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[Yamatai] Hanami Festival & BBQ Cookout of YE 45 - OPEN RP

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RP Date
YE 45.3 (Spring)
RP Location
Kaiko Park, Kyoto, Yamatai

The Hanami festival in downtown Kyoto was not just a celebration of the beauty of nature and the arrival of spring; it was also a testament to the resilience and unity of the people of Yamatai and their diverse allies. Amidst the stunning cherry blossoms, everyone came together to appreciate the fleeting beauty of life and the bonds that connect them all, regardless of race, species, or background.

In the heart of the sprawling metropolis that was Kyoto, an exquisite beauty reigned. The sky, a tapestry of cerulean, stretched above the populace, warmed by the sun's embrace. A zephyr, laden with the fragrance of botanical vitality and floral ambrosia, heralded the reawakening of the planet Yamatai's most populated city. In Kaiko park, a vibrant green carpet blanketed the land, and the sakura unfurled their delicate pink blossoms once more, nature's ephemeral gift to the world.

The arrival of spring, with its promise of renewal, stirred the Yamataians from the sleek confines of their abodes, compelling them to venture forth into the verdant sanctuaries that lined the riverside. The cherry blossoms, a symbol of life's transient nature, captivated the imagination and beckoned them to seize the day beneath their romantic canopy. In adherence to hallowed custom, beings of diverse origin converged upon the lush oases of the city. Yamataians and offworlders alike mingled, rejoicing and imbibing the sweet nectar of wine beneath the boughs of the sakura. The day was alive with the hum of activity, as performances, sustenance purveyors, and melodies wove an enchanting tableau against the backdrop of the metropolis.

A motley congregation gathered to partake in the fleeting beauty: Minkan, Humans, Phods, Cyborgs, and beings from distant stars. Adorned in attire ranging from floral silk kimonos to unabashed nakedness, they claimed their places, setting out repasts for the midday meal. Mobile merchants plied their wares, offering succulent teriyaki meats and delectable funnel cakes. Grills were hauled out, adding a smoky perfume to the air as juicy meats were glazed and kissed by flame.

Yamatai's defenses, bolstered by the presence of numerous starships during the Kuvexian War, were evidenced by the distinctive Star Army soldiers mingling among the revelers. Their feline ears and inky-blue sailor caps marked them as guardians of this world, reminders of the conflict now past. Indeed, even here, the Star Army Personnel Command had a booth set up to recruit, manned by Imperial Premier Hanako and her staff, set up under the shadow of the landed YSS Eucharis, a nimble starship of legend. Many of the crew members of the YSS Resurgence were also present at the festival.

The vibrancy of life and the unity of diverse souls, drawn together beneath the fleeting sakura blossoms, became an affirmation of life's delicate balance, a celebration of resilience and the enduring spirit of Yamatai and its allies, where anyone peaceful from Yamatai and beyond, was welcomed and cherished.

OOC: Bring your characters for some R&R and socialization! It's a great time for them to make an appearance in RP!

Majnun approached the towering pine trees that lined one of the entrances to Kaiko Park. At five feet nine inches the lean Cohronl Iromakuanhe had an excellent vantage point of the Hanami festival celebration. It was the arrival of spring here in Kyoto as the charry blossoms bloomed in public displays of beauty. Which stood in stark contrast to her more or less quiet arrival. Even her polished black horns had been hidden by an intricate display of volumetrics, giving the appearance that she had rounded ears much like that of minkans or humans. They even covered any exposed bony ports on her neck, ankles and wrists. Her long wavy black mane flowed down her back freely with the exception of the strands pinned up to keep out of her face. Afterall the wind could kick up at any moment causing the strands to blow in front of her hazel green eyes. One of her least favorite sensations in the world was having hair blow across her eyes, not that anyone else gave two thoughts about it. "Why did I even come here?" she wondered silently to herself as she crossed through the entrance of the park.

It was not like there was any more exploring she could do back home and as the youngest of two siblings she wanted to make her own path. In her heart she knew there was far more out there than an existence spent on the fringes of the Commonwealth. She had not been in Yamatai long, but she had learned enough to pick up some aspects of the local culture. This led her to trade the usual cyber style for a more suitable pink silk kimono with a black obi. Afterall, there was no way she was going to go with out just a touch of black for anyone. While there did not seem to be anything like fieldball going on there were certainly interesting things to catch her attention. One that drew it first was the unabashed nakedness of several festival goers. Perhaps someday she would do the same, not likely anytime soon. Next her attention was drawn towards the display set up by Imperial Premier Hanako. This is where she paused to think for a moment. Would this be a suitable career for her or would her passions be better sent elsewhere?
Yoshiro had never celebrated Hanami before. He had never been much of a celebratory person before he joined the Star Army of Yamatai.

He was in his dress uniform with the patches of the Resurgence he was serving on. He was looking for any members of his crew and brought some sake with him for his crew.

"I hope they like the sake that I brought for them. I just hope that I can find my friends, before this is over." He said to himself with a chuckle.

He found the Resurgence crew and went over to them. "Hey, guys and gals. How are doing, this fine day?" Yoshiro asked with a smile on his face. "I brought some sake but I seemed to have forgotten cups. Do we have any available.?" He set the bottle down and sat down.
As the day’s festivities ramped up, one of Kaiko Park’s private tea rooms was occupied by Ketsurui Aiko, who sipped down cool gulps of lemonade-and-tea from a glass that twinkled with the gentle chime of ice cubes within. This was the same place her captain — the park’s confidential proprietor Taiyou Hoshi — had hosted Aiko’s birthday party at, and seemed to be a favorite spot for the captain to reserve during their visits. But for now Aiko was alone following Hoshi’s departure to address some demand that she’d taken upon herself to remedy, leaving the Ketsurui princess in silent solitude.

Aiko sat lounging beside an open floor-to-ceiling window, her left leg stretched out flat on the wooden floor while the right was bent and planted to counterbalance how she lay half reclined against a pile of pink pillows between her back and the lacquered wooden wall. Outside, she stared in comfortable reverence at the springtime scene in the teahouse’s secluded garden, watching as the fleeting cherry blossoms already shed some of their petals to fall spiraling down over a clam koi pond and the mossy rocks that kept it contained.

Were someone to see Aiko now, she would seem quite immodestly dressed (though truly not so much compared to the nude revelers considered normal in Yamatai), only wearing parts of her Type 35 uniform while she relaxed here. Her white paneled jacket was hung on a peg near the door, and her black leather dress pumps sat neatly in the genkan entryway where she’d taken them off. So Aiko was left only wearing a Type 40 Exercise Bra emblazoned with the words “STAR ARMY” in bold white lettering along with high waisted cadet blue tights that came up past her ribs and only a few inches under it, plus her regal blue pleated skirt that matched the top. Certainly comfortable, especially for a soldier accustomed to the camaraderie of a power armor bay, but nonetheless a rare moment of shamelessness for Aiko while she visited Yamatai.

Still, having savored these quiet moments for a long while, Aiko eventually grew restless without Hoshi or anyone else’s company. So she put down her glass, now mostly ice melting over itself, and stretched out with an uncontrolled yawn that let out all of the stiffness that such relaxing motionlessness eventually brought on. Then it was over to grab her jacket, slip on her shoes, don her white command cap, and then make her way out to join the crowds and enjoy their more public celebrations.

It did not take long in the course of her meanderings for Aiko to see the Eucharis and its famous captain, the Imperial Premier Ketsurui Hanako, standing centrally on the park’s landing green. Aiko had known her kin would be there, of course, but hadn’t signed up for any recruiting duties today. That wouldn’t stop the younger princess from swinging by and lending her presence — not that Hanako of all people needed such assistance anyway — if only for a few minutes in which to say hello.

“To see you among the raining flowers brings me all the joys of spring, Hanako-sama,” Aiko said in Yamataigo, approaching her senior with a smile and salute. The last time these two Ketsurui had crossed paths so directly was at a Hanami event two years prior. “Congratulations for your election victory, too!” she added in less formal tones. “I have been excited to say so in person.”
Kaiko Park

To say Okimi was excited at witnessing her first Hanami Festival would be something of an understatement. Having been born at the end of sangatsu the year before, she hadn't even been aware of the existence of the spring-flower viewing celebration before it had ended. Even had she known, Okimi and her batchmates would have been far too busy going through personalisation training to attend. Plus, at that stage of development, none of them could have appreciated anything about the event.

Nothing was stopping the young neko from experiencing Hanami now, though. From the moment Okimi had laid her eyes upon Kaiko park and the glorious tumult of life taking place beneath the glorious petals of the sakura trees, it was as if she had been overtaken by a spirit of limitless curiosity and joy! Every which way the young woman twisted her head around, there was something new to observe. Over there, a woman was performing an intricate dance while gyrating her body amidst flaming somethings Okimi had no name for. Then the smell of some kind of delicious meat being grilled in the open dragged her attention away before being drawn to the next new experience.

She really wanted to do nothing more than to lift into the air and flit from stall to stall and performer to performer. Okimi blinked as she realised that there was likely someone selling muffins and there had to be someone putting on a calligraphy display. Now she really wanted to go and see everything. Unfortunately, the Santô Hei wasn't exactly able to act as much of a free agent as she might like. There were rules to follow when you put on the uniform and she wouldn't disgrace the Star Army if she could help it.

With an internal sigh, Okimi straightened her Type-35 jacket, her fingers lingering for a moment as the drew over the YSS Resurgence unit patch that had been added two months earlier. It was amazing just how much things had changed in such a short time, but that was retrospection for another time. The young neko also made sure the Type-32 cap was still sat properly atop her head. After all, it wouldn't be the first time she had dislodged the cap from too much looking around. Standing like the proud nekovalkyrja soldier of the Star Army that she was, Okimi proceeded to walk further into the festival grounds, determined not to bring shame upon her ship, her crew or the Star Army in general.

"Ooh, that's SO pretty!" She couldn't help the squeal of joy as she spotted a group of young women wearing yukata's made from the most fantastic material and decorated to look like they were made of sakura blossoms. Without even thinking about it, Okimi had bounded over to where the group was performing some kind of traditional dance in time to the beat of the kotsuzumi drums being played by other members of the performing group. The beat was a little slow for her tastes, but there was no way Okimi could fault the dancing. While not her preferred energetic style, there was something beautiful about the performance, like poetry in motion. She continued to watch, unaware of the massive grin on her face and excited gleam in her eyes.
Kaiko Park, Kyoto,

“Ohh wow!” came the voice of Yuri with widened eyes as she looked around the cherry blossoms. The famous trees she’d only seen in anime form. But now, now she was seeing it for the first time and she watched it fall. She giggled as an errant cherry blossom piece fell on a bare part of her anatomy. She stepped forward when suddenly she heard a scream. “YURI-CHAN!” followed by an oomph as a blue-skinned girl tackled her in a hug. “Oh, hi Luna-Chan!” Yuri said while giggling as Luna helped her up.

“Luna! Be careful!” Said a gruff stern voice of Yayoi as she too arrived. Yayoi frowned as she examined Luna, who it appeared had chosen to follow the same style of dress as her daughter, namely nude. Yuri hadn’t yet officially joined the star army as she said she would as a medic, but Luna was and she thought that at least Luna had the sense to dress as a Technician.

A blue hand placed itself on Yayoi’s shoulder gently. “I do agree Luna should be careful, but Yuri’s medically skilled so she will also be careful to make sure everything will be ok!” said the hand’s owner, Kiyo. “Hmmph, and who’s fault is that, that Yuri became a medic?” Yayoi asked, looking at the youngest of her batch sisters. Kiyo just smiled in response before turning to the youngest Nekos in the group.

“This is my first time in person, being a part of this” Yuri was telling Luna who smiled wider. “Then allow me, to be your guide, my dear cousin!” With that, Luna took Yuri’s hand, and the two took off flying. “wait you-“ Yayoi grumbled. “Shh, it's ok, Luna’s a good girl she won't let Yuri come to harm, let's just take things slow, ok?” Kiyo asked.

The two mothers walked side by side, observing the falling pinkness. Though periodically, Kiyo would capture one and put it in something. “Luna asked me to capture these, she wanted to make something for Yuri” Kiyo explained “That’s thoughtful of her” Yayoi said.

Luna and Yuri landed near by Aiko, and Hanako and Yuri caught a pink falling leaf and looked at it. “It's so pretty!” Yuri couldn’t help but say as she looked at it. Luna just smiled, hoping her request of her mother was succeeding. “Oh! I see my old crewmate, Aiko there! Come on! Luna said and pulled Yuri along. “Aiko-chan! Hiii-oh my! I’m so sorry!” Luna said as the blue Neko realized Aiko was talking to Hanako. “My apologies, I did not mean to intrude, I saw Aiko-chan, an old crew mate, and wanted to introduce her to my cousin, Yuri!” she said as Yuri looked from Aiko to Hanako before her mind recognized Aiko’s face. She looked different slightly since she had been disguised the first time they met. Yuri began to realize the positions both older women held, and thoughts of how screwed they might be for their rudeness grew.

“Yuri, this is Aiko, my old crewmate from my time on the Kaiyo 2, and it seems I’ve unexpectedly brought you into contact with Hanako-sama, our Imperial Premier!” Luna stepped back to stand beside Yuri and both bowed. “I’m honored, but please forgive Luna, she’s a bit excitable and at times airheaded, but she’s a good technician and a good person” Yuri said hoping that their rudeness was forgiven.
In the parking area near Kaiko park, a pair of Motorcycles pulled near silently into a spot together, the two riders being rather different aside from the fact that both wore the Captain's variant of the Origin industries uniform. On the first motorcycle, which was painted a vibrant green, a short, thin woman with long black hair sporting only a set of dark sunglasses. The second Motorcycle, in a complimentary shade of blue, had a much taller rider wearing a helmet that widened with a pair of crests, one sitting to either side of the head, and sported a long, thick, blonde braid that went to the rider's knees when she stood up. Pulling off the helmet revealed an Iromakuanhe's bony horn crests, hers smooth and gently curved, with blunted tips. This also revealed that, aside from the braid, the woman's hair was quite short.

The first woman was one who was probably fairly recognizable to many in the Kikyo sector, one Aerin Tatst, whom until recently held the highest position at Origin industries, having stepped down to focus only on her own branch of the megacorporation. Aerin seemed to be in a rather good mood, and immediately set off toward the food vendors and other stalls around the park. As she had grown up on Yamatai, the Hanami festival was a tradition that she was quite familiar with, and she knew exactly what she wanted to get out of it. "Ah ha! There's the Taiyaki!" she exclaimed, which seemed to exasperate her companion as the smaller woman made a beeline for the particular stall she had been looking for.

The second woman, was one Zus Storhan, a storied hero of the Astral Vanguard whom had been involved in numerous famous events roughly a decade ago, and then had simply disappeared from the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth about six years ago. While she had been living in the core of the Kikyo sector for a few years now, her relatively conservative upbringing had the tall Eyr Ranr blanching at the displays of unabashed outright nudity, and she chose instead to focus on Origin Fleet Yards' CEO, who seemed hell-bent on annoying the mecha pilot turned starship captain on this day of festivities. "Ma'am, We should take our time-" she began, but realized that Aerin had taken to floating along using her Yamataian body's antigravity ability, and was no longer in easy reach. Sighing, Zus made after the shorter woman, hoping that her self-appointed charge wouldn't get herself into too much trouble.
As the first blush of spring painted the city of Kyoto in a riot of color, Pidole Henitot, a gifted and skillful red-haired technician of the YSS Resurgence, was drawn to the Hanami festival like countless others. The season had a special allure for her, the fleeting nature of the cherry blossoms resonating with her introspective nature. She wandered the city's verdant parks, captivated by the beauty of the sakura trees and the joyous spirit that pervaded the atmosphere.

Dressed in a silk kimono adorned with delicate flowers, Pidole moved through the bustling crowds with Bidole, her faithful beetle companion, perched on her shoulder. The vibrant hues of pink, white, and green captivated the duo as they marveled at the intricate patterns of nature. Occasionally, Pidole's blue eyes would meet the gazes of other revelers, and she would offer them a shy, yet genuine smile, feeling a sense of unity in their shared appreciation for the cherry blossoms. They watched traditional dance performances and listened to the lilting melodies of musicians. A warm and gentle breeze sent sakura petals showing on them like soft pink snow.

Eventually Pidole found a quiet spot beneath a particularly resplendent cherry tree, its branches laden with soft pink petals. She spread out a picnic blanket and unwrapped a calzone she'd picked up at a vendor, along with some strawberries to share with her insect companion. With Bidole nibbling contentedly at her side, Pidole gazed up at the canopy of blossoms, lost in thought. Her mind wandered to her various experiences, the battles she had fought, the people she had saved, and the companions she had made along her journey. The transient beauty of the cherry blossoms reminded her of the ephemeral nature of life and the importance of cherishing every moment. Pidole Henitot embraced the fleeting beauty of the Hanami festival with a full heart, knowing that these moments were as precious and ephemeral as the blossoms themselves.

- - -

Hanako turned to see Aiko approaching, and the corners of her mouth curved upwards into a warm smile. She returned the salute, then embraced Aiko in a tight hug. "It's great to see you, Aiko. I'm glad you could make it to the festival," Hanako said, a twinkle in her eyes. "It's great to be able to see everyone again and enjoy the beauty of the blossoms. How about you? How have you been doing? I heard you've been busy with your own duties."

When Aiko was interrupted, Hanako smiled politely and returned the bow, waving off the apology. "There is no need to apologize, Luna-chan. It is lovely to meet you and Yuri. Do you know Aiko?" she asked.
The festival of Hanami was not foreign to the Nepleslian Reds. There just was not much advertisement or attachment to Yamatai until recently. Ever since Yokota was elected as the Senator of the Fujiko, she has made it a priority to create initives to have people culturally Red to visit locations outside of Fujiko, Halna, Rufusland, and Ukmirt. Not only did it get people confirm or change whatever biases they might have for the Empire, it also exposed people to the ways of the Reds. And the senator's efforts seemed to be working.

A sizeable number of individuals (some cybernetically altered, some not) could be seen intermingling with the Yamataians. They would be indistinguishable from other Nepleslians if not for their clothing. Almost like it was a uniform of sorts, all of them wore clothing that was predominately maroon and onyx grey in color. Some wore worker/engineer jumpsuits with articles of clothings like dresses and ponchoes to personalize them. Others environmental suits they had gotten use to wearing on Fujiko IV. There have even been the occasional modern take on kimonos that tried their best to hide the feminine form like traditional kimonos and still not actually do it, made out of synthetic materials like Kinugoshi-ko. But there was no mistaking the color scheme for some other group of Nepleslians.

A pair of Reds could be seen setting up a food stall to sell Fujiko Greater Buffalo burgers to the crowd. The first was tall and muscular dark skinned Base Nepleslian Red male, with hair in a high fade he had colored maroon. He has sleek black cybernetic prosethtics replacing both of his arms. He was busy pulling items to make the makeshift stall from a hover sled with coolers they had dragged with them.

The other was a slender and athletic woman of some ethnic group that looked like a mixture of Lianjia Mutari and something else, with long black hair put up into a single hair bun. Both of them were wearing the same maroon and onyx jumpsuit, though the woman's was obviously form fitting. While the man was setting up, she was standing there assessing the crowd.
Kaiko Park, Kyoto, Yamatai
Beneath the YSS Eucharis

Hanako's bountiful hug wrapped Aiko's midsection, even locking the raven-haired Nekovalkyrja's arms to her waist at the elbows. The bundle of fresh bellflowers that adorned Aiko's temple above her left ear combined with a rosy blush that filled the whole of her fair-skinned face to make the taller Ketsurui look like a bouquet of (thoroughly surprised) flowers swaying in Hanako's tight grip. The flustered visage departed Aiko after only a moment, though, and she moved her forearms down to pat Hanako's hips in return.

"Well enough," Aiko smiled, her fingers lingering just below the belt fastened around Hanako's command white jacket as their friendly embrace began to mutually part. She might have said more about her recent warring against the Mishhuvurthyar — how she reveled in their destruction even despite the dread they inspired in all good-hearted creatures — but knew not to prompt such grave thoughts for her company on this beautiful day.

"Luna was born aboard the Kaiyo to a pair of my crewmates as the Kuvexian War neared its end," Aiko confirmed to Hanako's question. Of course, she'd never met Yuri despite their recent encounter when the princess wore a volumetric disguise during a night out with Hoshi, so could not acknowledge the passing familiarity between them. "Now she has grown to become a brave Star Army soldier herself, for which Captain Hoshi and I are proud."

When Aiko spoke her commander's name, she wondered what exactly Hoshi could have gotten up to but did not show any inkling of such ponderings upon her face. Nonetheless sure she would find her pink compatriot sooner than later, the princess quickly focused back on the people around her and gave Yuri a nod to indicate agreement with Hanako's sentiment regarding the apology.

"And will you be joining us alongside Luna, Yuri-chan?" Aiko asked. Her words sounded far more encouraging of the thought than what the princess' blonde alter ego from the bar had cautioned about waiting to enlist.
Yuri decided that she shouldn’t worry about where she recognized Aiko from instead she focused on the conversation between Luna, Hanako and Aiko. She learned that Luna was born on the ship, the Kaiyo 2 which did cause a sense of jealousness to escape her. “Luna-Chan is amazing and kind, since this is my first Hanami Festival, she volunteered to be my guide to make sure it was fun for me!” Yuri commented after Aiko’s speech about Luna. As the younger Neko moved closer, and gave Luna a half hug wrapping her arm over her cousin’s bare shoulders. She took note of the blush, easily shown by how the blue skin seemed lighter around her cheeks.

Luna was indeed blushing. “Believe me, Aiko-Chan, I am not as brave as mommy and everyone else is, though I am a technician, I am no Itatski Sachiko, nowhere near how prodigy she is.” she said as Yuri hugged her. She ignored how close her cousin was to her, to focus on the conversation around her. She was pleased she’d met Hanako, but she acknowledges that they were nowhere near the level of friendship yet. Maybe someday she’d love to think that she was friends with the Imperial Premier.

Yuri turned her head away from Luna’s adorable blushing cheeks to look at Aiko. “I’m considering it yes, I’d like to be a doctor, and I’d heard that a few of the hospitals really like doctors who’ve spent time in the Star army, so I figured I would join for the three years, to add to my resume, plus the chances of serving alongside many people who might be willing to give me a reference is a bonus. Though, a friend named Aika, mentioned I should make sure to spend more time socializing which might also be good. “ Yuri commented.

“Doctor Asakura does sound neat” Luna mentioned with a smile.
Kaiko Park
Approaching the YSS Eucharis

Though the little pink captain, Taiyou Hoshi, wasn't publicly known as the park's founder she still took it upon herself to ensure the enjoyment of those visiting. That's why when one of those viewing the explosion of sakura flowers at the park had lost their commemorative ship ring in one of the ponds, Hoshi had donned her shibui to dive into the waterway herself. Having swum to the bottom and pulled the Chiaki-adorned ring from the murky depths, Hoshi had caught some reeds and waterplants on her person. But she was beaming with pride at having given the silvery-white haired Neko -a senior cadet at the war college- the memory of her first ship back to her.

"Found you, princess-sama!!" Hoshi vociferated with a cupped hand. It felt good to not be in disguise and have their identities so openly known. Under the shadow of a great ship like the Eucharis, it was difficult for the captain to not hold her blue and white-haired head high (even if it was clinging to her skull with the tightness of damp). The usually more crowd-shy captain felt a swelling from her chest and she couldn't wait to meet up with her XO and share in the feelings the day brought upon her.

Hoshi hadn't seen much of the exchange, either of the squeeze from Hanako to Aiko or the conversation around it, due to the crowds moving in and out of the tree-lined field they stood in. She was still wearing a smile from ear to pink ear when she waved to Aiko from under the cherry blossom trees. Wet reeds swayed under her arm as if her shibui's arms were fringed with the fashion of a swamp monster.

"Found you- ah!" Hoshi repeated, ending with a little start. Her deep blue eyes had slid from the nude pair of Luna to Yuri to Hanako. The captain's carefree expression was replaced with troubled confusion. Sure, she had presented to Taisho Hanako at the IRC of last year, but the formality of the event had masked any feelings of deference she felt for the elven-born.

"I, uh... Ketsurui-taisho-sama, er, Madame Premier." Hoshi stammered. "I voted for you! What I mean is I, uh...!"

Hoshi began before bringing her arm up to scratch at the back of her head in embarrassment. With an exasperated sigh, the short pink Neko felt a clump of some unknowable water plant stuck in the back of her hair. Her eyes slid to Aiko, and Hoshi felt like mouthing an apology then and there, but instead straightened her back, bowed, and gave a little huff before speaking more intelligibly.

"What I mean to say is that you give people like me, you know, the courage. I accepted a promotion this year to Taisa and it was only though your inspirational leadership and ability to remain so close to the action despite your rank that I felt comfortable doing so." Feeling that she hadn't made sense, Hoshi added, "I hope that makes sense. Thank you for motivating me to take that step."

Pushing down the butterflies in her stomach she added, "Taiyou Hoshi, captain of the YSS Kaiyō II, by the way. Chusa Ketsurui Aiko is my XO. Nice to see you again, Luna-tan. Keeping out of trouble?" The captain looked like someone trying very hard to keep cool while pretending she didn't have water plants hanging from a test-type suit in an otherwise normal holiday crowd.
Hanako looked from Aiko to Hoshi, her eyes sparkling with warmth and kindness. The elven-born Taisho appeared genuinely touched by Hoshi's words. She smiled, her eyes crinkling at the corners.

"Captain Taiyou Hoshi, congratulations on your promotion to Taisa," Hanako replied, bowing her head slightly in recognition. "Your dedication and hard work are evident, and I'm truly humbled to know that my own actions have played a part in inspiring you. One of the my greatest joys a is seeing others grow and take on new challenges. That's why I took on the Director of Star Army Personnel position. Now that I've been elected as Premier, I'm trying to use that experience to help everyone in Yamatai, not just the Star Army. Yamatai is a wonderful place and an oasis of love in sea of darkness and war. Let us continue to work hard to protect it."
For several minutes it was all Zus could do to keep up with Aerin. The smaller woman flitted about, going from stall to stall and buying random treats for herself. Takoyaki here, Dango there, Where'd she get a corndog? Is that an entire roast fish on a stick? Zus was getting overwhelmed by the sheer amount of portable food available. Back home there were basically Kebabs and things wrapped in flatbreads, but here was an entirely different world of things- Things of course which the blonde was having to pay for as her boss seemed more intent on grabbing the next thing than actually completing a trade. Perhaps being cooped up on Dawn Station where everything she needed was essentially taken care of. While Zus was not fresh to the Kikyo sector, everything here was a bit different and took some getting used to still. one thing of which she was not yet used to was how demanding a task following the CEO of Origin Fleet Yards around for a day would be.

"Ma'am- If you could just- Would you please-" Zus tried to get a word in between stalls, finally getting frustrated and simply grabbing the other woman by the shoulder. In response, Aerin spun around in the air and stuffed a skewer with Takoyaki on it into the taller woman's mouth, though she did finally stop moving and set down gently on the ground with her feet.

"Okay, Okay, fine, I'll slow down," Aerin promised, though Zus' doubt shown through her face despite her mouth being full. Still- The bit of street food that had been forced upon her was rather tasty, and Zus had been using Aerin's credit card for all the purchases anyway, so it wasn't like she'd been paying for everything and getting nothing.

Having gotten all the food that she wanted, Aerin chose instead to walk along at a leisurely pace now, glancing at the cherry trees, and around at the decorations, as well as taking in all the people enjoying the festival and the weather. Unlike her Iroma compatriot, Aerin was used to seeing people this way, though despite her party girl attitude and carefree lifestyle, even she knew it was unbecoming for a major figurehead of a megacorporation to appear nude in public. Which, of course, was fine with the Iroma woman, as she was doing her best to appear as professional as Aerin was unprofessional, strolling behind the Yamataian woman- whom had now began smiling and waving at random people- and keeping her eyes focused on what they both seemed to be heading toward. It was, of course, the YSS Eucharis, and the booth set up in front of it. Zus was surprised to see both important looking people and more of the unbothered and unclothed Nekovalkyrja standing in front of it.

"I feel like I should know who some of those people are," Zus commented, trying to see if she could recall the information about Yamatai that she had been studying off and on lately.
"Well, yes, One of those is Ketsurui Hanako, recently elected premier of the Star Army of Yamatai. Oddly enough I've not had a chance to speak with her yet, despite selling starships to Yamatai for a decade and a half," Aerin informed the blonde, who straightened her back, realizing that that woman Was, in fact, rather important. Aerin laughed, waving off the other's stiffnes. "Just relax. this isn't anything official, and I doubt they'll try to recruit us, We've already got uniforms on!"
Kaiko Park
Beneath the YSS Eucharis

Hoshi's unease had dissipated with Hanako's charismatic words of love for the Empire. The little captain tilted her head as she listened, letting her pink cheek be hit by the light from the sun just over the lip of the ship above them. Her hair was still slicked back off of her face from the earlier foray helping the cadet, so her attentive expression was open and readable and not hidden by her usual bangs and locks.

"What sort of exploits do you look fondly back on from when you were a Taisa?" Hoshi asked, wondering if Hanako's answer would include something from the history books or something only she and her crew at the time might recall as particularly noteworthy.
Luna turned as she heard the voice of her beloved former captain speaking behind her. Immediately te red and blue eyed Neko caught sight of her captain’s appearance, and smiled at her. “Yes, I am staying out of trouble, I’ve been helping out on the Resurgence, with mommy while we waited for aunt Yayoi to come back.” she said to her before remembering Yuri. “Oh, captain! Or I should say, Taisa! This is Yuri, my cousin!” She said with a smile on her face.

Yuri bowed to the newly promoted Taisa Hoshi. Before her mind processed the Taisa’s last name causing her to smile. “Ma’am, I am honored to meet you I have heard so much about you from Luna, and Aunt Kiyo. They say a lot of good things about you, also I know another with your last name, which is another of my aunties. If you are related to a Sanda Hoshi, I’d be honored to call you a member of my family too.” she said with a friendly smile. Yuri moved aside a little, and pulling Luna too just in case the Taisa wanted to move closer to Aiko and Hanako.
Kaiko Park
Beneath the YSS Eucharis

While waiting for Hanako's reply, Hoshi tore half of her attention to the nudists.

"I was promoted at the beginning of the year. It doesn't feel like anything recent as we've reclaimed a whole planet with me at this rank. Just goes to show that it wouldn't take me out of action at all like I was worried about before accepting it." The captain rotated her shoulder with a grimace, as if remembering an injury. "In fact, quite the contrary.

"A pleasure to meet you, Yuri. That's a name that could sum up quite a bit of my early personal life. Your Aunt Kiyo has a lot of good stories to tell. She was on the Kaiyo so long and helped in so many operations with her keen senses and warrior discipline." Hoshi strained to choose her words to the rest of Yuri's questions and ultimately failed. She missed her disguise at that moment, feeling drained.
Shore Leave...BBQ...booze...women...who the hell would miss out on this?!

The Half-ID SOL, Jessie-117 stepped off of the carrier, after the training experience he had just put up with to get his officer rank...hell he was happy to have a little downtime. Dressed in some grey jeans, black combat boots, and an unbuttoned casual...yet classy looking black and white pinstriped dress shirt coupled with a black t-shirt underneath the Clone of an old pilot for the Empire was dressed for success. The air had a smoky scent and with all the hustle and bustle it would be easy to just, disappear for a bit, but the man was honestly just there for some food, drink, and a good time so he walked with his hands in his pockets as he gave a few nods to civilians and soldiers that passed by.

Soon he was going from stall to stall to try some of the food, but all of it seemed bland until he found the fucking motherload of ALL BBQ...ribs. He was nearly drooling as much as he would when offered to go to a strip club while on shore leave...speaking of which...his mind wandered as he just moved with the line as if on autopilot. Finally, he made it up to his turn and he bought three racks of ribs and a six-pack of the coldest cans they could find...paid his dues and went to the side as he waited for his food and drink, which thankfully was not a long time.

Now that he had his food and beverage he was off to people watch, finding a table that was open, and at a higher vantage point he sat down and looked out. He dug in as he enjoyed the food, it was braised to perfection, and the smokey undertones were complimented by an almost too sweet, but spicy taste of the sauce...it was sticky, not that it bothered him, but it sure beat some of the caf foods he was used to having while training.
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Kaiko Park, Kyoto,

Alastair took his first step into the park. It was not long ago that he faced his destiny here. Though today was not to think about the past but instead focus on the future. His crew insisted that he go and enjoy himself. He was still recovering from the mission which had just taken place so would be good to enjoy some relaxation.

He walked towards the crowd and took in all who was there. To his surprise, he seen his former captain was there as was Hanako. Two people he most admired and was looking forward to speaking with them. He paused and looked down at his outfit. To reached up and rubbed the back of his head thinking what his crew picked out was just the wrong thing to greet a mentor. He reached down and pulled at the bottom of his shirt to better look at it. "You bring the BBQ and I'll bring the sausage." was spelled out on the front complete with a winky face. He then glanced over his should, not able to see but knew what it said. "I also have buns." With two thumbs up on the back. Why or how did his crew talk him into being this informal but it was too late now. Or maybe he'd just toss the shirt and go topless, not like it would be any less formal.

He lifted his chest up high and walked straight towards Hoshi and Hanako. "Fancy running into the both of you. Call me surprised as it is so good to see you both." He then stood at attention and gave a hearty solute to them both. He was just glad there was some nudists running around else he'd look a complete fool.
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Kaiko Park, Kyoto,

"Now it's a party. Taking care of that escort ship, still?" Hoshi said cheerily to the addition. She raised an arm, inviting Alastair in for a hug. Only thing was, her biceps still had the water plant life hanging from them that would surely rub off on his comical shirt. She didn't seem worried, though, as the falling cherry blossoms around her sky-blue hair matched the bright peaks of her cheeks as she smiled wide.
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