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RP Post Pandemonium

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Melisson smoothly walked out, her cloak rustling quiet as she emerged from the conference room. The sentries seeing her walk past peeking under the hood could see her bear an amused smile as she distanced herself from the assembly.
"With events such as the one just witnessed, I can understand your concerns for the future," Davis said as he followed behind the SMX representative. "There is too much pride in that room right now to accomplish anything."
"I am frankly considering not bothering to attend again and leave and so make Yui's unwise request for silence the deathknell of her people," Melisson admitted, turning her hooded head enough to make eye contact with the Premier. "You are the leader of the Nepleslians, are you not? The equivalent in authority to the Yamataian Empress?"
Roxanne hadn't said a word during the conference. The only words she wanted now were with Melisson and perhaps Davis. They at least talked sense.

She had a feeling she could to, but she was just the Yamataian senator. They were the leaders of nations. She instead stood a respectable distance from them, in Melisson's vision, and stood ready to follow them.

Damn the Ketsurui. Damn the Motoyoshi. Damn them all at this point. My job is to serve my constituents, and at this point, attempting to secure their safety seems like a good use of my time. Besides — maybe the evil bitch drinks. She's probably a lot of fun when she's tossed.
"I am a man, as any other," Davis said. "But the Nepleslian people have put their trust in me, and I answer to their wishes."

He looked carefully into the eyes of Melisson.

"No nation should have all of its burdens placed on the shoulders of one person. It is likely to cause madness."

He paused a moment.

"The Yamataians will adjust and the conference will continue. I am certain of it. There were too many voices in that room, and, instead of a chorus, they created a cacophony."
"It was fun at first, though the amusement quickly grew stale. They too quickly forgot that by coming here, I was doing them a favor," Melisson gave out a chuckle. "But enough of this: you strike me as a man whom wishes to keep moving forward rather than dwell on past indignities. What did you wish to ask me?"
It was not long after Aegis had fled the conference room's chaos, however despite the short amount of time, the senator had already seen her error in restraint, so she did what she felt she needed to do as a good will measure and sign of the Matriarchy's true intent. A letter was quickly composed and sent through the various networks which would get the copies to their intended parties.

Senator Aegis of Lor and Affiliated Colonies said:
To; Crowned Prince Tio, Sky Marshall Davis, Elysian Legate, Kohannan Mistress of Judgment, and Yamatai senators (Excluding Hanako).

I, Aegis, representative of the Lorath Matriarchy, would like to apologize for my outburst during the conference. My conduct was not that befitting an honored representative, but the conduct of someone who has allowed anger to consume their better judgment.

The anger which I displayed today in the conference was a horrible breach in the discipline which the Fyunnen hold dear, and I am personally shamed by my actions and feel that I must make an appeal to you all and beg your pardon for this infringement. I have wasted your time, patience, and respect by allowing long-time issues between the Matriarchy and the Ketsurui Princess to become something which was displayed in such a horrid and vulgar manner.

With humility and sincerity,
Senator Aegis, representative of the Lorath Matriarchy.

The letter sent to the bulk of the representatives was one measure, and now the next which was needed as well, especially with a communication which came from Nyli III shortly after the news of the events was passed along...

Senator Aegis of Lor and Affillated Colonies said:
Dear Representative Melisson;

I send this letter to communicate my sincere apologies on behalf of myself and the Matriarchy for wasting your time and patience during the conference. However, I and the Matriarchy feel that you can understand the agitation which the Ketsurui Princess and Mistress of War can inflict. Long time issues have worn the Matriarchy's patience for the Ketsurui thin, and we find it difficult to maintain our composure in their presence. We hope that you recall our good treatment of you and your representative party during your visit to Lor, and remember that we do not wish to be known as barbarians, but as living beings which long for prosperity.

The Matriarchy does not forgive your sin against our people, but we feel that you are to be given an opportunity to just the same as any other who understands the values of respect and honor in the ways which you have subtly displayed them. To be enemies is not to discard an opponent as an individual, but instead to embrace that individual's will as something which is not to be taken for granted. The Matriarchy judges your will to be one of sanity and justice from your perspective, and we feel that your crusade for your kind is a valid one, and you have the right to persist in your crusade for your kind's right to exist.

Despite our respect to your cause, we must ask that you consider a peaceful resolution to the conflict which you have against the Yamatai Empire. The Matriarchy understands the burden of the lust for victory, but we also understand the need to seek peace to prevent the prolonged damage to a people. We ask that you evaluate the situation, and try to seek a peace which can benefit your kind more than sending them into a prolonged war, which will result in losses which are simply not needed at this time.

We hope that one day, we will be able to embrace your kind as friends, just the same as we embrace the Motoyoshi Empress and her Empire. For now however, we shall continue to regard you as our opposition until a peace can be found.

May the Goddess forgive the sins of both our people.

Senator Aegis, Representative of the Lorath Matriarchy
A small group of IPG personnel approached Davis, with Mercir at their front. The men stopped and saluted before the Sky Marshall. "Sir, a moment of your time, please?"

As the Sky Marshall was approached, Calero found himself stomping from the conference room, visibly enraged, and typing furiously on his datapad. The Senator was sure the audio tape the small device had been taking of the conference would be loved by the Nepleslian media, especially the Ketsurui Princess making a fool of herself in the international arena.
Melisson gave the nepleslian newcomers a look and decided to just walk away and let the Premier deal with his people.

She was thwarted. A volumetric window popped into existence in front of her, making the cloaked woman shy away in surprise. She gave the floating image a suspicious look and then peered at it more closely to try and make sense of the squiggles on it... an assortment of symbols drawn from the Nepleslian alphabet.

"Fast typer," the pink-skinned interpreter thought aloud as she began deciphering the letter right in the middle of the corridor.
Once the intermission was declared, Alastor, the Lmanel representative would silently walk the corridor leading away from the room. His arms crossed as he’d been forced to remain silent while Aegis argued with the other delegates. It wasn’t his particular favorite but as one bonded to ursines, he didn’t want to get involved in a dog fight between them. It wasn’t that he liked what was being said but adding to the flames of conflict wouldn’t have don’t anyone any good. And he was more curious about the delegates from Kohana, whom seemed to have a deep connection to the natural world of their homeworld like the Lmanel did.

Alastor would slow in his pace and turned to go find them, wanting to go and try to see if he could know them better.
Davis turned to face the IPG agents, just as he got the message from the lorath representative. Quickly moving the window away from his view, he continued.

"Yes, what is it?"
Another text window appeared in front of Melisson as she was reading the letter from Aegis, having her rear her head with an annoyed hiss. Melisson glared balefully at the new notice about the agenda for the next day, scoffed and then batted it aside so she could keep on reading the former letter.
Roxanne saw that the two leaders were tied up with their own issues, but she kept near them, just in Melisson's sight near the wall. She put a foot against it, balancing herself as she leaned against the cold metal. The letter from the Lorath was noted and saved; she had no desire to deal with the woman anyway. Melisson was key, at least for now.
Ayana made her way out into the hall, looking still notably distressed by the day's events. She knew that if Tio wanted to find her that he would. Her look of distress deepened with the appearance of two notes popping up in front of her. "Redirect to my data pad, please," she muttered.

She saw the groups of men gathering and decided to go over towards Davis... she felt compelled to say something to the Nepleslian Premier. "Mr. Davis?"
Melisson, apparently done, gave the two text window a searching look and - not finding how to close them - just decided to walk through them and leave.

The interpreter reached the end of the corridor, passed some sentries and then made a right. The two text windows she had left behind hovered unattended, text still displayed on them for all to see.
Another person's trash ... Roxanne's datapad could not copy the text of the letter to Melisson, but she could get a snapshot of it, which was done with relative ease.

Now she had to pursue. She briskly walked to the end of the corridor as well, then hung the right. "Representative Melisson!" she shouted from the turn in the corridor.
Melisson turned when called and looked at Roxanne, waiting for the other to catch up. Once the yamataian woman was only a few meters away, Melisson said: "I couldn't ask while in the conference, but... is that real hair? Or is it a wig?"
I like her already, Roxanne thought. She laughed a little. "It's real and it's patented. Don't even try and steal my style; it wouldn't suit you."

The woman came within a meter or so of Melisson and made a short bow. "I want to know how you get your skin to look so perfectly smooth. But that should be for another time, over drinks. I am Kurokawa Yasuko, interim Imperial Senator for Yamatai. Call me Roxanne. Can we talk for a bit?"
Mercir bowed his head slightly to Davis, ignoring the 'Fallen' senator who had also approached the man.

"Sky Marshall, seeing as tensions seem to be mounting within the conference area, Admiral Veles advises for you return to the capitol, along with the other Senators. With the arrival of the Ketsurui Taisho, security for the Imperium's leaders may develop shortly into a problem. I believe you are familiar with her family's, and her own, ways of forceful implementation of their ideals."

The IPG agent closed his eyes momentarily before continuing. "We have Cal Vanderhuge ready to replace you in the conference should you choose to return to Nepleslia."
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