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RP [Open RP] Welcome to The Kikyo Sector, Part 2 - Love Day YE 43


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"Just because I'm bite-sized doesn't mean I'm meant to be eaten! You wouldn't eat a screw, would you?" the small silver robot questioned. Heat vision? She had to think of an explanation quickly, it seemed Eisei just might be starting to see through her façade. "I have electronic components, they heat up. It's difficult to keep me from burning bright of course." When her finger came down, Momosumi was just confused. The way it moved when she talked, was it supposed to be a face? But it had no face. Curiously, she poked it with her very, very tiny hand. "I am Robosumi, the greatest star who ever lived; and I like ENTERTAINING!" With that, Robosumi broke out into a series of poses, clearly having rehearsed them before.

Primitive Polygon

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"Well-I-'unno, what kind of screw?" Eisei responded to the first part, rolling their head around and following the motion with their eyes. They flowed their tongue between extended fangs, clearly imagining some kind of screw that was delicious. Momosumi's poses, though, those really got a reaction- The scraggily creature couldn't help but immediately recoil backwards, putting one hand on their face, and one against the counter, whilst her lungs bellowed out an obnoxious, squeaky, irate stream of laughter.

It wasn't mocking; The pink Nekovalkyrja totally understood the concept of being an idol, she just didn't expect such a strong stage presence all of a sudden. That aura.

Her tail brushed up against the larger, robust man trying to sneak past behind her, but she looked at him with wide, wild eyes like they meant to do it.

"HEY-HA-HEy MIstER!~ Looka at thise thingieee!~" She was still laughing, small chest struggling to heave enough air into it to not die. "It's a R-R-Robo-s-s-umi! D-d-dunyouthinit's- Don' you t-think it's the c-cutest thing evar!? Dun ya w-want one in ya p-pocket!?"

The glitched-out VHS effect was a bit more tolerable up close, where more detail could be gleamed. That only made it more obvious that the Neko was tiny compared to the average cat themselves, though, barely two thirds the man's height. Beyond that, consisting mostly of teeth, hair and dress in volume. Probably went a long way to explaining why they were so enamoured.

"What else can you do?" The bug-eyed cat squawked, smiling so hard it hurt their jaw. "C-C-Can y-you sing?"

The KrimsonWulf

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Shoi-Kouhosei Motoyoshi-yoshitsune Hiroki

Entering the bar, dressed in a traditional Motoyoshi clan colors, the Mon of the new Bakufu emblazoned on the back of his Kimono, his medium bag on his back showed bright vibrant colors, made of fine silk to protect the fine three stringed instrument inside.. heading to the Bar first, His piercing silver eyes, fell upon the bartender with a soft smile." Good day, i'll have a bottle of your finest Yamataian wine and brandy please? and do you have any available tables I may use? Id like to enjoy multiple guests." Looking around the room,it was obvious love day was in Full swing. many people were already intermingling, and this Bar seemed to be the perfect place to begin his own 'festivities'
(Sorry mate that was for the Bartender)
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Slowly Madam Seraphina made her way towards the bar she had heard rumors about. Her hips swung wide in her high heels. The virgin killer shirt doing little to hide the crest of her vivacious booty. As she approached she could make out the good times that were about to go down at this place. She slipped past those near the door and into the main bar area. She tucked her raven wings in close as she made her way to the front of the bar area. "I'd like something strong." She said with a smile looking over at the bar keep. She took notice of some of the neko who were more than a little drink. In fact they seemed downright out of it. "On second though, make it a little less strong." She let out a chuckle as she reached up and started to play with her dark black hair. Under the right light one could make out the white highlights that was scattered through her hair. She looked out over the crowd with her golden eyes to see who might bring her some fun tonight or at least maybe a new business opportunity.
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"Fine, I'll just have to do it myself. I'll take a glass of that same wine please though.", Seraphina said, hiding her annoyance at that hypocritical statement. She truly was in strange lands, far stranger then when she remembered growing up in them, but those were thoughts of long times past. The wingless Elysian instead picking up the tray and moving down, before taking the now emptied seat next to Kyle that Eldon once occupied. Sliding the tray of pancakes before him, she leaned over and gave the young man a kiss on the forehead. "My dear son, you seem almost like you haven't aged a day. When Sindy told me you were alive,..and here, well I could barely believe it. I lost everything that night almost, even almost my own life, but only my wings.", she said as hand rested on his shoulder, tears beginning to well.

"I saw your body, so how are you here? Why didn't you come home if you came back? Ceilia and the children mourned for you Kyle, and so did I. Please, come home.", she continued before embracing him in a hug. Her tears flowing in earnest as the feel of her son in her arms again, broke the flood gates she once thought sealed. So many nights of sadness and rage after the night of the reapers, and all of it seeming so worth it now that she was reunited with her son.

The crimson haired woman gave a smile and a nod to the bartender, "That will be wonderful sir, and would be willing to purchase a whole bottle if you have spare." With that, she then turned to the man next to her, who clearly seemed to want to try his luck with her. Good, it was better when they came to her, and it made her smile. Warmly, but with just a hint of seduction hidden in it, her eyes looking him over thoroughly. They went through the motion quickly, before falling on his face, her smile widening ever slightly as they did. "Aries Jaeger, though I don't believe you've even offered your own name yet. Are you the local bard with those honeyed words of yours?"


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"Of course," Kasandra nodded, carefully placing the bottle on the bar for Aries. It made a satisfying hiss and a loud pop as she opened it with a corkscrew. "Happy Love Day! Please enjoy," she smiled...even though Aries had called her a sir.


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"W-wish I got to work with family, although I-I would imagine it's a p-pain sometimes?" He asked Yue with a shy smile. The young technician turning to face her a bit more as he was going to say something before the seat next to him became occupied. The person taking it sliding a tray of pancakes in front of him, which made him turn to see who, only to be suddenly kissed on the forehead. "Ah-" Kyle stammered before seeing who it actually was.

Hearing the woman break down into tears as she spoke of the past, the night that he perished, made him stiff. This was the woman who had adopted him, Seraphina Cerulius, the woman whose wings he bore on his back. Once she embraced him he had lacked any ability to react, sitting there in silence as he was bombarded with a plethora of emotion and knowledge. It was the mention of his children that damaged him the most, his heart sunk as she mentioned them. "Th-They're... Alive..." Kyle stated quietly, his mind still in shock from what Seraphina had told him.


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Yue smiled politely to Eldon and nodded her head “Sure, I’ll give you a call if I want to meet up’ she said to him, though the young Motoyoshi didn’t know if she was into having sex, but something told her that she won’t be lucky today. She turned her head to Kyle again as she spoke. “I guess you could say that admittedly it can be stressful if things aren’t working, but you want to prove yourself to the family>” she commented before the interaction between the woman and Kyle, who it turned out were family.

She was confused as she listened, and she began to, unfortunately, think that he faked his death, to leave them before his comment about them being alive made her think otherwise.

She began thinking maybe she needed to give them some space, so she took her drink and drifted away before she spotted another member of her family there. Yue and Hiroki hadn’t met in person, but she did know of him. She didn’t know if he knew of her existence, though, and she was split between meeting him, and introducing herself as another member of the family, or escaping.


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Tucked away in a quiet booth in the corner of the bar, trying her hardest to not exist and ignoring the fact her mother was running around in a positively tiny little virgin killer sweater, was the notoriously green-haired Ms Remy Belmont.

Remy was like her mother in a lot of aspects, a self-made woman with a deadly glare that made even the biggest ID-SOLs rethink their actions... but it was times like this that made Remy thankful she didn't inherit every aspect of her mother's personality. It was clear to the green-haired woman that the mighty and powerful Seraphina Belmont, the woman at the head of an ever-growing clan, had more than a little bit to drink before coming here.

Remy wasn't nearly as dressed up as most the patrons though still cleaned up nicely. Sporting a pair of knee-length boots and some skin-tight leather pants that looked like they'd been a hassle to fit her delightfully pear-shaped figure into, these being worn with a sturdy biker jacket and a hoodie that was cropped barely short enough to see a hint of Remy's tanned, toned midriff. While the young woman had still gone through the effort of doing her flowing hair into a tidy bun and even so far as putting on a tasteful splash of makeup it was pretty clear she was there against her will.

It was simply so that Madam Belmont would stop asking Remy when she'd settle down and produce some green-eyed offspring for a few months, truth be told Remy hadn't actively dated for two or three years at this point. So to make the best of an uncomfortable situation Remy had decided to have a few stiff drinks, offering a waitress a thankful grin as some whiskey on the rocks found its way into her hands.

With a sigh Remy tucked her legs up onto the seat she'd claimed, emerald eyes faintly glowing as she resided herself to some light reading via her mindware, trying to block out all the noise of everyone else flirting around her. There was some small part of her that missed it all, but it wasn't like she had the time in her schedule to dedicate to a relationship right now.


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Eldon felt something brush up against him and instinctively he looked down to see what it was. Finding a tail, he traced its length without a second thought, up to the very person with whom he was trying to avoid making eye contact: Eisei. He felt his pulse quicken and his mouth go dry as his body tried to make up its mind about what kind of response he should make: fight, flight, or fun. His gaze darted to the tiny chrome person whom he had noticed earlier and now realized was called "Robosumi," who seemed to be posing.

"Who'd wanna put a darling like you in their pocket?" He said, addressing Robosumi directly before turning back to Eisei. "Eye-catching folk like the both of you deserve to run free in public out catching as many eyes as y'all can. Putting her in a pocket'd be like stuffing you into a backpack. Maybe it'd be fun to say I owned you, but it would deprive others of a worthwhile experience.

"Now if you'll do me the great honour of excusin' me, I'm gonna try and maintain my life and sanity and go back to pretending that you're just a figment of my alcohol-riddled imagination. I'm afraid of how it might end if I keep looking your way."

He turned back to Aries and tried to pretend like he wasn't going crazy. Though when he saw the look in her crimson eyes, he began to wonder if she was at least as dangerous.

"A bard? I've never thought of myself as a bard, but I suppose I do have something of a proclivity for oral activity. The name's Eldon Mosfet. I don't rightly know where the name Eldon comes from, though I did cross paths with a fellow traveller roundabout White Harbor or so. This traveller said he'd met an android designer named Eldon once, long time passed. Though he also told me he'd seen things I wouldn't believe and listed off a bunch of events that didn't make no sense, so take that for what it's worth. And Mosfet was my momma's name." Eldon paused for a moment, looking away at the mention of his mother.

"What's in a name, anyway? Just a label stuck on you from someone who don't even know who you are. Something that hangs around your neck for folk to judge you before they even met you. Knowing your name don't make you more beautiful than you already are, though I suppose it does give me something of an incantation to, in future, summon up your beauty from the depths of my memory. For now I can just look on you."
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