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RP Date
YE 45.2.4
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Kaiko Park, Kyoto, Yamatai
Kaiko Park, Kyoto, Yamatai
YE 45.2.4 (Love Day)

Today was the eight annual Love Day, a national holiday in Yamatai introduced in YE 37 by Imperial Premier Hanako (a senator at the time) to promote relationships and population growth among the people of the Empire. All over the Empire, people were out and about using their day off to get out and meet people in public places like parks, or giving that special someone chocolates and flowers. The tradition had grown so big that it was even becoming popular for people from nearby nations to join in the fun.

The new hot spot this year was Kaiko Park, a gorgeous new park in Kyoto that was full of lush gardens and military monuments. And today, it was also full of vendors selling anything a lover could need from hot chocolate and cards to wines. One vendors was even selling desktop volumetric projectors that could take a couple's picture and turn it into a desktop ornament. And it was sure to draw some people out at the newly-elected Imperial Premier herself was set to make her first public appearance since the election.

Hanako took the stage in front of a crowd to start the festivities. "Good afternoon everyone! I want to welcome you to Kaiko Park and thank you for being here. I will keep it short so you can get to the fun stuff. I want to thank everyone for your support. Even if you did not vote for me, I will still be your Premier and work to make sure Yamatai gives you her best, and that our empire remains strong and just. Now, I encourage you to do your part by getting out there and building relationships, spreading love, and perhaps even getting started on the next generation," she grinned. "HAPPY LOVE DAY YE 45!" she shouted to a round of applause. A shower of heart-shaped confetti filled the air and a squad of Star Army soldiers began firing T-shirt cannons into the air and tossing chocolates to everyone.

Down in the garden, Poppy Pink snatched a chocolate out of the air, nearly tripping over another excited attendee. She apologized and made a beeline to where there was more room, ending up on a large path where some opportunistic street food vendors had their carts set up. She looked around to see if she saw anyone who caught her eye. Nearby, her roommate Pidole and her beetle were buying nachos.

Nanook was somewhat disappointed. The t-shirt he had managed to catch in the air was something like, twelve or thirteen sizes too small. With a shrug he hurled it backwards over his ursine head and began to gingerly make his way to a nearby food stand, careful no to step on or bowl over any of the little neko running about. As he approached the food stand he crouched on one knee to come closer to level with the Minkan attendant. "I would like one gallon of deep fried ice cream, rocky road please."

Kanzaki Akahana took a deep breath. Kaiko Park was so much more stunning in person.

Having made the trip to Yamatai for Love Day, the Snowy Neko was familiar with Kaiko Park in its virtual rendition. It was one of her favorite spots to visit while practicing the pedal harp in VCE, so to experience it in real life with her own senses represented a fulfillment of a long-term goal of hers. Unfortunately, she hadn't been able to bring a real pedal harp to the park (much less purchase one for herself), but the absence of her instrument didn't subtract from the experience.

After all, Akahana hoped to spend the afternoon meeting new people, rather than playing the harp.

Dressed in a short red kimono dress, complete with a black choker necklace and high-heeled gladiator sandals to elevate her height a few inches, Akahana made a small hop to catch one of the falling t-shirts, in the hopes of securing one for herself, even though she doubted that it would fit her all that well. However, in doing so, someone else had managed to catch it at the same time, at which point Akahana turned to meet the hazel-eyed gaze of the individual who had done so!

Shinomori Matsuvo had managed to, by some coincidence, grab ahold of the same T-shirt as it fluttered downward after its launch from the shirt cannons located around the park. The white-haired Minkan was a good deal taller than the Snowy Neko who held the other end of the shirt, leaving the shirt stretched between the two as both held a corner.

Matsuvo was wearing a relatively modest outfit, a pair of trousers from his type-35 uniform, hinted at his status as a fellow Star Army service member. He also wore a dark blue jacket, left unzipped to reveal a T-shirt bearing the logo of a moderately popular band that had recently begun to pick up popularity on Nataria.

"Ah, pardon me, I was so focused on trying to catch the shirt I didn't notice someone else wanted it." The minkan said as he released his corner of the shirt, seeming to offer it to the shorter Snowy Neko.

Akahana's eyes widened, scanning the exotic, angular features of the man who had grabbed the same shirt as she had, before briefly shifting down towards his shirt and Type 35 trousers, eyebrows flashing as her digital mind processed that he was a service member.

"Oh! Are you sure? It'll fit you much better than it would fit me." Akahana offered, as she angled her neck up to look into his hazel eyes. "I just wanted a keepsake, is all. Not sure I'd actually get much use out of it." The Snowy Neko added, not wanting to give up a shirt if it meant compromising an opportunity to form a connection with a man possessing of such exotic, elfin beauty.

"I'm Akahana, by the way." The Snowy Neko added, a cordial smile lighting up her alabaster features as she let go of the shirt, even though she sensed that the introduction was likely redundant, if he possessed a digital mind as she did. "And you are Matsuvo, yes?"

Matsuvo offered a nod and a smile in confirmation as he took the shirt back, "I am, hajimemashite Akahana-san." He knew that Akahana had likely identified him through her digital mind and sent out a small digital <Hello>, offering a local telepathy link.

He examined the shirt a bit more closely, turning it so he could see the back, and then again to appraise the front. "It's a bit of a departure from my normal style, but let's see how it looks," The minkan said as he draped the shirt over one arm and slipped his jacket off. "Would you mind holding onto this for a moment?"

Akahana returned the Minkan's telepathic greeting with one of her own, offering a kawaii emoji of a white rabbit playing in the snow, before giving a playful wave and diving back into its den. All the while, the Snowy Neko nodded her head with no shortage of enthusiasm in the gesture when Matsuvo offered her his jacket, before accepting the dark blue garment into her arms and glancing it over.

"I'm sure you'll look great in it." Akahana offered, before glancing towards the Minkan's shirt. "What does the logo on your shirt represent?" The Snowy Neko inquired, her gaze widening with curiosity.

"It's a band some soldiers at Fort Minori recommended to me," The Minkan said as he pulled the love-day shirt down over his band shirt. "It's called

"You look nice," Pidole told Poppy, after returning with the nachos. She also went over to Nanook. "Hi Nanook! Are you on the prowl for a mate?" she asked the Ursoid, adding "Euikoshi was interested to know."

"Thank you," the medic said, Poppy had her long, wavy pink hair down and was wearing a form-hugging short black dress and thigh-high shiny black leather boots, and shiny silver earrings shaped like sakura flowers.

Nanook saw the approaching Pidole, and responded to her inquirie, "Only of the culinary variety. I have heard that there is quite a spread of delicious treat here this year." Nanook wore a purple tartan great kilt, wrapped in the old fashion, comprised of nearly twenty yards of fabric. The Sporran that hung from the belt was a deep violet with black trim. "I am not sure that I am quite prepared for a relationship, let alone anything that is overly physical." He took a large chunk out of the ball of fried Ice cream held in his large furry paws.

"Why not?" Pidole asked, curiously. "Did you get your heart broken?" she asked, popping a molten cheese covered nacho in her mouth as she stood there looking up at his face.

Nanook finished gnawing the ice cream in his mouth and swallowed. "That's pretty simple. You must always be able to place your mission first. Romantic entanglements make that exponentially more difficult. Therefore, best to avoid them altogether. Especially for those who are likely to find themselves in combat with each other." Another mouthfull of rocky road.

"I think you're missing the point of the holiday," Pidole laughed a little. "Today the mission is to hook up."

"It's love day right? I love food. Hook me up with some tasty fish!" Nanook laughed. He strode through the gardens, looking at the flowers and various memorials. He finally managed to find a half solitary bench large enough to support his frame and sat down. A small stream gurgled, koi fish passed underneath the cherry blooms floating. He stared blankly at the water. His mind was consumed by thoughts of his family, who he had lost in the devastating attack on Gashmere city. He could still see their faces, feel their warmth, and hear their laughter.

His father Torbjorn, mother Uschi, brother Bjarne, and sister Biorna were all gone. He was the only one left, and he felt like a part of him had died with them. He had joined the Star Army to protect his people and make a better life for his family, but now they were gone, and he felt like he had failed them.

The thought of his family's death was a constant weight on his heart, and he struggled every day to keep going. He knew that he had a duty to continue serving, to fight for the Kodian people and to honor his family's memory, but it was a heavy burden to bear. He often felt like giving up, but he knew that his family would want him to keep going, to stay strong, and to protect their people.The tears welled and slowly fell down the sides of his muzzle.

Nanook took a deep breath and closed his eyes, imagining that he could feel his family's presence with him. He would never forget them, and he would always remember the love and laughter they brought into his life. He vowed to continue serving his people, to protect them from harm, and to honor the memory of his family.

"You good, brother?" A voice spoke over Nanook's shoulder, before footsteps Circled his bench, a woman of white hair and equally pale skin kneeling in front of the stream and dressed in a Duskerian Legion dress uniform. She was tall, even curled down like this, powerfully built, and dressed not for a date, but to appear as just another soldier.

Ketsurui Aiko strode over to her companion, the Kaiyō II’s MEGAMI avatar named Boss, having just retrieved a couple of omamori amulets from a kiosk that sat near the edges of where everyone had gathered to hear Hanako speak. Today she wore a light pink kimono over a scarlet yukata, and it was stitched with a flurry of cherry blossoms that spun up from its bottom edge to give the effect that the princess walked through a gust of fallen, heart-shaped flower petals. As she walked, she fastened one of the charms that were red and pink themselves with a gold heart upon them, onto the obijime cords that kept her belt tight around her waist.

“Here, Boss,” Aiko said, handing the little commemorative trinket to her friend. “You can wear it wherever you would like. These come from a tradition rooted in protection magic, but Yamataians mostly collect them to remember somewhere they have visited. This one is for you.”

"You know this park isn't forgettable to me," Boss said about Kaiko Park. "I believe you called it 'my new home away from my body,' Ketsurui-sama. I'll remember the gift-giver, instead, with this." Taking in the omamori with both her golden eyes and hands, the MEGAMI smiled wondrously. The red and pink amulet matched the colors of her bright turtleneck, over which she wore a dark overall dress the same inky black color of space. She tied the amulet around the last button of her black denim jacket, taking in the plethora of people as she did.

“Appropriate,” Aiko nodded, approving of how Boss had displayed her omamori. They were, after all, here together so that the MEGAMI could witness real people doing normal people things. “Come along now. We should wander some. I know we have both seen the park’s monuments thoroughly, but it feels somewhat more grand filled with these others. Plus the late spring blooms should offer new sensations.”

It was true that the last time Boss and Aiko had been to the park was mid winter. Now with the spring edging closer, many of the plants had come out of their woody hibernation. It was as if the prospect of Love Day had brought them forth, enticing flowers from the smallest buds to entire trees whose bounty of cascading flowers captivated the MEGAMI. She headed north of the park's center and gazed up at the trees that began to shade them. Some of the white blossoms were cascading towards the throngs of people and one even landed on the top of Boss' raspberry-colored beret.

The MEGAMI sniffed, then slowed, looking around as she asked, "They smell?"

Aiko’s pleased exterior remained placid when confronted with Boss’ word choice. She could remember being as new at speaking as Boss was, though couldn’t recall saying things so immediately.

“Yes,” Aiko agreed before letting out a charmed chuckle at the flower that had landed atop Boss’ hat. She reached over and plucked it off as they continued walking down the path past other Love Day lovers, and then presented it to Boss with an open palm in front of the MEGAMI’s face. “They remain quite fragrant even after shedding from their stems. A pleasant aroma, not a smelly stink or anything of the sort.”

The MEGAMI leaned forward to sniff the petal. As she did so, the long sections of her teal bangs brushed against Aiko's palm. She mulled over the word 'fragrant' in her mind, happily smiling. Her golden eyes fell to look down at her pink shoes as she walked the trail next to Aiko and the pair continued on.

As Poppy milled around the area looking for someone new to introduce herself to, she spotted a familiar face: The old Resurgence caretaker, Mia Barber, was there for Love Day, looking good with her wavy periwinkle hair and her tiny dress. Poppy paused to go say hello to her old friend and to see baby Aidan, who was super adorable.

"Hi!" Mia waved, sloshing her cup of beer. She took a swig and handed her baby to Poppy. "He's three months now!" she told Poppy, who carefully held the child in her arms.

"At least one of us is doing our part to make more Yamataians," Poppy joked to Mia. "He's adorable. I hope he turns out to be a smart little guy."

"Well I can't exactly pick up a man holding him," Poppy laughed.

"Not with that attitude," Mia countered. They both laughed some more.

- - -

OOC: JP by Wes, Ametheliana, Immortal Cyan, Dana, Raz, Alex Hart (Mecha Meme)

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Nanook hung his head, the weight of his loss heavy on his broad shoulders. "No," he whispered. "I'm not okay. My family, they were all in Gashmere City. I couldn't do anything to save them."

Tears welled in his eyes, and he struggled to keep his voice steady. "I just keep seeing their faces, over and over. I can't shake the images from my mind. I thought I was prepared for anything. But I never imagined this. How could I have failed them so completely?" He looked up, his eyes red and raw. "I don't know how to go on. I don't know what my purpose is, now that they're gone. I was always so proud of my family, and now... now I have nothing left."

Nanook's voice broke on the last word, and he covered his face with his massive paws, his shoulders shaking with silent sobs.
. "No," he whispered. "I'm not okay
A deep sigh escaped the woman's lips, her shoulders slumping as she stood, turning to show her scarred face and red eyes. "I get it."

Approaching calmly, she gently wrapped her arms over Nanook's head and shoulders, even at her full height barely able to pull him her chin in his seated position. "Obsidian City... Must be... Three years ago, now. We suffered a string of terror attacks. I lost brothers. Sisters. A sniper killed my father in his address. Before that, the man I loved, killed in an air strike seconds before I got there. I was pretty fucked up for a long time. Didn't want help. Nearly got myself discharged. Nearly killed one of my sisters. I know what you're going through. I know I'm just a clone soldier. But that doesn't make it hurt any less."

Spark gave a gentle squeeze, one hand softly rubbing the back of Nanook's large head as she stood. She was, after all, only human. There wasn't much she could do. But maybe it was just enough. "That was an incredibly strong, brave thing, brother. Letting a stranger know you're not okay. My name is Sergeant Elizabeth Hartbrook. You can call me Spark. I promise you, eventually, it won't hurt quite so bad, anymore. You mind if I sit with you? Maybe you can tell me about them."
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Nanook's eyes remain fixed on the ground as Spark speaks, her words echoing in his mind. After a moment, he takes a deep breath and finally looks up at her, his eyes still filled with pain and sadness. "I don't know if it will ever stop hurting," he says in a low voice. "Why was I the only one to survive?"

He falls silent for a moment, struggling to find the words to express his feelings. "I don't know how to move on from this," he says finally. "Some days, it just feels like...like nothing will ever be okay again."
He hung his head, his voice strained and quiet when he spoke. "I don't know, Spark. I just feel so...worthless. My family was counting on me to protect them. To keep them safe. And I failed. I wasn't there. I was out here, in the military, fighting someone else's war. And now they're gone. It's like...I don't know. Like I failed in the only thing that ever mattered to me."

Tears started to roll down Nanook's cheeks, and he didn't even try to wipe them away. "I keep thinking about all the things I should have done differently. All the choices I made that led to this. I thought I was making the right decisions, but now...now I don't know if I can ever forgive myself for what happened."
Nanook put his head in his hands, feeling completely overwhelmed by the weight of his guilt and the crushing sense of worthlessness that came with it. He felt like he didn't deserve to live, not when so many others had died. He wasn't sure how he was going to make it through this, but he knew one thing for certain – he would never be the same again. Tears started to roll down his cheeks as the weight of his grief hit him anew. He felt so alone, so lost, like a part of him had been taken away and he would never be able to get it back.
"I've been there. And you're right. You'll never be the same again." She offered a soft smile, backing away slowly to take his paws in her hands as she knelt in front of him. "How many more lived because of what you could do? What you have done? I saw the news feed. Gashmere City was a terrible, terrible tragedy. Saving everyone would have been impossible. And I am so, so sorry for all the lives lost. My question is, just like Mark Tazar asked me, once. If you had been there, would it have been better? Or would it just be you among the dead, too? This was not your fault."

She gave his paws a firm squeeze, not trying to snap him out of his grief. Quite the opposite. Grief is healthy. It is a natural thing that existed across all social sapients. An emotion, like all others that directed action and growth. All Spark wanted to do with this gesture was show him that he wasn't alone. And when one hand let go to wipe the tears away, she offered another soft smile. "Just let it all out, okay? You're not worthless. You made the best decision you could with the information you had. You are stronger than you know, and already one of the bravest men I've ever met. Come lay down on the bench and just rest. Let it all out. I got you, brother. I'll keep watch for you."
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Kaiko Park, Kyoto, Yamatai

Itami hadn't expected to find himself taking part in Loveday, but then he and Nara had discussed the possibility of taking in some of the festivities while they had some time off. He hadn't even dressed up, he wasn't in his star army uniform, not the tux that Nara had seen him in on Gashmere. Today he was wearing a simple long-sleeve gray shirt, black slacks and simple shoes. He wasn't even armed, minus the blades resting against each of his calves.

He still had the one thing with him that she would recognize, the book his mother had given him. So Itami was chilling at one of the booths offering tea and noodles, he was waiting to see if Nara would show up and who they might have to beat off of eachother during this insane love fest......the premier even saying to start working on the next generation......good lord.
Kaiko Park, Kyoto, Yamatai


He heard the two Norian's enter, before he saw them and that was only because there seemed to be a communal gasp as the Norian's entered the park. When he looked up to see both Aeyla and Nara, he had to blink twice. Itami had always known that Nara was a knock-out, but to see her dressed the way she was, was a surprise for him. He was used to her dressing far more professionally then this and it made his ears burn. When she started walking over to him after bidding his friend farewell and then Aeyla winked at him he coughed on the tea he was taking a drink from.

When Nara sat across from him, he felt like one hell of a lucky man to have such a beauty wishing to spend time with him. he coughed and sputtered before he was able to speak. "So it would seem. Y-y-you look lovely tonight, my lady." He tried to hide the fact that his face was a light crimson, from the surprise of how she looked. Realizing he was still holding his book in one hand, he set it down next to his tea cup. "Neither, it is more a piece of home. I know the book by heart by this point." He had to remind himself to breath, she both looked and smelled intoxicating. "Oh, I have something for you." He set a book-shaped wrapped package in front of her, it was a copy of the very book he always had with him, as she had once mentioned wanting a copy.
Nanook looked at Spark with a mixture of gratitude and sadness. He felt comforted by her words and her touch, but at the same time, the weight of the events in Gashmere City still weighed heavy on his heart.

"Thank you, Spark," he said, his voice thick with emotion. "I really appreciate your words. I just can't help feeling like I should have done more, like I should have saved more people. I know it's not my fault, but it still hurts so much." Nanook took a deep breath, feeling the comfort of Spark's presence. He allowed himself to be led to the bench, and as he lay down, he felt the tears continue to flow. Spark sat down next to him, her hand on his back, offering him silent support.

Nanook took another deep breath, trying to calm himself down. He looked at Spark, seeing the genuine care and concern in her eyes. He felt a sense of solace knowing that he wasn't alone, and that someone was there for him. He nodded, trying to muster up a small smile. "Thank you," he said. "I appreciate it."
Kaiko park, Kyoto, Yamatai

Thomas walks through the park, his boots clicking cheerfully on the pave stones of the path.
having watched the Imperial premier’s speech from the crowd he found such a holiday somewhat unusual if not downright pointless since he had no love for him to enjoy after close too two decades of nothing but tough love from a hardass of a mother and a father more concerned with the upkeep of the family estate and fortune.
He stops and grimaces slightly rubbing his right leg and mutters “of course the day I think I don’t need my bloody cane I leave on the verdammt ship”.
He limps over to a bench sitting with a sigh and quietly says to himself “I suppose I’ll just have to wait to get lunch until my leg chooses to cease its complaining”. He leans back and relaxes to the best of his ability his left hand rests near his concealed revolver in his armored greatcoat.
"Any time, brother. I know how... I've lost a lot of good people. Family, friends. At least you can say you weren't there. That it wasn't the people whose war you were fighting. Not some deranged side of your own familys." Spark looked out over the park, as though keeping watch with one hand idly scratching at Nanook's back. "I still blame myself. Sometimes. It never really goes away. But it does get easier. Or you get stronger. So hard to tell, anymore. You'll be alright. I mean, I'm just a deathworlder. Just a human clone soldier, but I've been in this hole before. Only way out is through."
Itami cleared his throat hiding his mouth behind the tea cup. "Oh, yes.....I am fine, Nara. Your lovely visage just caught me by surprise is all." The fact that she wore such revealing clothing among her friends caused his face to heat up. "Well, I like to remain comfortable while I am off duty, hence the simple clothing. Also, I...uh, don't mean 'my lady' as in you are mine, I mean it as a sign of respect, though if you want to be mine.....I, uh......I wouldn't say no." He went beet red, realizing what he had just actually said.

He took this moment to reach out and take her soft hands in his own.
"It is a gift that I have been meaning to give to you, since shortly after the Winterfest. Seeing you again on Gashmere, reminded me that I still had it with me." He released her hands, and took a cautious sip of his tea. "It would honor me greatly if you would open it today."
"Any time, brother. I know how... I've lost a lot of good people. Family, friends. At least you can say you weren't there. That it wasn't the people whose war you were fighting. Not some deranged side of your own familys." Spark looked out over the park, as though keeping watch with one hand idly scratching at Nanook's back. "I still blame myself. Sometimes. It never really goes away. But it does get easier. Or you get stronger. So hard to tell, anymore. You'll be alright. I mean, I'm just a deathworlder. Just a human clone soldier, but I've been in this hole before. Only way out is through."

Nanook nods, understanding the weight of Spark's words. "Thank you," he says quietly. "It means a lot to have someone who understands. And I know that time can heal some wounds, but I can't help but feel responsible for what happened." He pauses, looking down at his paws. "But I'll try to be stronger. For myself, and for those who were lost. I won't let their deaths be in vain." Nanook slowly sat up and labored to his feet. "Thank you for being here, I think I need to walk some more and collect myself."
There was nothing in his tea, besides hint of Oolong and Jasmine. “This is our first chance to speak outside of professional matters, since the Winterfest, when we first met. Since then it has been the occasional missive or call, getting the chance to work with you on Gashmere. Well, that made that duty much easier, knowing I had someone at my back who I trusted.” He looked from her concern to his tea and then back to her again. ”No, just Oolong and Jasmine, Nara. It’s just that we are both off duty, which means I can tell you how I have been feeling about you, the more we get a chance to work together.”

“Well, during the Winterfest you showed interest in my book, so I thought what better Way to repay your kindness in your sharing of the book on Norian Culture and History, then by sharing my book with you.”
He waved a server over. “I apologize, I forgot to ask. Would you like anything to drink?” He blinked, not expecting her to ask how she could repay him. “No need, you gave me a book, I gave you a book. Plus, we get to spend the evening together.” He smiled at her.
He nodded. "Yes, a bodysuit and a first edition of the Void War Histories." This was new to him, for the most part there was just the professional soldier side of Itami, not the surprising gentle and intelligent side, which Nara had found that night during the Winter-Fest. Of course, he hadn't expected to find someone who enjoyed a good read as much as he did, let alone the connection they would garner because of it. He was a guarded person, because of his tasks with SASO. "It was a welcome surprise when we ran into each other during that first briefing on Gashmere. I hadn't expected that we would work so well together during that whole thing." He caught the fact that she herself was feeling off balance, much the same way he was. He wondered if this was how people reacted when they realized they liked someone in more then a professional way. He reached out to take her hands to calm both himself and catch her in case she took a dive. "I like you in more then in just a professional way, Nara." There he said it, he told her that he like liked her.

"This way, when we are apart you will have a part of me with you, always." Wait.....had he just said that, what sort of cheesy line had just come out of his mouth. Turning to the server, gave him a chance to calm down after that dopey line. "Oolong tea, with a hint of jasmine, if you would be so kind." In all honesty, her company was the best gift he could have hoped for, when she asked if he was asking her on a date, that simple question caused him to sputter and cough once more. The crimson hue which had lessened to a rosy color was back and all he could do was sputter out a wheezy. "......Yes." He took a few breaths to get his voice back. "Yes, I am asking if you will go on a date with me." Well, shit, now the cat was out of the bag, he couldn't take it back now. His face was a deep crimson color as he couldn't keep himself from blushing deeply, he also didn't realize he was holding his breath, waiting for her answer. This rough and tumble Ranger, now Fleet Scout, who could stare down any enemy without breaking a sweat was being floored by this lovely Norian.
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So, he impressed her, this was good to know. "Well, part of my training with Special Operations, was memory retention. You never know when the smallest detail will save your life, my lovely friend." He could feel himself begin to ramble, it was a habit he had acquired when he got nervous. He didn't know that the lovely, smart and confident Norian he was speaking to was feeling much the same way he was. When she said that she felt the same way he did, he could feel the blush go from his chin to the tips of his ears. "She like me too.....wait, she liked me too???!??? Oh gods, she liked me too......Itami, you are rambling again, calm down." He used the distraction of the server taking the order for Oolong and jasmine tea as a chance to calm down and keep his mind from racing.

The feel of her hands in his, had an oddly centering affect on him, and he had to fight the urge to pull his hands away, hopefully, she didn't catch that nervous reaction.
"Plans? right plans.....wait did he have plans for this date? Oh gods, this was a date now......." He got lost in her lovely violet eyes for several moments. "Plans, you fool....." "Plans? No, no concrete plans, I know they have a lot of booths here and we could always go for a walk through the botanical gardens. So I guess you could call this an unplanned adventure...together." He got lost in her eyes again. "Wait, was he not breathing?" And then she pressed a hand against her cheek and he jerked slightly and started breathing. "I...uh, I didn't realize you felt the same way, Nara. It...it was a shock."
Well, he was breathing again that was a start, now to not make a fool of himself with lovely, professional woman, whom he trusted with his life and I suppose in a way his heart as well. Itami followed her hands and saw her patting her thigh to indicate the blades she had hidden there. "True enough, remember the ceremony on Gashmere?" He hoped that she caught his meaning behind that to indicate he carried hidden blades as well. "Well, we were on the job, Nara. It's not like we got a lot of time to talk about how we felt about each other. I mean, I am surprised you would pick me, I'm just a covert operative with a love for books and the outdoors." "Shut up, man, you're gonna ruin this by saying something stupid, Itami." He took a few breaths before speaking again. "So, for this impromptu date and adventure, shall we enjoy our tea and then see what we can find to fill our night?" Gods, he hoped he didn't sound as corny as he thought he did.
When she made the exclamation of the tea being hot and seeing her reaction, Itami remembered her telling one time during their time shared mission on Gashmere, the fact that she was sensitive to heat. “Are you alright, Nara? I should have told the server to chill your tea some before serving it.” He smiled at her and a light blush crossed his cheeks upon her mention of the aftermath of the ceremony on Gashmere. “Well, you were in need of aid and we were rushed for time, I do remember asking your permission.” Though, he did remember that he hadn’t asked her the second time he carried her. “I should apologize, for when I picked you up and put you in a Mindy on the planet.” A light blush played across his cheeks.

“So, treating you like the woman you are and not some conquest?” His blush deepened there. How could he not treat his friend like the lovely woman she was, that just seemed insane to him. “Well, I haven’t gotten the chance lately, but I do enjoy mountain climbing.” He froze when she stepped behind him and then leaned down and whispered into his ear, this caused a severe crimson blush as he felt her breasts grazed his shoulder. He shivered and unconsciously his shoulder pressed back into her chest. “Y…yes, let the adventure begin.” He was beginning to smell her excitement, which only made his blush deeper.
"I may have your trust, Nara, however that will not stop me from apologizing to you later for anything that could be seen as untoward or impolite." He smiled at her, that was just that he was, he was raised to ask permission before touching a lady and to treat women with the respect which they deserved. It was however good to know that she trusted him and would follow his lead, when the situation called for it. Itami had to wonder what was going through her head as she blushed so profusely, was it something he said or did, or was it some thought in her head. When she asked about him taking her climbing some day, the idea just made him smile, he liked having the chance to share his passions with his friends and those he cared deeply about, which happened to cover Nara from both sides. "I would love to, Nara. Perhaps the next time we both have R&R built up then as during missions we seem to have no free time or at least very limited."

Her smell became more pungent as she back way from him. He took the moment to finish his tea and collect his thoughts trying to calm himself down. The quiet whimper which escaped her did affect him though, as much as he tried to block it out. Standing he turned to her and she could see the affect she was having on him. "Y....you did nothing wrong, Nara. Your closeness and breath on my ear simply surprised me." He reached his hand out to her. "Shall we see what adventure we can find for our date?"
Yoshiro was at the festival alone. He was at the decommissioning of the Aeon II and decided that he should transfer to another ship to continue his career as squad leader and pilot. He was thinking about his love life and his career at the same time but he couldn't figure out how he was going to balance the two things. He was so lost in thought, he was not paying attention to where he was going and bumped in to someone. "Oh my goodness, I do apologize to you for my clumsy act. Are you okay?" He asked.
Kaiko Park, Kyoto, Yamatai
YE 45.2.4 (Love Day)

Kanzaki Akahana - @Immortal Cyan
Shinomori Matsuvo - @Alex Hart

With some squeezing, maneuvering, and polite apologies towards those in their way, Akahana and Matsuvo had managed to escape from the bulk of the crowd to find themselves near a particularly large lake with a healthy population of ducks swimming within. Nearby, a sign was posted with guidelines for how to feed the ducks.

Not too far away from the lake were a pair of vendors selling yakitori chicken skewers, pork yakisoba, gyoza, fried ice cream, and cookies. There was another vendor selling t-shirts and various Love Day memorabilia but otherwise it was a relatively low traffic area as compared to the crowd from earlier.

In essence, a perfect place for an impromtu date.

Glancing back, Akahana took a deep, yet quiet breath upon realizing that elfin Minkan was still behind her, relieved for the fact that he hadn't taken advantage of the chaotic crowd to ghost her. In that regard, he seemed to be giving her a chance at least, one which she hoped not to waste.

"That was chaotic." Akahana gasped as she floated back towards Matsuvo's side, staring up into his hazel-eyed gaze as she did. "I'm glad we came out of it intact." The Snowy Neko added with a nervous smile, before shifting her gaze to the vendors in the area, who seemed to be slightly annoyed at the fact that they had set up in a low traffic area.

"Wanna grab some food?" Akahana asked, her nostrils twitching at the scent of yakitori in the air, intermixed with other savory notes.

As the two made their way from the more crowded part of the park towards the comparatively tranquil area around the lake, it almost felt to Matsuvo as if an imperceptible weight had lifted. Social creature though he and other Yamatians were, it was hard not to feel almost crushed by such a dense crowd.

Now free of the crowd's confines, the Minkan took a deep breath, the act bringing to his senses the same scent that Akahana's nose had picked up a mere moment earlier. Festival food; fried, grilled, or otherwise, the food seemed almost perfectly engineered to make the mouths of any who passed by water.

Matsuvo turned his head towards the snowy neko, seeming almost surprised to find her face much higher than he expected due to her use of gravimetrics. He offered a smile in response to her suggestion, "I think that's a great idea, I'm feeling like Yakitori, what about you?"

"Me too!" Akahana piped up in agreement, before letting Matsuvo (hopefully) lead the way towards the vendor stand, out of an unconscious desire to not let him escape from her sight. However, she did take a quick glance towards the lake and the ducks swimming within, but only for a flash of a second before shifting her attention back to the Minkan, her gaze once more homed in on his elfin aspect.

"I'd suggest feeding the ducks too, but I don't think chicken is healthy for them." She continued. "It might also loosely classify as cannibalism." The Snowy Neko added with a playfully disgusted frown, as a slight giggle slipped out from her lips.

Fortunately, with the lack of a crowd, there was no line to wait in. The vendor—a tall, black-haired Minkan male with long hair tied up in a net and a light stubble darkening his jawline—offered a gentle smile towards the two soldiers before picking up a pair of tongs and a disposable takeout cup.

Akahana waited for Matsuvo to order first, before ordering atsuage and pork yakitori for herself. After she was done, she casted the Minkan a soft smile, before transmitting a telepathic message, offering to pay for both of them.

For himself, Matsuvo ordered Torinequi and Gyutan, responding to Akahana's telepathic message with a grateful affirmative, not wishing to be ingracious. While the two waited, Matsuvo considered the duck pond, chuckling slightly at Akahana's earlier joke. Casting his eyes to some of the other stalls dotting this section of the park, an idea sprung to mind.

After a few moments, their orders were prepared, steam rising from the grilled skewers in the still-cool air of the early spring. Gratefully taking the food and offering the snowy neko her order, Matsuvo waited a moment before taking Akahana's hand and beginning to lead her towards another stall, this one selling pastries and treats.

A split-second was all the Snowy Neko needed to pay for the orders, at which point she offered Matsuvo, then the vendor a pair of smiles before following the elfin Minkan towards another stall. All the while, she took a deep whiff of her food, but held back the urge to eat for the moment. The Minkan clearly had something sweet in mind!

"When we're done, there's a lovely wisteria grove I want to visit." Akahana suggested. "There are also some ocean cliffs with trails, if we have the time. Oh, and we could even go to the Yui statue too!" She suggested a little absentmindedly. While the Snowy Neko knew it wouldn't be practical to visit all of the locations in the park before nightfall, she hoped to at least stay for a bit longer!

As Matsuvo ordered a set of sweets for the two, some sweet-and-savory red bean Doriyaki that would pair nicely with the food that the pair had already ordered, as well as a couple of Taiyaki. Telepathically, the minkan reciprocated Akahana's earlier offer, asking if there was anything else she wanted and offering to pay.

He also considered the various destinations that the snowy neko had suggested, among them the Wisteria grove stood out to him as a clear first destination, and he suggested as much out loud after paying for the various sweets that had been decided on.

"I think that the Wisteria grove sounds like a wonderful idea, Akahana-san." The white-haired Minkan said with a smile, "I think the Yui statue is also on the way there from here, so that's even better."

"Mhmmmm." Akahana purred as she accepted the offered sweets. "I hear that the statue is naked too~" She added with a coy grin, unconsciously licking her lips as she sidled herself just that much closer to the elfin Minkan, leaving only just enough space for the two to walk together.

"So we're both in the Star Army." Akahana said, after a brief pause. "How long have you been serving?"

Matsuvo raised an eyebrow at the thought of the famous Taisho of the Star Army in the nude before turning his mind towared Akahana's question as she moved closer to him. "I joined up in '39, just before the war broke out." Matsuvo recalled, thinking back to his first years in the Star Army.

"What was your first assignment?" Akahana asked, her gaze widening in curiosity as the elfin Minkan spoke. "Did you ever fight the Kuvexians or..." The Snowy Neko paused, if only for a moment. "The Mishhuvurthyar?" She added, her voice taking on a slightly lower tone as the word left her lips, heavy with dark implication.

The Minkan tugged on his collar before removing a cord with a ring at the end. The ring was a Star Army commemorative ring, its silver band adorned with a brilliant saphire. The familiar silouhette of a Plumeria class gunship was etched onto the gem, and the words "YSS Kaiyō" onto the band.

"My first posting," He said thoughtfully, "It certainly was an eventful one." He tucked the ring back away before continuing as the two made their way towards the Yui statue. "I've fought all of the above. Kuvexians, and their proxy soldiers. Mishhuvyuthar too..." At the last, his expression seemed to be a bit more uncomfortable, and he rubbed a spot on his chest.
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