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Approved Submission [Nepleslia] NAM Terratech Breakthrough Armor (Cyclops)

Charmaylarg Dufrain

🎖️ Game Master
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  1. Nepleslia
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  1. I agree
@Legix for FM stamp.

New, ID-SOL exclusive power armor that utilizes their strengths and enhances their combat abilities as close quarters juggernauts.
This suggestion has been implemented. Votes are no longer accepted.
Alright looking good, as for the 'about' section, you can turn the second paragraph in history into an 'About' section and that will suffice. It doesn't have to go into the technical stuff, it just has to be something that someone reading can jump to and read it to know what their product does.
For the Problem solver;
  • The aether battery needs a proper link
  • " excited animated ...'' should be antimatter
  • The first paragraph of the about section reads that it was created as a portable aether battery?

As a side note, I have noticed, you refer to 'Antimatter' a lot in these articles, but just for clarification, I want to make it clear that aether and antimatter are two separate things. I'm wondering if these were intended to be antimatter batteries and weapons, or 'aether powered'?
I dont know what aether even is other than an excuse to do tech magic. All I know is it has to do with energized matter/antimatter plasma and all parts of all energies from weird magical technology wizard dimensions and stuff...

Also the tech pages are so dammed short and vague I can only ad-lib that the checkmate reactors that these batteries are fueled from are a form of aetheric reactor that draw and excite antimatter into energy.

(Ill also make those changes soon as I can. Back to working every day so my time is more limited.)
Sorry for the delay.

Ive made the requested changes and changed the battery page and the references to it to be an antimatter battery. The about section for the mace I've touched up more to specifics that its built around the battery and how it works instead of making it sound like the weapon is the battery.

There was a fourth bullet point there for something that needs to be changed or is that just a mistake?