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RP: YSS Kaiyō Post-Mission Two: Yame!

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Navian did not appear to have heard, though she shook her head slightly midway through Eden's speech, and again, more firmly, two seconds after she was done. Whatever she was looking at didn't appear to be physically present.

Despite Navian's current ineptitude, Eden knew she was a capable crew member and let the quietude from the Nito Hei go. Unable to experience pain if she turned her sensors for such a thing off and unable to feel dizziness or wooziness like Navian was experiencing, Eden could only guess what the Elysian was going through.

She said in a half-comforting, half-concerned voice, "I want you to get better, soon, Navian. Santo Hei Miya?"

"Yes?" answered the medic.

"Please attend to Navian quietly."

The bright-eyed medic went to Navian's side and began checking her heart rate.

"Anyone else have observations or questions?" the Taii asked of the group in the wardroom.
After a moment of roundabout silence, Anastasia spoke up, quietly.
"Do we have any idea what they were? They wouldn't be Elysians..."
"They...look pretty loyal to each other, I'd say." Meissa spoke. "And I hope they aren't Elysians. Can't we autopsy the one dead...whatever it is? And run tests on the armor?"

"They... took... t' th' sh'tle," Navian struggled to add, shutting her eyes and scrunching her face, apparently in an effort to get the blood back into her head. Miya rose from where she was listening, and explained on Navian's behalf, "She just needs to rest." Something between a question and a statement, she said, "I'll take her back to the medical bay, Taii?"

At the word autopsy, Mochi took the opportunity to pitch in. "I'll be doing a thorough analysis on the cadavers. Hopefully myself and the technicians can give the armor and those rifles a run down too." Secondly, the Juni added "On a side note, I'd love to get up close to the NMX and see what makes her tick." Though the way he said it sounded less figurative and more literal than it should.
Mat had been silent for most of the debriefing, trying to get the lay of the land before he introduced himself formally.

However, as he walked forward to introduce himself, he became nervous, and tripped, sending him falling,and causing him to brush the wings of several of the Elysians in the room.

"Ow," was Navian's only comment as Mat brushed against her injured wing. Miya considered whether asking if Mat was alright would only add to the embarrassment, while Asuka did not consider it at all, laughing out loud for a moment or two, instead.
Meissa felt a little shudder through her wing. She flicked her wing in a strange annoyance and raised it up in front of her to check if Mat messed up any of the...surprisingly well kept and cleaned feathers.
Her face is a little rosy looking. Barely.
She snorted. Klutz.

"Yes, take her there immediately and make sure she gets her rest, Santo Hei Miya."

She barely reacted to Mat's entrance, but a glimmer of concern was etched on her face momentarily.

"As you will note," Eden began to answer the questions by pointing to the screen, which showed the power armor both retreating and being carried to the shuttle. Then, the wardroom could see the fiery explosion of the craft.

She lowered her hand and tucked it behind her back and went on, "No bodies remain. What we have are bits and pieces. Some feathered flesh here, some unknown metal there. Nothing substantial. As I said in the beginning of this debriefing, we know not what we were just up against, but we have sent information to Star Army Intelligence. I will hold a meeting when we have gained something solid from them."

Navian climbed to her feet and leaned on her crutch, walked over Mat--stepping on him accidentally, because her eyes were still closed--and without pausing to find out what had happened, made it as far as the exit from the wardroom before she reluctantly gave Miya permission to carry her the rest of the way, and dozing off in the arms of the hovering Neko, soon afterward.
"Don't we have clone bays?" Meissa asked. "Couldn't we just shove some DNA into the clone vat and see if it comes out alright? Even if it ends up as a soulless husk we can still autopsy that."
It is at this moment it must be clarified: Meissa's only wildly guessing how clones work.

Eden smiled at Meissa's question before stepping forward and putting out a hand for Mat to grab and be lifted up by. Her smile widened as she looked down at him. It was a comforting, caring smile that showed she held no judgement for his mishap.

Eden, of course, had the knowledge and ability to explain away Meissa's question, but wanted to include one of her advisors in the discussion. He had a knowledge and grasp of the sciences beyond her own understanding and she didn't know if he had something more to add than the simple answer she had formed in her head.

"That is a question for Santô Juni Seinosuke Iemochi." She looked to the scientist and said, "Mochi?"
"Hmph." The pint-sized pink feather blanket managed to avoid the potentially embarrassing act of her wings being impacted by a klutz, who also seemed to be a new guy. People started talking about clones again, all she lets out is a light cough to clear her throat, and some looks around the room. These guys and their clones... She never could understand much on the biological level, a fact made obvious as her eyes glaze over gradually as the inevitable talk about stem cells or whatever crap it is that clones are based on comes about. No, machines are better. Predictable, consistent, more apt to a direct change.

Actually she's not that cold. Still mostly lost on biotech, she steps forward towards the 'new guy', bending her legs and knees very slightly in her uniform as she reached her left-then she changed to her right- arm down a little to help him up. Being so small, not much bend was needed to get her arm to a 'normal' height. "I suggest not holding your breath when stepping into a room full of people. It's an easy way to avoid tripping." Her voice drifts out, a cool murmur with a pitch of an A flat in the treble clef, concert scaling. She prepares herself to lift Mat up to his feet again, or at least his knee or something.

"So, we en-devour to discover more next time yeah?" Yoshida watched intently. She looked quite deep in thought, her hand on her chin as she stared at the screen, before the very sudden, very distracting entrance done by mat as he stumbled across the room, somehow managing to touch nearly every elysian's wing along the way. Yoshida definetely judged mat, unlike the forgiving Taii. She all bit missed the whole conversation about clones.
Mat ruffled his white hair sheepishly. "I'm sorry. I got nervous about introducing myself to everyone."

He straightened up, "My name is Matsuvo Shinomori. It's nice to meet everyone."
"Sup." As constant as the 299,792,458 meters-per-second that light travels at in a vacuum, Meissa did her usual greeting of one hand up in the air, and a terse phrase of acknowledgement. She found her right wing satisfactory after Mat's mishap and folded it back behind her back. "Why were you holding your breath, anyways? I don't bite."
Don't bite a (probable) ally, at the very least. Actually, no biting in general. Unless if it's the bite of a roundhouse kick to the head, or the bite of a nice shock of Aether straight through the chest, or...
In any case, Meissa's head turned towards "Mochi." Struck her a little funny on why Eden called her science tech the name for a certain kind of ice cream. But that's a completely useless question better asked another time. Besides, Meissa wasn't complaining. Ice cream was delicious, because it was ice cream.
Being as small as she is, Shan isn't surprised when she's straight-up ignored by people. She tries to help people anyways because.....Well, probably she was raised nicely. Or something. Instead she just returns her arm to her side, taking a step backwards to nearly perfectly replicate her earlier position against the floorboard wall, this time crossing her left foot in front of her right and pointing it onto its toes, balancing on less surface area than before.

Mochi seemed a little bit annoyed when Eden mentioned how no bodies were intact, seems he wouldn't be able to go all-out today. His ears pricked up a little at the mention of cloning and he happened to be formulating a response as Eden asked him to personally address the question, causing everyone in the room to turn and look at him expectantly. Unused to the spotlight, the scientist took a breath and lowered his gaze for a second to compose himself.

"To put it simply, the cloning bays are only formatted to clone certain species of mammals. Humans, et cetera.. It only houses and maintains a batch of egg cells needed for the cloning process of said species." Mochi realised at this moment that he sounded like one of his old professors, then pushed the thought aside.

"While it is possible to jury-rig a cloner, I would need a sample of live oviary tissue from the given species." He paused for a second, then realised his implied point may not be obvious and elaborated: "All the samples we have are dead, if we captured a live creature to sample their ovary.. Well.. We'd already have a live one of these things and the problem would already be solved."

"Thank you, Mochi," Eden said. "I am sorry there are no live specimens for you to have at. That should answer that question. Are those all of the questions we have?"
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