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RP: YSS Aeon [Misson 10.0] New Beginnings


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Station Arm Bravo - Docking Bay 28

The YSS Aeon is sitting on the deck with her bow facing the docking bay doors. Station technicians move about the ship, finishing repairs, and loading supplies. Occasionally the technicians pause in the efforts and look at the larger craft sitting in the bay. The WAP Yome Ismâopate of the Poku Saeruo Degonjo sits, members of its crew checking the ship and making adjustements. This is a warship of the Yamatai Star Empire's ally to the south. It is the first such vessel to come aboard a Star Army Starbase.

High above the two craft at the back of the bay is a large view port. Behind it is a crew lounge. Normally used as a holding area for personnel waiting to board departing ships. The room has been reconfigured. A large rectangular table more than 30 meters long is in the center. The chairs on one side are decorated in Star Army colors while the other side is decorated in the Wotanu Abokatinka Poku colors. Stewards from the station place refreshments on a side table suitable for both groups.

Some of the participating crews enter the room and look around.
:: Station Arm Bravo - Docking Bay 28 ::


Sheela exited the Aeon after running around overseeing a lot of the repair work carried out by the station's personnel. Douible checking their work to know what had been done in the repairs. The ship was looking like it left the shipyards on it maiden voyage. She looked around and saw the another ship parked in the same docking bay of the YSS Aeon. It had strange marking on it and a bunch of felines ranging in all sizes and shapes.

"Squeeee..." Sheela muttered as she took an involuntary step back into another crew that was coming off the ship behind her.

"I see that Yamatai had brought in a bunch of cats to take care of the rodent problem.." He joked looking down at Sheela after scrabbling not to fall when she bumped into him.

"Everyone knows Mousians are faster than felines." Sheela shot back. "Besides, Iz am sure that the Taii wouldn't allow rodents to run free on her ship." Giving the crewman a smile to let him know she didn't take offence at the rodent remark. She moved to the side to allow him to pass.

"There are some big ones that look like they could easily out run you, my furry friend." Crewman came to a stop next to her to observe the Poku crew hard at work.

"But are they maneuverable as Iz am?" Sheela parried as she leaned against him as he was one of her more intimate friends aboard the Aeon.

"We could always find out..." He draped his arms over her shoulders as he teased her.

Sheela gave a soft squeaking giggle, "maybe later when Iz haven't got so much to do in prepping the Aeon for departure."

"Well.. I got to run. Errands and then.. more rrands. See you later tonight?" He undraped himself from Sheela to continue on his way.

"Squee.." Sheela nodded as they parted ways heading into back into the Aeon.

Yome Ismoapate ::

Murr stood poised near the ship with her Senior partner as they both garded the Yome in an Allied port. But then being Allies only went so far. Secrets must be kept to give them the edge if allies turned enemies. She looked over at the bulky wedged shape of the Aeon and it attendant crew and support personnel.

She and her partner moved over to a stack of supplies that was being transferred to the Yome vast cargo bays. She pulled out a scanner and ran scans over the crates of provisions that were being loaded. Not a peep proving that the big crates contained what was suppose to be in them.

Her partner looked at the cargo hauler and on it platform to make sure there was no stowaways trying to gain unauthorized entry into the Yome. Soon rejoined her and they moved on up the side of the ship in the vast docking bay. It was odd to hear the different language than Poku Takavonai.
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Libra Star Fortress
Station Arm Bravo

Effy went from the refreshments stand to her seat on the side of the table that held Star Army colors. She had looked into the Poku. She had checked and rechecked in order to further understand what she was dealing with. Armed with knowledge and a refreshment, at this point, Effy moved forward to the side of the room with Poku colors and held her head high, golden circlet glinting in the light as she did. She looked around, making herself look apparently ready to address anyone willing or ready to talk to her.

Katae walked into the lounge; pausing for a moment to look around. A custom that was part of their guests culture. She walked towards the table and stopped when their leader approached her.

Qaedal walked over to Katae, and gave a clan bow of respect. "A pleasure to meet you face to face. May our forces work as well as our leaders expect."

She returned his bow with one of her own. "It is good to speak face to face. I think this cooperative mission is a great opportunity for not only our crews, but our peoples. A chance to show that together we are more than the sum of each of us."

She extended her right arm palm forward towards this towering feline alien.

Qaedal returned the gesture bringing his hand to hers. "You honor us by using our traditions. We will honor yours as well."

Murr followed Qaedal at her assigned place; one step to the rear and off to his right as her partner was to the left of her, armed with weapons, but low keyed as protocol demanded. She came to a stop and took up position along with her assigned partner near the door, but not blocking it to allow others to exit and enter. Their job was to make sure that Qaedal made it back to the ship in one piece without or too much injuries.

Even though she wanted to sample the Yamataian foods offered, she waited for the signal that it was safe to do so. It came as a surprise to her that Qaedel knew the Yamataian language. She was thankful for the translator that was hooked up to her earpiece so she could listen in on the conversations to be ready for any hostile actions against them.


Sheela returned inside the waiting craft of the Aeon to resume her work in putting the polish on the tech-work that the station techs had done to the Aeon while in port. She was lightly teased about the felines and her being natural prey for them. She knew they; The Felines; would have to catch her first and she had eluded capture by those in the past till they became part of old star league she used to be part of before it fell to an enemy much better prepped than they were.

She sighed softly from a brief tinge of homesickness as she focused on her job at paw. Soon she was crawling through spaces within the walls and bulkheads of the Aeon running down a minor glitch in one of the relays that somehow always get overlooked.
Keyul walked into the meeting room for the mission briefing. He looked around spotting the Ta'a and To'a. He then noticed Murr standing guard. He crossed the room and stopped next to Murr. "You do realize that these are our allies. Qaedal does not need a security team here. Besides, I hear we are going to have one of the Aeon's personnel aboard our ship. I'm going to sample the foods before the briefing gets started. I hear that a member of the Yome is going to be aboard the Aeon, not sure who that will be."
Murr nodded to Keyul as she moved with him to get some refreshments. Even though she was still very alert for trouble since this was way out from the usual haunts of the Yome. Her eyes and ears continued to move.
Yoshiro had arrived for the meeting and went for the refreshments. He saw the Taisa and bowed to her in respect. He ate his food quietly and waited for whatever was going on. I wonder what is going on. It seems real lively here on the station but who are our guests? Yoshiro thought to himself.

Effy moved over to the other side of the room from where she had been, to one of the large feline aliens. She did as she had seen the Taisa do and as she had read about prior to this meeting, extending her right arm with the palm forward to them. Before she spoke, she waited for them to return the greeting.

The gray furred Qaktoro watched as Effy, one of the Niko from the Star Army approached. Potos took note of the heraldry that this Niko wore. It marked her as part of the Aeon crew. She smiled when Effy extended her paw in . Potos returned the gesture. "I am Potos Kehula, my rank is Kasâvyjo and I am Bajao'ka Tinsae for the Yome Ismâopate. " she said in trade with a hint of an accent.

Keyul walked with Murr to the refreshments. He spotted Memi in the corner of the room working with his image capture devices. "Well, at least Memi has come out of the Yome. Even if it just so he can take images of this gathering." he said as he picked up a plate and put a sampling of the food items on the table. There was a mixture of Yamataian and Clan food, so he took some familiar items, and a few of their hosts items to try."

Attention, Attention, YSS Genshō now docking in Bay 28.

Usaga Hisa looked out through the view port and watched as the Tansaku-Class ship rotated in the bay and settled on the deck just as the rotation was complete. "They must have a good pilot aboard that ship. Guess they must be joining the party." she said to herself. A moment later a group of personnel wearing SSS uniforms exited the white starship and entered the lift.

Katae looked at Qaedal as she lowered her arm. "It would seem that the third ship has arrived. The Commander of the ship has experience with the Star Army and the Poku Saeruo Degonjo. But it have to agree having a team of scientists along will improve our chances of success."

Qaedal nodded, "The YSS Genshō is known to us. They have been working with our people to study ruins left on one of our colony worlds. I've not the pleasure to meet with their Ta'a though."

Murr nodded to Keyul to acknowledge him, looking over at Memi with a grin. She returned to looking over the food when the announcement of another ship landing. Murr looked through the observation port to watch the Gensho settle to the deck. Once the ship had settled, she helped herself to familiar clan food and Yamataian foods looked similar to theirs.
Keyul looked at Murr, "Well, at least this time you know as much as I do. The Ta'a has not said anything beyond that we were meeting here. Definitely different. These people are confusing as much as they are honoring our treaty. This is the first joint mission. So we will under scrutiny."

The hallway door slid open and three individuals stepped into the room. The leader paused and looked around. He nodded to him companions who walked towards the food. He strode over to the other commanders. "Jalen Sune of the SSS Gene ship. A pleasure to meet you."

Hisa looked around for Sheila. After not seeing her she sent a message.
Sheila if you are not going to attend the breifing; kindly check the modifications to the comm system. We need it for intraship secure comm. Do not touch the shield generators. The station team has modified them.

Sheela looked at her Data Jockey when it chimed with an incoming message. She read it over and blinked. She looked thoughtful wondering if she had the time to check the inter-ship communications and still attend the meeting. But deep within her, her genetic heritage made her leery of the Felines she had seen when she stepped outside the Aeon for a breather from work.

She sent a message back to Hisa :: Calibrating the inter-ship communication relays taking longer than expected. See if you can't get a better language base from the Poku to load up into the translator. :: She smiled at the message as she sent it off to Hisa. She grabbed her took kit and took off for the bridge.


Murr signed back to Keyul :: And they by us. It would have been better if it was just one ship to our one. Hope the Neko Yarmes know their species birth tongue. It would help in communication. :: She gave Keyul a predatory smile.

Murr took a bite of the Yamataian dish she chose. She gave an approving nod as she finished off the Yamataian snack.

Effy raised her grey brows and tilted her head as she listened to Potos Kehula's tell her their rank, name, and ship to which they were stationed. She picked up on everything about the Bajao'ka Tinsae, including marginal accent and the slight habits of speech that came through.

"It is more than a pleasure to meet you," Effy told Potus Kehula. "I am Effy Penihatolapsoa, a Santo Hei in the Star Army of Yamatai and I serve aboard the YSS Aeon. It would behoove me to learn of your ships and systems. Is there any way I can get a quick detailing of what compromises a Tini Poku? If that is too much to ask, which is your favorite ship of the Tini Poku, so that I may research it at a later date?"

A brown-furred Tula stuck near Keyul and Murr as she looked around the room, observing each individual. She had done some studying of their language in preparation for this, but there was only so much she could do, so she had a secret weapon with her. She rolled up her sleeve to show her Vonat'te Tio and put the ear piece in her ear as she set the device to begin translating, though if she was caught in a conversation she would have o have them read the holo projection for her replies.

"What do you think the cooperation will be like during this mission? Will there be visitors on each ship?" La'tâ spoke to Keyul and Murr as she glanced to Potus, who was already talking with one of the individuals of the Star Army.
Yoshiro was a bit nervous about what to do in this situation. He had never met a new species before and the only one, the NMX, had wanted to kill him when they met. He wondered how he was going to handle this one and decided that it would be a good idea to wait for the briefing.
Murr gave a nod of acknowledgement to La'ta as she finished up her appetizers or pre-meeting snacks. Her eyes darted about the room and at the occupants. It seamed she was overtly displaying weapons that was approved for the meeting and additional protection for Qaedal
Keyul looked at La'tâ, "Yes, there will be a member of the Aeon's compliment aboard our ship, and a member of the Yome will be on the Aeon. The person coming aboard our ship is Josea Gustav, he is a liaison from the Yamatai Scientific Studies Service. He's been on the Aeon for awhile. Hewid Letes from our ship will be on the Aeon."

Potos looked at Effy, and pulled out his datapad tapped a few commands into it. Then he handed it to Effy. "You should be able to download those files which will give you the standard system specifications for our ships. As for your question about ships. My current favorite is the Yome Nuiqai (Wings of Hawk). Which is the class that our ship was one of the first."

Katae looked around the room for a moment; she then turned to Sune and Qaedal. Since all the interested parties are present. Perhaps we should commence with the briefing..

Qaedal smiled, "I have no objection we have much to discuss before we are once more in the void." he said and gave a slight nod to Katae.

Sune looked at the refreshements. "I'll grab something to drink from the refreshment table, and take my place ma'am."

"Very well," Katae said to the two of them. She then spoke in a louder voice. "Members of the Aeon, take your places at the table. The briefing is about to begin." She then walked over to the table and took her chair. Sachi the Aeon's cook placed a hot cup of coffee on the table after she sat. Katae then tapped the screen in the table and three volumetric displays appeared. They were positioned so that anyone at the table could see what was displayed. The text on the initial image was in both Trade and Takavonai to ensure that all present could understand them.

Qaedal looked at his crew members. "Yome Ismâopate crew, take your places, keep your questions until after the presentation." he said and walked to the seat opposite Katae.

Keyul looked at Murr and La'tâ, "Well it seems things are about to start. Best not to keep the Ta'a waiting." He said with a smile and walked over to the table. He locate his chair and took his seat.

Sune crossed over to the table and looked at the available beverages. He grabbed a Damuisa and found his spot at the table.

Effy graciously bowed her head as she took the information from Potus and spoke out demurely.

"I thank you for this."

Then, she tucked a stray gray hair behind her pointed, elongated ears and found a seat when requested to after giving a curt nod to Potus. She sat down, smoothed out her Type 35 skirt and looked into her lap for a brief moment before raising her bright eyes to look around the room, ready for the briefing.
Murr disposed of the plate into the proper receptacle and took her seat next to Keyul as she took in the other occupants of the room taking their seats. She took notice that the crews from the different ships pretty much grouped together at the large conference table in view of the volumetric displays. She gave a slight nod at being able to read what was displayed.