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RP: YSS Kaiyō Post-Mission Two: Yame!

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Meissa nodded.
Well. Out the window, through the torpedo tubes, and into the deep void goes that idea.
She blamed the NMX agent.
A very attentive eye would notice her plant her foot on the ground, like she had her stompers over someone's rib cage.
Her calves tensed.
Meissa grit her teeth as she, discreetly as possible, locked her knee. The imaginary rib cage snapped, her foot puncturing right into an imaginary lung. She ground the imaginary lung with her foot until it returned back into nothingness.
She made a slight scour and a low growl. She'd have more bodies to bring back if that stupid bastard hadn't gotten in the way! Now they've lost intel, they've lost the enemy shuttle, and she was just about ready to go and throw the prisoner against the wall a few times.
She looked down at her clenched fist and the white knuckles. A mild bit of pain registered in her mind. A few beads of blood oozed out from under her nails.
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"I suggest we have the technicians go over the NMX power armor very carefully. The computer may contain valuable information. Even the construction and condition may reveal something about its occupant. Checking for any location tracking, or recent communications, would also be wise." Mitsuko sipped at the tea in her '#1 Logistics Officer' mug, having quietly observed the debriefing. And the various antics and pratfalls. "If you need any assistance compiling and organizing the information, I could lend a hand. Sakamoto-Heisho would be a better choice, but she is likely to have her hands full with our...guest."

She would also have suggested that the next time they spotted a suspicious vessel, they either ignore it and increase speed or vaporize it out of existence, but Murakami didn't think the captain would take that advice. It seemed to be a very common failing of those in command.
Carter stayed quiet and observant during most of the briefing, the questions he had in mind already being asked and answered before he could get a word in. His only response to Matsuvo's clumsy entrance was a sideways glance and muttering "You already introduced yourself." Under his breath. At the mention of examining the NMX power armor, however, he perked up considerably. "I'd be glad to dissect the NMX armor. It shouldn't be too difficult to extract information from the internal computers with Boss's help; it'll depend on how damaged it is, though."

Eden sighed, then turned to look at the view screen. It showed the hostile Reaper armor during several different parts of combat, then went back to the hinomaru and mission number two debriefing signage.

She looked to Saki, golden eyes locking onto Saki's violet ones as she said, "They're not getting it."

She then turned back around fully, saying, "The NMX soldier we have some intel on. The Nepleslians have it on file that she has operated as a bounty hunter in their space for some years, now. She is not the enemy we face today. The enemy we face is itself faceless."

She turned around and spoke while facing the large hinomaru, saying, "We have no name by which to call it. We have no resources which we have made to specifically defeat it. We are not up against a bounty hunter. We are not fighting a war against one NMX that likely deserted during the war. We are up against far greater threats. Yes, we will go through with unearthing what she is doing here and why she ruined mission objectives but, frankly, she did us all a favor, in some sense. She ended a losing battle. She ended for us something that could not be won easily. What she cannot end is this war, though. This war we all fight for the Star Army of Yamatai."

She opened a box that had been in front of her. "To all of you, the exploration award. Come forward and collect them. We have accomplished the requirements for this, if nothing else."
Carter stood and walked over to the box to collect what he considered to effectively be a participation medal. When he arrived, however, he locked eyes with Teien. "Respectfully, I do get it, Taii Eden. A faceless threat is a dangerous one, and that rogue Neko is not our objective." He picked up the medal. "We must be careful when dealing with them, and learn as much as we can." He broke eye contact, glancing down at the medal in his hand, and closing it into a fist. Then he looked back up at the Taii. "With your permission, I'm going to repair that power armor once I've extracted any useful data from it. As a sign of good faith."

Taken by Carter's moral attitude and quite happy someone there understood, Taii Teien Eden perked up. "Thank you, Carter. I would find that most fitting and Boss will accompany you on that endeavor."

She saluted him with shining eyes touched with hope and a bit of pride in her crew member.
"Yes, I suppose so." Meissa muttered while she walked up to the awards chest. Easy to say if they were two disjointed and discrete events. That would have been great. Twice the Intel, twice the everything.
Anastasia politely stood and claimed one of the small medals sitting in the box, saluting Eden respectfully. "Thank you, Taii."

She returned to her seat by Yoshida, still wondering about Navian's well being. She looked over at Carter, thinking about the opportunity to cut open some power armor. But for now, she had a job to do, mending all the damaged Mindies; especially Navian's.
Mat walked forward awkwardly, careful not to trip this time. He didn't feel like he had done all that much, but a medal was a medal, and he didn't want to look ungrateful.

"Thank you Taii." He said, as he saluted.

He stepped backward, quickly. He was usually fine in social situations, but he had no experience in one like this.

Yoshida looked on wide eyed at carter's display as she clutched her own shiny new exploration medal. She lost her smile for a bit, almost verging ongto a frown as she pondered the situation herself and the words they exchanged. She looked like she wanted to say something at first as she shifted her weight, rolling her feet essentially, to stand on only her tiptoes and back to how a normal person would stand before she shrugged. "Thank you Taii!" She of course, also made her way back to her seat like Anastasia.
Shan, compressing her wings tightly against her back, takes some steps forward and around the backwards-moving Mat, counter-clockwise from an above perspective. In front of him, her faded magenta wings forming an impromptu cape or robe of sorts, she collects a medal with only two fingers of her left hand, saluting with her right cooly and stating, "Appreciated, Taii Eden," before preparing to turn around and go back to that wall of hers.
Carter swiftly returned the salute. "Well then, I'd better get started." Turning a quick 180, the technician strode away from his CO. Those who saw his eyes-- well, eye, could tell that he was already in his own world, deep in thought about just how he was going to rebuild this Reaper. The hint of a grin playing across his features betrayed his anticipation. He was going to enjoy this. A lot.
Mochi pushed off from his seat, opting to be one of the latter recipients given - in his opinion - the infantry had definitely won the day on this mission and deserved to go first. He patted his green uniform, straightening it a little as he stepped up and saluted Taii Eden respectfully.

Receiving his medal from the box by taking it into his palm, he nodded and smiled to their leader and thanked her before returning to his place.
Mitsuko scowled at that suggestion, brow furrowing behind her glasses as the Taii seemed so pleased with his decision, encouraging him. She waited for the others to finish before approaching their Captain. "Tein-Taii, why would you allow Dynamis-Hei to repair that...weapon of the NMX, that symbol." She seemed rather upset, which was unusual for the typically reserved Neko. She kept her voice down, though, to make it clear this was a private question and not an open conversation. She might have used telepathy for this, but it seemed rude to send any sort of emotional message that way.

"Once the investigation is complete it should be destroyed. Or at least turned in to...to someone who will probably tell you it should be destroyed. Have you ever seen one of your f...someone you've served with killed by one of those things?" She shook her head, trying to regain her composure, tea getting cold where it sat, forgotten. "What would you even do with it if it was repaired?"

"I can find a use for it, Jôtô Heisho. Your service is always appreciated. I can only say that you have gone through turmoil that has not touched my life."

"Further," Eden went on, "I have yet to find a situation that is hurt by a gentle hand. There are times to be decisive and dole out justice with a swift, undiscerning motion and there are times to hesitate in doing so. I believe this situation is the latter."
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