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  1. Wes

    RP [Open RP] The Hanami Festival of YE 46

    Kaiko Park, Kyoto, Yamatai YE 46.3 In Kyoto's riverside district, the Hanami festival unfolded beneath the canopy of blooming cherry blossoms. This annual event was not merely an ode to the aesthetics and feeling of spring but a vibrant symphony of camaraderie and survival, echoing the enduring...
  2. Wes

    Year-End Festival The Snow Globe: Yule Festival at Pisces International Station [Open RP]

    Pisces Station (Xylar System) YE 45.9 The holiday party at Pisces Station, hailed as the pinnacle of festivity in the sector, was a spectacle of unprecedented grandeur. Once a stalwart Star Army base akin to the renowned Scorpio, Pisces Station had transformed over the years since its...
  3. Wes

    Year-End Festival 🎁 YE 45 Free Salvage Giveaway! 🎁

    Word went out across the Kikyo Sector that Second Chance Salvage Company would once again begin liquidating old salvage through a massive giveaway (and of course use it as a tax write-off). Thus began the great salvage giveaway of YE 45! To claim it, users would simply have to fill out a form...
  4. Wes

    Halloween 🎃 [Trick Or Treat] Second Chance Salvage (YE 45) 🎃

    🎃 Yamatai's Candy Festival is here! 🍬 But here at at Second Chance Salvage Company, we've got something longer-lasting than candy: 👻 SPOOKY SPACE JUNK! 💀 Send us a reply and you'll receive three (3) random items of salvaged or surplus items. BONUS: if you post a photo of yourself in costume...
  5. Wes

    RP Summer Beach Party, YE 45 [Open RP]

    OOC: This is an open RP! All characters and factions are welcome! Bring your character, or make one up! = = = The sun had just dipped below the horizon, painting the sky with hues of pink, orange, and indigo, casting its farewell glow on the exotic jungle city of Yumiuki. Nestled at the...
  6. Wes

    [Yamatai] Hanami Festival & BBQ Cookout of YE 45 - OPEN RP

    The Hanami festival in downtown Kyoto was not just a celebration of the beauty of nature and the arrival of spring; it was also a testament to the resilience and unity of the people of Yamatai and their diverse allies. Amidst the stunning cherry blossoms, everyone came together to appreciate the...
  7. Wes

    RP [OPEN RP] Love Day YE 45

    Kaiko Park, Kyoto, Yamatai YE 45.2.4 (Love Day) Today was the eight annual Love Day, a national holiday in Yamatai introduced in YE 37 by Imperial Premier Hanako (a senator at the time) to promote relationships and population growth among the people of the Empire. All over the Empire, people...
  8. Wes

    Halloween [Trick Or Treat] Second Chance Salvage (YE 44)

    Yamatai's Candy Festival is here! But we've got something longer-lasting than candy at Second Chance Salvage Company: SPACE JUNK. Send us a reply and you'll receive three random items from our stockpile. And if you post a photo of yourself in costume (OOC: character art), you'll get double the...
  9. Wes

    RP [OPEN RP] Candy Festival of YE 43

    Kyoto, Yamatai YE 43.8 Orange banners and lanterns lined the people-filled streets of Kyoto, shining in the cool, crisp autumn night in YE 43's eighth and penultimate month. Jack-o-lanterns flickered candlelight faces and shop windows were decorated with spider webs, skulls, and flying bats. It...
  10. Wes

    Year-End Festival YE 43 Free Salvage Giveaway!

    Second Chance Salvage had been continuing its work to salvage the wrecked form the Third Battle of Nataria, which had been subsidized by the Star Army and Yamatai Star Empire. As the warehouses filled up with recovered items, they needed a way to make room and decided to hold their Year-End...
  11. Wes

    Hanami Festival of YE 40

    OOC: Crossover time! This thread is open to all Star Army of Yamatai characters and other characters visiting Yamatai. Kyoto, Yamatai Spring YE 40 Around lunchtime A newly-arrived spring season greeted Yamatai's northern continents with warmer weather, marked by the prolific pink petals of...
  12. Wes

    Meet me at ConCarolinas

    If you guys want to meet me or @Nashoba in person, we'll be at the sci-fi/fantasy convention Concarolinas, which is June 2-4 in Charlotte, NC. I'm not a special guest or anything, but I'll be there...probably trying to go to as many Star Army-related panels as possible, and depositing Star Army...
  13. Wes

    Halloween Trick or Treat: Star Army of Yamatai (Kyoto, YE 38)

    Kyoto, Yamatai Another autumn had arrived in the Kyoto Megacity, bringing cool temperatures, falling leaves, momiji manju (leaf-shaped steamed buns). The downtown area was draped with orange lanterns and orange banners proclaiming the annual festival of costumes and candy, and millions of Star...