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RP: YSS Aeon [Misson 10.0] New Beginnings

La'tâ gave a soft nod to Keyul'sanswer about who was going, it would be an interesting trade and Hewid would probably pick up several new techniques by the time he returned. The young Tula was partly glad she was not the one going, as a single individual she would feel overwhelmed in such a situation, but she could not deny that part of her was curious to see how Yamatai did their medical practice with bodies with such regenerative capabilities and restricted knowledge of the anatomy of the bodies.

It was time for the meeting to begin however so she cleared the thoughts from her head and made her way over to where she was to sit, quiet as ever and her posture, of course, perfect as she sat down without a sound.
Katae stood and looked at the collection of beings before her. "Today we begin an important undertaking. The first Yamatai and Poku Saeruo Degonjo operation. Our Treaty with our allies was designed to allow such operations. It was only due to unforeseen events that we could not do so earlier.

Our mission is a to gather military intelligence on the newest threat to our sector the Kuvexians and their allies. Combining our technologies and skills, it is felt that we have the best chance for success. We lack specific details about our enemy other than what we have seen in encounters. So we are going to head to their region of space. We plan to explore star systems that have been affected by them. To make things difficult for our enemy to know where we are, we will use a variety of methods of travel and counter measures. For the first several systems we are going to make use of Wormholes created by the Yome Ismâopate. The Aeon and the Genshō have modified their shielding to allow us to safely traverse. Use of the Wormholes will reduce the chance of the enemy detecting our movements. Since we will not be using CDD or Fold the most common methods used in this sector.

Additionally, to help ensure that we have no misunderstandings, the Aeon and the Yome are going to exchange a crew member who will serve as a liaison. Their role is to help clarify policy and when needed facets of technology. Our SSS Liaison Josea Gustav will be transferred to the Yome. "

Qaedal stood at this point and gave a polite nod to Katae who sat. "Hewid Letes is a Bajao'a, or technician in your language. As such he is more than qualified to provide answers to your Ta'a. When we arrive at a system, we will send joint teams to the surface. Depending on the situation, we will determine the best method to deploy such teams. There will be a designated leader for each team, and ALL members regardless of which ship they come from will obey them."

Sune rose next, "While the Genshō is not a warship, we will be actively involved. Since we will be in hostile space, our Tansaku-Class ship's role in a combat situation will be of support. Providing sensor data, and when needed adding our firepower to the battle. Our scientists and labs will be put to use analyzing samples and sensor readings that the away teams gather. And they will be on the surface with you."

Katae spoke. "Before we continue with the specifics of our mission, are there any questions."
Yoshiro was listening to the briefing. He was going to make sure that he listened and got all the information that he could about the people that he was with. He did not want to offend or by omission cause an incident either. "I have a question, what kind of resistance can we expect to worry about?" Yoshiro asked.
La'tâ listned quietly to the discussion as things unfolded. She wamted to have a look around the Gensho, since it was a science ship there were bound to be interesting facilities, but she knew there was no way she was going to get that tour, there were probably national secrets on board.
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Katae looked at her crew member. "Resistance is to be expected. But so far the only force that we have any hard data on is the Rixxorr that the Kuvexians seem to be using a their basic troops. It is also possible that some of the systems we explore may have no forces present. Or it could be that the Kuvexian forces have neutralized any threat. But studying their tactics and weaponry are still valid objectives.

The grey-haired Elf tilted her head as she listened, then interlaced her fingers as she placed her hands in her lap. Her eyes, though, remained on those speaking and as their words came, she began to form some of her own in her mind. Effy asked only one of her questions, knowing more answers would lead from just this one.

"What kind of diplomacy tactics are we to exert, if any?"
Misaki shifted so she could change which of her legs was crossed over the other. The Aeon's XO tugged her stockings, then her skirt as if they were out of place. The blue-haired officer didn't want to make their allies uneasy, as she had already completed several different kinds of threat reports based on what little information they had on the mission, though she also kept personal notes on the physiology of everyone involved in the mission, even if it just meant she had to go by visual scans alone. It would help her better understand their capabilities in a fight, which she had been expecting ever since the mission packet arrived.

The veteran had a hard time not thinking of a different Elf when she saw Effy, though she was not as surprised as she thought she would be after serving so long with Hanako. After looking her way again, she realized she still distracted her a touch, and then looked at their allies once more before waiting for Katae to go on.
A blonde, red-skinned Neko sits calmly in her seat, observing the proceedings. As a new recruit, Hitohoshi thought she'd try to make a good impression by being among the first to arrive for the meeting, but while she had been there for some time, no one seemed to be paying her much heed. Indeed, she felt as though she had gone entirely unnoticed. Well, it's not too surprising, as she didn't really have anything to contribute to the discussion, and hadn't exactly announced her presence to anyone. She could try asking questions, but she doesn't have anything she actually needs answered, and if she asked something silly, she suspects that would only draw negative attention. So she continues to sit in silence and simply watch matters unfold.
:: Aeon ::

Sheela put the finishing touches to the communications checks and making sure the each ship that was part of the fleet could get in touch with each ship without the delays of searching for the proper frequencies. She checked the translator along with the Aeon's MEGAMI. She hummed tunes as she worked and in between the conversations with the other ships.

She frowned at the lightly armed Science ship that would be flying along with the little 3 ship flotilla. But then she wasn't in charge of the fleet and had only one concern, The Aeon.

:: Lounge ::

Murr eyes narrowed at the announcement of Qaedal. She just hoped that the team she is assigned to would have a Poku Leader that already knew of her sign language. It was a lot faster than typing out messages when in a crunch. Her eyes narrowed even farther and accidently showed her sharp fangs as a stray thought flitted through her mind of being stuck on the ship as others set paw and foot on a new planet.

Her eyes darted over the assembled at the table as she regained her composure, idly tapping a claw on the table, yet still quiet enough not to interrupt those speaking.
Taeto one of the Yome's Niko Yârme entered the briefing room and paused at the door. She made sure that her WAP uniform was proper. She looked for a seat and made her way to the table. 'This facility is so confusing, I'm sure the Ta'a will be cross with me.' she thought. She kept her face emotionless and took the nearest chair. I put her next to Hitohoshi. She slid into the chair and glanced at the Aeon crew member next to her, and said softly. "Apote. Hello."

Kate looked at Effy replied with a calm demeanor. "Diplomacy is always an option, however, I am going to ask our to give her take on the matter."
She then looked at Misaki, "XO, would you care to answer Effy's question. With us being on a convert mission like this. How likely will we be engaging in diplomacy and why?

Keyul reached over and put a hand on Murr's and gave it a squeeze. "Our team will not be split up. We will be joining with the Yamatai warriors." he said softly.
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Effy looked from Katae to the Chusa and tilted her head gently at her as she waited for a response. Kurusu Misaki bore the elegance of a Neko that Effy had never known on more than a cursory level and she looked upon the XO with respect and admiration. With her grey brows up and sparkling blue eyes trained on Misaki, she pursed her lips before the corners tucked back and she smiled warmly at the blue and white-haired Eihei.
Hitohoshi gives Taeto a courteous nod and a small wave of the hand, enough to show acknowledgement without interrupting discussions. She smiles lightly, pleased by the small bit of recognition... though any further interaction would likely have to wait until the meeting ended, she figured.
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Toidorno tapped his Vonata'te Tio, and sent a message to Taeteo.
Explain your lateness SâvyjoTaeto Syali

Taeto looked at her Vonata'te Tio,
Regretfully I got turned around, not familiar with this alien structure or their written language. I finally found a Yamataian who gave me proper directions.

Toidorno waited for the Niko Yarme's reply,
Understood, you would do well to download their language to your Vonata'te Tio and or a Mako'sa Kyn.

Taeto looked at the final response and looked at the Ta'o and gave a brief nod to acknowledge his reply.
"Hai." Misaki replied smoothly before turning her attention to Effy, absently sliding some hair over one of her ears. "In this situation we already regard the other side as enemies, as do our allies. This operation is meant to be as secret as possible, if a diplomatic situation arises it will mean we have failed the initial mission, or made contact with a third party. The profile is more like force recon, meant to shape overall strategy against them."

There was another gentle pause before the officer finished, "In short we do not want our enemy to know we have been trying to learn to fight them more effectively, to gain the upper hand in information as you well know. Even if diplomacy is an eventual goal for one or both governments this mission is needed." At that, she dipped her head the slightest bit towards the other woman, happy to answer her question while a few more went around the table. "Welcome aboard. If you need something, do not hesitate to come to me whenever you need." That was part of the XO's job on smaller ships, and theirs certainly counted.

"I understand fully," Effy said, nodding her head. "I will be sure to utilize your expertise in the field as a way to better understand the efficacy of the tactics necessary to complete this mission and succeed while doing this. I thank you for allowing me the opportunity to do so."

Effy wanted nothing more than to create a non-hostile agreement between the two nations instead of continue a war that didn't need to have been started, but knew better than anything to listen to her superiors and take their wisdom and work with that instead of work simply based off of her own thoughts, desires, and wishes. That wouldn't stop her from engaging in diplomacy when there was a necessary time for it, but if Misaki did not see this as a fitting setting for such talks, she knew to trust that and not sway away from it until her superiors felt it was indeed appropriate.

Qaedal listened to the junior Yamataian warrior and then the Ta'o for the Aeon. He took a brief glance at his Mako'sa Kyn to identify the strange crew member. "It is good that Sar Penihatolapsoa thinks about bringing an end to this conflict. But one does not speak of making peace when one has no idea who you are fighting, and what are their objectives.

At present Yamatai is at war with the Interstellar Kingdom of Kuvexia. Our crew has been assigned to assist with this mission, even though at present the Poku Degonjo Saeruo is not at war. This is because thus far our Tonai have not made a formal declaration.

However, the Wotanu Abokatinka Poku is on an active alert status. Thus far the Kuvexians have deployed a biological weapon against our allies. That being the lifeform known as the Rixxikor. Given that this life form is a threat to any ecosystem we do not acknowledge them as a people. The Poku will not negotiate with a weapon system.

Like our allies we want to learn more about their masters. So let us focus on that, and have no more talk of making peace. Peace is the end goal, but leaning about our enemy and stopping them is our first goal."

"Of course." Effy nodded once and looked towards the XO of the Aeon with interest before returning her gaze to her lap to ponder what Qaedal had said. She now knew the operating procedures when it came to this species. This 'weapon system', as it was called.

Sune listened to the others; once he was certain the discussion about making peace was over he spoke. "We will be exploring systems that the Poku Degonjo Saeruo are sending probes to. The probes will provide us with basic system data, as well as any activity in the area. So when we enter a system via a clan wormhole, we'll know what to expect.
Our first transit is going to be two wormholes back to back. A sister ship to the Yome will create the first one. The Yome will go through first, and create the second one. This will take us approximately 40 LY west of our current position. Once in system all ships will operate in stealth mode, until we receive the probe data. If there is no sign of the Kuvexians, we will still conduct our survey, but we will not have to operate in stealth.

After we have completed our exploration of the system the task force will travel to the next system. This process will continue for as long as possible. Using the Clan Wormhole system, our ships will not be traceable like most FTL drives. Which provides us with an element of surprise. With exception to the first transit, the order of ships will be the Aeon will go first, the Genshō will follow after, and lastly the Yome will come through and the wormhole will close."

Katae listened to the SSS commander, and after a moment spoke.

"Are there any questions or concerns? If so kindly speak them now. If you have any that come up after the briefing, bring them to your command chain and they will relay the matter to the other ships."
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Effy slightly shook her head and her lips pursed as she showed Katae and the rest of the senior officers that she had no more questions for them.

In truth, she wanted to know a bit more, but she refrained from asking too much of people that had too much experience to be helping her along on her first team mission. She stopped shaking her head side to side and her eyes drifted to those of the other species. She wished to speak more with them. She then began to look over the specs that she had been given by Potus, making use of the time that she had in front of her to glean as much information as possible from what she was given.
Hitohoshi continues to sit quietly and listen, having nothing to contribute to the conversation at this time. The orders are clear enough, and she's still trying not to stand out too much anyway.