RP: Origin OIF Karakoram episode 1.1: A New Hunt


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“Oh we know, we never said we weren’t kids!” Anna answered with a giggle while Bella nodded along smugly.

“You should embrace it, growing up too fast is no fun.” The twin said seriously. Tapping him on the shoulder for emphasis. “But briefing sounds cool, our boss used to always bring a big bottle of brandy for everyone to share before meetings.” They were of course referring to Kryss at Horizon who took a rather strange course when it came to meetings.


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Once everyone from the frame team had arrived, the lighting in the room changed slightly, dimming over the audience and brightening on the low stage. The door behind everyone swung open as someone came in, with the sounds of the typical company issued boots thunking gently against the floor. swiftly, this person came into sight; She was a fairly tall Iromakuanhe Eyr Ranr, with fair skin and long blonde hair tied into an enormous braid which she wore to the front. For her uniform, she was clad in Origin's female commander variant, the long half-skirt billowing behind her before she made her way to the podium. Once she arrived on the spot, she made an about face, and surveyed those before her. The crew whom had been on the previous journey of the Karakoram would recognize her, as would one whom had not yet sailed on the Origin vessel before- Malik Rashidan would have a sudden vision of the past as his former wingman from Bahram stood before him; in a much different position than he found himself in.

"Alright, enough chatter," Captain Zus Storhan began, her eyes locking with those of the cohronal in the room, before moving on to each of those present; Charles, Jennifer, Nora, Chey, Oracle, and the twins Anna and Bella.

"Today, I'm briefing you all on our upcoming mission. As you may know, our last journey was a bust as far as our true purpose, but this one should be different. Through means I won't divulge, we managed to track down one of the pirate vessels that has been attacking our shipping, and trace it to its point of origin. we believe that it's operating from a clandestine base out of the normal space lanes, and that there are also several other vessels operating along with it. it is our job, therefore, to tackle this pirate craft, and then, trace back to its base and route out any illegal presence at that location. This time our intel is solid, so get ready for an actual fight." The captain looked down at her notes, then back up at the frame team.
"Before I continue the briefing, does anyone have any comments, questions, or concerns? everything I'm briefing past this point will not be up for discussion, so the time is now if you need to say anything."

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Charles looked around at the newer pilots. Those two twins seemed a bit young to be drinking, but he wasn't their parent, so who was he to judge too harshly. "I know that at the end of the last cruise, we put in our requests for our frames, what will the new faces be using?"

He stroked his chin, which appeared somewhat comical given his apparent age. He didn't seem to realize it though.


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“Ooh yeah, I got a question!” Bella started before Anna quickly clapped her hand on her sisters mouth.
“Nope, nope we’re all good here. No questions!” The twin said with a huge fake smile before she jabbed her sister in the ribs. “No one needs to know we’re not meant to be here, thats a secret between us and Kryss, Origin, no one else needs to know.”

Anna and Bella both snickered at each other before glancing at Charles with a wink, they had been a little quiet but they had chosen to sit right next to him, it was likely he’d be able to hear them regardless. “You better not tell anyone, if you heard anything.“


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Jennifer shook her head. She didn't have any questions, but most importantly, she didn't have much to say. It went about as well as she expected. Suffice to say, it was waiting to see what silliness was going to be asked. Such as when Charles spoke up. "I 'an answer tha' Charles. They've got base frames. Me an' mine can get them rigged up as needed, but we ain't had time to sit down wid them ta actually hash out wha' they need." She said, since she was the head of the maintenance wing of the ship. Yes, she also was one of the frame pilots, but her work was keeping the rest working in top form. Which included the customization's for the frames they'd be using.


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Malik made eye contact with Zus for a second.

It was a second to the outside world, but to him it lasted far longer as painful memories came back. Memories made more painful by the fact that, despite the balaclava covering his face, he just knew Zus recognized him. 'So much for leaving Iroma space', he thought to himself once time resumed, arms crossing as he looked away... and at the young'uns surrounding him.

"Hrmph. Customization of a unit is a childish fantasy- naming a machine is unlucky, and giving it a custom paintjob is just going to get you singled out and killed." He said, clear and gruff, almost an Alan Rickman-esque sneer to his voice.

"This isn't a racing circut, and its not some fancy story where you get to be the hero and get the girl- this is actual war, and pirates won't care how much you've painted a machine."