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Quotes Quarantine


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<Tom_Freeman> I think people relate well to a simple,
<Tom_Freeman> easy to understand missions
<Tom_Freeman> in a world where there aren't things like interdiction tow orry aobut
<Tom_Freeman> Or FTL jumps
<Tom_Freeman> or Aether shock cannons
<Tom_Freeman> or defense networks
<Tom_Freeman> Just you, your friends, your gun and your life
<Tom_Freeman> ROMANTIC
<ZombieoftheZomz> Lol romantint


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These things get out of hand sometimes.. or is that normal?

<MoonMan> We don't have that law because usually if someone trespasses, you don't see him ever again.
<Fay> Oh, Koku? What does that mean?
<Warpriest> <MoonMan> *Cracks his whip* "So, Mr. Robber Person, you wanted to steal my pronz? Well, Let's make some, BWA HA HA HA HA!"

<Warpriest> Put a sign on your door that says, "Beware RAPE"
<The_Deacon> I swear to the heavens, War, I have seen a sign on a fence not far from my house that says, "Beware of Dog, (He's always horny".


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[01] <Mulu> Oh Yoo just tied foos coose dam I's end cech soom Z's
[01] <Fian> close but no cookie.
[01] <Kampfer> ...
[01] <Kampfer> Nice ebonics, there.
[01] <Warpriest> Bix nood.
[01] <Mulu> Ai ban Pwatis es owsem yai?
[01] <Warpriest> Not understanding.
[01] <Mulu> Yep I expected as muchjust a syin my fine fury friends good night and al that that stuff or whatever.
[01] <Kampfer> ...Good night.
[01] <Mulu> Now Sleep time for me tired alergetic brain-
[01] <Mulu> Byes
[01] <Doshii> OK, night yo.
[01] * Mulu has quit IRC (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.81 [Firefox])
[01] <Lin[Aoiko]> Good night!
[01] <Warpriest> ...
[01] <Soresu> ...
[01] <Warpriest> So.
[01] <Warpriest> Uh.
[01] <Kampfer> Who the shit was that.


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<Fian> Which one of you, just like me...
<Fian> ... Had an orgasm watching Iron Man?
<Soresu> >.>
<Itkatsu> Not me, cause I ain't seen it :)
<Soresu> I plan on to.
<Fian> I'm going to Worship Stark now as god of PAs
<Fian> brb
<Itkatsu> By brb he means "furiously masturbating over the lingering thoughts of IRON MAN"
<Fian> He can be my IRON MAN anytime, if you know what I mean.
<Itkatsu> Oh. Ho. Ho.


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<Warpriest> Fian, there are five flavors.
<Warpriest> The other two are: Fruit...
<Warpriest> ...and Potato...
<Tom_Sleeping> Calorie mate. ugh
<Fian> So Vegetarian exist?
<Warpriest> Vegetable.
<Fian> ugh.
<Warpriest> I'm sorry Fian.
<Warpriest> YOu can't eat Caloriemates flavored after Vegetarians
<Warpriest> No cannibalism.
<Kyoki> <_<
<Fian> Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit
<Warpriest> And never hope there will be a 'Flatchest' flavor either, for that will never happen.


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Main thing here is me and Jaqueline (Doshii)... With... some puppy stuff that I won't question. :twisted:

<Doshii> Hey all.
<Doshii> Gammer.
<Yagen> Whaaa-?
<Master9147> and Doshii
<Lin[Aoiko]> Hi Doshii!
<Doshii> Gamer, that is.
* Yoroko squees with glee, people are coming online!!
<Yagen> What's going on!
<Yagen> Oh, and hey everyone XD
<Yoroko> Yagen =/= puppy
<Yagen> Okay, good XD
* Tyler gives Yoro a puppy too
<Doshii> What's going on is that I must kill Gamer.
* Yoroko has a puppy :D
<Yoroko> yay?
<Master9147> Everyone here. One big happy family.
* Tyler givs everyone puppies or kittens
* Tyler just got a whole bunch
<Doshii> Someone called from an office in Washington state and asked for Jaqueline.
<Doshii> I don't know how.
<Lin[Aoiko]> 'Halifax's official flower is the broad rose, and its official city emotion is mild surprise. "Oh, hey, a puppy!" Halifax's sister city is Dartmouth. Dartmouth's official flower is the orchid, and its official city emotion is excessive surprise. "Holy **** a ****ING PUPPY!"'
<Doshii> But I know Gamer did it.
<Doshii> And he'll die for it.
<Lin[Aoiko]> Woah. Awesome.
<Yoroko> lol
* Tyler watches as puppies wiggle and wag adorably
<Yagen> I'll be back in five minutes, switching computers
<Yoroko> Doshii <3 Gamer?
* Yagen ([email protected]) Quit (Client Quit)
<Yoroko> jk though
<Lin[Aoiko]> Man, Picnicface owns.
<Doshii> Nevah.
<Soresu> "Yes, is Jaqueline there? No no, Jaqueline is a man...no I am not joking."
<Master9147> Yagen still can't multitask
<Gamerofthegame> ... Seriously?
<Doshii> Yes.
<Gamerofthegame> ****ing. Win.
<Doshii> Die.
<Gamerofthegame> Referring to you?
<Doshii> Yes.
<Christopher> <Lin[Aoiko]> 'Halifax's official flower is the broad rose, and its official city emotion is mild surprise. "Oh, hey, a puppy!" Halifax's sister city is Dartmouth. Dartmouth's official flower is the orchid, and its official city emotion is excessive surprise. "Holy **** a ****ING PUPPY!"'
<Soresu> LOL
<Gamerofthegame> ****ing. Win.


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* Gamerofthegame kicks Drewley in the face.
<@RuneAndrew> What?
* Gamerofthegame shrugs.
<@RuneAndrew> Thats from a real conversation
<@RuneAndrew> I was merely quoting it
<Gamerofthegame> Well you must be physically abused to make it a full circle
<Gamerofthegame> Also damnit I finished Clannad for realz now. ;_;
<@RuneAndrew> good
* Gamerofthegame kicks Drewley in the SECONDARY HEAD HO HO HO.
* Gamerofthegame was kicked by RuneAndrew (Gamerofthegame)
<@RuneAndrew> Heh
<@RuneAndrew> Fap that soulja boy
<@RuneAndrew> :p
* Gamerofthegame ([email protected]) has joined #StarArmy
<Christopher> One good kick deserves another.
<Gamerofthegame> Saw that coming
<Gamerofthegame> BUT I KICKED HIM TWICE
* Gamerofthegame was kicked by RuneAndrew (Gamerofthegame)
* Gamerofthegame ([email protected]) has joined #StarArmy
<Gamerofthegame> And now...
<@RuneAndrew> With extra cheese
* Gamerofthegame kicks.
* Gamerofthegame was kicked by RuneAndrew (Gamerofthegame)
* Gamerofthegame ([email protected]) has joined #StarArmy
* Gamerofthegame is still victorious in this affair.

* Christopher stealth shaves Doshii's man whiskers, thus robbing Koku of his powers.
* Wargod is now known as Warpriest
<Warpriest> Damn!
* Christopher blasphemes in Koku's presence, thus robbing him of his priesthood.
* Warpriest is now known as Battlecleric
<Christopher> ...
<Battlecleric> Dammit, Chris!
* Christopher does something heratical, thus removes Koku's clerical position.
<Battlecleric> Dammit!
* Battlecleric is now known as Peasant
* Christopher steals Koku's close, reverting him to a serf.
<Christopher> *clothes
* Peasant is now known as Serf
<Serf> ...
* Kampfer is now known as Czar
* Christopher orders Serf to his dirt farm.


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<OsakanOne> I love StarArmy.
<OsakanOne> I come away.
<OsakanOne> then I come back to see "Prostate stimulation"
<OsakanOne> Then I leave again.
<OsakanOne> And come back to positrons.
<OsakanOne> StarArmy:
<OsakanOne> Relevant to my interests.


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<SUBLIMEinal> Actually, that might be slightly unnecessary, as I am consuming a large plate of meet.
<SUBLIMEinal> meat.
<SUBLIMEinal> ...
<SUBLIMEinal> Bastard.
<DocTomoe> Kek
<OsakanOne> Lo
<MoonMan> lol meet
<Kai> hi! nice to meat you! would you like some meet?
<OsakanOne> By my standards, I mean?
<MoonMan> Oh, wait, let me guess.
<MoonMan> MEET.
<MoonMan> LOL
<SUBLIMEinal> ... I suddenly have the feeling I will never live this down.
<MoonMan> Not after I put it in QQ you won't.


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The Story of Jesus and the Ass-fish said:
(6:08:50 PM) SUBLIMEinal: Jesus is incapable of choking.
(6:08:59 PM) Tyler: maybe
(6:09:03 PM) Tyler: but you aint jesus.
(6:09:51 PM) Krieg: ... hm.
(6:10:23 PM) SUBLIMEinal: That, my work-disinclined friend, is where you are wrong.
(6:10:35 PM) Tyler: prove it
(6:10:49 PM) ***Tyler stabs Sub in the heart and rips it out. "resurrect yourself"
(6:10:53 PM) ***SUBLIMEinal makes a fish out of thin air and has it viciously sodomize Tyler.
(6:11:06 PM) Tyler: dinner!
(6:11:10 PM) ***Tyler eats fish
(6:11:23 PM) MoonMan: . . .
(6:11:23 PM) SUBLIMEinal: ...
(6:11:30 PM) SUBLIMEinal: That shit is sooooo getting QQ'd.
(6:11:45 PM) ***Tyler cackles
(6:11:52 PM) Tyler: what? we got nothin to eat here
(6:12:21 PM) SUBLIMEinal: You also just helped yourself to a generous serving of ass-fish.


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<Kichiro> C'mon Tyler. Who do you think I am?
<Christopher> Captain Jack Sparrow?
* Christopher is now known as Jack_Sparrow
<Tyler> heh
<Jack_Sparrow> No, wait, that's who I am!
<Soresu> Wheres the rum?!
* Jack_Sparrow groans!
* Jack_Sparrow stumbled off the side of the ship.
* Jack_Sparrow breaks water and shakes his head. "Oh, that's why."