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RP: YSS Kaiyō Post Mission 20: The Quiet


And just like that, Alastair was once again reminded of his place on this ship. When you are one of the people at the top, everything depends on you being able to be ready at a moments notice. If this was coming from Eden, he knew he best be quick. "Thank you for the update. I shall report at once."

Control center / Meteorological

Alastair stepped into the control center looking for Eden as instructed. "Reporting for duty as requested. Apologize for my delay, I was doing a quick inspection of the Onsen."

"Yes." Said Gravity. Then, she was gone in a blur.

Soaring high, she came down on Wyatt, twisting and using her body to build force and swinging the end of her spear at his shoulder, using inertia control to augment her movements.

She would tell Tsubaki who she was, right after taking the monster who captured her to a dark, secluded little place where no military tribunal could see her. The Kuvexians needed to be reminded that they were nothing more than calamari that had gotten lucky and avoided the deep fryer.
In Flight

Despite newer model Yamataians having the ability to manipulate gravity around them, she rarely saw them ever make use of the ability. She was guilty of it as well, always feeling like it was some SAINT taboo they make them feel but not really talk about. So she was enjoying her time in the air, letting the wind blow through her hair. Then the mental question came, she did her best not to look shocked from the unexpected attention.

"I, I guess I am not a normal clerk I suppose. Some at school were writers, but most of us want to just forget all the writing we need to come up with." Narumi stammered out an answer mentally, regaining her composure. "My family are rice farmers, so I was always busy helping them maintain the machinery. I do like photography, katanas, and guns though."

The soles of Wyatt's boots squeaked against the flooring as his own inertial systems carried the minkan just a fraction of a step sideways, trying to keep the anger and pain locked away at the back of his mind as he focused on the now rather than the later... though he'd be the first to admit you one cannot simply rid themselves of the dread and anxiety that comes from having your family held captive by an empire built on slavery.

With one already raised arm he batted aside the spear, thick forearm connecting with the shaft of the blue Valkyrie's weapon as its head grazed his shoulder and had it been a real spear a small bit of blood would have been drawn, at the same time though the Operative took a lunging step forward. His unoccupied arm shooting forward with a fist aimed at one of Kara's wrists, he was at a severe disadvantage if that spear remained in play much longer and Wyatt bloody well knew it.
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In Flight

"Did you hear something?" Hoshi murmured loudly, looking about. She didn't know it, but Nerai's call to them had reached her pink ears in a muffled, incomprehensible way. She shrugged it off. Focusing again on Narumi, she seemed surprised, "I have a farm, too! It took a long time to get the irrigation working for it properly. I am sure you know. I miss being there, this ship has been out of the Kiyko Sector for a long time, as you know. But I doubt that is your interest so much as what was expected of you, huh?"

Hoshi's face changed from cheery to tinged with a slight concern as she went on, "I hope you find some things of interest to photograph on your journey on our ship. I am a painter myself and I am sometimes at a loss for inspiration. You can only paint the stars and the plants in the observation deck so many times."

All the while they were flying at their steady pace. If anything, they were moving towards the destination only a little faster than Nerai was.

Control center / Meteorological

"I'm glad you're here," Eden said with a stern expression to Alastair. She had looked up from a datapad that she and Deio Asuka had been working at, but the sensors operator promptly closed her mouth in a grim straight face and walked over to a console when Alastair had come in to the small bunker module. Eden went on, "With the flotilla's arrival, a position has opened for a captain of an updated Plumeria class gunship. You are to captain your own ship, Belmont-taii." Eden's hands had been clasped behind her back, but now she moved one of them to hold onto Alastair's shoulder. "Congratulations, Belmont-taii, on your first command posting. You have the same rank that I had when I was stationed as captain of the original YSS Kaiyo, a Plumeria class, as well." Her smile was wan, small under her reddened eyes, but it was genuine despite its petite size. "You'll do us all proud, I am sure."

Asuka peeked over her shoulder, between her lacy red hair, to sneak a peek at Alastair's expression upon receiving command.


Rei's eyes had grown detached from one particular person in the room. Instead she kept her focus on everyone through hooded eyes. With her hands on her thighs as she sat with feet tucked under her butt, her expression lessened in severity as the moments went on. She saw the ship veteran, Abart, at the door and nodded slightly to him, not knowing where he would fit but ready to find a space for him within the controlled chaos of the dojo.
Kaiyō II

The noisy girl responded with an "Affirmative!", her motors whirring. Her electronic hearing picked up the sound of a voice, the servos in her neck whined when she turned her head to look back. For a moment, her hair flashed yellow. "Oh no! Do not leave mother behind!" the robot exclaimed worriedly.

The cockatoo noticed the sparring match that was about to start and attempted to divert her flight path so as to avoid it. She didn't have the biggest wingspan for an Elysian, but that didn't mean the Dojo provided her with a lot of room to suddenly change her course. An unexpected bump could cause her to crash while in flight, and it did. In her effort to stay away from the sparring partners, she got too close to the wall and hit it with her wing. The wall created a sudden obstruction, grabbing her wing with friction and forcing her to stumble into it. The collision flattened her crest and made the birb woman fall down.
Control center / Meteorological

It took a moment for the words to fully register for Alastair. He looked like a deer in headlights, completely caught off guard. His mouth slightly open, trying to come up with the words to say at this very moment. Then calm came over him, like the sea smoothing the sand on the beach. He took in a deep breath, then released it slowly.

"I am without words how excited I am at this very moment. My very own ship." He paused and let those words circle. Savoring this exact moment. A dream of his, coming true, right now. Then without warning he reached out and wrapped his arms around Eden, picking her off the ground. His excitement having taken over any common sense at the moment. He spun them both around a few times before stopping. He paused, coming to terms with the fact he was dangerously close to Eden. "Oh gosh, forgive me...I dunno what came over me." With haste he set her feet back on the ground and released her. He then took a step back and stood at attention.

"Thank you Teien-chusa, this is wonderful news that I can join the ranks of fellow captains." The grin slowly changed into a full on smile. "I hope the name of this fine ship is fitting." Little did he know in the moment that the ship happen to be named YSS Kōun, a name lifted no doubt from one of his personal logs.

"So, will any of the crew from the Kaiyo be transferred to the new ship?" He asked leaning to the side and giving a look to Asuka.
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Narumi with her inferior human ears was destined to not hear anything. Though she did feel like something was watching her, shrugging it off for the moment. She continued on with her conversation with the CO. She really did not enjoy her time as a rice farmer, so she just nods her head respectfully to Hoshi.

"I had gotten word there is a new journalist occupation, I was thinking of cross training into it should a slot open up on the Kaiyo II. I tend to take photos with a story behind them. Sometimes it is a beautiful waterfall with a storied history, sometimes it is an aether reactor of a famous ship." Narumi says with a slight smile, not giving any hints as to how she managed the last one.
Forward Base 1B - Wilderness outside

"Waaaiiittt!!!" *Despite her best efforts, Nerai's snake space could not keep up with the Neko, Minkan and clanky robot, casually floating further and further away. After a while she slowed down, coming to a more steady pace. Nerai had a rough idea where they were going though, both from remembering the place and sniffing their scent with the wiggletongue. She wouldn't have a problem with finding them, she'd just arrive a lot later. Noticing the tistant blip of Chlorate's hair, she noticed the robot loocking back, makingthe snake wave at her adopted youngling. "Heeyy!!"

YSS Kaiyo II - Dojo

While it was indeed a little crowded for his tastes, before Abart'huse could slither back out, his eves locked with Rei's, who gave him a greeting nod. He returned the nod like the well mannered snake he was. Now it would be somewhat akward to just walk out, so the snake changed his mind again and went on to find a spot that had some clearance to move his tail around without smacking anyone. Suddenly, a big yellow bird was there, faceplanted into one of the walls. With his tail Abart carefully pried Kiki off the wall and hoisted her up on her feet almost effortlessly. "I really don't think you ought to be flying around inside the ship... you okay?" The connection between the crestbirb and the snake was a strange one, as she was notably younger than him, but because of nerai's unique family sensation, Kikios was also going to be his step-aunt, besides the adopted robot cousin chlorate. Whack.
YSS Kaiyo II

Gravity smirked and allowed Wyatt to take hold of the shaft, deftly leaning back, taking her wrists away, and tucking her feet close to her body. Using inertia control, she yanked hard, pulling Wyatt towards her, and explosively shot out her legs towards his chest, putting 100 lbs of neko and years of squats into a devastating double heel kick.
Wulf Soban

Wulf was wondering how this fight would go and so far it seemed pretty even. Though before he could fully immerse himself in the combat he heard a loud clank from the Elysian as she landed onto the floor. Before he could respond though it seemed Albart had slithered in almost unnoticed and was already helping her to her feet. Letting out a breath he didn't know he held he wondered abit of the mismatch in the dojo. Two raging fighters, a Elysian flying around close caged when outside she could truly spread her wings, a worried ranger, a dutiful neko, and a unknown samurai.

It seemed werid for the scared dojo. Though not keep himself distracted any further he looked to Kiyo. "Kiyo darlin after these two rage abit in the cage want to have a spar?". Smiling abit as he said "Any type you want, Knifes, Swords, hand to hand, Ladies choice". Though he knew in there private spars he didn't stand much of a chance up close he still thought it was more pleasant to have the roar of laughter of fighters enjoying themselves instead of a constant of rage ahead.

Sakura Sjet

Sakura was enjoying the breeze and the flight. Though some of her companions talked about themselfs she was enjoying the flight for what it was. As she pondered abit the old Neko correction the older neko compared to many on the ship she found this moment rare. When she was born early in Ye20 to be a shipwright and techican to the shipyard she would look as the ships slipped there moors. She wondered what it felt like to be a ship or a bird of flight. When she finally got to enjoy gravity to its fullest and enjoy what she could do she enjoyed every minute. A flying cat she murmured in a pur oh how she loved her simple thoughts. As she was enjoying this though she was brought back to now though hearing both a pitful plea and a almost cry from there robotic friend.

Looking back with a ear flicker she smiled to Chlorate "Oh I got her Chlorate no worries". With a chuckle she slowed her pace before zooming back the other way. As quickly as a soaring Valkyrie like her could do she was heading to Nerai. Waving as she went she let out a shout "Issues keeping up?!" she said with a chuckle.
Kiyo fought the training dummy, her mind was unable to stop going to the news reports, of worlds being lost to the Kuvexians, of her sister Yayoi missing in action, maybe even dead. Her grip tightened, and the glow of her blade grew brighter until she unleashed her pent up stress and cut the training dummy down in half. She closed her crimson eyes and allowed her breath to calm before she grew distracted by the activity and specifically Wulf speaking to her. “Sure,” she said simply at his request, momentarily a naughty idea came to mind, that caused her to smile a little, but it went away as the thought had.

She knew he didn’t have a sword, so she decided to be fair to him. “we’ll go hand to hand” she told him and stretched.
In Flight

Hoshi smirked with a half laugh, "How'd you manage that?"Her attention was diverted and she realized they had left a crew member behind. "You'll have to tell me later, Narumi-chan. Thank Yui we're almost there. Anyone mind going the rest of the way by foot?" She herself had stopped and slowed to descend to Nerai's level. "Unless you'd rather fly, too, Nerai'shan." She herself was ready to heft up the snake woman, but only if there was consent from the missions operator.


Seeing the impact of Gravity into Wyatt, Rei's stoic eyes betrayed the grimace under them."Yame," she called out as she stood, asking them to stop. "Careful what you try to catch." Rei said, then stepped methodically towards Gravity, her pale eyes flitted from the spear in her hands to pilot's eyes. Her hand outstretched and it was apparent Rei was wordlessly asking to take the training spear. "Now me," Rei said to Wyatt in the interim before she was equipped as Gravity had been.

Command Center

Eden had straightened,hands splaying at her sides, when Alastair had hugged her. Happy to move past the embrace, she answered: "The ship is fully crewed, there was simply an opening. Do us all proud, Belmont-taii." Eden turned towards the datapad she had set down, apparently done speaking.

The pilot's blue feet had indeed hit their mark, striking the wide-eyed Wyatt's broad chest and pushing all the air out of his lungs with a grunt as the coppery Minkan stumbled back in a partial daze, though the man's large hand remained wrapped around the shaft of the training spear even as he went down. Wyatt quickly kicked one foot out behind himself and pushed the knee of his other leg into the padded floor, that'd definitely leave a mark but with any luck the bruises would be gone by tomorrow.

Drawing air back into his deflated lungs, Wyatt was about to rise back up with an uppercut though stopped himself when the command to halt their sparring was given, fist unballing and hand releasing from the shaft wordlessly as he looked across to Rei with those big orange eyes.

"I... if you insist~" he half-huffed before rising back up into a standing position, putting a hand to his tender chest a moment while checking nothing was cracked or out of place before resuming his same stance that had been taken prior, this time pointed towards Rei.

"When you're ready~"
Seeing the nekos finally take notice and zoom downwards, Nerai slows her pace as well, huffing and puffing. Even with repeated excercise, sprints like these took a lot out of someone, especially a 700lbs snake. "Huwah... good grief... i'm getting too old for this nonsense... you darn kids and your fancy floaty business..." A few more deep breaths calmed her down some, regaining her composure. "If you're offering a ride i'll gladly oblige."
Planet Surface

Narumi just smiles as she is let off the hook for the time being. She floats back down to the surface of the planet and looks around.
Wulf Soban

Wuf couldn't help but smile at Kiyo's reply. Looking to his blue love "I'm surprised normally you go for the blade but hand to hand eh?". Pondering abit "trying to give me a chance ?" giving a playful smirk he then snapped to attention back at Rei. Rei just called for a end to the fight and then asked for a square off with Wyatt. Walking over to Kiyo and quickly whispering "This doesn't look good does it" gently and trying to subtitling gesturing to the three who have been fighting.

Sakura Sjet

Sakura was the first to make it to Nerai and chuckled at the out of breeth snakes comments. Smirking abit "Glad i'm still considered a kid in your eyes also can't be mad I was just born fancy with flight". Floating down beside the snake as it looks like Hoshi suggested to walk back she still felt like using her gravity manipulation to float Nerai along. With a playful laugh "I'll give you a hand so you can relax abit you seriously look out of breath".
Kiyo smiled at her human lover “you don’t have a blade, or do you?’ she asked him before he asked her if she was giving him a chance. “Well, since you don’t have a blade, I gotta be fair, that would be honorable” she told him before she turned her attention to the others and silently watched the situation, and nodded to Wulf’s question. “Yeah” She said and frowned, as upset as she had been feeling, Wyatt had to be even more, considering his wife was missing.
Command Center/Meteorological

Asuka looked over her shoulder, to Eden, then back over her shoulder to Alastair.

"You can come by the Kaiyo every Saturday night. Some of us are going to start walking to pools nearby. We don't know how long we'll be stationed here, so it might be a good idea to stretch our legs and... whatnot." She was done and had simply given Alastair a pinched smile before looking back down to her work.

Eden glanced up to Alastair, "The death toll in Yamatai has affected us all..." she began, her voice hoarser and less direct than usual. "Your brevity and quick wit would be welcome."


Rei was happy to hold a spear in her hands so much so that she let herself get lost in the rhythmic movement of it. While it leapt between her hands ,each while her fingers twirled the shaft and her wrists bent to bring it behind her back. Again making a nodding movement, this time to Wyatt, the samurai slowed her movement. She stepped forward to hand it squarely to the operative.

"Attack me as Gravity did to you," Rei said, "But slower, eh?"

She stood with her feet shoulder width apart and fists at her side, in a ready stance. Wyatt began recreating Gravity's movements, complete with a downward assault and wooden spear aimed at Rei. Thanks to his own inertia control, he was able to do so much more slowly, letting Rei show each movement she made as she spoke about it aloud.

"My forearm is going to block," she said as her forearm, hard as wood from her own training, despite her passive armor being, well, passive still. She had made contact with her forearm and had begun pushing his arm down, towards his own legs. Her other hand gone over his attacking arms and she said, "And my other arm will connect to," she said as her wrist twisted and her hand had scooped his forward arm, along with the staff, so that she was hooking his arm with hers. "hook into your arm and weapon." She raised her free hand, the one whose forearm had begun the attack, "Knife hand and pull here, eeto..." she had acted out bringing down her hand on his wrist without contacting him, "Or you can assault." She pushed her arm forward as if she could hit him in his face, now exposed easily due to his arms and weapon being controlled by Rei. She relaxed her body and disentangled her arms from his while looking to him.

"Blocking the weapon and hooking is the key, not grabbing. Again." The samurai had gotten into a ready position once more. "Then you can try blocking while I have the staff. Dame, no. Wait."

The little samurai spoke louder than she had been earlier, ""You will be partners," she pointed to Kikios then Wulf and then from Kiyo to Abart. "Practice blocking technique. Toughen your forearms by making contact with one another." It tied in a bit to what the block Rei had shown Wyatt was in that her hardened forearm had initially shielded Wyatt's incoming blow by making contact with his.

She looked back to the Minkan Elf and said, "I am ready. Again."

In Flight/ Wilderness

Hoshi gave a reaffirming nod to Nerai, "To be safe, I'll help as well!" She dropped down to get a grip onto Nerai's tail end. She started hovering just a foot off the ground soon after and waited. "Ready for lift off when you are," she told Sakura.
The angel woman got up with Abart's help, informing him "Thanks... and yes, I'm fine." When Rei spoke to her, she looked at her, surprised. Then she turned her previously-crested head and looked at Wulf. "Right... um..." Kikios held her arms in a blocking stance, not exactly knowing what she was doing. Just by looking at her, it was clear she wasn't ready for this, but she certainly hoped it would succeed at blocking his attack. It was going to be a punch... right? She was supposed to block a punch right?

In Flight
The sweet computer girl looked down at their efforts to lift her mother for a moment. It looked like an awkward situation, two people trying to lift a long Separa'Shan. She didn't know how they would manage that. By her calculations, one neko wouldn't be strong enough to lift her, but could two do it? She floated down and mechanically swiveled her head to look at Narumi in an almost creepy animatronic-like fashion. "Do you think they will be able to carry her? I believe mother is very heavy, and not optimized for flight," she innocently asked. She had no idea what the comment she just made about Nerai essentially meant, and showed no hesitation in making it.