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RP NSS Wrath of Nepleslia [Mission 1] Shadow of a Gilded Age


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Deck 09

On his way after a good laugh at the armory, Bruce walked through the hallways of the ship and winked at some cute girls that were in their nice training suits and gave the obvious flirts that never really worked out for him. It was his way to keep distance and yet keep a profile with people, that he was called the player on many assignments he didn't mind. The military gave him a way to get out of his system as he entered the training area that got him summoned in the first place seeing already a collective people coming together "Oh boii what is the show going down here?" He saw the Sergeant giving a show and grins a bit leaning at a console at the side looking at it.

Then another spoke to give the speech as to how good the person was after himself. Bruce initially didn't respond to it, wanting to give the others some speech to brag about stuff "I wouldn't mind to show off the good olé fighting there mate" He gave some steam to the conversation.


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Deck 09

Ramona and Cynder looked over at the others in the room, they had hoped for a nice calm spar with each other and yet now. There was a guy who had just winked at a few of the other girls in the room, the Sergeant doing practices in VR and just having to PT with the others were all stuff the twins weren't looking forward to that much, they would happily spar, or chat with the others but this forced stuff seemed a little boring to them.

Ramona laughed a little "As long as you can spar like that against a real enemy so I don't have to patch you up between every fight." This was more of a tease than anything, Ramona enjoyed helping people, but after the years of making sure to fix the cuts and wounds of her sister, she has learnt to make a joke of most of it. Cynder listened to everyone and chuckled at the proposition on the guy who winked at the girls "I would definitely pay to see that fight."


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Hanger 18 PR Office

Hiroshiko was not far from the PR office, busy reading what unclassified information she could gather about the ship's internal systems. It helped her know where she could apply her skills, Nepleslian ships certainly did look far simplier compared to Yamataian ships. Before she that train of thought could derail, her recieved the message notification in her vision.

Pulling it up to read, she immediately made her way over to Lt. Dells.

"Mizumitsu reporting sir!" Hiroshiko said as soon as she arrived at the PR office and stood in front of him.

Deck 09

Misakura was really dedicated to her physical fitness. She was like that before she joined the Star Army of Yamatai, but it went tenfold when she joined the Giretsu.

She arrived earlier than the expected time to arrive and started doing push-ups in her Nepleslian fitness uniform as she waited. She would start her warm-up 2 mile run to the 5 mile run, but she didn't want to look like she is bragging.

"1, 2, 3, 1.
1, 2, 3, 2." Misakura counted off in a cadence as she went up and down.


Deck 17

Private Shahad looks over from the panel he had been wrenching back into place as his officers head appears in his peripheral view. He turns back to finish his work as Barná rattles off his question. Picking up the small handheld lamp beside him, he Test clicks it on and off before handing it to Barná without turning.
„To answer your question, Sirrah. Ze Dreamers have taught us in ze bast to seek self improvement. When ze opportunity came to travel beyond our borders and expand my knowledge, I took it.“
He finishes tightening the plate back into position and sets his tools down just in time to be startled by Barnás shocked outburst. Supposing that the Ensign is unharmed, and simply startled himself, Shahad gathers his tools to move to his next task of rewelding a few damaged joints.
„It is not surprising zat your, bartner, has not told you much. It is obvious she shares little in common wiz our homeworld. Her kind have always seen zemselves as different.“

Jack Pine

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Horus was up earlier then most, his physiology not needing much sleep, on top of the life long training. He had been up in the very early hours of the day, performing maintenance on his armor. When the message arrived, the Tsumi was just replacing one of the plate covers on a leg section.

The man tried to reply at first by bringing a keyboard on his vision, but was given a headache with the eye tracking controls. Rubbing a temple, he switched it to an AR projected keyboard infront of him. Much more comfortable now, Horus began to type, thankful for the built in translation software.

{Dear Grand Admiral Barna. Will be there shortly, am finishing a bit of work, and must change back into my duty uniform. Please expect my arrival in the next ten minutes or so.} He typed before doing as he sent, not needing to wash up thankfully as the task had not been messy.

Putting on the well maintained issued uniform, with not a wrinkle apparent, he walked through the corridors down to the mess. The man was still trying to adjust to much smaller people in the tight confines of a ship not meant solely for people of his build. Passing others and making way when needed, but making it on time regardless.

Grabbing a tray and coffee from the dispensary, Horus found where the admiral was seated, and took a spot respectfully near. "I hope I have not missed anything Grand Admiral? I was up doing maintenance on my armor this morning.", He said in greetings as he took his seat.

A certain Iroma had already been getting food and drink as her lover sent the message. Thankfully, the timing was perfect as she stepped up for her turn, having been behind a certain 10ft tall four armed, oni like man with horns. She gave a tired sigh, still getting used to being up so early in the morning, as it was quite different then the idol's normal sleep schedule. Betty ordered two trays, coffees, and an orange juice in portable containers as she stepped up, and taking them as dispensed.

Carrying the hot containers as she left, passing by the admiral and Horus with a wave. As she saw Ali though, she gave a subtle wink and blown kiss. Then passing through the corridors with the usual small waves and greetings, as she made her way to the lifts. Coming down to the hangar, cursing giving her more then a breadcrumb trail to follow.

"You know dear, if you have that kind of lung capacity, I'm surprised you never took up swimming as a hobby. Also, good morning Mr. Shahad, I hope he's been pleasant working company?" Betty said in greetings to announce her present before setting the food down on a equipment crate. Lifting herself up to take a seat atop on the other side of the crate top. "You said there was something important hun?"

The KrimsonWulf

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Deck 09

Finishing the last of the Heavy infantry, the simulation shut off, stepping out into the now crown, gathered near the entrance, Zoran chuckled a bit to himself before taking the towel and drink from Caffran."I had to wait for my team, and since you all decided to take your sweet ass time. I thought id get a workout in. if any of you could best a specialist and Commando such as myself in my Element id gladly give you my paycheck." he said with a lighthearted laugh. "SRT 01, members under my command, fall in to formation. id like to have a chat with those of you who are here." the order came through the encrypted channel to each members DataJockery as Zoran sat down, taking a crinkled cigarette out of his pocket and pack lighting the end with his fingers cybernetics.

Hangar 18
Lt Dells

"Corporal, we are fairly short handed, so thank you for sticking with us. our current POD with be relayed to your DataJockey, we will need to allocate a Hangar that is active and begin interviews and processing proper photography. seeing as you are Yamataian and a Neko, it is a positive to have you here. our job is to show our faction and the rest of the Sector that we can all work together despite all still serving our own countries." as he finished speaking, the thin Lieutenant rested a hand on her shoulder. before passing the Corporal and returning with several Datapads."here is the paperwork, and speak to the Crew chief on deck 17 to see if we can interview some of the personnel onsite." A smile crept up his face, relieved to have the seemingly kind Corporal and not at all what he envisioned he was to get from the Empire.

Deck 17

The Ensign chuckled for a brief moment shaking his hand. "I suppose I should have, I do like the water. yes I could use your long slender hands with something, non bedroom related for once." He laughed for a moment before going back under the Viper Gunship, going back into the Panel." My dear i need you assistance in holding this coolant hose, so I can secure it properly, before you start eating would you mind helping me? then once I'm done Here the private here and myself are off duty for the day, so we can spend some time together. though i could really use your help." Levente smiled rubbing the back of his head. His other hand in his pocket, twirling a ring between his fingers. today was a very important day, unbeknownst to His lover it was made up in his mind, never before this deployment, he would be a man with two wives when they returned from the deployment.

Mess Hall
Irene Barna

Sitting in the now emptying Mess hall, Irene looked to her massively tall advisor with a deep uncharacteristic Sigh." If I can be Honest Horus, things have progressed so fast I question my abilities to handle both the addition of new Personnel and the sole Leadership of this Ship, I am still in need of an Executive Officer and our Logistics are allocated to the front. I do hope you don't mind that I confide in you." Irene's posture slumped briefly before straightening back up, proceeding to keep her façade from cracking any further. For her, the life of a now Admiral was a lonely and high stress filled one. "These Senti and their Flotilla are a concern, not them as a people but we have always seen them as pacifists. now all of a sudden they want to fight? Also what could have caused the destruction of a ship that holds upwards of four to five billion? Something is missing here and I don't like being in the dark." she took a sip from her mug, the warm drink giving a brief respite from the mental overload.

Undisclosed Substation.

The screens cracked, calcified chunks falling to the floor as the black screens and monitors erupted with a long dead language, illuminated in red. the stone like halls now lighting up with dim light as the Massive Sarcophagi, began to his as cold visible air began to escape, showing humanoid forms waking up. Slowly but surely the first group began to wake, their long awaited return was fast approaching.


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Deck 18

Hiroshiko remained standing at attention as the side that was her mother demanded she maintain her military bearing at all times. But her father's voice occasionally sprung up to get her to be less stiff. It was almost like he was inside her mind.

There was a faint, but noticible twitch of her shoulder when Lt. Dellis put his hand on her shoulder. She was certain he meant nothing with it, but it was still a natural reaction for her when it came to the opposite sex.

"I may be Nekovalkyjra, but my father was Nepleslian. So it is important for me to undo as much conflict between our people as possible. Though I am sure cat will take less time to remove from Trade." Hiroshiko said when he made his return, looking at the datapads.

Deck 09

Misakura got up from the ground when Zoran was done and ordered for them to form up. She could have mentioned that she was here for quite some time, but he was likely ignoring her for a reason. No point in potentially starting an international incident to save face.

She took up the rear of the formation to blend in more with the small team of Nepleslians.


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Deck 09

Caffran chuckled. "Yeah? Seems hardly worth the effort is that's all your going to offer. Or are they paying Sergeants really well these days?" Caffran moved into formation eyeing the other members and taking the measure of them. There was the shorter guy with the snipers patch. Two Nepleslian girls and the exchange girl from Yamatai. Not much a squad. Hopefully there were more members then this motley crew.