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RP Post Pandemonium

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"Ah. Hence why it is considered a 'surrender' of sorts. Sure sure. And, if we satisfy you, we get rid of you as well, more or less. Uh huh." Roxanne's reply was not flippant, but a kind of rushed acknowledgment. She had much of what she needed. "Playing the benevolent third party for we fighting neighbors, it seems. But what guarantee do we have you won't come back and kill us all? Will the Mishhu be satisfied with their victory?"
"You have no guarantee. All you have is my word," Melisson shrugged. "As for the Mishhuvurthyar, they had better come to follow my way of thinking. If they do not, the same fate awaits them as the one Yamatai has in stores for itself if it keeps wanting to be an all consuming juggernaut. I will destroy them."
"Your word." Roxanne nodded, and finished her gin and tonic. "To crush your own people though. You speak as if they're not — as if you're above them."
"I am one of the beings your kind calls a 'Dark One'," Melisson answered. "I will spare you the history lesson and tell you that I work on borrowed time. The end of the eighth year the Mishhuvurthyar have waged war against your kind is almost upon us. If by the end of that time I have not accomplished my objective, dire things will happen. Therefore, I have to be heavy handed. I can't afford failing."
"Hum," Roxanne said. "Sounds like a hell of a lesson to hear ... you'll have to give it to me sometime." She quickly finished her water, then smiled. "Well, in the spirit of avoiding dire things, I suppose I should depart. Hey, you!" The bartender nearly crashed into a box again. He turned and faced Roxanne. "Get her all the lobster she damn well wants, or anything else for that matter. And make sure she's not bothered by anyone. Understand?" The bartender nodded, gulping.

"I suppose I won't really see you tomorrow, as I'm barred from further proceedings. But I'll see what I can do about your conditions." She slid off the bar stool, then looked at Melisson's wine-colored eyes. "By the way. You straight? Or taken?"
"My species is a genderless carnivorous noctural egg-laying species," Melisson smirked, considering it answered Roxanne's question. "I doubt anyone would volunteer to come forward to be incubated with my eggsacks."
"Hmmmm. Damn shame. Well, I suppose that explains the smooth skin, being from a species 'bigger' than us." Roxanne smiled and parted with a wave. "Take care!"

As soon as she had left the little restaurant/bar, she popped her knuckles and snorted. "Now that I've done the easy part for them, the fatheads ... "
Melisson watched Roxanne go and then turned to the lobster. "I'm letting you go for today, but I'll be back. You better be ready," she told it sternly.

The Lobster had no reply to offer, which had Melisson hiss out a 'boring' as she hopped off her own stool to wander off.
Maysaki quietly, as was her nature, wandered up behind Roxanne with quick steps. Once she was close enough behind the woman, she spoke up suddenly. Truthfully, she hoped to scare the crap out of the woman, as the phrase goes. "So! Did you acquire a new friend, Roxxy?"
Maysaki, in reality, had to wait for a reaction. Roxanne finally turned around and spoke.

"What we have is someone who thinks she is above us. But she's in a position to think just that. We have to be careful with what she wants."

She then glared up at the Geshrin. "How are the royalty?"
Maysaki shrugged a little. "Maybe she is above us. Morally, at least... Well, probably physically too, come to think of it." She tapped her chin a little like some cartoon just to be playful before shrugging again. "I dunno how the royalty are. Although I managed to piss off Hanako and Yui some more, go me. Surprised I haven't been leaped on or something. In a non-loving way." She paused again.

"Ayana is off some where to rest, some-deity-of-a-religion knows she needs it... Plus I think Tio is going to appoint her the representative of Yam, which I personally root for." She paused again.

"Otherwise its pretty much the usual in the soap opera of politics."
Roxanne snorted. "Politics. I'm more damn tired of politics than I am of stupid men. I've never been able to say that. Damn Ketsurui." She looped her arm in Maysaki's despite the size difference. "Let's go, May-chan. I've had it for the night; if the Motoyoshi want to speak with me, let them find me."
Maysaki poked her lightly in the side, mainly because of the -chan suffix. "I'd think they'd be after my to either give me a cookie or swat me on the head, so I'd hardly worry about yourself. Where too, Roxxy-poo?" Counter suffixed!
Veins on Roxanne's eyebrows twitched, but she didn't let it ruin her cool. "I think I could use a real drink and a fake dong. What about you?"
Maysaki gave the slightly agitated Roxanne a smirk. "Maybe not the fake dong part, I'm much to0 clear minded for that, but lets go get some booze. Lead on, Roxxy."
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