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RP [Ravenaca's Watch] Rhythm


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Arye heard the reply to her words and soon they were in the ship. “Drinks are on me V” She replied to her friend before they separated and she was guided to her landing pad. She mentally switched things and saw through cameras the landing gear coming out, allowing her to land which she had done so with a slight thump. The thrusters were soon deactivated, as well as the other parts of her fighter before she forced the system to bring her back.

On exiting the pod she stretched with a big grin on her face. “I got to pilot a Starbreaker! This is totally awesome! so the Cerberus cannon though..” She said and frowned as she went for a walk.


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Away Team

Orlan returned the nod to Sara with a smirk at her fun little quip. He listened to Taro's advice, and he raised his guard when it was time for the away team to move on with their objective. Confidence was within him that he would not feel any prejudice. Such action would only hinder the group after all. Orlan moved with the group, keeping close mostly to the infantrymen. There was no telling what they were thinking, but he felt a strong urge to protect them as he did his fellow team members, Sara and Taro.

The crates of food were a sign that someone was here, further evidenced by the life signs that lit up on his HUD. He had no way of knowing if they were hostile or not, and his eyes scanned the area for any surveillance systems or a public announcement device. The power increase was interesting, but the current habitants Orlan felt were more important. He felt that now was a good time to make a suggestion, "I believe we should stay together as we move through this base. We have little to no clue on who or what is occupying this base. They could be harmless spacefarers or incredibly dangerous monstrosities."

Orlan did not say it out of fear, but rather for the safety of the team. He hoped that they would choose to move as a collective unit, but as far as he was concerned he was the muscle. Sara and Taro were likely far more experienced in this field than Orlan was according to him, so he felt that they should have the final say on what the team should do. It was fine to him if they split up, but he was bothered that it may increase the danger for everyone. Silence was within him now, waiting to see what the others would decide.

Alex Hart

I got Demibear’s permission to auto Sara a small amount for the sake of thread progression, and followed his instructions for what Sara would want to do.
Away Team: Sara, Orlan, Taro

“Four to six.” Corporal Lacey said to Sara, “I wouldn’t count on an exact reading through these walls. If they’re hostiles, my fireteam should be able to take them so long as there’s no power armor, but it’d be uncomfortably close to a fair fight.”

Sara nodded to the infantry NCO, thinking for a moment. Glancing towards the direction that the power source was coming from, and then back towards the door behind which the life signs were located.

The first priority in her mind was still to investigate the power surge, but she would also need to investigate the biosigns. "Corporal Lacey, your team is with me. Arms at the low ready as we don't know if they are just ornery hermits or an actual threat." Sara said.

She then looked at Orlan and Taro. "While I respect your opinion, Mercenary Snell, things may be time sensitive. I need you two to carefully scout out what is the source or power and any obvious signs of trouble. If they are not hostile, we can offer to help with it."

Ravenaca’s Watch, Hangar: V115, Arye, Mikael

As Mikael approached the area where the other pilots were gathering, he would see the CAG, Lieutenant Commander Fletcher, emerging from a corridor and waving the pilots down and motioning for them to sit, waiting for everyone to gather.

As Ayre, V115, and Mikael got within earshot, they could hear the older man giving feedback to each pilot, though not very much. “Fredricks, you’ve got good instincts but you got too far ahead of the rest of your lance, stick with your team. Adam-32, your accuracy was good but you won’t always have the luxury of time to wait for a perfect firing solution, sometimes you’ll need to just hope you hit.”

Fletcher glanced towards the other three as they approached. “Ah, here we are. V115, your teamwork was good, but you shouldn’t get too accustomed to always having backup. Firewalker, I know you had a little trouble with your cannon’s accuracy. It all comes down to picking the right tool for the job, we’ll be glad to have that gun when facing off against larger targets.”

He looked finally to the Mikael, “And finally Harris, you’ve got solid skills but you’d be better off working with a team than trying to go it alone. Alright, I think that’s my part done.” Fletcher looked around the group before speaking again.

“For the next part of the debrief, I’d like each of you to group up with one or two other people, and tell another pilot something that you think they did well, and something that you think they could improve on.”


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Away Team

There was a tinge of disappointment when Orlan was informed that the team would be splitting off, but he did not complain. All he did was nod and say to Lacey, "Yes Sara."

His head shifted to Taro and he motioned for her to come along with him. Orlan would lead the way, his armor acting as a bulwark should they come under attack. The HUD of his PA kept track for any life signs that were congregating near or at the source of the power surge. His eyes were also attentive for anything that resembled a trap. The last thing he wanted was for either him or Taro to get knocked out or lose a limb.

Orlan continued to hope that these inhabitants were just plain refugees, but he would not be against duking it out with pirates or any other band of criminals that decided to make this asteroid their home.


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Raveneca's Watch - Hangar

As she was walking, V115 spotted the rather informal debrief that was presently ongoing. Giving a slight hustle to her movements she made her way over to the grouping of fellow pilots to listen to Fletcher give his debrief. It reminded her a lot of the compliment sandwiches from her days as a youthful new sentient in VR. In other words, it reminded her of school. Still despite the way it looked to her she did take his words to her synthetic heart. Maybe not quite as he intended, but V115 made a mental note to get some more VR training vs multiple opponents in so as to brush up on her solo versus many tactics. Being a team player was good, but if she couldn't pull her own weight that was a problem.

After finding a place in her schedule to fit this additional training, V115 looked to Arye and Mikael. "Firewalker, Harris-chui, could I borrow you both for this post mission exercise?"


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Raveneca's Watch – Hangar
As Arye was spoken to, she stood at attention and listened as he spoke to her. She knew that he was right, of course, the bigger the target the slower they were usually. The Cerberus might not be a good fit for fighter vs fighter fights. She wondered if she could update the Starbreaker though she was concerned that it might upset the creator. She soon thought of switching to an actual mech.

She was distracted from her thoughts by V’s words. “Certainly I wouldn’t mind being borrowed.” She said to her friend with a pleasant and encouraging smile though she agreed with their leader that sometimes backup might not be possible but she thought that V had shown good leadership skills.


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Mikael just stared in the position of attention at the CAG's feedback to him. He resisted the urge to reply back the mission profile of the Ryoko and just nods. It was true, though he highly doubted the NDC was going to sideline a pair of their Frames to act as support/wingmen for a Yamataian. He was going to have to come up with a plan on the fly to solve this. And fortunate would have it that the two operators he once met were also here and dragging him into the next phase of the debrief.

"Beats, access our copy of the IFF logs and pull up recorded actions of V115 and Firewalker. Patch me to the records once you filter them out from the rest." Mikael said once he made an encrypted connection to his Ryoko using the ship's networking he had access to. It would be very obvious to the ship's AI that he was linking with his Frame. The unencrypted header even has a comment mentioning it in Trade and Yamataigo.

He walked over towards V115. "Very well, I am waiting for my AI to parse some data so I can give a proper analysis." he said as he waited for the information he desired. The tone he had said it as similar a lot of SAINT operatives filling in analyst roles sometimes take: one of professionalism with a hint of annoyance that they aren't out in the field. But his Giretsu professionalism kicked in and the annoyance disappeared.

"I can tell the two of you were not the first to be knocked out. That demonstrates a level of calmness and excellent situational awareness many often lack. Training helps to develop it, but it can only do so much."


Sara narrowed her eyes a bit at Orlan speaking her given name instead of her clan name. But it would have to be something to be corrected later as their were higher priorities that needed to be accomplished.

"You have your orders, move out." Sara said as she moved her body in the direction of the bio signs. Her voice then came over Orlan's and Taro's means of listening to radio communications.

"Establishing a private communication channel. Report back anything unusual or even slightly out of place."


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Watch - Hangar

V115 put herself at ease once the three were sort of circled up for this next task and though she was at ease her attention was not relaxed. Those mechanical eyes of hers picking up every teensy change in the facial expressions of those around her, she noticed the swift change in Mikael's expression but knew not what the underlying cause was. Still it wasn't something she would point out or ask about, at least not here and now. V115 nodded at his comment, processing the information given and storing it away. Her face never flinching from the cold neutral expression she often wore. Still beneath the placid surface she felt a pulse of emotion, pride really, in being some of the last to return and returning only because she was forced to give the order to fall back.

"Harris-chui, you did well spotting and identifying potential complications which were outside the operation parameters. However while I might rely too much on teamwork I do not believe you ever asked for backup with the unknown unit that engaged you. Don't be afraid to ask us for help, that is the point of the exchange program after all is it not? That is to say, getting us to work together more efficiently," she replied.

Attention now turning to her friend Arye, she said to her, "Firewalker, the vanishing of that mercenary unit right as we were moving to execute a plan could have caused panic, but you kept calm and adapted with me." There was a slight nod as V115 held back the words 'I'm glad to have you watching my back.' "As for something to improve on..." she paused while searching her memory banks for something to say. "We're built the same so I know you have it in you to command your own team, don't be afraid to take command next time. Still, I will always appreciate having someone I can trust on my wing." As she finished saying that, her cold demeanor broke into a small smile before quickly returning to normal.


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Arye listened as V spoke to her, as well as when Mikael had. She listened as they both complimented her calmness while under pressure, both expected and unexpected. She focused on what V was saying and she thought about leading a team herself. It felt instinctual for her to join as V’s wingmate. During training, she’d never really excelled as a leader thus she’d focused on being a soldier and following the orders of her leaders.

She didn’t think that she, Arye, was right for commanding a team. Perhaps a command leadership module in her mind was malfunctioning. She didn’t know, but she knew that she felt right being a follower. She didn’t say this out loud but smiled in response to V.


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Away Team
"Affirmative," Taro responded to both her companions, rifle's butt pressed firmly into the soft synthetic tissue of her shoulder as the trio stalked forwards cautiously. Behind the polarized material of her visor the tall, shapely woman's purple eyes were darting around, constantly readjusting to take in the entirety of her environment in a way only a very efficient weapon such as herself could.

"I believe it goes without saying that none of us are expecting to simply find squatters here, yes? It seems highly improbable in my opinion," the gynoid noted, flared hips effortlessly sashaying a little with each perfectly paced step Taro's long, shapely legs delivered. Her streamlined armour quietly squeaked and creaked with each little movement, though much like an apex predator Taro's head and weapon remained unnaturally stable, safety off with one gloved finger wrapped around the rifle's hair trigger.

She was ready to lay down a lot of hurt in a moment's notice.
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Alex Hart

Away Team: Sara

As Sara and the Cpl. Lacey’s infantry team stacked up on the door, one of the soldiers again took out a plasma cutter, and cut the locking mechanism of the ancient door, causing it to slide open. Inside, a few armed individuals turned to look at the door, surprise on their faces.

As pistols and rifles came up to point at the door, Sara would be able to see the emblem of a relatively well known pirate gang on their jackets. “Shit, it’s the Conclave!” One of them spat, as another said “I told you we couldn’t hide here forever, we should have left months ago!”

Away Team, detached party: Orlan, Taro

Meanwhile, as Taro and Orlan made their way over towards the door with the power source, the signature seemed to begin to grow, the readings growing ever larger. As the bulky power armor settled in front of the door, an errant spark of electricity arced from the wall, traveling across Orlan’s armor while another snapped onto Taro’s left arm, causing it to fall limp.

While this wouldn’t affect her ability to fire her weapon, it would cause problems if she tried to fire it too rapidly. Suddenly, the door slid open with a hiss, revealing what looked to be a frightened engineer, though one that was wearing the same uniform as the group in Sara’s room.

As the engineer tried to run from the room, they ran straight into Orlan’s armor, bouncing off and back into the room, where Taro and Orlan could now see what seemed to be some kind of machinery giving off a hum that was growing louder by the moment, and emitting occasional arcs of electricity.

After a moment, the pirate engineer slipped a pistol from his holster and pointed it at Orlan as electricity arced across the room.

Ravenaca’s watch, Bridge: Gale

As the energy signature spiked, Gale could see it through the ship’s sensors at the same time as EVE6 saw it on the main monitor. Biting her artificial thumb for a moment before turning back to the ship’s Ghost Chamber, EVE spoke to Gale.

“Gale, get us closer, about half our current distance, to the Asteroid. If the away team needs to bug out, we need to be close enough to provide support. Warm up our turrets, and be ready to fire in case we run into anything hostile.”

Following that, she sent a message down to the CAG.

Ravenaca’s Watch, Hangar: V115, Arye, Mikael

As the green pilots chattered to each other, fulfilling their part of the exercise, Lt.Com. Fletcher put two fingers to his temple before scanning around the room. Glancing towards the group with the Yamataian exchange pilot, he cleared his throat, an action that seemed to quickly get everyone to quiet down.

“Alright, ladies and gentlemen, I’m afraid that we won’t have much time for pleasantries. We’re an operational ship now, so I want Alpha and Bravo squadrons on standby in their fighters on Alert 3.” He clapped his hands once, sending pilots into a scurry of motion, before making his way over to the group of three pilots, also gesturing to another pilot.

“Ensign V115, I want you to take up a lance for combat air patrol. I don’t know if the captain is expecting trouble, but she wants eyes out there on the double. You’ll have Harris-Chui, Ensign Firewalker, and Ensign Fredricks under you. I want you all out there as soon as possible, the mechanics are preparing your craft for launch right now.”