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[OOC] Rogue Trader - Into the Maw (OOC & Recruiting)


New Member
So a Voidmaster, an Archmilitant and a Rogue Trader. Interesting. Very bellicose, aren't we?

I guess I'll just wait for you guys to give me the go. Also, Aendri, should we change the ship's guns? I still think the laser batteries are better than the plasma ones (lots of range, very little difference in damage, less cost).

Cy83r K0rp53

New Member
uuu... did I not put up the changes? *checks*


The damage is 2 points greater for the Plasma Batteries and it also has the vaporization ability, you trade this away for the increased range and slightly reduced power drain of the Laser Battery, which is a lsightly better if power hungry version of the standard macrocannon.

The history requires altering if you decide to not keep the plasma cannons, so make your final decision.

Cy83r K0rp53

New Member
H'okay, things done, links put on front page... life sort of on track.

Sorry for making everyone wait so long, I'll be starting classes soon so with that amount of predictability in my life I can start turning my mind back to the funner things in life, like starting to run this game that I've been telling everyone I wanted to do and would get to at within the first few chances. I might be able to type something up within a week or so (giving myself a lot of wiggle room because I don't know how hectic my schooling is going to be yet).

Aendri, I can't read the name on your character sheet, what's it say?

EDIT: well, fook, nevermind; my classes will be taking up a majority of the week until June of next year, and then I'm going to try and enlist again. Sorry to totally have to call the game off, but you still have that D&D game to occupy the entire freakin year it'll take me to be in ap osition to GM again, so everything isn't too bad.