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RP: YSS Kaiyō Post-Mission Five: Wabi-Sabi

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Downtown Kyoto
11日 4月 YE 39
0800 Hours

ST backups had been taken care of. Everyone was alive, well, and recovered. Amanozako walked a little funny, but it didn't matter too much as she was on her own ship, outside of Yamataian space. She promised to catch up with the Kaiyō for more of their adventures, but now was not the time for an her to be present.

Now was the time for the Kaiyō crew to go off and enjoy themselves in the capital. The Kaiyō was undergoing repairs for one to two weeks and would be getting a new paint job. Blue wings seemed to suit the Plumeria better, anyway.

The entire crew had ridden the rail system from the Uesureyan Fields and had been shown to their apartments that the government fielded for them while they were on Yamatai. Eden made it clear that it was important to change things up while she stood next to Saki, holding the XO's hand. They were in their plain clothes. Eden wore a bomber jacket with a fur-lined hood with a tank top underneath and skinny jeans with tough-looking boots.

"Pick someone new to share a room with. Not your normal roommate but somebody you want to get closer with. Then, head into the city."

She added, "You all know that at the end of this week, in five days, Saki and I will be married under the blooming Sakura trees along the Riverside and that we will have a reception at the Galactic Hotel. I have paid for one full floor of the hotel for us to party in... Er, sleep in that night." She looked to Saki and gave a small giggle, then looked into her lavender eyes. "We're going to have a lot of fun."

With that, she looked away and at the Kaiyō's crew and made a motion for them to scurry away, "So go have fun until then!"
Quite a lot of force landed on Mat's back as the Elysian glomped him from behind.

"I choose you, Mat!" she giggled. "Let's go do things! Is it alright if I visit my own home, Eden? My family owns a home in Yamatai."
"Ooof!" Mat was all but bowled over by Meissa's surprise hug.

"Hi Meissa. I think sharing a room will be fun! And maybe I could come along with you on your visit?"
"Of course. Why would I decline?" Meissa ruffled his snowy white hair.

Home...it's been a while, hasn't it? The hectic running around, the everything. The injuries, the war, the life. She's almost forgotten to drop in and say hi to family. And now, she's got the chance, a chance she's been waiting for, for a very long time.
Downtown Kyoto

"I see no problem with that. Whatever makes you happy, Meissa," Eden said to her explosives extraordinaire. "That goes for all of you, if you have family on Yamatai."
Arblebarble had been listening to Eden's little spiel from Mochi's right side, leaning against the battered Minkan lightly. Her shoulder still hurt quite a bit from getting torn up by an angry NMX, but at least her right arm was functional again. When the Taii mentioned they were going to be able to choose roommates the smol's face brightened significantly, turning upward and smiling brightly at her other half.

The couple did have quite a few things planned for this trip, but despite Kyoto's night time reputation there was more than sitting in a micro together for a whole week. At least, as long as there still wasn't major sentiment about Elysians spread about the less friendly individuals...
Riku stood there, a little confused and befuddled with the idea of an off-time after the harrowing experience they had just gone through. He looked around at the crew and noticed a few doe eyes and affectionate exchanges, which prompted him to smile. Death wasn't a barrier to the typical Yamataian soldier -- the surprise when the previously dead Eden returned to the bridge in all her uniformed glory.

He scratched awkwardly at his cheek and decided to cherish the time he had here. Home after a small and exciting tour of near-death puts many things into perspective. The Captain had ordered them to change things up but every chance he could he had holed himself up in the bridge. Three days with long moments of sleep in between plus a rotation of proper dietary intake.

There was little reason for him to interact with the crew on a personal level. He, in truth, barely knew them as people. He knew they were an amalgamation of Elysians, Minkan, Princess, and other more obscure species; but that was the extent of it. He didn't know if it was proper to wave or salute under these circumstances.

He decided to leave things be and promptly turned in his heel, giving the Captain and SO a salute before moving back towards the rail station.

They'll be surprised to see I'm still alive. I hope.
Downtown Kyoto

Anastasia was wearing a rather warm looking beige sweater over some of her off duty clothing, which she didn't have much of. She felt rather small in the massive metropolis of Kyoto. She hadn't spent much time around the city itself, most of it being exclusive to training at Fort Victory. She had a few plans on her agenda for her stay here, but sadly one of them was delayed a bit. She'd have to get around to it towards the end of their stay.

Anastasia listened to Eden's more casual than usual orders, looking around at her crew members. After a few moments of silence, she built up some courage. She smiled and quietly moved over towards Orion, standing beside him. "Hey... want to split an apartment?"
Orion was listening to the multiple conversations going on around him, before he snapped back into reality at Anastasia's question. His wings got back up into a more presentable position, since previously they had been drooped on his back, product of the seats not having mercy with his wings earlier.

"Uhhmmm... Sure! Why not?"

The light blue winged elysian was wearing a white shirt under a jacket, the hoodie off at the moment, wearing some jeans aswell.
Yamatai, Downtown Kyoto

Mitsuko resisted the urge to poke, squeeze, scratch or otherwise touch her relatively newer arm. It was perfectly fine, of course, but as the first major injury she had received, the Neko was still getting used to the freshly grown replacement. It was all in her head, she knew that, and the sensation would fade. Eventually. She was wearing a long skirt and turtleneck sweater, which was similar enough to suggest her usual Type 30C without actually being in uniform. The Star Army blue luggage she had rolled along with her was noticeably marked with the Eucharis ship's emblem.

"I have a...small business to check in on while in town." Murakami adjusted her new replacement glasses, avoiding looking at the other crew members as she spoke to their Captain, trying to downplay this personal admission. "Then I have some...former colleagues....to check in on in Tsubomi. So, I may not be in Kyoto proper until the end of the week, Teien-Taii." She bowed, then turned towards Rei and William. "...do either of you have anything I should pass along to McBelle-Shoi?"
Downtown Kyoto

The samurai was wearing a traditional yukata, red hakama, and geta wooden shoes. She stood with her hands on the obi that held her white yukata close to her body. She straightened her back a fraction more than it had already been as she was addressed, a seemingly impossible feat given her previously erect posture.

Rei looked to the former Vice Principal and said aloud, "Eeto... One or two things."

Then, telepathically as she looked at Mitsuko, she said, "Apologize to her for my leaving the school on such sudden terms. I would go back to say so myself if not for being a retainer of Hime Ketsurui Aiko."

Then, aloud, she said to Mitsuko, "Arigatou gozaimasu, Murakami-san."

She looked to William expectantly after she had said her piece, then her black eyebrows knit together and she whispered, "I just spoke to her telepathically. It is your turn to speak to her."

She noted that it may be time to speak to William about the implantation of mindware.

She turned to Aiko, eyebrows still knit together and said to her, "Ketsurui-sama, we should retire to our rooms for increased safety. Do you agree?"
Downtown Kyoto

William stood quietly next to Rei, looking more down at his feet than anything else. When he was addressed, he looked up.

He waited for Rei to speak. When she didn't he looked slightly confused, until she explained that she used telepathy. "Hai Sensei..."

"Yes Ma'am. Would you apologize to McBelle-Shoi that I did not finish my schooling. And that I appreciate her for allowing me to attend in the first place." He said bowing. "The same goes to you Murakami-sama. Thank you for teaching me." He said standing back up.

He looked over to Rei and nodded softly, but looked to Aiko for what she wished to do. He did not voice his opinion. He would do whatever Princess Aiko asked of him. His eyes, drifted back downwards waiting to hear what they were doing next.
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Downtown Kyoto

Amoungst the gaggle of Neko, Elysian, and even Human and... Whatever one that snake people was called. Yoshida could never quite remember. But that was a real side issue in her mind, as her... friend Anastasia was already running off with Orion, as per Eden's orders. It still gave her this icky burning feeling inside herself seeing them, well, together. Without her. At least Ana seemed like she was going to be having fun though, that was something.

She looked over the assorted crew and sighed ever so slightly. Meissa her first choice, already had Mat to room with. It was the same for, quite a few of the others from what she could tell. She wasn't looking that hard of course, as she couldn't help but stew about Orion. Just a bit. At least her poker face was getting its practice, the only real sign of heightened state of emotions was an ever so slight hardness in her eyes, and the fast lashing tail threatening to bruise somone standing in the sixty degree arc behind the infantry neko.

And so she spoke. Maybe a bit less enthusiastically than normal, almost not quite wanting to be heard. "Who should I room with? Mits- er, Murakami, Riku... Or any one else." She would have continued on with Eden, or the snazzy SAINt officer, but had the sense to recognize that the former would be very... busy with her bride to be, and the other didn't seem like the type that would want to get to know her better. At least not yet, probably. Even the two she did mention by name, seemed extremely busy.
A hand landed on the Neko's shoulder.

"Got your eye on anyone?" Meissa asked Yoshida. "There's gotta be at least one, isn't there? Someone who you can find? After all, the worst way to drown is in a sea of people, Yoshida."

Something in her voice shifted slightly. A quaver, a something...an understanding?
Riku couldn't help but notice someone in the same situation as himself. Yoshida Kokoro, Nito Hei, Infantry. 'Born' YE 38. He had to move through the crowd around them so his initial intent to leave for family forced him to wait until it would clear up. She called him by his first name, an oddity in and of itself but something of the way she muttered it and stammered about made it more .. endearing. Sighing softly he approached the Neko, and Nashira-hei in the process, bowing to them both as was to be expected of those senior to him.

"Nashira-hei," His eyes briefly landed upon Meissa, then looked towards Yoshida, lingering a little longer. "Kokoro-hei. This is sudden but I find myself lacking in a room mate. Would you like to share one with me?"

He asked, directly, with little in the means of hesitation or embarassment. In the Star Army of Yamatai, death, was not a factor. Life could go on at the press of a button. Which is why he decided that if he was going to die; he would not come back through Soul Transfer. Once, it was a blessing. Once.

Yoshida, as all Neko were, was beautiful. Engineered and bred for war yet created to the most highest standard in terms of aesthetic pleasure. He didn't care about her beauty, though, he cared that she seemed to be struggling with herself. Riku didn't want to leave her alone by her lonesome without anyone else.

I barely know her. Why am I doing this?
Downtown Kyoto

Despite showing signs of losing her shy personality and attachment, Misaki stayed close and in contact with Eden. Like Eden, she was in her civilian clothes. She was wearing a golden sundress with light brown flats. She had a small shoulder bag on her right side and had her chocolate-brown hair neatly straightened behind her. Every once in a while, she'd look up at Eden but not say a word, just basking in the love and good feelings.

As they strolled by the shops and windows. She looked up again and asked, "So, we do need to discover who is who's bridesmaids, and dresses, and where we are going on our honeymoon." She grinned a little and let her head lean and rest of Eden's shoulder, not having a care in the world.
Downtown Kyoto

After having told the crew to have fun for a second or third time, putting an added emphasis on the fun Meissa and Mat would likely have, Eden was off to stroll and shop with her love.

"Bridesmaids, hmm." Eden mused. "Can we have the crew do it? I'll get all of the boys and you can get all of the girls? What's more, we'll be going on a honeymoon together, just us. But where is a surprise!"

"I do know one other thing about the wedding..." Eden said. "The Empress will be joining us in one way or another." She pulled Saki's hand as she said it, making her follow Eden into the bridal dress shop she had been leading them to.
Downtown Kyoto

Hanna looked around as her crew mates exchanged romantic greetings, awkward introductions, and friendly conversations. She envied some of them for the relationships they had built up during their time on the ship, however, Hanna had a different plan for today: she wanted to go shopping. Hanna had attired herself in a pair of black booties, black jeggings, and a white ballon-sleeved blouse. She intended to visit some of the high-end fashion and makeup stores within the city. With little attention paid to stealth, Hanna walked away from the group and fell in with the city crowds.

Hanna decided to visit Kagayaki Cosmetics, so as to refill her makeup supply. As she walked along the aisles, picking up foundation, lip gloss, and concealer, Hanna thought of the wedding that Norogumi-Chui and Teien-Shosa were having in a few days time. As she picked up a brow kit, Hanna spontaneously thought of something that she could do for Teien-Shosa.

In one swift motion, Hanna pulled out her communicator, and typed formal message to Teien-Shosa.

To: Shosa Teien Eden, YSS Kaiyō of the First Expeditionary Fleet, Sixth Squadron
From: Santo Hei Hanna Madsen, YSS Kaiyō of the First Expeditionary Fleet, Sixth Squadron


I am very happy to hear that you and Norogumi-Chui are getting married soon! I can not wait for the event and I am sure it will be very fun! However, there is something special that I would like to do for you. With the utmost humility, I ask that you would let me do your makeup for the wedding. Should you accept this offer, I would also ask that you send me a facial scan so that I can practice before the event.


Santo Hei Hanna Madsen
The black haired neko started as Meissa's hand found her way to the aforementioned neko's shoulder. "I-i um..." She couldn't really quite think of what to say on the spot, other than a slight stammering. The most she could do was be connfused, and slightly worried for the friend trying to comfort her. But that moment was all too breif as Riku walked up. "I-uh... him? yes him."

She looked slightly releived on being approached, but the icky feeling of jealousy wouldn't go away. Instead, as was her way with a great many things, she distracted herself by concerning herself over meissa's troubled expression. "Are you okay?" She asked telepathically, using the direct touch to do so.

And then, back to Riku. "I wouldn't mind! Orders are orders." She still looked troubled of course, but did a much better job of hiding it now. Her tail was no longer threatening to leave a bruise on somone, like Meissa, if it just so happened to twack against an unguarded thigh.
"About as okay as you are." Meissa telepathied back. "Which is to say...well, it might be better to show you."

Meissa passed Yoshida an address. "Come there some time," she added. Her telepathy, already tending to ooze the present emotion she felt, was now covered in a dark layer of...a different negative emotion.
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