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RP [PISCES Station] Moments In Between

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As the doors to the conference room sealed shut behind the two Yamataian senators, Kuroaki Isuzu turned off her helmet speaker and allowed herself a sigh of annoyance. "<Finicky little asshats...>" Even after blowing through docking security with a few minutes to spare, the senators had still somehow managed to arrive late; it was astounding. "It's like herding cats."

At least it was over. Her shift had just ended, which theoretically entitled her to a few hours of rest- not that she really believed she'd get them. Ever since the conference preparations had begun, station security had been running them ragged; installing scanning devices, cleaning up trouble spots, deporting unregistered 'visitors' and generally trying to put a lid on the station's resident criminal element.

Isuzu had been glad for a chance to get away from it for a while, but now she was starting to wonder if she'd been had. In general, the criminal element on Pisces Station was quite reasonable about keeping a low profile. It took very little effort to convince the locals that the people in that conference room were not folks you wanted to be noticed by.

Too bad everyone else is crazy. Removing her helmet, Isuzu sent a quick message to command and control, informing them that she was going off duty. She then started scanning the security team rotations to see if any of her former shipmates from the Celia were also free; she hadn't really had a chance to get to know them very well, but at least they'd have something to talk about.
Orie was, indeed, free. Unlike Ren, she was in a fairly good mood--having spent her shift helping to maintain and install security devices in the station, she'd practically been willing to keep working whether the shift was over or not. Still, she had to take downtime now and then, and this particular moment found her walking along the docking areas, peeking out at the assorted ships through viewports.

The fact that many of the people on the station were not exactly in legitimate businesses hadn't yet imprinted itself on her mind very well, and she was viewing the entire assignment as a vacation. Ships from all across settled space, all sorts of stuff to buy, and spending her time on duty installing things--what more could she ask for?
Orie recieved a message over one of the station staff secure channels:
Kuroaki Isuzu said:
Have you eaten?
The sender was familiar, but only passingly; Isuzu had joined the Celia's crew after Orie had, and though they'd been assigned to the same section, the other Neko tended to say very little, though she'd always looked like she was mildy annoyed.
Aoki Orie said:
Nope. We can meet up somewhere if you'd like.

It didn't take much to impress oneself on the small neko. She'd met Isuzu, albeit briefly, and the woman hadn't blatantly insulted her--that was pretty much all it took to be considered one of Orie's friends.
Kuroaki Isuzu said:
Sure; mess hall, or elsewhere?
There were places to eat all over the civilian areas of the station, but Isuzu hadn't had a chance to explore them yet; perhaps Orie had?
Food had been the least of Orie's worries so far, but still--when surrounded by places serving cuisine from across the galaxy, it would be a bit dull to not try at least one of them.

Aoki Orie said:
I don't know... maybe we could meet up and discuss it? I'm on the second floor of arm D right now.

Concourse D being the arm with the often less-thank-savory civilian ships. Orie, of course, viewed it as a chance to get a good look at several classes of vessels that she'd never been around before. Still, it wasn't best place for somebody to wander alone, neko or not.
[Edited because another former Celia crew member was actually on the senators' security team...]

Locating Orie through the station's IES took less than a moment; being a security guard had its perks.

Kuroaki Isuzu said:
There's a rail terminal ten meters hubward from your location. I'll meet you there.
As an afterthought, Isuzu decided to message the other folks she knew from the Celia, in case any of them were getting off duty in the near future. She knew one or two of them had been with her on the team that was sent to pick up the senators, but only Isuzu had accompanied the escort team all the way to the conference room to make sure the senators got there in one piece.

Kuroaki Isuzu said:
To: YSS Celia Security Team in Exile
Aoki-san and I are going to look for food. Meet at terminal 2-2 in Concourse D if you want to come.
Pulling her helmet back on, Isuzu was thankful that she hadn't gone back to her quarters to change. The full riot gear she was sporting might make some of the denizens of D wing think twice about bothering them- though the shelves in many of the shops might become emptier for it.

After a short trip through the station's light rail system, Isuzu soon found herself standing outside of the second terminal on Concourse D2. Lifting her visor, she scanned the crowd; Pisces station had a higher non-Neko population than most Yamataian outposts, which should have made it easier to spot Orie, but given that neither of them stood higher than the average Nepleslian's chest, Isuzu still had to hope that the she was nearby.
Ren flew through the air with an accompanying by a shout of "Mind your own business!"

The thrower promptly turned back to the other ID-SOL he had been in an argument with. "I'll fucking kill you!"

"Oh thats more miss nice girl." Ren stood up from where she had pasted to the side of the train that had just stopped, just a few feet from Isuzu, and wiped some blood off of her lip. Adjusting her helmet she started to push her way through the crowd in the direction of the two arguing ID-SOL.

It took her a moment to push through the five feet of random onlookers to get back to the ten foot ring around the two seven foot plus ID-SOL.

Yelling at the top of her lungs, "THIS IS STATION SECURITY! STOP RIGHT THERE!!!!"
Orie came flying down the hall, just above head height. She seemed to have already forseen the issue... or, more likely, she just took any excuse to abuse her inertial manipulation. When she spotted Isuzu, she rocketed over, halting a few feet in front of the other neko and lowering herself to a convenient height for conversation.

Her arm, bared as always thanks to her skirt uniform, had been adorned with a holographic tattoo of a grenade ever since she'd employed them to help pacify the pirates. Her hair was messier than usual, probably a side-effect of flying. She tried patting it into place for a few moments before giving up with a huff. "Hiya! I was thinking maybe I'd like to try something new, but it would be good to have you here when I was deciding so I didn't end up going somewhere where they eat people or something. ... I think I overheard a guy in the hall say that one of the restaurants does. I guess I should have asked him."
"That sounds interesting," Isuzu said absently, not looking at Orie. Instead, her focus was on the commotion that Ren had just disappeared into. "Hold that thought."

Lowering the visor of her helmet, the armor-clad Neko rose into the air as well, un-shouldering her SMG in a manner that, while not precisely threatening, seemed to say that she was looking for something to point it at. "Hibiki-hei, is there a problem?" she asked aloud, turning up her helmet speaker high enough to be heard clearly over the crowd.

Both of the ID-SOLs in the clearing turned to look, allowing Ren to tackle the one that had thrown her. As she pushed the giant to the ground and pinned his arms, the drab brown parka he wore parted slightly to reveal what appeared to be a dingy uniform jacket underneath.

The deep red color of the jacket was nearly obscured by the grease caked on it, but a few of the gawkers still scowled in disgust, and Isuzu could see a few others trying to vanish into the crowd. Meanwhile, the other ID-SOL lowered his upraised fist, looking a bit lost.

"Nope! I have it fully under control," Ren said as she neatly tied the perp's arms. "You there! ON YOUR BELLY! You're both going in for questioning!"

Hearing Ren's order, the green-shirted ID-SOL favored her with a defiant scowl, but a glance at the Neko with the machinegun apparently stirred his better judgment. Reluctantly he got on the ground and put his hands behind his head, though one could almost hear the sound of his balls shriveling in shame as the petite Yamataian approached.

Ren moved over and used the same method of binding on the other ID-SOL. When she was sure of both being bound tightly she helped both to their feet. "Actually Isuzu would you mind helping me out? I need somebody to run point and clear the crowd so we can get these two down to the sub station."

Isuzu simply nodded. Hovering slightly closer to the floor, the Neko began acting as a flying wedge, parting the crowd in front of Ren and the two rowdies. Normally, she really disliked such surprises, but after a week or so on the station these little 'altercations' between the Reds and the Greens were no longer surprising, and with the Nepleslian senators on the station it was only bound to get worse.

As she passed Orie, she shot the other Neko a message.
Kuroaki Isuzu said:
Sorry, back in a minute."
Ren simply pushed the two brutes into following the floating Neko. Snapping loudly, "Move along people nothing to see here!"

The trip to the security sub-station was blessedly short and uneventful, as close as they were to the hub. The two Nepleslian prisoners glared at each other the entire time, but said not a word, and a team of guards from the D-concourse security annex met them at the entrance to the station.
Orie, never one for combat, merely floated aside and watched in concern as the two took down the fighters. She normally would have offered to help anyway--if only because she disliked seeing her friends in danger even more than she disliked personally being in danger--but her mind was suddenly waylaid by the pressing concerns of cannibal restaurants. I really don't want to eat people. Maybe that's what the fight is over... the one guy wants to eat the other guy. Maybe I could ask one of them to recommend me a restaurant, and then just go anywhere but there. Unfortunately, by the time she'd made this resolution, the two were already being hauled off by Isuzu and Ren. So, she settled for hovering patiently as she waited for them to return, occasionally directing a, "You heard her! Go on, shoo!" toward the slowly dispersing crowd.
A female voice echoed throughout the station. "Star Army of Yamatai soldiers seeking assignments with First Expeditionary gunships NG-X1-361, NG-X1-365, NG-X1-407, NG-X1-408, NG-X1-409, and NG-X1-417 should report to their respective starships for interviews."
Ren paused to listen to the announcement. Shrugging she shook her head and muttered, "Nothing for me."

Shoving her charges forward again she barked, "Keep moving assholes!"

Calmer she turned to Isuzu. "I'll catch up later. Just a bit to take care of here."

Ren got them into the station and passed them off to another soldier before moving to the desk to do the paperwork for the arrest. This took her a few extra minutes to do because it was an unfamiliar task for the infantry Soldier.
Meanwhile, Isuzu swiftly returned to where she'd left Orie, flying in over the crowd and touching down beside the technician. "Hibiki-san is coming," the dark-skinned Neko explained, removing her helmet once more and tucking it under her arm. "Is something wrong?" she asked, noticing the preoccupied look on Orie's face.
"Hm? Nope, I'm fine!" Orie gave Isuzu a reassuring smile as she lowered herself to the ground. "Just still trying to decide where to eat... Do you know what those two were fighting over?"
"Hard to say," Isuzu admitted with a small frown. Her best guess was 'politics,' if the Red vs. Green row could still be called that, but she hadn't seen enough evidence to voice that opinion with any certainty- and really, it might be nothing at all. Nepleslians seldom needed much reason to start a fight, it seemed. "Maybe Hibiki-san will know," she observed.

"...And any restaurant on this station where you can eat 'people' probably uses cloned meat," Isuzu added after a moment, remembering something that Orie had said earlier. "Nothing wrong with that, just not very appetizing; didn't they make you eat 'hemosynth rations' during emergency training?" she asked with a curious look.
"Eeeew!" Orie shuddered involuntarily at the mention of the hemo rations. "If those are what it's like, then I definitely don't want to eat any. Let's make sure..." This newfound revelation, coupled with her already-existing fear of eating people, had made her suddenly suspicious of any cuisine that she wasn't already familiar with. KAMI... could you please recommend us somewhere to eat that doesn't serve people? ... for food, I mean. If they just didn't serve us, that'd be kind of rude. Um. And none of that slimy flesh stuff, either!
"Hmm..." As she contemplated Orie's concerns, one of the nearby view portals caught Isuzu's eye. "There's a Lorath commerce vessel parked outside; we might try there," she suggested, pointing at the portal, where the bow of the Fruna Ruica could just be seen. "The Lorath aren't cannibals- just... don't order anything that has 'Helashio' in it," she caveated cautiously. She didn't think the Lorath ate them either, but better safe than sorry.
Renko finished her paperwork and gave it to the person at the desk before going into the locker room. Changing quickly out of her riot gear she briskly through on her uniform. Hustling to try and catch up with her fellow EX Celia crewmen.

As Renko walked out in her normal uniform she smiled at the other two and waved. Approaching she said, "Ready when you are? Have you decided where you wanna eat or do I get a vote still?"
Isuzu offered the newcomer a helpless shrug. "Still deciding," she replied aloud, before shooting Ren a telepathic message. *Aoki-san is worried about eating 'people meat,'* she explained with the psionic equivalent of a sigh.
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