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RP: YSS Aeon [Misson 10.0] New Beginnings


La'tâ listened closely to the explanation of the entry plan and nodded, she understood and it sounded good to her. Now that she thought a little more about the operation she realized just how much more tedious notes would have to be to make sure information was properly conveyed between ships, so she made a mental note to be more accurate with her notes in the upcoming mission. She was also going to have to read up on Yamataian measurements or at least get a converter.

"I do have one question." She finally spoke up, but she kept her voice soft to not sound rude. "Will we be receiving some medical supplies from the ship of the guest we host? I don't know how their bodies will react to our medicines, even if they are the same active ingredients."

Ayumi uncrossed her legs as the Tula, La'tâ, peaked her interest with her question about housing Yamatain medicine in addition to their own. The same question had been in the back of her mind as well however she decided against asking because of the officers sitting st the table and that she doubted that the two races would be interacting with each other save for a few joint operations should the need arise.
Sune look over at La'tâ. "The Genshō has spent the past years working with the Poku. We will be providing medical data for all species in this operation, as well as supplies. This is needful because when the teams are recalled, we can not ensure which vessel they will be brought to. Especially if there are injuries and time is of the essence. This way any of the ships will have the medical data and supplies needed."

Katae looked at her data pad when an indicator on it started flashing. She touched the pad and read the brief message displayed. She turned to Qaedal, "Sar Aaeas your additional members for this mission have arrived and will be entering the room shortly.

For the rest of you, there will be two members of the Kingdom Of Neshaten joining us. They are Che'valier Sa'gesse Elza'beth and Che'valier Sa'gesse Dar'tagnan"

At that moment the doors to the room opened, and a Shukaren Daur and a My'leke walked in. The Daur had black fur with light grey fur on the tips of her ears. She was wearing goggles as her species typically does in bright light situations. The My'leke also had black fur, but running along the center of his back was a mane of red fur. They walked side by side and came around to stand on the opposite side of the table from Qaedal.

The My'leke addressed the leaders as he saluted, "Commanders Aaeas and Ise I am Che'valier Sa'gesse Dar'tagnan and this is my époux or spouse Che'valier Sa'gesse Elza'beth, We have been sent along in accordance with our Treaties to serve as Liaison. Our equipment is in the landing bay."

Qaedal nodded to the Neshatens, "We are honored that you were able to join us. We look forward to working with you." he replied. He looked at his crew, "Any questions from the Yome crew?"
Qaedal looked around the room and saw no response from his crew. He watched as the the Neshaten Liaison moved to find places to sit.

"Since there is no questions at this time from my crew. There is a small matter that I wish to take care of here with this gathering. The following individuals should rise for recognition of service; Keyul Aaeas, La'tâ Qoji and Murr Whisk."

Keyul looked briefly at Murr and La'tâ with a puzzled expression. He then pushed his chair back from the table and stood up. Once standing he brought up his hands to her chest and bowed to his Tin-Ta'a. After the bow he straightened.
La'tâ was intrigued by the two members of the Neshaten that stepped into the conference room, despite the treaty the two nations shared, the Tula had never actually seen either a Shukaren Daur or a My'leke before. She wondered where they might end up being stationed, but regardless of where that was, she would have to do her job properly.

Just as she returned her focus, she was unexpectedly addressed by Qaedal, so as instructed she stood up without hesitation, though there was a slight look of confusing on her face.
Murr looked around, and then at her team mates. She had been observing the new aliens, and wondered what kind of weapons and skills they possessed. At hearing her name, she turned to Qaedal. The she stood up quickly making sure that as she stood smoothing her niomobekâ to ensure that her appearance was proper.

Qadal stood and motioned to his Tin-To'a Toidorno Sejgui. He walked around the table and Toidorno met him there.

"These members of my crew have time and again performed their duties in an exemplary fashion. Sometimes coming up with unorthodox solutions to challenges they face. For that reason they are all being promoted to Sâvyjo'ka with this promotion comes increased authority and responsibility. We expect them to accord themselves appropriately and to bring honor to their ship, their Ruoka, and their Punla." He then took the Sâbu pins from the box his Tin-To'a held and replaced the ones the crew members were wearing. After that he also reached into the box and gave them their new Afirmu Obekâte
marking their time in service.

He then saluted the three of them.
Misaki was pleased the medical staff was double-checking on provisions, and while she was sure it was part of a normal mission packet for visiting crew, she double checked against all of the appropriate packets within the database of standard operating procedures while the other crew spoke, her eyes drifting from each member of their crew, the dusky medic to the lovely Elf and then to all their guests.

As soon as the last salute was given by the group she began to applaud out of respect, hoping at least that they were aware of the custom to know it was a sign of admiration. "Congratulations." It was, in terms of decorum, not a bad place to award earned promotions so new allies could see who and what were important to the service.
Hitohoshi joins in the applause, a bit too new to the crew to really know what these individuals had done, but respectful of the promotions all the same. She's starting to get a bit impatient for the meeting to conclude, and for her to receive orders on what to do next... but she holds her tongue and keeps sitting and watching.
Effy slightly bowed her head as she began to clap. A sneaky grey tendril of hair from the fountain that plumed from a centered bun on the back of her head crept past her shoulder and fell in front of her chest. She disregarded it as she continued clapping, then slowed before ceasing. She was comfortable finding that this crew was well-respected. Like Hitoshi, though, she wanted to get herself into a position where she could really make a difference and that would only come with either talks amongst this foreign crew and those on the Aeon or by being a part of a successful mission. She looked to her captain and then to Potos Kehula, smiling at the latter steadily before turning her attention back to her commanding officer, awaiting orders.
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La'tâ saluted to Qadal after she was presented with the promotion. It was one of the rare occasions where the young Tula actually showed embarrassment. She was proud of her achievements and rank, but to receive a promotion in front of all these people of different species that she did not know was quite a lot for her, who had been trained to stay out of the limelight.

She took her seat afterward as people clapped and offered congratulations, she wanted to cover her face, but it was not appropriate to do so, so she simply sat down, looking down and tried not to make much eye contact.
Keyul was surprised but pleased by the response of their allies to the promotion ceremony. He himself was caught off guard as his brother had not told him about the promotions. After a respectable interval he sat back down and watched Murr do the same.

Katae had added her applaud after her XO had and seeing that their allies approved. After all the applause had died down and personnel returned to their seats she stood up.

"Thank you Tin-Ta'a Qaedal Aaeas for allowing us to be part of your recognition ceremony. This concludes our agenda, and as there were no open questions left. We will conclude the meeting. Final Launch preparations will commence in 30 minutes. Aeon crew you have twenty minutes until you need to be at your stations on the ship. Take the opportunity to talk with some of our new comrades if you wish. Sar Aaeas would you kindly come aboard the Aeon and we will go over any contingencies that we think we may need?"

"Yome members, you have twenty Tui'sa to be back aboard the ship. Do not be late or you could get left behind." He said with a wry grin. He then stood and turned to Katae, "After you Sar Ise." he replied with a nod.

Katae looked at Misaki, "Take a moment or two to get to know the Tin-To'a since he is your equivalent. " She turned and walked out of the room. Qaedal walked along side of her, the two of them engaging in light converstation.
Yoshiro clapped for the people that had gotten promoted. He knew what it felt like to get a promotion and more responsibility to do. It was a sobering thought for Yoshiro. Yoshiro bowed to the XO and headed out to get ready for the mission. The anticipation was making him giddy with excitement and he cracked his knuckles and headed toward the Aeon.
With the meeting concluded, Hitohoshi rises from her seat and departs the lounge, returning to the Aeon. She takes a moment to remind herself where her station is, as she is new to the Aeon, and makes her way there.
"How are you today," Effy asked, catching up to Yoshiro. "I don't think we've met." She was obviously directing the comment to the Nitô Heisho, but it was hard to tell as she hadn't called Yoshiro by name. The long-eared SAINT agent commented, "You're infantry, correct? I am Effy Penihatolapsoa. Pleasure to meet you now."
Potos listened to the two members of the Yamatai crew. "Well, I look forward to working with you and your crew mates. But I must report to my ship. My ship mate Hewid however will be staying with you." He gave a brief clan bow to the soldiers and walked away.

Hewid approached Effy and Yoshiro. He was carrying two fabric bags that were slung over his shoulders. "Pardon my intrusion, but I am assigned to your vessel as liaison. My name is Hewid Letes, I am a Bajao'a, a technician in your tongue. May I walk with you to the Aeon."
"Understood" Misaki replied, giving Katae a brief nod before she bowed slightly in return to Yoshiro and moved to go speak to Toidorno Sejgui. Once she was close enough, she bowed as low as she normally did when meeting an equal and introduced herself, "I am Chusa Kurusu Misaki, Kurusu is a surname, Misaki the given." Just in case he was not briefed on that, she added it for sake of ease. "I look forward to the serving with you. May your enemies be vanquished." She set most of her senses and thoughts on getting a read on the man, trying to guess what kind of command style his position entailed, at least beyond what the data packet she had been provided could tell her. "If you have any questions that are or are not related to the mission I can do my best to answer."
Effy smiled politely to Hewid while doing the formal clan greeting and looked to Yoshiro, as if asking him if he had any qualms.

Then, she acquainted herself with Hewid Letes, saying, "It is nice to meet all sorts of professionals from your ship today. I am Effy Penihatolapsoa, a Santo Hei in the Star Army of Yamatai. I am happy to work with you and will help you become acquainted with the ship in any capacity. Please, let us go to our quarters." She raised an arm and held it in the appropriate direction.
"You are welcome to join us if you wish, Hewid. I am Yoshiro Tanaka, Nito Heisho in the infatry and aspiring starship pilot, though I have to talk to the Taisa about the pilot part." Yoshir said with a smile. "If you could teach me a little of your customs, I would be grateful. I would not want to cause any insults or anything of that nature."
"I second that need," Effy added to Yoshiro Tanaka's statement. "Knowing your customs may be one of the first steps to knowing one another."

She smiled pleasantly at Hewid and started walking slowly out of the lounge.
"It would be my honor to provide understanding. Although Keyul Aaeas our Detis Goa'a would probably be better at it than I. But I will do my best. I will also see about making a data packet available that you can share with your other crew mates." Hewid replied.