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Quotes Quarantine

First IRC Quote! Go SUB! said:
[22] <JoMidori> I am HORRIBLE horrible confused
[22] <Exhack> But that's nothing to laugh about!
[22] <JoMidori> and hey! Nothing wrong with being flat!
[22] * Christopher reads over a PDF that details the characters from the D&D game. And is reminded who gave him his highboot fetish while looking through it. :3
[22] <SUBLIMEinal> Welcome to my world!
[22] * JoMidori looks at her own chest and sniffles.
[22] <Christopher> *the show I means.
[22] <Gamerofthegame> You aren't flat, mistress!
[22] <Exhack> Hmm...
[22] <JoMidori> yea I am >_<
[22] * DocTomoe gives the Tiffeh some bra stuffing.
[22] <Gamerofthegame> If you were, you'd have less sexual encounters then you do.
[22] * JoMidori stabs tomoe in the eye with a bra wire.
[22] <Gamerofthegame> But you don't have less. Thus scientificly proving you are not flat.
[22] <JoMidori> I get that alllll on my charm dear ^_~
[22] <Kyoki> you must teach me your ways of charm
<SUBLIMEinal> And all Spacers have lichen on them.
<Kyoki> so, all spacers have lichen? o.o
<SUBLIMEinal> Yeah, they do.
<Yoroko> Kasiopea has no lichen...
<Wes> I prefer my women without fungus.
<Kyoki> lichen... isn't exactly fungus....
<Kyoki> its algae...
<Kyoki> and... moss i think...
<Wes> Lichen is algae and fungus living in symbiosis, isn't it?
<Kyoki> algae and moss i believe
<Yoroko> yar....she has none...although she has a diatom configuration of three small blue crystal lines
<Kyoki> ...and why doesn't she have lichen <_<
<Wes> Lichens (IPA: /ˈlaɪkən/)[1] are symbiotic associations of a fungus (the mycobiont) with a photosynthetic partner (the photobiont also known as the phycobiont) that can produce food for the lichen from sunlight. The photobiont is usually either green alga or cyanobacterium. A few lichens are known to contain yellow-green algae or, in one case, a brown alga. Some lichens contain both green algae and cyanobacteria as photobionts; in these cases, the cyanobacteria symbiont component may specialize in fixing atmospheric nitrogen for metabolic use.
<SUBLIMEinal> Yoroko: That's her lichen, then.
* Yoroko doesn't know...
<Wes> Therefore, Freespacers have skin fungus. On humans, skin fungus is jock itch.
Newbie's first QQ! said:
Ai Yen: Should've seen the characters that me and two of my friends made on our last sim just for laughs.
Ai Yen: One believed he was the king of the moon, and would only speak in 'moon language' (Gibberish) The second would act normal, but randomly scream and flail to the ground claiming that he was being assaulted by monkeys. And mind would have arguments with himself to the point where he'd punch himself in the face and roll around on the floor trying to fight himself.
Your God: ... Win.
Ai Yen: And we'd go all over the place to kingdom audience halls and do these things right in front of kings, magistrates and emperors.
Ai Yen: *Emperor's throne room was the last, but funniest visit*
Your God: Lawl. What did he think?
Ai Yen: He ordered us executed. >.>
Your God: ... Lulz
Ai Yen: Well hell, the moon guy ran up to his concubine and grabbed her hand, placing it on his butt and he started singing loudly in gibberish while the other guy wrested a sword from a guard and started swinging it wildly at the 'monkeys' and my character tried to drown himself in the emperors little fish pond.
Your God: ... That's so awesome, it's ridiculous. I'd like to see someone do that to Yui
Your God: Your profile's looking pretty good, by the way.
Ai Yen: It ended with my character trying to eat the emperors hat and the monkey guy starting to beat the moon king over the head, claiming him to be the leader of the Monkey Confederacy. The moon guy just shouted more gibberish till we all got arrested and executed.
Ai Yen: Thanks.
Your God: No problem.
Your God: ... Monkey confederacy?
Ai Yen: *Laughs* I have no idea. Apparently the monkeys were in an orginaztion out to steal his nuts or something like that.
Ai Yen: organization*
Your God: Haha
Your God: The closest any of my characters have come to that is when Adrian freaked out with a lot of coffee after sleeping on the floor in a PA overnight.
Ai Yen: The administrator asked us if we really would've played the characters if they hadn't been killed, thinking that maybe we were just causing problems, but we told her no, that we would've done so, but with them still insane.
Ai Yen: Why, what'd he do?
Your God: He was a little nutso, so he sat at a table for about 20 minutes pouring coffee over his armor trying to drink it, and failing. Then he freaked out on one of the other medics and dumped coffee on her.
Ai Yen: *Laughs* Heh. Wow. Sounds like me some mornings with the coffee.
Ai Yen: *Needs to quit*
Your God: Pfft. You can never have too much coffee.
Your God: I usually stick with iced tea, though.
Ai Yen: NO I CAN'T, CAN I?!? *Breaks cup over the counter and goes into a seizure*
Your God:
Your God: Lulz

Jaqueline tis ever the pervert.

<Yoroko> DragonNova!!
<Yoroko> I just realized something!!
<DragonNova> Yeah?
<Yoroko> Your pic looks like a dervish
<DragonNova> A wha?
<Yoroko> a character class in guildwars
* DragonNova has never played guildwars so she has no clue.
<Yoroko> :(
<Yoroko> aww, that's okay though
<Doshii> Picture?
<Cakerofthecake> The nude pics in the hot tub, of course.

(A notable pause, about two minutes or so)

* Doshii caps Caker for the lies.
<Cakerofthecake> xD

This had me laughing for a good while for some reason.
[17] <Doshii> Kokuten.
[17] <Doshii> She be one pretty gal.
[17] <Kokuten> Damn straight.
[17] <DocTomoe> and brb
[17] <Kokuten> And if I screw it up somehow, I'm going to shoot my foot off.
[17] <Tyler> doshii's gonna steal her
[17] <Kokuten> Cause she's got a good personality too.
[17] <Doshii> Indeed, indeed you will.
[17] <Kyoki> great image... this image or video has been moved or deleted...
[17] <Kyoki> great image...
[17] <Kokuten> Whoops, I deleted it.
[17] <Kokuten> Then again.
[17] <Kokuten> I don't want any of you saving it.
[17] <Kokuten> Like that picture of Jessica's ass.
[17] <OsakanOne> Yes.
[17] <OsakanOne> More like that please.
<Kokuten> Meh, anyway, I don't want my girl sleeping in my bad...
<Kokuten> bed*
<Kokuten> It's... uh...
<Kokuten> Got too much, 'manliness' in it.
* Fian coughs
* Kokuten also coughs.
<Wes> Change your sheets dawg.
[21] <Yaichiro> If men are the perverts, then why's there a sex show on Oxygen?
[21] <Tyler> women are pervs too
[21] <Tyler> just vastly better at hiding it
[21] * Lin[Aoiko] glances at her Humourless Radical Feminist badge.
[21] <Sethuro> Just talking about sex doesn't necessarily make one a pervert
[21] * Tyler walks over to her and rips it off Lin
[21] * Kokuten fires a spit ball at Lin's HRF badge.
[21] <Lin[Aoiko]> My immediate guess would be oppressive social structures made to enforce strict sex and gender roles.
[21] <Sethuro> That's how Jesus wants it
[15] <Kampfer> Andrew.
[15] <RuneAndrew> Yes Kampfer?
[15] <Kampfer> I would gladly return your love, if it were a bit more intense.
[15] * Kampfer cues the porn music and does stuff no man should to his admin.
[15] * Tyler leaves the room
[15] <RuneAndrew> Ok....
[15] <RuneAndrew> That was so wrong, but so fun
<Kampfer> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PwpZVlOumc Fuck yes.
<Soresu> http://youtube.com/watch?v=oHg5SJYRHA0 ...awesome.
-->| Heretic ([email protected]) has joined #StarArmy
* Kampfer punches through Sub's face, grab's Soresu's testicles and stretches them down Sub's throat.
<Kampfer> SON OF A-
<Kampfer> I GOT RICKROLL'D?!
<Soresu> RICKROLL'd Bitch.
|<-- Heretic has left irc.sorcery.net (Client Quit)
<Kampfer> I'm bored.
<Fian> A self portrait.
<Kampfer> Mmkay.
<Fian> Because you are such a joke.
<Kampfer> . . .
<Warpriest> Fian wins one internet.
<Soresu> o_O
* Sol`Kada falls off the internet.
<Fian> I'm tired of the rickrolling.
<Penisdracomon> Want to see another? It's a drawing of you I did.
<Penisdracomon> I was kinda not wanting to show it to you 'cause I was afraid you'd get pissed.
<Doshii> ...
<Doshii> Sure, sure.
<Penisdracomon> Alright, then.
<Penisdracomon> ARE YOU SURE?
<Doshii> Sure enough to say, "Sure, sure."
<Penisdracomon> http://i26.tinypic.com/e9zudy.png
<Penisdracomon> I promise to do one of Sub.
<Penisdracomon> No matter how illegal that technically could be.
<Doshii> My ass isn't big enough, but I like the arms.
* Penisdracomon FACEPALMS
* Doshii declares victory.
<Penisdracomon> You took that way too well.
<Doshii> All too easy.