looked promising. To her it seemed almost too good. She prepared herself to hit the enemy with all she had. If it went well Garnet would capture the flag. She also intended to fire on anyone who started targeting on Garnet.

Garnet sent a brief message and started moving towards the objective. Jennifer from her position started firing short bursts at various PA's. Targeting with each of her armor weapons.
The PAs tried to respond but they were outclassed and a few of the PAs were destroyed in pixelated explosions. As Jennifer continued to fire and Garnet fired as well, the PAs guarding the got confused and thought that there were more enemies than they saw. They tried to spread their now meager defenses to compensate but they were spreading themselves thinner everytime. Since they were spread thin, the flag was less defended then when the exercise started. It was still defended but the flag was more open then it was before.
Garnet saw that shift in the hostiles placement. She sent a brief message to ensure that Jennifer had seen the movement.

Jennifer replied to Garnet, "Looks like this is as good as it is going to get. I'll give the hostiles something to keep their heads down. You grab the flag."

Garnet sent a simple acknowledgement. A minute later Jennifer opened up on the hostiles. Targeting each forearm weapon at different targets. She also had the decoys doing the same just to add to the distraction.

Garnet made her move keeping in stealth mode she dashed towards the flag. If anything was going to get in front of her, they would regret it.
The defrenses around the flag was thin as it could get, with a few simulated power armors guarding the flag and the fact that the decoys were firing along with Jennifer's weapons was confusing them enough. The PA guarding the flag spread out a bit more to be able to use their firepower better but didn't account for anything but firepower and the ability to use it.
Garnet barrelled her way towards the flag. With all the distraction that Jennifer was creating she determined it was the best shot they would have.

Jennifer shifted her position and focused on hitting any of the PA to continue the confusion.

Garnet moved as fast as possible. As she closed to the flag, she grabbed one of the PA and tossed it into another with her momentum. She then leaped to the flag. Then grabbed it and waved it to show that they had succeeded.

The simulation then froze. Garnet and Jennifer's simulated armor vanished. "How did we do Jôtô Heisho ?" Jennifer called out.
"You did well. Excellent even. Loved when you tossed the enemy PA in to the other one. This is the kind of thing that I want you to help me teach the new recruits." Yoshiro said with a smile. "Teamwork and the ability to adapt to changing situations are the hallmarks of a good soldier. I will need your help to instill that in the new recruits. Are you willing to do this?"
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"Of course we are willing Heisho. We'll teach them whatever you assign us to do." Jennifer responded. "After all if we see to the training, it leaves you to the strategizing. From what we've seen with the Kuvexians, we'll be needing plenty of that. My call sign is Red Hot."

Garnet, "I am sure that we can whip the new soldiers into a unit you can use. Right now I think a good shower is in order."
"I will remember that. All right then, you two are dismissed."Yoshiro said "Take a nice break, that is an order." He said the last part with a grin and departed the volumetric room. He had a look of determination and thought about the Kuvexians and how he would fight them. He was a warrior of the Star Army of Yamatai and he was going to be damned if he would let a race like the Kuvexians take his home. He went to his quarters to unpack and start to study his enemy and how they fought. He knew that if he knew his enemy and knew himself, he would not need to fear the result of a thousand battles.
The voice of Eternity came across the ship's speakers. "Attention Crew. We are preparing to engage our FTL. Secure all delicate equipment. We will translate to FTL in 15 minutes."
The Aeon II internal lighting dimmed briefly as the ship made transition to hyperspace. Leaving a fading teal sphere in the system from which they departed.

Eternity's voice came across the ship internal speakers. "Attention all Senior Crew members. There will be a meeting in the meeting room on deck 1 at 1300 hours."
"Roger that." He said and headed to the XO's office. Yoshiro was scared as this was his first command and he didn't want to mess it up so he psyched himself up. He got in to the elevator and headed toward Deck 3.

XO's office
He arrived at the XO's office and pressed the door chime. "Heisho Yoshiro Tanaka reporting as ordered." He said and waited for permission to enter. He was nervous as one could get but he did his best to control it .
XO's Office

"Come in Yoshiro. Take a seat. I wanted to take a few minutes to get to know you." He pulled up a display. "I noticed that you were doing some training evaluation with some of your Infantry."