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RP [PISCES Station] Moments In Between

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Kumiko quickly found a fast route to get there, and headed that way. "Thank you. I'll be there shortly. What kind of food are you guys anticipating?"
*Probably seafood,* came the prompt reply, this time in the form of a telepathic message with a decidedly dry, deadpan delivery.
"Oh, yay." came the telepathic reply, with a decidedly sarcastic tone. "Hasn't everybody had enough seafood by now?"
*Not my first choice. Hibiki-hei wants lobster. Aoki-hei will not eat steak or people,* Isuzu explained in the clipped, near-monosyllabic manner that the security staff of Pisces Station had grown accustomed to over the last week. It was hard to tell whether or not she was really annoyed, as she always seemed to look and sound like she was.
Back at the restaurant, the server gave Ren a winning smile; apparently he'd managed to tune out the squirming crustacean that the two Nekos had arrived with. "Our specialty is the Lobster Thermador, half a lobster served with a wine and cream sauce and a side of seasoned vegitables... though perhaps we should give your companions a few moments to decide?" he suggested, glancing at Orie and Isuzu. His eyes again slid over the lobster without seeming to see it. "Would you like something else to drink?" he prompted, while behind him the bartender hastily finished cleaning and retreated to the kicthen
"That would explain it. Why won't she eat steak?" Kumiko asked, almost to the restauraunt
A female voice echoed throughout the station. "Security Forces Please Immediately Report to Conference Area Security Checkpoint."
(OOC: The above station-wide announcement is for Day 2. When you arrive, you will see a large, orderly and apparently non-aggressive formation of Nepleslian IPG soldiers standing outside the conference area. Post your arrivals at the security checkpoint in that thread: viewtopic.php?f=61&t=1362&start=50. The 'Moments' thread continues to be in Day 1.)

Edit: Creighton Marks has departed.
A transport docked with Pisces station, a 1st XF Shosa departing into the main concourse with a surprised expression. The sort you'd see on someone who wasn't sure there were where they thought they were. Lost in it for half a minute as she looked around, Misaki used her communicator to let the station know Taisa Sydney that she had arrived, and would report whenever he was ready to depart for Azorea. "Wow, is that an ID-SOL?" She glanced at a lumbering man in a green Nepleslian uniform. All of her belongings were stuffed into one very large and bag, which she held in her left hand.

She wore a white-paneled bodysuit for ease of travel, knowing that where she was going it was a better option than her skirt might be, and her hair out free to get the full effect of what she'd done to it. Most of her awe at being anywhere near the conference was taken away by thoughts of making good on the interview.
Orie kept patting the lobster as she responded, trying to comfort it as Ren doomed one of its cousins to an untimely death. "Hmm... Could I please have," she trailed off briefly, squinting at the menu, "ooh, stuffed flounder. I'll take that, please."

Once her order was given, she leaned in toward the others conspiratorially, telepathically asking, Do you think we should also ask him for some water for this fellow?
*Probably wouldn't hurt,* Isuzu mused, taking a seat beside Ren. "Could you give us a minute? We have another coming," she said, looking up at the server. "Also, can we have a pot of cold water?" She held up the lobster in explanation.

At this, the server finally seemed to notice the lobster. "C-certainly," he managed to stutter, bowing to them and hurrying off with a slightly green tinge to his cheeks.

Strange reaction, Isuzu noted. After he'd left, she looked down at the lobster again. "Think those are uncomfortable?" she wondered aloud, peering at the bands around the creature's claws.
Before He could hustle off Renko grabbed his arm gently and held him in place.

"I'll take a Lobster Thermador when everybody's ready." Renko grinned at him and sipped from the glass of water again. Batting her eyes at the waiter. "What would you suggest I order for a drink?"

~Perhapses you should....can they live without it for long? Is it even still alive?~ Ren never missed a beat, replying to Orie and flirting with the waiter all in one go.
Kumiko came up to the restaurant, and looked around for the others. upon finding them, she walked over, and pulled out a chair. "Thanks for inviting me," she said as she scooted the chair in. She quickly scanned the menu, looking for something she might like.
The young Yamataian server attempted to gather himself, though he did continue to shoot increasingly nervous glances at the two Nekos, who were in turn staring at the lobster; currently Isuzu was picking at the band on its right claw. "We have several fine Jiyuu white wines that would compliment the lobster nicely," he replied, producing a wine list and holding it before Ren. "Would any of the other ladies like someting to drink besides water?" he asked.
(Note, this posts take place shortly before the entire idea of a peace summit went to pot due to a petty theft warrant.)

Camellia was wandering the concourse ring of Pisces, a duffelbag slung under her shoulder and her data pad out so she could navigate properly with a map. Being a Geshrin was annoying, but she liked the simple life. Though being back on this particular station made her uneasy. Ever since she left her posting here, she felt that the entire place was cursed with bad luck. Hearing the sounds of rapidly approaching boots, confirmed it.

"Bloody hell." She grumbled through a visible narrowed eye. Taking the second needed to evade the security detail heading for Chiharu knows where, she continued on her mission to find Creighton and her new post.
Renko smiled at him as seductively as she was able. "A bottle of a good year then!"

She let him go, but slid her fingers along his arm suggestively.

~I think the lobster is making them nervous....maybe you should do something with it?~
*Getting it a bucket,* Isuzu pointed out, before looking up at the server again. "Water is fine. I'll have the rosemary chicken," she instructed, before glancing to the others.
"Water is fine for me too, thank you." Kumiko scanned the menu, and finally picked something. "And I would like the brined chicken please." Then finally decided to give in to her curiosity, she asked the others, "So what is that thing that you guys have? I don't recognize it."
We found him on the floor, Orie explained. It seemed like we should take him with us...

She gave a dubious look at the lobster. Having seen the reactions people had to it, it was seeming less and less likely that it was somebody's pet, unless that person was really weird.

Do you think we should take the bands off?
*Probably there for a reason,* Isuzu decided, though her face said that this didn't necessarily preclude taking them off.

While the other three security guards seemed engrossed with the lobster, Ren's attention finally managed to pull the server's eyes from the creature. Smiling once more, he tucked the wine list under his arm and bent forward in a shallow bow. "I'll return in a shortly with your drinks," he explained, mostly to Ren, as he straightened and moved off, holding her eyes for a step before turning to the bar.
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