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RP Post Pandemonium

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Ayana looked slightly embarrassed as she bowed deeply to the Premier. "I wanted to personally apologize for the attack on Nepleslia Prime as well as the uncouth behavior of my fellow Senators today. With so much tension between our nations right now, I can only hope we can overcome these shortcomings and show you our true intent isn't this endless cycle of revenge and blood."
"Why 'Roxanne'? Yamataian naming custom takes the family name first and the first name second - you should be Yasuko, not Roxanne." Melisson leaned forward a little and sniffed the Yamataian. "You don't stink of fear either. Are you trying to spring a trap on me and so have no reason to fear me, or do you not perceive how dangerous I am? Most of your kind fear me and wisely so."
"It's a more personal name. Those that matter I prefer use that name. As for fear ... this is not about fear. This is about business. Why fear you? We're not about to get into a shootout. We're about to discuss business."

Roxanne smiled, putting her arms below her sizable chest. "My business is the people of Yamatai — not the Empire, the military or any of the other planets. Just Yamatai. What is your business, Representative?"
"My business is currently finding something live that I can bite the head off from without having the whole station go in arms," Melisson replied, flipping her hood back.
"Miss, I was expecting these discussions to be rather difficult, just not approaching violent. Your apology is appreciated, but, unfortunately, it is only a step in the long path towards reconciliation between our nations. I hope that our activities tomorrow will prove more productive than today's. Your rational outlook will surely be appreciated."

He nodded to Ayana with a tip of his cap, then returned his attention to Mercir.

"I believe Mr. Vanderhuge is far more capable of commanding our home front than the attentions of the Yamataians. As for Yui and the former princess: if the empress has anything to do with this, they will find it difficult to attend tomorrow's meeting. I commend our senators and representatives for keeping reasonably well behaved in the face of such... brazen... behavior. In the end, however, I feel that it is in the best interests of our nation that I engage in these discussions. The new Empress and I have a degree of trust and respect for each other."

He crossed his arms.

"Mr. Veles is wise, however, in his suspicions. I recommend that your agents escort our VIPs to security in case of any unfortunate developments. Should anything happen to me, the senate should have no problem managing affairs in my absence. That being said, I will establish a live link via my datapad so that our representatives can provide me with information as needed. I do not want to usurp our senate's position during these discussions."
Ayana nodded politely to the Sky Marshall and continued on her way down the corridor to her assigned quarters, satisfied for now that she had at least vocalized some of her dismay over the proceedings.

Maybe a drink and something to eat will make me feel better.
Mercir and his two colleagues saluted the Sky Marshall. "As you wish, sir. For the Imperium." The men all turned uniformly on their heels before walking away again.

A moment later, all Senators and Flint would receive a message on their datapads.

M. Mercir said:
Admiral Veles advises all Senators to return to the capitol or their starships for the remainder of the conference. Premier Davis has elected to stay for the remainder.
"And then, the conference was asked to be put on halt." Judgement explained to the large equine seated in front of her. They had found a small restaurant not far from the conference room, both having shed their cloaks to finally relax for the first time since arriving. They had left their weapons with the guards, but with the Kohanians, one is never truely without weapons.

Judgement stabbed a piece of steak with her forefinger's claw, staring at the meat absently as she listened to her companion speak. He had never taken the time to learn to speak Nepleslian, He could understand it when it was spoken to him, but he communicated in the language of the Yaree, or Warriors. To outsiders, it would sound very gruff, like a mixture of Gaelic, Russian, and Norse. Time and again, though she seemed distracted, the lioness would nod, meeting her companion's eyes and speaking back to him in their language so those around would not eavesdrop on their conversation.

Putting the steak in her maw, the femme canted her head and looked out of the window, at the stars. In the back of her mind, she wondered what she would be able to offer the others in the conference. They had their own agendas just as she had thought they would, but there was something underlying it that she didn't approve of, a taint that seemed to guide the words of all but a few. She herself had even had a flash of it when the Star Destroyer had entered the room.

With that thought of Yui, Judgement looked down to the file on the table beside her plate, opening it again and looking at the picture of the former empress, reading the facts pinned to the photo, about the neko. The next page was information on a rather large chested, purple haired Neko, one that Judgement had not seen and was happy for that. The purple haired one had led the Darkwalker to them, set his evil upon the world to corrupt and twist the once peaceful people.

Next was a photo and information sheet on the temple that had been destroyed by Yui and her troops. Blinking only when necessary, the feline read over the calculations of what something as simple as the structure's destruction had cost their people. She had read this information over at least fifty times already, and could recite it in her sleep if asked, but she had to keep the facts fresh. She just thanked the heavens that the information from the laboratory far beneath the surface had been transmitted to the Nether Reach before the sky hurled it's anger down on Neo Kohana.

The data was corrupted in some places, but there was information about the Kohanians past, about a mystical race known as the Fenyaro. The ancestors of her people, and far superior to the Kohanians as they lived today. If she could have her way, she would ask the leaders of the convention for more information about thier past, and possibly the means to search out what became of some of the magical devices these Fenyaro created.

She was pulled from her reverie by a grunt from the Hand of War as he motioned with his muzzle towards the walkway, where the odd gentleman who offered a handshake to the Kohanians was walking by, and not far behind them was the pink fleshed woman, and one of the people who arrived late. Judgement nodded slightly, closed the file, and slipped it into a pocket on the inside of her cloak, then went back to eating her meal.

"If they wish to speak I will welcome them to dine with us. If they wish to just continue their lobbying, they will find my appitite for that, quite satiated." She said, barely above a whisper, as she stared down at her food, slicing it up with the provided silverware.
Maysaki long since exited the conference room, before Ayana did. Not by much, though. She simply walked for a bit, making sure there there was always a security fellow nearby.

Even if Yui or Hanako ordered them not to, there was still a chance they'd talk about either one of the two harassing, or attacking, Maysaki. Never know.

But she avoided that action, as it were. She wandered back to the conference area and spotted the two windows floating in the middle of the air. Mel's windows, although Maysaki wasn't aware of that.

She, though, had the heart to walk over to the windows and wave her hands through them to 'dispel' them. She didn't read them at all. She then set her self down the hallway, moving off to the side to pass Roxanne and Melisson, murmuring, still audibly, her greetings. "Hi Roxxy, Melisson." A strange amount of informal-ness.

She then went back to the middle of the wall way, walking with a semi-slow gait. Drifting along, if you will. She was in thought.

Yet at the same time she kind of wanted to bait Yui and Hanako to her. Well, more the former being the latter ONLY pissed her off. The former at least did her duty properly and pissed her off.

That is, of course, Maysaki's opinion.
"Something alive, eh? Not likely here; nothing alive in this place but us, I believe. We can, however, attend dinner privately. There should be something the chefs can do, perhaps bring it back to your quarters, your ship, whatever. So long as I get a stiff drink." The woman nodded to Maysaki as the senator went by.
"Doesn't your race feed occasionally on exosqueletal marine life?" Melisson emoted with both hands snapping pincers. "Pisces is right next to a water-rich planet - I'd expect some would be around. Just don't kill it through boiling and it'll serve my purpose well enough."
"Oh. Sure, what the hell, seafood's fine." Roxanne's title was not very powerful, but it carried enough weight for chefs. "I'm sure there's a chef in one of the diners. Follow me; they'll probably have beer too." Roxanne led the Mishhu representative to an empty diner, where a bartender was idly cleaning out mugs in the back. There was a seafood menu on a large board behind him — just Roxanne's style.

She took a seat at the bar, and invited Melisson to do the same. "Bartender," she said.

The bartender took one look at Melisson and nearly threw up with fear. He looked at Roxanne, who was frowning. "Get her some fresh seafood. Don't kill it first. Like a lobster or something. And get me some damn gin. QUICKSTEP, DAMMIT!"

The bartender, a pale Geshrin man, shuffled off after nearly crashing over a crate of liquor. Roxanne sighed and looked at Melisson. "Good help, eh?"
Melisson nodded noncommittally. "...and why is he afraid of me? It's not like I have 'Mishhu' written over my forehead and I should look like any other yamataian." The red-haired interpreter leveled a look at Roxanne. "Then perhaps the reason you don't fear me is because you have your own fearsome reputation," she added, implying that the bartender's fright was Roxanne's doing.
"Me? Not at all," Roxanne responded with a grin. "The more-likely scenario is that someone talked. As in, people already know who you are and who you stand for. The cape makes you stand out a bit. But that's neither here nor there."

The food arrived in the hands of the bartender, who appeared more pale then when he nearly fled. He gave a very nervous smile to Melisson as he sat two lobster in front of her. Their pincers were bound, but they were otherwise alive. He poured Roxanne's gin.
"I guess trying not to look too conspicuous failed," Melisson noted as she saw the two lobsters being presented to her. She seized one by the back and lifted it up handily enough despite its trashing.

"That's not really fair," Melisson noted in regard to the bound pincers and used her other hand to dexterously seize hold of the elastic band and pry it off one of the claws. The liberated appendage began snapping around with increased fervor as it was freed.

The pink-skinned woman smiled slyly and twisted the lobster around so to keep the freed claw from striking her and worked on removing the second elastic band - something she did swiftly as the lobster seemed only too glad to try to strike at her even though she was trying to remove what impeded it. She giggled at the sight of the two pincers opened wide. "Now you have a fighting chance."
A hell of a day. Creighton thought as he exited the conference room. He made the best effort to stay close to Ayana since she had left the room before the Crown Prince, but he managed to keep both within eye and ear shot. He was still unnerved from the events prior, both aboard the ship and the emotion filled diplomacy. His duties were going to prove more troublesome than he previously expected.

As he exited he looked to the closest security personnel and pointed a finger at them. "You there. I want this place locked down once the delegates are out." Creighton spoke quickly gesturing back to the chambers he just exited. The guard gave a look of disbelief and the civilian dressed Yamataian give her orders. Creighton sighed at the look and continued. "I am Creighton Marks. You do know that. I have joint jurisdiction over conference security. And I request that you make sure that the room is secured and locked down until the next meeting. And if people must get in before then they need to see me." The guard shrugged and gave an affirmation.

Creighton felt the tension boil up in his mind. He was about to unload on the guard for playing down the seriousness of the situation when he noticed Ayana moving back to her quarters. "Ah, you and you stay with her." Creighton commanded two security personnel standing by idly. Whirling about, Creighton realized he had lost sight of the Crown Prince. Gritting, he was about to page the station to locate him when his datapad began buzzing with new messages. "For the- Security with me. We're covering the Prince. He should be in the concourse."

Flipping open his datapad to attend to the messages, Creighton mumbled low about more stress. A few security members and him formed an entourage and went off after the Crown Prince.
Roxanne noted how Melisson ... played, with her food. An interesting tidbit about the fair-fight, but she was unsure about getting drawn in.

"They normally boil or freeze them first, to put them to sleep. Hm." Roxanne sipped her gin and tonic — it was strong, but at least the gin wasn't terrible shit. "Haven't eaten in a while?"
"Never eaten ever since I incarnated myself on Nepleslia," Melisson replied as the lobster made a snap for her face which came short. The Mishhuvurthyar representative riposted in a flash of teeth and crunched through the armored claw before rearing her head to snap the whole forelimb off the lobster's body, whom started wriggling about in clear panic.

Melisson held out the lobster over the counter so to not make too much of a mess with its dripping lifefluids and chewed industriously, revealing why she'd avoided grinning or laughter without covering her mouth: the only obvious non-yamataian characteristic her body had was her dentition... double rows of triangular, sharp shark-like teeth.
" ... " Okay, now that display, that freaked Roxanne out. Just a bit. But she cut it off before she began to hypothesize what those teeth were regularly used to chomping. "Fancy, that incarnation stuff." She did not understand it fully, but it sounded like Soul Transferring, so that was enough.

"Anything to drink?"
"It's juicy enough," Melisson answered, thankfully after she had swallowed. She worked on tearing out the legs of the lobster one by one, plopping them in her mouth and munching on them as if they were potato chips.
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