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RP [PISCES Station] Moments In Between

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Ren smiled back as cutely as she could before he turned.

~The waiters kind of cute, but its difficult to hold his attention away from that lobster.~

Shrugging she sipped her water again and poked at the lobster's hard shelled back. "I wonder how you eat one....guess I'll find out!"
A short time later the server returned, carrying a tray high in one hand while a large white plastic bucket dangled from the other. From the look on his face he was quite aware of how rediculous this appeared, and he was quick to set the bucket town at Isuzu's feet. The water within sloshed up to the lip of the bucket at the jostling but didn't spill out onto the floor.

Meanwhile, the green-haired man busied himself with setting tall glasses of water in front of the other three women, saving Ren's drink for last. Pouring a small amount of wine for her to sample, the server held out the glass with professional poise and a confident gaze, every inch the gentleman. The image was slightly spoiled by the splashing of the lobster as Isuzu placed it in the bucket, but this time he seemed to be doing a better job of ignoring the crustacean.
Renko, finding herself cornered, took the wineglass hesitantly and sipped it. She obviously didn't know what the hell she was doing, but knew that there was an art to tasting wine. Holding the wine in her mouth a moment she judged it was at the least tasty before swallowing it and smiling at the waiter.

"This is good, thank you. Can you leave the bottle and provide glasses for my friends?"
"Of course." The server took a few short steps to the bar and in a moment three more glasses materialized. His long fingers brushed Ren's for a heartbeat as he accepted her glass, and he met her gaze again, the upturned corners of his mouth conveying deliciously insincere apology. He filled her glass halfway, then returned it, offering the bottle around to the others before placing it on the table. "Ladies, your meals will be out shortly; don't hesitate to call if you need anything," he said, bowing once again and departing.

Once he was gone, Isuzu cocked an eyebrow at the redhead. Most of that protracted mating ritual had flown completely over her head, but it wasn't hard to tell that something had been going on there. "So... been busy?" she asked vaguely, looking around. Leaning back and trying to get comfortable despte her armor, the tiny Neko took a sip of her water.
Renko smiled broadly at the departing waiters back, and continued to stare a little glassy eyed for a moment after he left.

"Hu? Oh not much. It's been kinda hum drum over here on D. Lucky me I'm infantry so they sent me to the rowdy section of the station for crowd control. You guy's?"
"Babysitting," Isuzu grumbled wearily, and the others thought they might have heard the words '<finicky little asshats>' muttered under her breath- if they understood Mishhu, that is.
Ren's question managed to draw Orie's attention away from the lobster for at least a moment. "Installing security! It's really interesting, they're upgrading a lot of their scanners to make them more effective at detecting certain weapons, which means we have to re-distribute power..." She rambled on, showing no sign of stopping any time soon.
Isuzu let Orie rattle on for a minute or two before interrupting. "Aoki-san, can you hold him?" she asked, indicating the lobster splashing playfully(?) in the bucket. "Gonna take off the bands," Isuzu explained.

Out of the corner of her eye, the dark-haired Neko glanced at Kumiko. The second Yamataian in their group hadn't had a chance to work with Orie on the Celia, so she probably didn't realize that if something wasn't done, nobody would get a word in edgewise for the rest of the meal. Isuzu liked tinkering with things well enough, she even had an invention or two up her sleeve, but Orie... was a little unnerving in her love of machines...
Kumiko smiled slightly listening to Orie. Apparently, she wasn't the only person with a passion for technical things, but apparently this person was slightly worse. "I was doing the same kind of stuff, but I guess I was in a different section from you."
Completely turning Orie out Ren simply smiled and nodded at random intervals. Having known people like Orie before Ren is completely capable of dealing with the situation without offending anyone.

"Are you sure you wanna take the bands off of that thing? It may be dangerous."
"I'm wearing gloves," Isuzu replied. There wasn't a lot of chance that the creature would be able to hurt her through the thick, padded gloves if he couldn't snap two plastic bands, and despite its many legs it seemed less than lightning fast outside of the water- though Orie might need to be careful about how she held it.

"Sounds like you're all having fun," the Neko observed dryly. As ill-suited as she was for it, Isuzu kept getting tapped for jobs dealing with difficult people; smugglers, senators, starship captains, people that had enough pull that they wouldn't just fold under the baleful gaze of a woman in uniform. It was making her a little paranoid, and Isuzu was eager to get off of security duty and into a nice preditcable, engineering job, before she was forced to deal with someone really dangerous.

"Found a new ship yet?" she asked curiously, glancing around the table. Though Kumiko had pretty much been stopped at the door, they were all basically refugees from the Ceila's hasty drydocking.

Edit: spelling, again -_-;...
Another voice came over the intercom: "Colonists departing to UX-14 please report to Docking Port A-1 on Concourse A."

"Due to current fleet area reassignments, all soldiers in the Third Expeditionary Fleet not currently assigned to a ship are to transfer to the First Expeditionary or Fifth Expeditionary. 1st XF applicants should report to Docking Port A-1 on Concourse A. 5th XF applicants should report to Docking Port A-10 on Concourse A."
"Oh she says. Breaking up random fights and drunken brawls is a wonderful way to use my skills." Ren's voice was dripping with sarcasm as she spoke. "No one can do this job as well as an infantry soldier."

Shaking her head she shrugged and leaned back taking a sip of wine. "Seriously 'tho. A primitive with a uniform could do this job. It's so boring I swear I'm gonna go nuts if I don't get reassigned soon!"
Kumiko nodded. "I may love technology, but this is undoubtedly the single most boring, repetitive assignment possible for a tech person. I'm just doing the same thing, over, and over, and over again." She shook her head. "At least I might get an interesting assignment next. I'm thinking about requesting to transfer onto the Moirai after this."
"Moirai?" Isuzu asked with an inquisitive lilt. She'd never heard of it, but with the vast number of ships in the Star Army of Yamatai, that wasn't surprising. "I've been assigned to the 5th's Akigumo. Might not be final, though." Technically, she'd joined the crew of the YSS Asuka, which had temporarily been transferred en-masse to the YSS Akigumo.

Another temporary assignment; I really am becoming a Temp, Isuzu mused in chagrin. If she didn't end up staying on the Akigumo or the Asuka, she hoped she's at least be able to stay in the 5th XF. It would be nice to see Jiyuu again, if only between deployments.
"Moirai? What kind of assignment is it? I'm still kinda looking around for request-able areas." Renko leaned closer and smiled. "I'm still without any orders at all at this point. It's kinda making me nervous actually."
"From what I understand, it's a search and rescue ship assigned to the 3rd Fleet." Kumiko leaned back. "I dunno. I don't like to fight, so it sounds like my kind of assignment. I'd welcome any of you joining me there, friendly faces are nice to have around."
(OOC: With the recent dissolution of the 3rd XF, you may need to edit your post to reflect the new affiliation of the Moirai, whatever it may turn out to be; just a reminder ^_^. I understand discussion is still going on regarding that plotship...)
Isuzu considered the idea for a few moments, her dark eyebrows knitting in thought. "Wouldn't be so sure about the 'less fighting,' part," she finally pronounced, lifting her glass for another sip of water and giving Kumiko a slightly critical stare. "Question is, who are you rescuing, and from what?" she noted.
Kumiko paused before taking a drink of her water, tipped the glass towards Isuzu, and then took a sip. "True, true. I should have said, less combat than most of the ships in this army. After all, there is usually a cause behind the need for rescue, right?"
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