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RP Ocean Day of YE 41


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"Mastered the art of sandcastles eh ?" he couldn't help but keep his grin. While still holding her " Though I do want to see that i've been dying to get into that water how about we take a dip first before I see my wonderful siege master in works". He held the blue neko's hand as he motioned for them to hit the crisp clear water, it taunting and alluring nature calling to him.


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Kiyo smiles at him “I agree let's go!” she said then she moved from his hold and runs to the water, giggling and laughing with glee as she charged to the water her tail swaying behind her.


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Kiki Two
Kiki gasped and immediately blushed when Saya touched her wings. She was surprised, Saya was still a stranger to this Kiki, as was Wyatt. The tall bird was shaking a bit because of Saya's position. She was uncomfortable, but she didn't want to tell Saya to stop and accidentally hurt her feelings. "U-u-um... heh heh... h-hi?" she stuttered. She figured she'd better ask now or she'd be even more confused. "I'm... I'm sorry... but... do you know me?"


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"Saya? Yeah, sure! She a friend of yours?" Abart nodded, followed up by a casual tongueflick.
With Shasse's question, he looked up once more. "Well, there's ben quite a few transfers since then... people coming and going left and right. I think that i'm probably on of the people who's been on there the longest... guess Separa don't get transferred as often because of the extra facilities involved... rooms... sanitary... Mindy's... But anyways, yeah! There's a good few people from back then on the ship, some of them are here as well!" The tailtip that was casually trailing across the water's surface flicked back and forth slightly in exitement. "Hey did you know Nerai is a Juni now?"



"Geez, always such a clumsy little one~" *As mark was jumped by thecrestedelysian and clanky robot, the long, tanned, scalt tail wrapped around the three of them, Arms soon following. In her sheer teary-eyed joy she might have been squeezing a little too tight, but at that point probably none of them would really care. "Welcome back..."


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"Very funny Kiki, it's me Saya. OH! Sorry sorry I'm sorry..." Saya backed a step away from Kiki after she realized she had touched her wings and fought the urge to smooth them out.

"I didn't think you were coming today Kiki, but there are a bunch of us from the Kaiyo here! We should get together for a barbecue or something." She said with a smile.


"Yea! We served together for a bit and I stayed in touch with her when I got back into the YSA. Good girl that one, she doing well?" Datenshi asked as she felt a little tingle at the sight of the tongue flick, but she hid it with a smile. The smaller Neko was in the way, but she didn't want to chase someone off that seemed to be a friend and risk running him off too. She had things that needed to be done.


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Kiki Two
The familiar cockatoo relaxed once Saya released her wings. "Saya? I don't remember anyone with that name... I'm afraid there's been some kind of misunderstanding..." From what Saya said, Kaiyō was the only name that rang a bell apart from her own. "The Kaiyō? That one ship I worked on once? You seem to recognize me, but, I apologize, I'm not sure who either of you are..."


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"Yeah, Sure looks like it. From what i can tell she gets along real well with the rest of the crew... particularly out SAINT officer, i suppose... wonder what's up with that."

Sure enough, after a couple of seconds that tonguecame flicking out again, wiggling about a bit longer than first. "Water sure is nice today, warmer than usual i'd say! Trust me, i can tell." Flickflick. This tail sloshed through the water some more, creating some splashy waves a couple of feet away from them, giving an impression of just how long that thing mustve been, even when it's not as visible.