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RP: YSS Kaiyō Post Mission 20: The Quiet

Command Center/Meteorological

Alastair rubbed his hand over his chin a few times. Captain Alastair, he thought to himself. Each time he thought it a huge smile crossed his face. Though he knew this smile would be short lived since he now had an entire crew under his full command. They would look to him at key moments to save the day, or at least go out with in style.

"Thank you for the invite Asuka. The pools do sound very nice." He switched his attention to Eden. "When am I to report to my new command aboard the new ship?" He once again thought himself as captained and smiled big.
Command Center/Meteorological

"The base is pretty busy and filled with starship crews right now," Eden said as she looked off absentmindedly, "I'd wager you have a skeleton group on board now, but if you check in with your MEGAMI you might find out. Her name is Unicorn, I believe." The Chusa looked at Alastair as she tapped her index finger on the base console. "I look forward to seeing you at the command meeting in 1800 hours. Your unique perspective was always a boon to my vessel." With a cough, she added, "Anything else, Taii?"
Wulf Soban

Wolf was going to add something about blades to Kiyo but then hearing Rei's command he looked to Kiyo one more time. With a cheerful tone still "Well my dear at least there split abit though I guess we will have our dance later". With a smirk before heading off "Make sure you got some spirit left for a good spar". There was one thing he enjoyed about being with Kiyo and maybe a byproduct of there creation and life was a playful competitive streak they had. Though never taken seriously they spared and enjoy each other company, maybe a product of being in the military or maybe just how there souls burned in life.

Though he had to stop thinking as he heard Rei follow up with how they will conduct them selves. Again reminded of his childhood he was glad at least it was just skin, bone, and muscle connecting instead of those bamboo strikes they would use to strength not only there pain but keep them disciplined. As he stood in-front of Kikios he remembered this was the first time they had any training together. Though frequently dealing with her antiques aboard the ship or the coffee episodes of the mess hall he wondered why the ranger didn't train with more of the crew. Bowing before assuming a readied stance. As he bounced with his feet assuming to shake off some of the usual stress before going he saw Kikios eyes and was glad he noticed it before hand. Before starting he looked to Kikios "I'm not going to try to directly hit you but make contact so you can block". Smiling abit "Lets start slow and work our way up as you get used to the pace". With that final bit he started slowly so that his winged friend would easily be able to block and then begin her counter block.

In Flight/ Wilderness
Sakura Sjet

Sakura smiled hearing the follow up talk from Hoshi "Always ready". Before she Went to go lift Nerai's front she heard Chlorate comments. Feeling bad for Nerai and the unintended and innocent jab she spoke softly "Oh Nerai is light as feather between me and our captain this should be a cake walk". As she winked to Nerai she knew this wouldn't be bad but the precaution Hoshi took was the smart thing. Smiling to the Separa'shan "Ready to fly ?"
In Flight

Narumi initially moved to help Nerai, but stopped mid way. It looked like there was enough Neko level strength people to do the task. Plus she wasn't sure where to grab without looking awkward doing it.

"I wonder if someone has ever thought to cybernetically enhance your species with metal Elysian wings ma'am."
Kiyo was about to get herself ready when Rei had a different idea for partnerships between the two. the Samurai probably thought that if they fought each other they might not be up to it fearing that they’d hurt each other, though in truth Kiyo wouldn’t want to hurt him, considering she loved Wulf so she usually held back some of her strength. “Yes we shall,” she replied before she moved to face Abart. “Konichiwa, Sempai, “She greeted, and she bowed as was proper, and prepared herself for the sparring match between her and Abart.
Planet Surface

Nerai'tha flinched a bit at the little robot's merciless words, even if she knew Chlorate didn't mean anything by it, it was quite the phrase. "Ch-chlo-chan, i know you're trying to help but.... actually nevermind, just jake me to the pool..." *She let out a slight defeated sigh, not in the mood to babble about subtleties with her silly adoptive robodaughter. With some effort, the snakelady was hoisted up, suspending all 800 pounds of serpentine muscle in the air. "How much further is it from here? I can't see anyhting yet."



"Hm? Ah, very well." After getting the peppy crestbird back on her feet,Abart turned to look at Rei as she adressed him, pairing him up with Kiyomori. He turned back to the blue neko, not used to being adressed by facy words as "Senpai" and such. "Goodday, Kiyomori-hei. Reay to begin?" After returning the bow, the tall, muscular snek ducked a little, taking on a defensive stance, even if his tail wasn't so much standing as much as it was sprawled out on the Dojo's padded floors. Even in this hunched, guarded position he poked out above the neko considerably, ready to clash. "Show me what you can do."
"Yeah, seems good," the parrot replied. She put up her arms, and peeked her messy flattened crest around them to check to see if he was "punching" yet. She had apparently not realized her crest was gone yet. She probably would've reacted if she did...

In Flight
The robot that was as stone cold with the facts as her own metal turned to Sakura. "That is incorrect. Mother is approximately 44.4 million times heavier than the average feather." She then looked down at Hoshi and Sakura's less noisy feet. "I do not understand, there is no cake to walk on in this location." Meanwhile, the literally heartless (but not intentionally) computer girl pondered about Narumi's idea, attempting to calculate whether or not it was possible to make a Separa'Shan fly with cybernetics, specifically with Elysian-type wings that were made of metal since that was the specified criteria.